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There’s no really elegant way to draw a gun from an ankle holster – especially if you’re an OFWG. Oh sure, adrenaline makes all that unpleasant bending painless enough, but biology and physics conspire against an easy draw. As a recent convert to cowboy boots (credit a close encounter with Brazilian fire ants and a newfound penchant for loping) ankle carry isn’t even an option. Unless I have a boot-maker knock-up something with a NA Arms Mini-Revolver. Then again, is there a better method of deep concealment? An ankle holster beats the heck out of any other on-body carry method in the car, too. Do you/would you wear one? If so, here’s a chance for you to win a Telor Tactical Ankle Holster . . .

All you have to do is send us a picture of your everyday carry gun in its holster. Send it to [email protected] with the word EDC [all caps] in the subject field. The winner will be announced at the end of the week in a separate post. And watch this space for TTAG’s review of the TTAH.

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  1. Had a few pairs of shin guards playing soccer that molded to my leg…very comfortable application, I can see this working well!!

  2. I like them for long drives but that’s about it. I figure the bulk of my time on a long drive is spent in my car, and an ankle holster might be quicker–and is MUCH more comfy–than appendix or 5 oclock carry.

    But for daily use? ew no.

    • I use the Kangaroocarry or similar about 98% of the time now. Not as easy to draw as a belt holster but I carry so much more often that it offsets any other drawbacks. Makes a gun like the Shield or even a G27 easy to carry concealed. I have no need for an under-powered hard to shoot pocket gun anymore.

      • Yeah, I got one of those belly-band style things, thinking I’d use it to carry my Beretta Tomcat when I was running. But it was so comfortable I actually just toss my XD40 in it and run with that.

  3. Would I wear an ankle holster? Sure, why not. But I think for me it would be for a second handgun, not my primary weapon. And I am definitely an old fat white guy at 6′-3″ and 315 lb and 57 years old. Sitting, it would be an easy draw, but standing? Gonna take me a moment of two to bend over, wheeze a bit, lift my pant leg, wheeze a bit more and then draw.

  4. I do at times, but only as a backup, and even then only if I REALLY need my front pocket for something other than the J frame.

  5. I spend 8+ months a year in shorts, so the answer is no. Also, as OFWG with health issues, I don’t bend over or kneel very adroitly, so the answer is no.

  6. The two best uses for an ankle holster is ground fighting and car carry. There are several techniques to reach an ankle holster that work when your back is against the ground–the same position, most other carry locations are inaccessible.

    An ankle holster in the car in unencumbered by seat belts and easy to grasp by a combination of reaching down and lifting the ankle.

    The major disadvantage of ankle carry is that you can not move and draw at the same time–and that’s big.

  7. As a deep cover backup it is slow to draw but better than going unarmed. Use one almost daily.

  8. I wear my BUG (K40) in a Galco Ankle Glove. I wouldn’t carry my primary there.

  9. I run a S&W 340PD in an ankle holster from time to time. This is my back up to my fighting handgun, ankle or pocket carry.

  10. as a 5’11” 145lb, 21 y/o female- I’ve resorted to carrying a purse just so I can carry my revolver
    because I have yet to find a comfortable way to carry my .380
    in a purse it’s really about as useful as a brick in a bag and I don’t like it at all.
    Men have carrying so much easier!

    • That’s great to hear there are more females in your age group taking carrying a weapon seriously! There needs to be more people like you. I spent 7 years in law enforcement and now have my sister (26) carrying on a consistent basis. It sends a strong message and makes criminals have to really think twice if an attack is worth the risk of lead in their face!

