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In Bahrain, they load-up, load-up, load-up with rubber bullets occurs. Does it really matter exactly where? It’s in the Middle East. While a number of right wing commentators have blamed the current administration for unrest in the area, the last time there was peace in the Middle East was . . . never. Those of you who remember when Janis Joplin was alive will recall that the United States had its own problem with social unrest, leading to a similar incident that went by the name of the Kent State massacre. These days the Left (of all people) worry that Tea Party activists have a secret desire to lead an armed insurrection. Be that as it may, if you went to a Tea Party rally, would you carry a gun? You know, just in case.

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  1. You never know. Someone’s dog might get loose and freak out b/c of the crowd or something.

  2. I take a gun when I go to peaceful grocery store. I take a gun when I go for a peaceful walk in the park. I take a gun when I peacefully work in my garden. I wear one in a box. I wear one with a fox. I don’t like green eggs and ham, but I’ll carry at a peaceful demonstration.

    • How would a hidden gun keep a protest peaceful?
      Seems to me it is the mindset of the protesters, the counter-protesters, and the police that keeps things peaceful or not.

      • I was in a peaceful civil rights march many years ago that ended in violence and bloodshed. We were attacked by people who somehow thought that a white sheet was perfect daytime attire. Those inbred morons with the pointy hats had weapons and used them — on us. The cops did nothing to protect us, but they did seem to enjoy the show. My peaceful marching days are behind me now, but if I ever again decide to exercise my rights under the First Amendment, I will simultaneously exercise my rights under the Second.

  3. Sure. BTDT. I carried when I attended a Tea Party rally at the MN Capitol in Spring ’09. If I carry elsewhere, why wouldn’t I there? There are no “special places” except those declared by the legislature (oh, and judges).

  4. I’d have a gun on my hip for the same reasons that I do while going about the rest of my life.

    Something to think about before attending a “peaceful” protest though, the side being protested usually sends a bunch of guys carrying guns (and assorted other tools of violence).

  5. I’ve seen tea party rallies where the open carry cult shows up. They really add to the atmosphere. Fruitcakes en regalia.

    • I think you should look up “cult” in the dictionary. It does not mean people with whom you disagree.

    • What better way than to normalize guns in society?

      I actually prefer just saying “I have a carry permit.”

  6. I have carried a gun (concealed) to Tea Party and other peaceful rallies and I’ll do it again. How does anyone know when what’s planned as a peaceful rally will, with no warning, turn in to something else?

  7. Sure, why not? You aren’t suggesting that there exists some sort of tension between the 1st and 2nd Amendments, are you? You’re not suggesting that citizens are required to choose which right to exercise on any given day, either their 1st Amendment rights of free speech and peaceable assembly, or their 2nd Amendment right to be armed, are you?

    Now I live in North Carolina, where the law basically states that I have to choose one or the other. I, of course, comply with the law, no matter how stupid I think this particular law is. When I lived in PA, I carried at Tea Party rallies.

  8. Yes, because a peaceful rally can turn ugly real fast. The guy in the red shirt is lucky they didn’t shoot him with real bullets, how stupid can he be to taunt a bunch of riot cops.

  9. Is this peaceful protest in a public place?


    Then my pants are on, and I’m armed. Simple enough.

  10. First off, this is Bahrain. You can see the flag in the first few seconds (~0:03)

    Secondly, there is no “murder” here. They are using rubber bullets. The guys initially gets shot in the gut (~0:39). When he stands up and starts throwing rocks again, he is hit in the head (~0:44). When his buddies grab him and walk him off by the camera, he has his hand on the middle of his forehead (~1:03). If he had been shot in the gut, there would at least have been some blood on his shirt; if he had been shot in the head and started walking around, that’s one tough bastard. And there is no blood on his head or hand as he walks back by.

    That’s not to say that the Bahraini forces (and as of today, Saudi troops in Bahrain) aren’t using live ammunition against demonstrators. This clip just isn’t it. Try and do this here and you’ll get shot by rubber bullets too.

    I recall the videos from Iran last year and the Basji thugs riding around on motorcycles beating people with batons and thinking “this is why we have a Second Amendment”.

  11. Well, I’d be out of the house so yes, I’d be carrying. Of course, I carry in the house also. Pretty much, if I’m up and dressed I’m carrying.

  12. If it were legal I would, unfortunately most states are not favorable(illegal in other words) of carrying a firearm within a certain distance of said demonstration/protest/election/public building.

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