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OK, I admit it. My family is a bunch of hopeless geeks. We’re also a Labrador family. Yellow labs, to be specific. We’d add a black lab once in a while except for the hair issue. We’ve pretty much chosen the colors of most of our furniture and rugs so the yellow shed product shows as little as possible.

That’s one of the great things no one tells you about labs. They only shed twice a year – the first half and the second half.

We bring the heavy geekitude by having a theme for naming our dogs. The males, anyway. They’ve all been named after NHL goalies. We’ve had Beaupre, Olie and our latest addition, Mason.

My son stood between the pipes for 12 years, but we magnanimously let him keep his given name. Who knows, though? If I’d gotten into guns a little sooner, the pups might have been named Mossy, Browning and Winchester. Have you ever been so pathetic as to name a pet after a favorite gun? Would ya?

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  1. Shameless puppy pandering. Yes. After my latest purchase, I’d name my next dog Browning. Or, as it will be a Schnauzer, maybe Mauser.

  2. My dachshund/beagle mix(would that make him a deagle?) is named Gunther, but we just call him Guns for short. My sister works at a kennel and the owner and her husband train hunting dogs and they have something like 12 dogs and probably 75% of them have gun names, my favorites are Beretta(Retta for short) and Tikka.

  3. Dad had a black lab named Magnum back in the day.

    He was 90lbs of lean, mean Duck Hunting Machine. One evening Mum and Dad were coming back from a duck hunting trip with Magnum riding on the floor between the front seats of the blazer they were driving. They got pulled over at a police checkpoint where the cops were checking for drunks. The officer that approached the truck put his Maglight in the driver’s window and suddenly a that flashlight disappeared out of the officer’s hand as Magnum came up from between the seats and ‘relieved’ the officer of his light.
    When the light was finally returned to the officer there were matching dents in the aluminum body of the light where Magnum had bitten down on the flashlight.

    Another time, when Magnum was living with my grandparents, the neighbor’s bulldog would wait until Magnum was safely locked into the house and then come over and stand in Magnum’s yard and do his doggie business, and afterwards, sit and bark at Magnum as he watched impotently from the living room window. One day, numbnuts the bulldog came over to repeat his routine. Poop in the yard, pee on the shrubs, then sit down to bark at the front window. Little did he know that Magnum had camped out in the garage. When Mr. Not-too-bright-bulldog came into the yard Magnum came out of the garage and killed him. Dead.

    Moral of the story? Cops and Bulldogs don’t mess with Magnum T. Labrador.

    It might not be a great idea t0 name your dog after a gun. It might give them ideas.

  4. I think naming a dog after a gun is a great idea. The only potential problem that I can imagine is if you live in San Francisco. Imagine owning a rottweiler named Glock that bites the ass off a home intruder resulting in you and your dog being prosecuted by the DA. The SF Jury and Judge might be horrified that you named your dog Glock, suspect you of dog abuse, and call for the dog to be placed with a progressive SF family. Naming your dog Sniper might get you sent to a Court ordered therapist in SF.

  5. I would be inclined to use the name “Barrett.” Two animals might be named “Smith” and “Wesson,” but that’s a stretch … Other than that, I don’t think I’d use gun names. My wife wouldn’t go for it, bit I can think of a few others that aren’t terrible: “Sig” (or “Siggie,” if you’re so inclined) “Patriot” (POF) “Wilson,” “Winchester,” and “Rocky” (RRA).

    My wife and I split the names anyway. I get to name the boys, and she gets to name the girls. My male is named “Nebo”; and the planned second that we didn’t end up getting was to be named “Yermo.” These are the two annexes at MCLB Barstow. I was planning to use Marine Corps installations as my theme … “Kinser” probably would have been next; followed by “Gitmo”.

    • Squirrel……… My bro has two dogs that he named “Marshal” and “Tucker”. I don’t see why “Smith” and “Wesson” wouldn’t work.

  6. My next dog is going to be named Remington. However, if I end up with a tiny little useless dog that shakes and wets himself I would probably name him Red Jacket. If it was a dog that looked tough, but was really a pansy and couldn’t stand up against Red Jacket, I would name him Kel Tec.

  7. Back in the early 80’s my brother and I shared an apartment in a funky (read: Run down) section of Denver. We had two cats that we picked up as strays, and couldn’t think of names for them. Since my brother had just gotten his first pistol, we decided to name them Smith and Wesson.

  8. my son ruger doesn’t seem to mind. no other kids in his class at school have the same name. a lot of people have trouble spelling it.

  9. A friend or ours has a dog named Gunner, does that count?
    Picking a dogs name can be hard. I’ve got two dobermans that are sisters. They don’t have gun names, but they get the credit for catching a burglar and recovering all of the stuff stolen from the neighbors house. He made the mistake of trying to hide behind my shed.

    Never under estimate the value of a good dog.

    • A friend or ours has a dog named Gunner

      A friend of mine named his son Gunner (no sh!t), but I don’t think he named him after the dog.

  10. Nothing wrong with naming your pet this way. Roy Rogers named his horse “Trigger”.
    However, naming your son “Recoil Spring” might be a little iffy.

  11. First dog – Pellet.
    Second dog – Bullet.
    Cat – Buckshot.

    All long gone now, my wife gets to name all the current pets.

  12. Carcano. Krag. Walther. To name a few. Quite a bit of potential here.

    Maybe the flashy dog that can’t hunt will be christened “Kimber”…ha.

  13. My son is named after his great grandfather. Hubby said the other day he kinda wished we had named him John Moses. Our yellow Lab is a female. Maybe the next one.


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