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BPD Spokesman Jeremy Silbert  (courtesy

“We never encourage anyone to fight back. It’s best to comply, but while you’re doing that, try to get the best description possible as able to do and then immediately contact 911.” – Baltimore City police spokesman Jeremy Silbert in ‘Police investigate Canton assault-robberies’ [via] [h/t DC-W]

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    • Nice one. You beat me to it.

      I was gonna say Det. Sillyboy.

      My problem with “just comply” is that they usually also say “just give them what they want.” So, here’s the rub, Detective Jeremy Silbert — what if it’s my LIFE that they want?

  1. Think about this: if more people did their patriotic duty and learned to defend their own liberty less police would be needed. The gentleman as much as admitted that the police can’t protect you. It’s not their duty anyway according to the SCOTUS.

    • If fewer police were needed Det. Silbert might find himself out of a job. As it is, he and his cronies have a pretty good racket what with Baltimore’s astronomical crime rates. You can’t expect him to give good advice when doing so would put his meal ticket at risk. It’s like asking a baker for dieting advice.

      • Hummm. Cops need criminals like social workers need poor people. Criminals and cops are pretty much in the same business just on different ends of the exchange. What a concept.

        “Officer Julian Pesina, a co-owner of Notorious Ink, was reportedly gunned down May 4 at the business. Social media postings show he was covered in tattoos and investigators are now looking at his suspected affiliations with the Texas Mexican Mafia.”

    • >The gentleman as much as admitted that the police can’t protect you.

      If police could protect people, there would be no crime.

      • Police cannot protect. By definition they react or respond to crime or allegations of crime. At best, they can be at the location when a crime is being committed but for violent crime, that’d be a rare event.

      • Not enough cops to protect people and wuld you want to live in a police state? Crime was bad in the soviet union and nazi germany and police were everywhere..

        Also the supreme court has ruled cops are under no obligation to protect you.

    • Defending yourself isn’t your patriotic duty; it’s your duty to yourself and your family, and also an inherent right. It has nothing to do with in which imaginary lines on a globe you happened to have been born.

      “Goodnight, and God bless the middle of the North American land mass”.

      • I agree it’s your right to defend yourself. As an American it is also your duty to defend the principles of the founding of our Republic. That is what I call Patriotic duty.

        • I agree with you, also. I guess I should have said “it isn’t just your patriotic duty”

      • “Goodnight, and God bless the middle of the North American land mass”.

        I’m definitely going to steal that. Hope you don’t mind.

        • No problem, I stole it, too! I got that years ago from a comic strip called This Modern World, by Tom Tomorrow.

    • Excellent essay. Thanks for posting the link.

      Folks that advocate compliance need to learn the real data, perhaps by attending a William Aprill seminar or listen to him online.

  2. From a study directed by President Obama after Newtown:

    “Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’ by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies.”

    Quoted by William Saletan In Slate

    Detective Silbert: Your advice is contradicted by the facts.

    • You must keep in mind, only criminals, cops and politicians are allowed to have a gun in Baltimore. But I repeat myself.

  3. “We never encourage anyone to fight back. It’s best to comply, but while you’re doing that, try to get the best description possible as able to do and then immediately contact 911.”

    That way we have a paper trail to justify our existence… since we aren’t out to actually DO anything about it…and if you fight back and reduce the number of perps or discourage the crime in general we’d have to just write more tickets to fund our activities.

  4. This criminal with a badge would be out of a job if more of us were armed. His comment is one of self preservation.

    • Any GOOD police officer, ideally, wants a world where he isn’t needed. That he’s saying he wants people to rely on him and his buddies instead of protecting themselves tells us all we need to know about his character.

    • Unless and until you change human nature, there will always be murderers, rapists, thieves, pickpockets, grifters, and purveyors of and providers of sin, etc., etc, etc. Since the tiger cannot change his stripes, there likely will never be a time when police are unneeded.

      • I disagree. As soon as we call off the racist War on (some) Drugs and reinstate universal Constitutional carry, the few real miscreants who don’t get the memo will be Darwinized in a few days.

