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Dr. Ashley Krause courtesy

“This is about doing what is right for this community and these kids. And if we need to put ourselves in situations where we have to go thru some scenarios of things that God forbid ever happen, and then we need to prepare our teachers. We owe it to our children.” – Farmington (MO) schools assistant superintendent Dr. Ashley Krause, St. Francois Co. teachers complain after being shot with fake guns [at]

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  1. Maybe she should consider the reasons why she puts up with the bad behavior culture that her students come from. Maybe she should find a way to help drive these kids in the right direction unstead of continuing to allow them to live in homes where mediocrity and teen pregnancy and punk culture is celebrated. After all, it’s “for the children.”

    • Wrong target, bub. Farmington is semi-rural, and the area is full of good folks. This is NOT an urban gang-banger type highschool. Aside from the occasional meth lab, the Farmington area is very low crime – especially the kids.

    • So an “assistant superintendent” should snatch kids from their parents and put them in, WHAT? Foster homes? Are drunk, or just bat-shit nuts?

  2. So for the children we train the faculty to catch bullets like a champ?

    Getting the perp to unload all the ammo in you is one strategy. Not my first choice but it’s a strategy.

    • Perhaps they know what would really happen when they advise people to bum rush the shooter when they are reloading?

    • I do not understand why more school systems haven’t followed the lead of the few who have encourage teacher-carry.

      I mean, I *do* understand…I get the political agenda and everything, I’d just think at some point, they’d have a crisis of conscience.

      If we all agree the worlds sovereign states and VIPs and law enforcement etc. are best off with armed security, how do they not simply extend that logic to schools? Oh right, because guns are icky and emotional response makes the best policy.

    • At least they’re heading in the right direction in being proactive and preparing for such scenarios. And if the district allows teachers to arm up, they should be given an airsoft gun during training to show its efficacy.

      As for the teachers who complained that the scenarios are too realistic, they’re way out of touch with reality. There’s no point to training if its not realistic and since they think its too much for their mental health, maybe they’re not meant to be a teacher there.

    • and pepper sprayed while listening to speeches of Shannon Watts and Mad Midget Mike Bloomy. talk about a clockwork orange moment

  3. From my limited experiences in and around the Farmington area, it strikes me as a place that would not have a problem arming teachers.

  4. Which of these people who should know better, the reporter or the assistant superintendant, spelled through “thru”? This concerns me at least as much as operation meat shield.

  5. Maybe this will encourage some of the to think… the hell with being a soft target and get trained and tooled up

  6. Well, they haaave to do something. It’s a shame that “something” isn’t giving designated teachers AR’s. Oh well, I guess using your body to shield a hail of bullets is almost as good.

  7. Dr. Ashley Krause, is thinking in reality and choosing to be pro active. Something I wish was standard and not the exception.

  8. I love my students, but seriously… I’d rather be a bullet sender than a bullet catcher.

    Kind of hard to help my kids when I’m SHOT.

  9. The comments at the link speak of how the news report was misleading (This is my shocked face) over seventy people participated and only four opted out; the overwhelming thoughts was that it was very successful and useful; this is from second hand reports but I would tend to believe it.

    Major fail within this; no talk of arming some teachers, (This is my eyes rolling in continued disbelief); Gun Free Zones! = Free Fire Zones.

    The “Educated Elite”, (Statist variety) without one ounce of wisdom; with misery, tyranny and mass death as a consequence.

  10. Why is this a big deal? All the teachers could opt out. Most of the comments from the newspaper are positive. End of story.

  11. OK, my take is that Krause, et al, are apparently trying to train the staff to do something other than herd together in a bathroom, which apparently is the NEA-approved-approved reaction (liberals really do prefer sheeple ). So to that extent I see Krause as something of a kindred spirit, who just needs to take an additional step or two to arrive at the conclusion that such pro-active responses are better done with armed staff. For the children.

  12. This libtard grinding on the “School Mass Shootin” is simply a ploy to advance their wet dream of overturning the Constitution and further restricting/banning firearms. It’s for the children. Right. The song of the mindless.

    The reality is that a school shooting is a very very rare. If not for the mainstream liberal media and the gun banners promoting for the copycats it would be a total nonissue.

    A “educator” that actually is concerned and intends to do something about protecting their charges will be carrying a concealed weapon. If to dumb/irresponsible to handle that you shouldn’t be in a classroom.

    • I agree, but can we agree to ban the word “libtard”? All is does is make the user look stupider than the person called it.

  13. Why can’t they do these active shooter drills using the old “miles” system? I am sure the army has a bunch of them that they are not using anymore.

    you know put a AR-15 mounted with mile in each classroom [of teachers that know how to shoot] and have the simulated active shooter[s] engage the school [all wearing “miles” of course]

    but i know the answer before i asked it, this would prove beyond all doubt [not that we need proof] that armed teachers can protect the kids better than a “book or bullet proof white boards”

  14. Seriously. These were airsoft guns. Barely even hurt. Middle school kids play with these in Tshirts. Either these teachers are soft or the BBs were going 400+fps. Anything less is like a rubber band snapping you. It could be worse, these could be paint ball guns, or even simulation paint rounds. How old are we here? Opt out or don’t complain.

  15. I’m sure that woman is very nice and not at all the smarmy know-it-all bint I think she is from looking at that photograph. Then again, I might be wrong and she could be a real self-inflated piece of work…

  16. It’s easy to understand why the teachers don’t like this. It drives home the fact they are defenseless sitting ducks. And considering conservative, rural Farmington, many of them likely have the firearms to deal with the situation back home.


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