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“It’s like a big mushy pillow. You push in one side, and it pushes out the other. It is only a very small part of the solution. … I prevented my son from buying (toy) weapons. But he used sticks or picked up guns from a friend.” – Former California State Senator Noreen Evans in It’s criminal to make toy guns look too real [at]

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    • People like her are why I never have and never will live in The People’s Republik of Kommiefornistan to begin with.

  1. Jokes on her because a cop is just as likely to shoot her kid dead for pointing a stick at him as a gun. The object in hand isn’t the deciding factor in whether or not a cop shoots you. For your part it’s body language, attitude and pigment. For the cops part it’s fear and adrenaline sprinkled with a touch of ego.

    • Exactly. Didn’t a woman commit suicide by cop last year, in California, I think, by brandishing a cordless drill painted black?

      Supposedly, from a distance it looked like a micro Uzi. I saw the video and it looked like a drill to me, but I I wasn’t there in the heat of the action. Plus, I already knew it was a drill from having read the story before watching the video.

      Still, the point remains that even very common household items other than toy guns will achieve this same effect. So why bother upending an industry and stifling normal people’s fun?

      • It is a factor: “Participants in an innovative Washington State University study of deadly force were more likely to feel threatened in scenarios involving black people. But when it came time to shoot, participants were biased in favor of black suspects, taking longer to pull the trigger against them than against armed white or Hispanic suspects.”

        Call it racist if you want but apparently your pigment has a real quantifiable affect on your chances of being shot by a cop.

        • Yes, you’re more likely to get shot if you’re white. As far as cops being more likely to feel threatened by a black, it probably has more to do with dress and body language than skin color. If you dress and act like a thug you’re likely to make people feel threatened, regardless of your skin color.

        • I agree with William. Wearing your pants at your knees with a thug hat on backwards and no shirt is enough to make anyone walk on the other side of the street regardless of your skin color.

          Look at the gas station robbery videos. Often the thug is dressed like that and it alerts the clerk enough for them to pay attention even if the robber waits a few seconds before attacking.

        • Hey, Gov. Do you have a link to any studies or statistics? I’d always been under the impression that blacks were more likely to be shot by police. I’ve heard of a study mentioned where participants in a video game sort of hogan’s alley were more likely to shoot black characters with less hesitation than whites. I’ve always wondered about the details of that study well, if the black characters presented in the scenarios were “thugged out” and the white characters wee yuppie twits in tennis whites, or if the characters were presented ina biased way at all.

          It’s something I’ve always wanted to clarify.

        • Marcus, the link above that Shire-man posted is good. I had read about the study a few days ago.

          As with any ‘scientific’ study, the whole thing always hinges on the scientific integrity of the fallible humans conducting the study. Way too many ‘scientific studies’ start with an agenda and set out to prove a predetermined opinion. They’re nothing more than agitprop. Bottom line is that being born black makes you more likely to be shot by a cop because it makes you more likely to commit violent crime. But because of political correctness the consequences of a cop shooting a black are more severe than for a cop shooting a white, so the cops are more suspicious of blacks but more reluctant to shoot blacks. If it makes sense I usually just go with it.

  2. “It’s like a big mushy pillow. You push in one side, and it pushes out the other.”

    First thought, 40 year ago virgin.

    It’s like a bag of sand… Oh crap, are you a virgin?!?!

  3. “You shouldn’t give your kids real looking toy guns because one of us might think he’s a teabagging gun humper and SWAT him like we did to that guy in the walmart and you will have only yourself to blame because SOCIAL JUSTICE! but of course if he was an actual criminal fighting a cop it would be HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT because we can not allow you to be right, EVER!”. (exhales)

  4. In a nutshell: “Something must be done. Here’s a law. It probably won’t work. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue the fight.”

    • That was my first thought upon reading her words too. “This is what we should do. We know it won’t work and may even make the problem worse, but we should do it anyway.”