  5. I’m sorry detective. If someone attacks me, 911 will not be called until the assailant is in the process of assuming room temperature.

  6. That’s right….only law enforcement needs guns. We do not need guns. Though it takes 20 – 45 minutes from the time of the 9-1-1 call in many jurisdictions for a law enforcement officer to arrive and it only takes seconds for an armed home invader to wound, or kill, we do not need weapons for personal and family protection, and any other provision of the Second Amendment. This is the same attitude that pervades some chief law enforcement officers coming out for restricting gun ownership.

    • Too bad no one in the mainstream will pose this simple question: why is a cop’s life more important than ours?

  7. I will not be a victim. I will not stake my life or the life of those with me on the mercies of a thug. I will do what I can to end the threat quickly. Then I will call the cops to do the paperwork.

    Listen to Det. Silbert. If you do, it won’t be you calling 911. It will be a witness to the crime. You may be beyond caring.

    For me it all comes down to this. When a person’s life is taken there can be no justice for that person. He or she is gone. There can be no justice for family and friends. They permanently lost someone. Justice only exists at the community level where the crime can be forgotten by time and we all feel better because we caught the bad guy.

    I choose to live and will act that way when confronted.

  8. Hmmm…my son lives 10 miles from Baltimore. We’ve had “spirited” discussions about him being being armed. He has 3 little girls & has stated it would be too dangerous having guns in the house. Ex military ( including MP duty) & DOD carrying a Glock 21 in Iraq’s green zone. But he has COPS living next door so all is well. I don’t say anything now as my relationship is fairly tenuous. You can lead a horse but he drank the koolaid.

    • Sorry to say that at this point all you can do is pray your granddaughters don’t become statistics. Push the point further and resistance will grow. I have been through much the same with members of my family over the years and it is hard to just step back.

    • Your son may have some PTSD going on from all the time in harms way. If he feels that he should not have a gun in the house, there may be a solid reason behind it. With his background, he could probably do more damage with out a gun than with one. Just love him and let him do things his way. Mend your relationship before you wind up like me and my mother who don’t even see eye to eye about what color the sky is.

      • What skills could he (or anyone) possibly have that would make him able to “probably do more damage with out a gun than with one”?

        I was speaking to someone recently who was saying something similar; she was talking about some stuff that her father taught her, and that if an attacker came in her house, it would be better to strike him in the throat with an object, rather than shoot him, because the shots may not stop him. It was very disconcerting.

    • Have you asked what he plans to do if something happens when his neighbor is at work? I mean, I’d help my own neighbors if they needed it, but counting commute and training time, I’m gone 50+ hours a week just for work related stuff. Add in groceries, walking dogs, taking my son to the park, and I’m probably not going to be next door when someone needs help.

    • If he has that sort of background then obviously he’s competent to handle a gun. He’s got kids, and lives in a different environment than you do. If you are on his case on a subject he obviously has given some thought to then it’s no wonder that your relationship is, how did you put it, “touchy.”

      Not all people are comfortable, or competent, to handle firearms. And many people don’t want guns around because they have kids, and God knows if I had kids running arouhd I’d have to take that into consideration. I’ve just seen too many examples of “responsible gun owners” and kids that still managed to get into the family firearms.

      • I have no kids, but I have a passel of nieces and nephews, and it seems to me it shouldn’t be any more difficult to teach a kid that a gun is not a toy than it is to teach the kid that the liquids in the cabinet under the sink aren’t beverages.

        • It’s not. Parenting really isn’t that difficult. Some people just can’t be bothered to do it.

        • I’m on a university campus and that link is STILL behind a paywall. Sucks, but major props for peer reviewed research link. We need as much of this as possible.

        • @Pseudo, is this what you’re looking for? (It’s from the link in this thread)

          An evaluation of two procedures for training skills to prevent gun play in children.
          Himle MB1, Miltenberger RG, Gatheridge BJ, Flessner CA.
          Author information

          Unintentional firearm injuries threaten the safety of children in the United States. Despite the occurrence of these injuries, few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of child-based programs designed to teach children gun-safety skills. This study compared 2 programs that were designed to reduce gun play in preschool children.