    • My 135lb 5’8″ 21yo wife carries her beretta Nano in either a kydex owb holster or a shoulder rig. She dresses around it the best she can, Virginia is an Open carry state so as long as her shirt covers most of the gun its all good. The squared off outline of the kydex holster does not print as “GUN” if her shirt was to not cover it…

    • Not going to happen for me. I’m 63, 5’6′ 124 lbs with bad knees and bum right ankle. Fortunately my EDC is Ruger LCR .38spl. Fits nicely in pocket holster, wear deep pocket Tactical jeans or kaki. For car carry have a Sneaky Pete holster that fits nicely in driver side door bin. Semi-retired, so no need for business wear. Have found a couple of black deep pocket dress pants for social events. Wish I could wear cowgirl boots but 40 years of wearing high heel. pumps have ruined my feet. Do wear Merrell high top leather hiking boots, for venomous snake precaution

  11. I would, actually, if I was wearing a suit or felt a need to have both my G19 and G42 with me at once. But, I ride horses, and an ankle holster would not work with a pair of tall boots and breeches.

  12. My daily carry weapon is Sig 229 in .357sig in my maxpedition versipak bag and my back up is the Sig 224 in .357sig in a Galco ankle holster. My 229 mags fit the 224, so I carry only 2.

  13. I would and DO. I had an LCP that I would carry as a backup, but traded up to a Kahr CW 380. I haven’t shot the Kahr enough to prove reliability, but plan to carry it the same way. It is good for “less permissive” environments where you may be sitting for a long period of time. But, it is definitely not a primary carry mode. I like the molding to your leg aspect, but the retention strap looks awkward.

  14. I do not find it comfortable. I have tried two or three but did not like the weight or the binding there. I know of numerous other places of holstering and carrying that I prefer.

  15. Funny you mention cowboy boots RF. I prefer a nice black pair over dress shoes, and therefore wear them when I need to go into a meeting or trade show for work. Was just pondering over the weekend whether I could rig something up to fit a pocket .380 in there.

    I’m pretty much the opposite of an OFWG, that being said I sport rather massive calves so space will be a concern.

    I mold my own kydex holsters, so I was thinking of mounting a kydex shell inside on a worn out pair for a test drive. Maybe I’ll do a write up with photos if it works out. Just need to buy a pocket pistol first….

  16. I would not, because I don’t have a weapon appropriate for the task. I only own one handgun and it’s much too large for that. It’s even too big for IWB carry–if I want to conceal I need either an OWB holster and a long t-shirt or a shoulder rig and a jacket.

  17. I tried my TCP in one and found that it printed more than when I have it in my pocket. Also if I sit, and especially if I cross my legs, then my pants can easily ride of high enough for the holster to peak out. For a small revolver, even something not as tiny as the NAA ones, it might be a good choice but I didn’t find it good for anything bigger.

  18. I do, G27 in Galco ankle. From sitting it works great. From standing, my plan is to fall down or kneel down and come up smoking. And yes you need to practice that move.

    Also, I use the G27 because I have had at least a dozen of the latest greatest pocket rockets. I seem to have at least one issue with everything I have tried. As a bonus it uses the magazines of my duty pistol. I keep them in all the vehicles and scattered around the house.

    FYI, I have never shot a dog.

  19. I bought one for a roadtrip recently and it was great. My workplace is a GFZ so I usually only get to car carry. It’s much better than that. I’d rather have a gun tied around my nuts than none at all. I really can’t understand the “1911 or you deserve to die anyway” mentality of most people here. It’s all a game of odds (slim odds) but anything beats nothing.

  20. Only as a BUG. Maybe a driving gun, as you get out you can retrieve your main gat from a pocket somewhere. Maybe a little revolver, a Taurus View, with the aluminium sideplate. It might be painful to shoot, but it’ll be majorly comfortable to carry.
    I have a little leather holster that I made myself for my Victorinox Camper that fits around my ankle. The majority of it tucks inside my Timberlands but the top is out so I can reach it. Very handy for camping, and it’s straps can fit to my MOLLE bag.

    • I made a simple leather holster for my Leatherman Wave that holds it upright, next to my wallet. It’s about the same width and actually keeps everything lined up, rather than my wallet falling on it’s side in my pocket. I would post a pic, but I don’t think I can.

  21. I’ve never given it a thought. Probably not. I did own a TCP and it very easily fit in a pocket. When I get Illinois concealed carry I plan on pocket carry or hide in plain sight with a Sneaky Pete or Bulldog. The smart phones are getting insanely large & I personally don’t give a 2nd look to a huge case on a belt. Whatever you’re comfortable carrying.

