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“But in the wake of the killing of three innocent people merely trying to feed their families by working the night shift at a supermarket, it is pertinent to ask why anyone would need or be allowed to buy two pistol-grip shotguns — weapons designed solely to fulfill fantasies inspired by violent video games and Hollywood blockbusters — or why any company should be allowed to manufacture and sell them.” – Albuquerque Journal editorial board in Why even allow the sale of pistol-grip shotguns? [via] [ED: the previous listed link was to an unrelated post.]

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  1. I suppose that PGO shotguns somehow can be used to shoot people deader than a regular pistol grip pistol?

      • One day that will happen.

        As far as the Left is concerned, a single-shot .22lr rifle will be deemed respecting the 2A…

        • Not even then, because the Founding Fathers couldn’t possibly have imagined the creation of smokeless powder or bullets of such small caliber traveling so quickly.

          We must never underestimate the ability of the anti-gun nuts to go beyond full retard.

  2. …because a traditional shotgun, with a standard cut wood stock would have been harmless, no doubt. /s

    • Well, I can tell from observing the social dynamics inside my safe that my wooden stock guns are definitely much more upstanding ballistic citizens. They never cause problems, and are always in bed by 9PM.

      Those pistol-grip plastic-clad shotties? When they’re not off terrorizing grouse hunters on their Harley’s, they’re off getting more tattoos, harassing the serving girls at the local up-all-night dive bar, and just generally sticking their grips places where they don’t belong. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten calls in the middle of night asking me to come down and bail out a group of them. But what can I do? I tried raising them right, but peer pressure from the Grips is just more powerful than a father’s love…

      • Tough Love is what you need to apply.
        A few nights in jail having their grips polished might make an impression.

  3. Obviously if you put a pistol grip on a shotgun 3 things happen simultaneously. 1, the grip magically adds powder to the case making the gun more powerful. 2, the grip magically adds more lead to the projectiles making your spread more dangerous. 3, if you hold a pistol grip on a shotgun it automatically makes you a criminal trying to fulfill fantasies of violence. These things are well known.

    Thankfully this is obviously not just a gun grab. Because questions like “Why even allow the sale of pistol-grip shotguns?” could never just be expanded and applied to any or every other gun one at a time based on success.

    Couldn’t be that because different people have different shaped hands they might want options on grip angle.

  4. Hey, let’s not talk about this kid’s multiple mental illnesses. Let’s not address the toxic cultural environment that caused a biological male to actually hate biological males. Let’s talk about the tool he used to harm others, because if we remove every manmade object that can be used to cause harm, scraggly little sickos like this would have a harder time harming others. Oh, wait, there’s rocks…

    • Oh yeah, I hard about this guy. Un-diagnosed transgender radical feminist ‘My Little Pony’ fanatic with violent sexual urges and an obsessions with the Columbine shooters. The guy actually had a YouTube channel where he last video of him was him a bunch of his imaginary friends gunning down a school full of people. People have been able to actually hunt down this guy’s social media profiles and it’s… just a train wreck.

      You know I can’t help but think of Milo Yiannopoulos in this situation. For years he’s talked about the violence out of feminists. This looks like the first really good example of a feminist mass shooter he spoke of so often. Someone that’s bought into their man hatting to the point they go out and kill people because of it.

  5. Why? Volume 10 said it best:

    Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times.
    Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times.
    Pistol grip pump in my lap at all times.
    They can be [engaging in sexual relations with] with other [racially insensitive title which endures within the African American community’s lexicon both as a term of comraderie and yet as well as an insult]’s [solid waste], but they can’t be [engaging in sexual relations] with mine

  6. So hollywood and violent video games were to blame. I’m good with that.

    None of my shotguns has that pistol grip. I guess they would suck as defensive tools.

  7. D’oh! Wrong link. Text amended. Apologies to those of you who commented on the wrong article, whose comments I’ve now deleted.

  8. I agree. And the ones writing about it, advocating for it, and legislating it, MUST be the first ones stacked up at the door.

  9. Childhood should legally end upon achieving a double digit age.
    Ten year olds can be as vicious as any adult.

    • Toddlers can be even more vicious. It’s not how mean the person is, it’s there full understanding of right and wrong. 10 is too young, 18 too old lets split the difference and call it good.

  10. I’m guessing this is to divert attention from the fact he obviously reloaded a fixed tube magazine not less than 7 times during his rampage. It’s the pistol grip! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    • You may be on to something there. I hadn’t even heard of this shooting until reading about it here just now. Yet, I can’t go two seconds without reading in multiple mainstream sources sources about the Orlando shooting, which in turn brings up tge Orlando airport and Pulse nightclub attacks.