          A between-groups no-treatment control design was used. Children were randomly assigned to either 1 of 2 firearm-injury prevention programs or a no-treatment control condition. Participant recruitment, training, and data collection occurred in preschools and children’s homes located in a midwestern city with a population of approximately 80,000. Thirty-one 4- and 5-year-old children participated in the study. The effectiveness of the National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program and a behavioral skills training program using instruction, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback was evaluated. Children were issued 0 to 3 ratings on the basis of their ability to say correctly the safety message and similar ratings on the basis of observations of their ability to perform correctly the skills in the classroom and when placed in a realistic simulation.

          Both programs were effective for teaching children to reproduce verbally the gun-safety message. The behavioral skills training program but not the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program was effective for teaching children to perform gun-safety skills during a supervised role play, but the skills were not used when the children were assessed via real-life (in situ) assessments.

          Existing programs are insufficient for teaching gun-safety skills to children. Programs that use active learning strategies (modeling, rehearsal, and feedback) are more effective for teaching gun-safety skills as assessed by supervised role plays but still failed to teach the children to use the skills outside the context of the training session. More research is needed to determine the most effective way to promote the use of the skills outside the training session.

      • @ John G.
        “If he has that sort of background then obviously he’s competent to handle a gun. ”

        Ex-military doesn’t necessarily equate with firearm competency nor does it automatically mean the individual has any defensive capability beyond any non-military experienced person. E.g., I carried a sidearm frequently while deployed, never took it out of the holster except for a superficial cleaning and only had it because we were required to carry a firearm while on the FOB and the M9 was just less cumbersome than the M16A2 in the DFAC. Never even trained with it and if I didn’t have pistol experience growing up, would have had NO idea how to shoot it effectively.

  9. When, in the history of mammalian life on this planet, has it ever been the case that it is “best to comply” with a violent predator?

      • Perhaps some species have been rendered extinct by compliance, but I kind of doubt it in general.

        Hunted beyond their ability to prevent it, perhaps, but I just don’t think every specimen of many extinct species just laid down to be eaten.

        If their survival instinct was that weak, could they have built any kind of signification population or lasted any noticeable period of time at all?

        Even heavily R Selected mice will run from a cat. I don’t classify running away as “compliance.” I’ve watched a cat brutally torture a mouse (on more than one occasion), and that mouse was doing everything it could to escape…it was just outgunned. So to speak.

  10. So translated: is he telling rape victims to sit back and just wait for it to end?

    I am out in KY on today. Last night I was outside smoking a cigar and was joined by several LEO’s on army reserve duty. They do not share this sentiment. They want good people w guns as they admit they cannot protect us. We talked politics, guns, ammo, etc. They said only political police weanies share the view about unarmed victims.

    • Yes, his statement tells us far more about him than he really knows. The same kind of “cop” that helped round up Jews in Europe a few decades ago, because the “system” is all that matters to him.

      • Ludicrous, uninformed Nazi-mongering. Bravo. And by that I mean “please stop posting here until you can think critically about what you’re spewing.”

        • Ah, poor little leftard! Got your panties in a twist. Ain’t that cute.

          Why don’t you tell us how you don’t believe the Holocaust never happened? Need a good laugh on a Tuesday morning.

        • “don’t believe the Holocaust never happened”

          Double negative. Why are the craziest reichwingers also the most illiterate?

        • Oh, thats sweet, you have a high enough level of literacy to “catch” that one. Seeing as I wrote it precisely that way because it pisses off leftards no end. And it pissed you off. Either this sh*t is too simple or I am simply too good at this sh*t.

          There you go, p’nkin. Several strings of words with random punctuation, capitalization and spelling. Pull your panties out your chapped crack and enjoy.

        • So your strategy is to look like a complete and total illiterate and moronic douchbag in order to prove your point? Good luck with that one Twatwaffle.