  22. Rule #1 – have a gun.

    i wear an Uncle Mike’s ankle holster holding a Ruger LCP all day, every day. It’s light, comfortable, and durable. Only exception is when I’m wearing shorts when the LCP goes into a pocket. Good for back-up, and OK for primary in low-threat circumstances.

    Easy for OFWG to draw? Dunno. But as an old, fit, white guy it works pretty well.

  23. Have worn an XD45 compact in a Fobus ankle holster for upwards of 7 years. The tension adjustment allows for a very quick draw. With practice,almost as quick as IWB. Basic technique- grasp pant leg near knee, yank pant leg up while (really- immediately after) raise grip INTO your hand. Putting your foot down draws the pistol. Eyes stay on target. If you can raise your knee to waist level, you can do this draw. Badness- uses both hands.

  24. Winter at work, 1911 in an Uncle Mikes shoulder rig under large shirts.

    Summer at work, Rossi .38 spc. in a Ross leather ankle holster with wool backing over the cuff of high work boots. The Rossi and holster have been wet, filthy, covered in concrete, hit with sparks, exposed to brief fire(my pants leg several times), bumped, banged and otherwise abused on a daily basis for several summers(4-5) without a single mishap or failure. The wide Velcro backed leather band Ross uses are VERY secure and durable as are the snaps and leather holster parts. I got mine well used with the Rossi and haven’t had a single problem. I even hose it out with hot water and re-oil it now and then to get rid of the sweat stink from work.

    All other times, 1911 OWB under large T-shirts.

  25. Nah. I’d go for the Soccer-Dad-look of a fanny pack or whatever they call those around-the-waist bags which are great when you have little kids and you need a WetOne-Kleenex-diaper NOW. Or if you carry camera equipment. They blend in with suburbia, become invisible. I like that whole hide-in-plain-sight thing…

    Now if I wore boots+long pants everyday, sure, as a backup, or even as a second backup if things really went south. Even that tiny two-shot Derringer from two or three weeks ago on TTAG would do.

  26. If I am wearing pants and not shorts, then I am ankle carrying. I am young and fit, so bending over to draw presents no problems for me. I tend to wear jeans/slacks and a tucked in collared shirt. Considering that I am 5′ 8″ and 175 lbs, even a single stack in a tuckable holster makes a very awkward and noticeable bulge along my waistline, especially if I am wearing slacks. I can get away with a tuckable holster in jeans, but not so much for slacks. I also hate pocket carry and for me it is an even slower draw than ankle carry. Ankle carry is the best I have found to carry in business casual attire. I have a Kahr CM9 riding in a Galco Ankle Lite with a calf strap. I can wear it all day. I wouldn’t run in it, but it works fine for a casual stroll or sitting. It is especially comfortable for driving. Even when I carry my M&P9 (either OWB or IWB on the rare occasion I wear an untucked t-shirt) I still wear the ankle rig with the CM9. It works fine for me.

  27. Ankle holsters provide the added benefit of being in the proper position to kiss your ass goodbye if your draw doesn’t work out.

  28. Have & will. Private practice of law, teaching at two Carpool Colleges, and at the wedding I attended this weekend. Good for places where you may get hugged a lot, sit a lot, or get looked at intently by many people for an hour at a time.

  29. I wear an ankle rig everyday for my back up.

    Usually an LCP, sometimes a G26, depends on my mood.

  30. I don’t know, would it mess up my balance?

    Maybe two LCPs or NAA mini-revolvers, one for each ankle so as to not mess up my balance. This is as long as I can’t carry in my sleeves (wearing a T-shirt for instance).

    This is all speculation, I don’t carry a gun prefer a knife. Much less fuss, more carry options and if I need to I won’t miss it as much as a gun (economically).

  31. Wait, wait, wait… no one has addressed this yet. Do you wear the ankle holster on the inside or the outside of the leg?