      Seems like there’s a national blackout on this one, perhaps because it was committed with shotguns, repeatedly reloaded, like the antis say is an insurmountable impediment to a spree shooter. What reporting does leak appears to obsess over the pistol grips, like that transforms regular shotguns into all powerful assault shotguns of unprecedented power.

      If a story doesn’t fit the antis’ narrative, then the story gets massaged and tweaked until it does, or else gets ignored nationally.

      • There’s a lot about this one that clashes with the favored narrative. For one thing, had the shooter been a victim instead, he would have been described as female, since “she” self-identified as a transgender woman.

        • Wait….. are you saying the shotgun murders involved a transgender shooter? Or was a victim/target transgender? I hadn’t read about that component (admittedly I haven’t looked into this shooting much) Thx!!

        • Oohh…that’s interesting. I hadn’t read of that tidbit, either, but this is a brand new story for me. So sources are few so far.

        • Yes, I mean the shooter was a self-described woman-trapped-in-a-man’s-body.

          Also, a Trump hater. But that’s half the country.

        • Dave L
          “Also, a Trump hater. But that’s half the country.”

          I must argue with this statement. While it is true that about half of those who voted in November did not vote for Donald Trump it is a stretch to say half the country hates him. I know several people who voted for other candidates that do not hate the President, they simply preferred another candidate. Admittedly about 90% of my friends and associates voted for Donald Trump, even if he was not their first choice.

          Since less than half of the people even vote, I would venture to say that half the people in this country have no feelings about the President. Same thing was true about the last several Presidents.

  11. If the killer had used a pink shotgun, would there have been a call to ban pink ones? If he had used #6 shot, would people have insisted on banning #6? If he had come to the store with mismatched shoes, a ban on the mismatching of shoes?

  12. I was going to come here to vent at the utter stupidity of this alongside all of you, but then I remembered in the lovely state of New Jersey pistol grips on shotguns are already banned. So yeah

    • Citation please? Dont think this is right.

      NJ’s assault weapon ban outlaws certain semi automatic weapons, based on if they have two or more features from a list, which includes pistol grips.

      But I dont believe this applies to pump action shotguns.

      • Not pump action, semi auto. Semi auto shotguns with pistol grips are assault weapons in NJ and are banned. Found this out the hard why in my futile attempt to buy a benelli m4…

  13. C’mon, everybody knows that pistol grip shotguns are eleventy times as powerful and deadly as regular old Elmer Fudd-type shotguns. I read it on the internet, it must be true.

      • avatarPantera Vazquez says:
        June 12, 2017 at 12:47
        Eleventy times?!?

        OMG. Something must be done…..

        ….clutches pearls around neck….

  14. Truly one of the stoopidest editorial boards in the country. Fortunately it looks like they were reminded of that many times over in the comments section.

    • Comments are now closed. They lasted not quite three days. Because they’re just trying to have a conversation.

  15. You know guys and gals growing up I absolutely lost not one friend to a gunshot nor did I ever know anyone who was shot by a gun. I do know about four of my friends from elementary school that died after high school due to drinking and driving and drugs. What I am attempting to get out here is the simple fact of the matter is people die far more often from everyday things then firearms. I went to school high school with a guy who later on worked as a construction Foreman for one of these big land developing company he was out directing a crew of four or five guys and a front end loader cut to quick and damn near cut him in half just below the rib cage with the forks on the front of the bucket killed him instantly. They’re just so many things in this life that can kill you I mean you could have an aircraft engine fall off of an airliner and land on your car while you’re at a traffic light give me a break.

      • Exactly. Because everyone knows that military style weapons are more deadlier. You should also know that if one gets killed by a civillian gun, one goes to heaven. If one is killed by a military style gun, one goes to hell because the evilness transfers to the victim. This is why military style guns are worser. 🙂

        • But everybody knows the automatic, 30-magazine clips are the worstest. Add in a shoulder thing that goes up, and we’re the talking an extinction-level event; the worstest-est!

  16. This simply helps remind us that anti-gun people are mentally defective and among the dumbest people to ever walk the face of the planet!

  17. Where do you find this crap? I always get such a kick out of the Quote of the Day.

    Yes. Pistol grip shotguns are designed to fullfill Hollywood-inspired fantasies. But… if they were designed to fulfill peoples’ fantasies, then who designed the ones that were in the movies in the first place? Do shotgun manufacturers roll out new products based on the needs of Hollywood directors? Or was it private gun owners, military, and law enforcement?

    Anyway, none of this matters, because all you have to do is shift your firing hand up and off the pistol grip, which redesigns it into an old-timey Fudd gun. Problem solved.