        • Still got your panties up your crack, I see. You leftards are so easy it is almost a crime to keep slapping you. Almost.

        • Ah, dry your tears, cupcake, all those evil people with guns will be punished, your hero Barri said so.

        • People with guns? I have guns. I don’t see any “punishment” for people who are genuinely responsible gun owners.

          Let me guess. You really don’t legally own. Correct? What is it, mental defect or criminal history that keeps you from owning legally?

          Sounds like one of those evil liberals hurt your pride. Did they make fun of your acne, or what?

        • Sure you do, sweetee, sure you do. Did mommy drop you on your head? No, she threw you. Didn’t she, honey. Go ahead! You can tell us, we’ll only laugh.

        • Really, Mr or Ms Fraudulent? That is the best you gots? That sad a$$ed little bit of cut&paste is all you’uns has got?!?! Too f*cking funny.

  11. Ah yes; bow down at the feet of your master; for you are a slave; for that moment in time. That predator owns you; and as the slave; you tremble at the thought that your master may decide to physically hurt or kill you. Beg, cry, ask for mercy and know that as your owner; he may grant you mercy. Or not.

  12. The incidents the defective is being interviewed about are two cases of a woman being punched in the face and having her purse stolen. One by a group of 2 and the other a group of 3. While the sun was up. The criminal element is quite bold.

    • What a fun internet spelling police bit! I know you meant to say, “wretch,” but your, shall we say, typo, is kinda fun when you realize that “retch” means “puke.”

      • The words didn’t even have a chance. He came with his post and just butchered them. Maybe if the words could defend themselves?

  13. I did some investigation on Jeremy Silbert. Everything about him from Baltimore Police Department has his title as Jeremy Silbert Public Information Officer at Baltimore Police Department. In other words, he is talking from his ass from a script.

    • Good research Chloe. Then he is just the mouthpiece for the machine. Because of that, he’s not even required to follow the advice he gives in the interview. His credibility was zero before your discovery. Now it is in the negative.

  14. Come on, be a sheep. Remember, they want women to vomit, urinate and deficate on themself to make rapists go away.

  15. My hackles rise anytime I am told I must “comply”. Which makes air travel (a job necessity) quite a bit less pleasant.

  16. “best to comply”
    Is that what Detective Silbert would do during a life-threatning attack? Or would he shoot the attacker – with his gun – the gun that the City of Baltimore permits him to carry – to defend HIMSELF!? And he is different from any other law abiding citizen of Baltimore how?

  17. The Statist: your personal safety and security is the responsibility of the government. You are too incompetent and lack the training to make such decisions for yourself. You may now return to your “important” decisions such as what car you drive, what clothes you wear, and what looks good on TV.

      • Government “of the people, by the people, for the people,” perished from the earth when the people gave up their duty as citizens to understand how the world and the people in it work, to use their knowledge and reason to chart the best course for their nation, and to vote for leaders who will take difficult but just action despite the potential for losing their next election.

        Now the people are willfully ignorant, base their decisions on warped and biased media soundbites, and vote for whoever promises the most handouts at the cost of those who worked harder and were more successful than themselves, or at the cost of mortgaging the future of the nation for the generations to come.

        It is entirely possible to change this, to create a second new birth of freedom, but if it happens it will be a long and difficult road. And until it does, the State will remain the government in many places because the People no longer care.

        • Most people don’t vote. I wonder how this audience would feel about the idea of mandatory voting? On one hand, it’s more state control. On the other, it’d increase peoples’ involvement in and responsibility for government and possibly force politicians to actually represent their constituents.

  18. Incomplete advice.

    He neglected to mention writing the description in your own blood before you die.

    I was a police officer in an urban for 20 years. Those who fight back, survive. Those who don’t……

  19. Training sheep is a difficult job…I choose not to be a sheep but rather a sheep dog! Vote with your feet Maryland. Stop being victims of crime. Move to a State that cares enough about their citizenry that they want you to be safe and allow you to defend yourself, your families and your property. Maryland’s government is INCOMPETENT at best.