      How is it that Liberal’s brains work this way? I learned not to touch fire the VERY first time that I got burned by it. I learned that if I got mad and punched a wall, I broke my knuckles. Over my life, I have learned that when something doesn’t work, I need to try something else. This is a very basic concept of human nature. Why can’t they seem to understand that repeatedly trying to ban a tool in order to stop an action doesn’t work? Especially considering that everywhere that it has been tried, it has failed….

      • My observation is that liberals are a very social bunch, and how they are perceived by others matters a great deal to them. (You could say this about any politician, actually.) A quote from the Bible comes to mind: “For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” Or to put it in secular terms: “the approval of others is more important than the truth.”

        • Wow! It is only now occurring to me — after more years on Earth than I care to advertise — that the above comments precisely describe the contemporary liberal mindset.

          See, it’s all about the try, not the do (sorry, Master Yoda). Everybody gets a trophy, there’s no valedictorian, no winners or losers. Everything is about the symbolic effort. So of course when it comes to making laws, results do not matter a whit. It’s more like they’re using their role as lawmakers to show they care about an issue or (especially) victims, even though their actions will have zero benefit for the people about whom they supposedly care.

          But at least they’re “trying,” and for them that’s what counts. Noreen Evans actually says as much in her quotes in the SFgate article: Yeah, we know this isn’t going to do much, but we can feel better because we tried.

          No wonder we predictably hear every gangbanger shot by the police or a CCW holder being described as “trying to turn his life around.”

          Side comment: In what upside-down logical universe does it make sense to paint dangerous items to look like toys made for young children? That sounds like the kind of thing the “we care” lawmakers would specifically outlaw. Because nothing tells a toddler “play with me” like the bright colors of a Playskool product.

  5. I had a stick arsenal when i was 8 years old. Bazookas, full auto things, even a few pirate flintlocks. Swords too.

  6. “I prevented my son from buying (toy) weapons. But he used sticks or picked up guns from a friend.”

    Sounds like there is hope for the lad yet. Maybe he won’t grow up to be the giant pu$$y you are trying to mold him into, and maybe he will be able think and rationalize for himself.

  7. “former”?!?! So, there are people in Kaliphornication who can think and vote out f**king morons like this. I am shocked, Shocked I say!

    When my son was small I built him a fort out of wood pallets, complete with a cannon. He stocked his arsenal with all manner of stick weapons and toys, all on his own.

      • Yeah no gun.. But they had that now outlawed-at-every-show-and-tell.. aircraft carrier kit, that I always wanted but my parents never had money for…

    • Yay, rubber band wars!!! As kids we used to sneak out at night and run though alleys shooting our little friends. Younger kids were mandated to be German soldiers, big kids were American soldiers. Amazingly not one eye was ever put out. Most fun I ever had until grew up and got real guns & glow targets

  8. We made bottle top guns from 2×4’s, rubber bands, clothes pins and nails. Whatever. Her son is gonna be a huge pu$$y when he grows up and kills 5 in a rampage killing in 25 yrs

  9. There’s a reason why you’re a former State Senator, lady, and that’s because you’ve proven that you’ve absolutely got to have a screw loose somewhere to be talking like that.

  10. When I was a kid I had a realistic looking Winchester ’73, M-14, Tommy gun and several realistic looking revolvers. For some reason they didn’t make 1911s in plastic. No cop every shot at me nor did I grow up to become a murdering psychopath.

  11. Maybe if liberals make spoons look like rings with handles people wont blame spoons for being over weight either, same logic right?… forget teaching your children… as long as they dont have to admit they fail at raising their kids..

  12. I know several couples who raised their children in “Toy Gun Free” households. Now, as adults, most of those young adults are Gun Owners. Parents chronically miss the point that whatever “forbidden fruit” they declare for their children does not mean the person, grown to adulthood, will not make-up his/her own mind. Some even suggest that what Mom and Dad said was “bad”, makes that object or idea all the more intriguing as one becomes a Teen and young adult. Just an observation, but maybe it explains why the “Anti-Drug” curricula taught at Public Schools and Home does not effectively deter substance abuse in later life.