  18. Whew?My lowly Maverick88 20″ is pistolgrip free…but it’s”high capacity” so day-um.

  19. — weapons designed solely to fulfill fantasies inspired by violent video games and Hollywood blockbusters —

    Another well-initiated member of the Fourth Estate telling us what we need to know. (/somuchsarcasmiwannapuke)

  20. “Why can’t these hunters just get their meat at the supermarket, where it’s made?”

  21. From the source article:

    Other western nations have managed to restrict ownership of such lethal weapons without sacrificing the freedom or prosperity of their people.

    … except for the tens of millions of people that those western nations murdered before/during World War II.

    And another thing: why are we only looking at “western” nations? What about “Eastern” nations (such as the Soviet Union and China) where their governments murdered something like 100 million of their own people? If those 100 million murder victims could talk, I have a hunch they would vociferously claim that they had no freedom nor prosperity.

    • If they “restrict ownership of such lethal weapons”, then they ARE, in fact “sacrificing freedom”

  22. Well, lets go after the First Amendment too, and legislate against those who write the evil guns into the games and movies. And those who sell the games and show the movies.

  23. Well if we’re going to ban things, let’s start with editorials in large cities like Albuquerque. Clearly, writing about scary guns is “triggering” people.

    • This is not as far-fetched as we’d like to think. I recently watched an episode of Through the Wormhole w/ Morgan Freeman called The Virus of Gun Violence. In it, about 3/4 the way through, he says that just the mere appearance of guns makes people more violent, then shows a couple “studies” to back that up.

      Clearly, these folks are running out of ideas (or logic or sanity).

  24. um, I’ve considered a collapsible stock for my 12ga, simply because with the standard stock my thumb knuckle busts me in the bridge of the nose every time, plus it’s one long s.o.b.!

  25. When editorial boards start pearl clutching and hand wringing over the number of people negligently or accidentally killed by medical professionals, I’ll believe their goals are to reduce senseless deaths. I know an ER doctor that works 36 straight hours a week. Has for 20 years. DOT limits the number of hours a truck driver is allowed to drive (8) before they are required to take a break because “OMG accidents!!!1!ELEVENTY” but an tired ER doctor with bloodshot eyes and wooly senses is allowed to handle your case if you get hit by that same truck driver.

    • Or better yet- what about the tens of thousands of innocent lives, premeditatively murdered each year, by serial killers in places like Planned Parenthood? Their cries “just think of the children” rings hollow.

  26. Not that we don’t have our own brand of silliness down here in NM, but this doesn’t appear to be the Albuquerque Journal. Looks like PA to me…

  27. It’s 2017, liberals in Albuquerque. A grip on a shot gun serves a purpose. For many it improves grip and ergonomics, thus making the machine (a shotgun) safer and more effective. We know you guys hate guns and all, and would do as much as you can to make them as least useful as possible, but instead of focusing on how it looks, or how a person holds it, we would all be better rewarded by asking why that someone killed someone else and looking at the problem in that manner.

    I mean, if a guy murders someone with a knife, I want to know the reasons and his mindset, not if the knife handle is stag, or has brass separators, or made of bone, or what color it was. This meaningless lunacy is exactly how we perceive you guys.

  28. Ass backwards beyond belief. Pistol grips were not designed at a Hollywood movie studio or a video game design corporation and then later trickled down into the military and the shooting public. Damn, how dumb can you be. Does he actually believe that we drive cars and fly in planes because they were invented by video game designers in the late 20th century and then the technology transported back in time to Henry Ford and the Wright Bros. oh God, my brain is melting. How can you write such drivel. Surely he must be trolling! Gotta be trolling! Otherwise this is schizophrenic time travel babble of the highest order.

  29. Imagine the carnage if that person’s pistol grip shotgun had also been equipped with a shoulder thing that goes up! Oh the horror!

  30. They’ve got a point: it looks scawey to ignorant people and should therefore be banned. After all it’s best to have regulations written by those who know nothing of the subject at hand.

  31. I personally have already banned pistol grips on all of my shotguns! No, not to make them less deadly, I just don’t like pistol grips on scatterguns, they don’t swing as well on birds or clay pidgeons. I have no problem if anyone else wants to tacky/tacticool up their boomsticks.

    • Me too. On my preferred shotgun (Mossberg 500) the pistol grip kind of gets in the way of the action release, which is in a super convenient place for a lefty like me.
      I’m not a fan of the pistol-grip-only shotguns because they hurt my hands after a few shots. A stock up against the shoulder absorbs most of the impact of a shot. Without that, the full force of the 12-gauge is absorbed by the wrists & hands.
      Yes they are more maneuverable in a tight hallway, but I manage my Mossberg with 18.5″ barrel just fine whenever I practice my lurking skills at home.