    “The government itself, which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will, is equally liable to be abused and perverted before the people can act through it.” — Henry David Thoreau

      • No matter where you live, your rights are safe only until the next election or the next legislative session, whichever comes first.

        What a shame it would be to run away from trouble, at some expense, only to have it follow you to your new “safe haven.” As has begun to happen in Columbia, MD, where everyone ran from Baltimore county.

    • “Move to a State that cares enough about their citizenry that they want you to be safe and allow you to defend yourself, your families and your property.”

      Actually, stay there and fix your problem please.

      • That’s the same thing I say to all the weenies running to our shores because they don’t have the guts to defend their own homeland. Don’t come here and cry about it, go back there and FIX it.

        • Maybe you can show them how it’s done. Start by going to your police and politicians in your state and “fight” to make them change their SWAT procedures.

          Then afterward go to the airport and disband the TSA.

          Pot, meet kettle.

        • Hey Snoo, you first, kid. You gotta start somewhere, and at some time. You got the guts and backbone to do that?

          Cue {crickets}

  20. I don’t understand how a man could allow someone to forcibly come into his home, obvious intent in doing nefarious acts, and comply with demands.

    Nor do I understand how another man could advocate for such a thing.

    How can you not be willing to protect your home and family while looking at yourself in mirror?

    I can’t wrap my mind around.

    • Because they care about their control first and life or death of the law abiding citizen a distant second

    • Because he carries a Baltimore PD-issued pistol and you don’t, that’s why. I’m surprised he can use a mirror to shave in the morning, considering what’s staring back at him.

      Then again, maybe he uses a “No No” or something like that…

  21. It is deeply immoral for him to give this advice. It should be counter to department policy and it should earn him disciplinary action, the kind without pay.

    • Her Honor the Mayor of Baltimore (with BPD armed bodyguards) and Police Chief (with BPD-issued pistol and BPD bodyguard/servant) both endorse his script.

  22. Elsewhere in the country, I try not to let a week go by without giving someone on a police call friendly advice to arm themselves and get as much training as they are comfortable with, and remind them how long it takes me to arrive on even a critical, in progress incident. I also make it a point to thank folks who have already done this for exercising their rights and taking responsibility for their own lives.

    This is probably why I’m just a regular patrol officer instead of a department spokesman.

    • That’s good to hear, but do you have co-workers in your department or nearby departments that harrass people that defended themselves? Or make everyone hear their personal opinions on how “civilians” shouldn’t be armed?

      • Well, we had one who was pretty anti-gun, but as far as I know she didn’t preach to people about it on calls. She was a lateral transfer from San Diego, and she left us for a more liberal city in WA after about a year. There are a few who aren’t crazy about shall issue, but their objections really boil down to regular folks not having to qualify here. When I hear that I usually ask them if we should have some kind of competency test before voting, and they reluctantly agree with me that the unintended consequences are not worth the cost.

        • What a surprise, the the anti gun type was a woman from San Francisco! But, she probably thought that she had amazing gun-handling skills.

          It’s good to hear that that’s the only example of that kind of nonsense from your department.

        • What a surprise, the the anti gun type was a woman from San Francisco! But, she – and the others who don’t like shall issue – probably thought that she had amazing gun-handling skills.

          Good to hear that the citizens aren’t being hassled about it, and that you’re actively trying to wake them up/encourage themselves to proactively defend themselves.

        • Even though I’m not going to give her name, I feel I should make it clear that aside from not seeing the Constitution in the same way as me, she was and is a fine officer. I never saw or heard of her letting her personal beliefs on firearms be known to the public, or to give anything less than her best effort on duty to serving them.

          Truth be told, she knew the law and procedure better than me. The only negative thing I could say about her is that she doesn’t have as much respect as I do for the entire bill of rights.

    • Hasdrubal… When I think good of cops I think of cops like you. A spokesman speaks other peoples words whether they believe it or not. A leader speaks for himself. Thank you.