  13. “It is only a very small part of the solution. …”
    A small part? Sounds more like it’s a very small part of her FINAL solution. Where have I heard that phrase before……..

  14. California is pretending to be a Republic, and pretending to be a state. Anyone can get in, soon anyone can have a driver’s license and soon thereafter, and thereby, vote, at which time I will recycle someone’s High School commencement gown and buy a gavel and make myself a CA state supreme court justice and start overturning their other rights and have them incarcerated. Thankfully, they have a nearly dis-armed populace, so it should go smoothly.

  15. Why can’t the Party of tolerance tolerate anything? The only things they tolerate are things they allow.

    Liberal means “We liberated you”
    Conservative means “You were born free and we will conserve your freedom”.

    If everyone understood that Americans are free, then the Democrats would have no base. They have to convince people that they have no rights so they can give them rights. That is why the Constitution is disregarded by the left. With the Constitution in play, the Progressives job is done. But they won’t get the credit or the power or control. That is what the Progressive craves. Control.

    A man may do an immense deal of good, if he does not care who gets the credit for it.

  16. Long ago a coworker tried to get her sons in touch with their “feminine side”. She took away all toy guns, cars and planes and gave them Barbie dolls. They immediately bent the legs into “grips” and ran around “shooting” each other until the youngest grabbed the canister vacuum and yelled “FLAMETHROWER!”. Then she gave up.


  17. My Brother-in-Law refused to allow his kids to have toys guns in his house. So what do you think they played with when they came to my house? The toy guns, and my kids had an aresenal of nerf and squirt guns. My neice shot a BB gun for a the first time at my house back then and you know what, she was a good shot (as much as one can me wiht a smooth bore BB gun).

    My nephew, who especially love the nerf gus, just graduated with honors from HS and is going to a Clemson with an engineering scholarship. He turned out ok despite the “exposure” to those products.

  18. Just another idiot. When I was a kid we had cap guns that looked real, some even had magazines that you put the caps in before loading the gun. We had BB guns and many of us got our first pocket knife when we were in Cub Scouts. The problem isn’t the guns, the problem is parenting.

  19. Ms. Evans should have decked out her boy in a gray chiffon dress by Chanel, with matching lace panties by Huit and a pair of Dolce & Gabbana Embossed Leather Floral Pumps.

    I mean, if you’re going to emasculate the kid, at least do it with style.

  20. She is so messed up. I grew up in “gun-free” NYC, but I had cap guns as both pistols and Tommy guns, a suction cup dart gun that I shot at my sister (could have but did not take her eye out, and of course my mother taught me in a painful way the consequences of being stupid), numerous water guns, numerous toy bow and arrow sets, both purchased and home made, numerous play knives and then pocket knives. All of us boys had this stuff. No-one got hurt, but then again the whole neighborhood watched out when the kids were playing in the street, and parents and teachers disciplined kids without fear of arrest or lawsuit. (That’s the kind of village it takes to raise a child.)

    When our now adult daughter was a baby, her day sitter, a young mother with a little boy the same age, with our permission tried the experiment of giving our daughter her son’s toy trucks and such; and her son was given our daughter’s dolls. In no time at all the little boy went back to the trucks, and our daughter went back to the dolls. QED that the former legislator is a fruitcake and if left to her own devices would turn her kid into one. As a young adult, our daughter still collects dolls and other girl things. Then again, she has shot 22’s, 9’s and sporting shotguns that are just about as long as she is tall. Said “no” to trying an AR, but I am sure her boyfriend (or maybe even I) will eventually convince her.

    I am so seriously glad I left the northeast and never even considered California.

  21. Yeah had the same toy guns tdiinva. Especially a metal Mattel snubby. I also had a periscope and a bazooka. Oh to be a kid in the 50’s and 60’s…nobody killed anybody. ECverybody played war( never cowboys and indians). If you DIDN’T you were a sissy. Maybe it was wrong /unkind but what the hell that was how things were. This little boy is screwed…

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