    It was explained to me by a LEO is to wear it on the outside of the leg – reason being as not to have to cross draw to an inside leg position. This is the same rational that some people are against a cross draw with a hip holster.

    • The manufacturer’s instructions that came with my DeSantis Die Hard specify that it is intended to be worn on the inside of the weak leg, FWIW.

  32. I wear belly band 9mm Sccy with extra mag. ankle backup 9mm, extra mag in belly band. No print anywhere. Now only if I could carry my socom in the vehicle, hmmm have to figure it out, bug out bag and carbine, to much stuff.

  33. I have an Alessi ankle holster for my Glock 26 and also for my J-frame. I use this method as a way to carry my back-up piece. Compared to a waistband draw, it is simply too slow and requires far too many movements. But it is definitely better than nothing.

  34. I’d certainly give it a try if I had a gun small enough to carry there. My smallest gun is a Kahr CW9, and I think it would print like crazy.

    • The good thing about an ankle holster is that even if it prints people won’t usually notice. The only people who have noticed mine were ones who have or still wore one.

  35. Fire ants? Some Texan you are. Repeat after me: FAR AINTS!

    Bet you don’t even know the plural form of “y’all”.

    Somebody else here does, though! Let’s hear it!

    • Awl uh y’all
      Sum uh y’all
      Nun uh y’all
      We have them thar words in KY and IN too. I use them regularly.

  36. You know, I’m starting to grow weary of the OFWG moniker. Take a moment to consider each of the terms:

    Of these terms there’s really only one you can do something about, ‘fat’, as in lose weight & get in shape. “Old”? Sorry bunky but it happens to everybody if you’re lucky. Unlike Steve Martin, I was not ‘born a poor black child’ and can do nothing to change the fact that I am white. Likewise, since I’m not inclined to get a sex change operation, my ‘guyness’ is something I was born with. OFWG seems to be hurled around to diminish the opinions or actions of the OFWG members. I’m not usually particularly fat (sometimes I get a bit of a pot belly if I don’t watch my diet) but if I don’t stand up for OFWG’s, who will stand up for me when they come after OWG’s or OSWG’s?

  37. I do everyday! Carry a Baretta Nano 9mm as a backup to my 40 cal Sig P226 Platinum Elite! I carry the Sig in a shoulder rig or a OWB and always have 2 spare mags for it and 1 spare for the Nano somewhere easily accessible.

  38. I wear an ankle holster. It is excellent for BUG use and it is comfortable to wear all day long. As noted is kinda nice in the car as it is slightly easier to get to than an IWB under a seat belt. Overall though, I wouldn’t rely on it for anything other than carrying a spare gun since I can’t imagine running with it, there are no great ways to draw from it in a fight (it is literally not at hand), and I don’t think it suits deep concealment as well as a pocket holster or appendix carry with a flat gun because when you sit your pant leg is bound to ride up potentially exposing the gun/holster.

    My setup:
    S&W 649 – .357 Mag – 2″
    Desantis Ankle Holster

  39. I an ankle holster mostly while driving or sitting for long periods of time……. the slight “lean” needed to access the holster is not generally noticed when I have felt that it may be needed. Easier and less obvious than when fighting with the seatbelt….. and most perps know that when you go for the belt area….. generally its a threat to them. A back-up though is on my hip.
    Freedom to wear, Ruger LC9!

  40. I would wear an ankle holster for a BUG (perhaps a small .380 or 9mm or a revolver) but not for a primary conceal carry (currently use a Springfield XDS 9mm for EDC

  41. When I lived in a free state, I carried in an ankle holster frequently. At work, or even when I would ride my BMX bike. I often forgot I was carrying.

  42. Driving I wear one inside weak leg with Taurus M85. At times I use a IWB holster with a clip inside my left (weak) side cowboy boot holding a Bersa CC .380 as my BUG. Stays in place very well. Usual Carry is a G27 or G30s in a IWB, strong side, 4 o’clock position.

    Carried ankle with .38 special wheel gun for many years while working the waterfront doing marine repair. Worked fine. I was a lot younger then.?

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