  23. “We never encourage anyone to fight back. It’s best to comply …” – Baltimore City police spokesman Jeremy Silbert

    That statement, coupled with the fact that Baltimore City police will use deadly force against good people for arming themselves against violent criminals, clearly establishes that Baltimore City police are partners with those very criminals.

    Think about it. Baltimore City police are ordering citizens to comply with criminals and will attack citizens if they arm themselves in order to prevent criminals from succeeding in their attacks. That is absolutely disgusting. How is that not an open state of war against the good people of Maryland?

    • Contrast the situation in Baltimore that I highlighted with Hasdrubal’s comment immediately preceding my comment:

      “Elsewhere in the country, I try not to let a week go by without giving someone on a police call friendly advice to arm themselves …”

      Baltimore police tell people to comply with criminals and have promised to ruin the lives of people who arm themselves against criminals. Hasdrubal advises people to arm themselves and protect themselves from criminals. The difference could not be more glaring.

      Thank you Hasdrubal for your comment and for actually working to secure the liberties of the good people of our nation — versus the Baltimore City police who openly attack our liberties and our human dignity.

  24. So much for empowerment. It does not matter what you do in Baltimore, they will knock you in the head whether you comply or not. Sometimes when you dial 911 you get put on hold. But sure, says the Baltimore City PD, we’ll protect you!

  25. Slight rewording:

    “We never encourage anyone to fight back. It’s best to comply and be a b*tch, but while you’re being a b*tch, try to be a good b*tch and get the best description possible as able to do and then immediately contact 911.” – Baltimore City police spokesman Jeremy Silbert in ‘Police investigate Canton assault-robberies’ [via] [h/t DC-W]

  26. “Don’t fight back”? That way of thinking went away with the highjacking of planes on 9/11. Todd Beamer is an American Hero for fighting back on UA #93.

  27. Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year or 6,849 every day. Often the gun is never fired and no blood (including the criminal’s) is shed
    Source: “Targeting Guns”, Dr. Gary Kleck, Criminologist, Florida State University, Aldine, 1997

    60% of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim was armed. 40% of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they thought the victim might be armed.
    Source: “Armed and Considered Dangerous: A Survey of Felons and Their Firearms”, James Wright and Peter Rossi, Aldine, 1986

    Every year, people in the United States use guns to defend themselves against criminals an estimated 2,500,000 times – more than 6,500 people a day, or once every 13 seconds. Of these instances, 15.7% of the people using firearms defensively stated that they “almost certainly” saved their lives by doing so.
    In 83.5% (2,087,500) of these successful gun defenses, the attacker either threatened or used force first, proving that guns are very well suited for self-defense.
    Source: Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Kleck and Gertz, Fall 1995

    When a woman was armed with a gun or knife, only 3% of rape attacks were completed, compared to 32% when the woman was unarmed.
    Source: Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, Rape Victimization in 26 American Cities, U.S. Department of Justice, 1979

    The probability of serious injury from an attack is 2.5 times greater for women offering no resistance than for women resisting with guns. Men also benefit from using guns, but the benefits are smaller: Men are 1.4 times more likely to receive a serious injury.
    Source: National Crime Victimization Survey, Department of Justice

    Arthur Kellerman, a researcher whose work is often cited by gun control groups, said “If you’ve got to resist, your chances of being hurt are less the more lethal your weapon. If that were my wife, would I want her to have a .38 Special in her hand? Yeah.”
    Source: Gun Crazy, S.F. Examiner, April 3, 1994

    • That’s not crackhead Eddy, it’s the BPD SWAT Team. Cuz crackhead Eddie rolled on the meth cooker in the next block, but they hit the wrong address. The MRAP driver got lost – he couldn’t see the street signs in the dark through the tinted windows. All those rehabbed row houses look the same, ya know Hon…

  28. What if it’s not a possession they want? What if it’s your life they are after? The incessant stream of 3rd grade BS coming from the authorities is truly impressive. Unbelievably duplicitous, but impressive in it’s bold faced, non logical, subversive message.