  32. Dick Cheney didn’t need a pistol grip to shoot his hunting buddy in the face. Just sayin….. 🙂

  33. Thank god there were no pistol grip shotguns at the OK Corral. Somebody might have been hurt…

  34. To the “F***tard” author,
    Lets talk about a few things the second amendment never said you have to understand the desires of those who support the second amendment nor does it say does the need for the shape of the “Stock” need to be explained to you. But because of your thick pigheadedness I will endeavor to enlighten you.
    1) Ever heard of Ergonomics! I doubt the author has ever touched a tool or sweated because of manual labor but you can educate yourself. research “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe”.
    2) Anyone with “carpel tunnel or trigger finger release” “Ergonomics” is every thing!
    3) To Quote perhaps the woman I despise most in the world “What difference would it make” you’ve not made a case as to what difference the shape of the stock would make you threw in “YOUR FEELINGS”, your TWISTED view of your fellow man! NO FACTS have been offered to support your conclusion, since you fail to take anything into account the author is at best narrow minded, but more than likely you believe your superior to everyone and as my father used to say about people like this “Their minds are made up DON’T try to confuse them with FACTS”!

  35. This constant guilt by association that these gun control proponents harp about every time someone is killed by a criminal, that the gun is at fault, ie why should ANYONE be able to have one of these evil machines is beyond tiring and personally is insulting my intelligence. If you own a gun, and a killer owns a gun, is there any connection between you? Does someone somewhere owning an item you own mean that you are BOTH equally to blame for the killers actions? This is simply part of the gun control paper trail of ink spilling to maintain the narrative that gun manufacturers ought to be financially liable for what their products are used for AFTER they are sold. This narrative is meant to stay fresh and punchy in the liberal mind so that when the US political pendulum swings back to the left, they can add this to their to do list for the next snake they put in high office.

    Why, gun controllers, why do you not take this EXACT same position when any other item is involved in a violent death?

  36. our maig inspired city council already has some restrictions on things like these, certain weapons, capacities and thumbhole stocks. thanks to the highland park ban being upheld on feels.
    but from what i gathered here, if i never mount the folding stock onto the factory issued pistol grip shotty, i can saw down the barrel nearly as short as the mag tube?

  37. My Benelli Nova army has no pistol grip, but an extended mag, the whole thing is done in robar np3, so it’s mostly silverish, so not to scary looking, then my Mossberg is my dad’s old patrol gun so standard wood stock. Not scary, but I wonder what they would say about my DP-12.
    Bullpup double barrel pump with pistol grip, and front grip on the slide. It must have been forged by Lucifer himself, or at least that what the antis would think.
    I am so tired of features that have nothing to do with the gun being demonized. It just blows my mind at the stupidity of this people.

  38. I read an article about the murders right after they happened. Most of the article discussed the loon’s sickness, transgender wish, Columbine fantasies, etc., but it began by mentioning the “pistol grip” shotguns in the first paragraph. Of course, most “readers” don’t get past the first paragraph. I was wondering when an editorial like this would come out. I expected one from the NY Times. But I believe I first read the article on Fox, and never saw it mentioned on the NY Times web site. Definitely did not fit the narrative so I suppose they can’t even editorialize about it, much as they would have loved to if a trans had been the victim, or if an EBR with the Devil’s own 30 round clipazine had been used. For those who did not read the original article, 54 shell casings were recovered. How many reloads of the tubes? No mention of police response time in a small town.

  39. The first guns I purchased were a tarsus Judge 410 revolver and a Mossberg 590a1 with a pistol grip and bayonet lug. All of it, both are illegal in California. You traded your guns for legal marijuana intoxication.
    Now I live in the free state of Kentucky.

    • I do not know the actual numbers, just guessing from what little I have read. “Gun Control” advocates, aka: criminal rights supporters, would make 100 million legal firearm owners instantly illegal. The irony is, we’d have more criminals. By the way, unless the news media is suppressing it, 100 million legal firearm owners did not shoot anyone today, with or without pistol grips. (they will not shoot anyone tomorrow, next week, next year, most likely never shoot anyone in their lifetime). If they had, surely we would notice the drop in population.

  40. Hey, I’ve got a pistol grip on my shotgun. I put a PG on my 10/22, on my flashlight, hell I even put a pistol grip on my cereal bowl, and this is the truth. Someday they’ll Ban Pistol Grip anything, just to get their name on the paper. Hey maybe I’ll invent a Pistol Grip Newspaper Holder. ??

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