  29. Dear Det. Silbert:

    In case you are robbed, the best course for you to take would be to p1ss yourself, sh1t your pants and vomit.

    No need to thank me.

      • Ya I thought at the time wouldn’t be suprised if the libtards recommended relaxing and trying to enjoy it.

        • No, that’s conservatives. Part of their War on Women. There have been several reichwingers lately justifying rape, mostly from a Christian religious perspective. Us liberals generally think that’s a crappy, archaic attitude.

        • The Bible says there are many christs. Myself I’m a Bible believing born again Christian and I can assure you there is no biblical justification for any sin, only condemnation. The list is summarized quite well in the book of Romans chapter 1.

        • @ John G: Uhh, no, conservatives tell women to tool up and shoot the bastard. When Miss Nevada-USA said it would be a good idea for women to learn to defend themselves against rapists, it was the liberals who went ape-excrement and ranted that she was encouraging a “rape culture”. You liberals want everyone to be dependent on the State–and if the State can’t get there on time, well, don’t make that guy do it, pull your panties down yourself.

        • “No, that’s conservatives. Part of their War on Women. “

          Did someone shake the nut tree this weekend? There have been a lot of nutty comments on TTAG in the last few days.

          You really have to TRY to be this blind.

        • Another Robert says:
          @ John G: Uhh, no, conservatives tell women to tool up and shoot the bastard.

          No, that’s Libertarians. Some libertarians haven’t woken up yet and still think they’re only conservative or Republican, but eventually they’ll get it.

        • Rich, you may be happy to know that she is one of my favorites–I am actually a subscriber. But I will say that as Libertarians go, she is kind of conservative–not a pot user, forexmple, altho she is against the pot proscriptions. And I believe she is one of the few “pro-life” libertarians about:

        • Rich: You may be happy to know that she is one of my favorites, I am actually a subscriber. But be aware, she is also pro-life. Check out her “Abortion isn’t just a religious issue” vid on her channel (I tried to post the link, but TTAG won’t let me).

        • Well, she has a right to control her body, but not anybody else’s. The skin is the final property line. Our most fundamental right is self-ownership.

        • Hey, Rich, if you’re still here, I’ll ask again (if you have answered before, I apologize, I have missed it). What about the unborn baby’s skin? Doesn’t it count?

        • Unless she tells you so, there is no legal or moral way for you to even know that such a thing exists! Her skin is the border of her property. You have no jurisdiction over the inside of another person’s body. Initiating force against her to compel her to do your bidding defines you as the bad guy.

          And even assuming you do convince her to keep this unwanted fetus and gestate it and birth it, who is supposed to pay the bills for this compulsory childbirth? Then who gets stuck with the bill for feeding and housing and clothing and educating this unwanted illegitimate child?

          If government power doesn’t stop at our skin, then we might as well just all don our swastika armbands and start marching the goose-step.

        • Well I’m just going to jump right in here.
          Haven’t read the whole thread so maybe this is going to be way out of context. Everyone keeps trying to justify abortion by saying it’s a woman’s right to chose what she does with her own body. So why after her unborn child dies does the woman get to keep living? How can you kill just part of your body? The only logically consistent way to use the woman’s own body argument to kill an unborn child is if the woman commits suicide.

        • “So why after her unborn child dies does the woman get to keep living?”

          That’s a stupid question, and it shows that you do not yet grasp the concept of self-ownership. This so-called “unborn child” is the woman’s property, to do with as she wishes. It is entirely out of your jurisdiction, and attempting to wrest control of her body from her to do your bidding is the essence of the Reich wing’s War on Women.

          Just to steer things back on topic, does this “unborn child” have the right to keep and bear arms?

        • What she tells or doesn’t tell me is irrelevant. But if she goes to someone and says “kill this fetus/baby/product of conception inside me”, then they know. (leaving aside the point that it’s pretty easy to see if a lady is pregnant pretty early on in the process. And as to who is supposed to pay for the child, with respect that is a pretty baseless question. Who is supposed to pay the bills for any child? That’s right, the parents are. It’s not an unknown or even novel concept. If I lose my job and suddenly can’t support my children, should that authorize me to kill them? So tell me, why doesn’t the –I’ll go with your terminology–fetus’s skin count? As to the RKBA–I guess the unborn baby has same right to keep and bear arms as the newborn baby –kind of a silly question.

  30. Thanks for the concern guys but…NO PTSD, no real combat( that I’m aware of), no , no problem with great competence being armed. My biggest concern is him leaving for months at a time to hang out in the Middle east. My son does NOT believe everyone ( law abiding ) can be trusted with a gun & got mighty upset after Newtown. He’s also nearly 40 years old & thinks I’M a gun nut…and he hasn’t lived with me since he was 3.

  31. I wonder how they’d feel if the police had no access to firearms and also had to “comply” with criminals.

    I somehow think it wouldn’t go over well.

    • There should be no breaks for that kind of behavior. The closest thing to an excuse for what he said is that the city fears lawsuits from injured victims.

      “I would have been fine if I had just given that guy my wallet, but the Mayor told me to fight back and I wound up in the hospital. Now I want $500k for my medical bills and $50 million for mental anguish, plus legal fees.”

      And even that is a poor excuse.

  32. All this statement does is tell criminals, “Hey, remember don’t leave witnesses. The penalty for murder is higher but if no one is left to give us a description we probably cannot catch you.”

    It’s simple escalation, if you tell people not to resist because what you (law enforcement) really need is a description. You are also telling the criminals the “important” thing you need and that the people you want to get it from are advised not to fight… For their lives.

  33. The officer made a comment that is typical from a state government that fosters a culture of dependency and supported by a society of victims.

  34. Really? Just comply… Go ahead, BE raped, just get a good description…What the heck? If the cops feel that is appropriate, why the heck are they carrying a gun? After all officer, just comply….

  35. I think what Baltimore City police spokesman Jeremy Silbert meant to say was:

    “We never encourage anyone to fight back. It’s best to comply, but while you’re doing that, try not to get any description of them because they might kill you if they think you can identify them. When assaulted by a thief it is best to close your eyes and play dead.”

    The same applies to the display of proper demeanor to the police.

  36. Sorry Sir but I am not going to submit or comply with being beat to death or shot just because some people think that it’s best to comply.

  37. thank you but no mr silbert…I prefer not to be a helpless victim; maybe in the people’s republic of Baltimore this is sage advice for the loyal subjects/sheeple who elected o’malley state nanny, however as a citizen I will take responsibility for my safety

  38. I get a little tired of all of the police bashing that has become so commonplace lately that its ridiculous! Please stop with the “cops need bad guys to justify their jobs” responses. Or cops don’t care about the citizens that they’ve taken an oath to protect. Those are childish, ignorant responses. This “officer” is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the department. The Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, commissioners, PIOs and most of the new age police leaders are mostly political whores and have no concept of what it takes to be a cop? They climbed the promotional ladder quickly and either forgot how to be a cop or were never good cops to begin with. There have been numerous polls recently where actual, real life police officers who actually handle 911 calls are asked their opinions on guns and the roll of self defense. The vast, vast majority of “real” cops are pro gun, self defense oriented, conservative thinkers who believe in good over evil and helping the people of their cities. Its the leadership who are out of touch with its citizenry as well as the worker bee street cops.

  39. As with many things, the solution can be found in economics. A mugger mugs because the mugger has found that the risk is acceptable for the benefit received, if we the people make mugging a radically dangerous profession I betchya the muggers will retire. Its not hard to understand.

  40. Here is an idea,
    If you’re afraid to have guns around children, teach them gun safety and allow them to fire it while you train them.
    “Never let the first time your child fires a weapon be an accident!” ~D.Harbin

  41. What an idiot. He’s basically saying be a good compliant victim. Oh and BTW if you mention the race of the perp (unless he’s white of course) you’ll be guilty of racial profiling.


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