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Precision Reflex Gen III Delta-shaped AR forearm (courtesy

Over at, gun guru Tiger McKee’s caught in a love triangle. “When it came to ergonomics Eugene Stoner was a genius. The AR has all its essential components – safety, mag and bolt release – in just the right place. On the original rifle Stoner used triangular handguards. The triangle shaped fits the shape of your hand nicely, and the flatter bottom helps when you’re resting it on something, like bracing for stability and accuracy. I have several rifles with them and really like ’em. The problem with the original design, due to the material they are made from, is they break or crack easily.” Precision Reflex’s got an app for that . . .

Precision Reflex, Inc. now offers their [$318] Gen III Delta shaped forearm that is free floated, set up with rails, and constructed from carbon fiber, which makes it virtually indestructible. The triangular shape works with gas or piston guns. They offer three lengths – carbine, mid-length, and rifle – with picatinny rails positioned on the top, sides, and bottom that are easily removed if you want. If you’re going mount one of these handguards be sure to get the proprietary wrench needed to torque the barrel nut.

Then Tiger takes stock:

I like fixed stocks, particularly the A1 stock, which is 5/8 of an inch shorter than the A2 version. Now, Magpul has their [$69.95] MOE fixed stock, (Brownells 100-009-585) which is close to the length of shorter A1 stock but with an enlarged area for an improved cheekweld. Snap the muzzle up, hit your cheekweld and you’ve got a sight picture.

Nick with Magpul MOE fixed stock (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

It has a small storage compartment and a variety of points to attach your sling. It also looks cool, which is always an advantage and may just improve your accuracy. They will soon have this same style stock set up to fit an adjustable stock buffer tube that will allow you to use one buffer tube for fixed and adjustable stocks.

Tiger finishes by helping us extract some of his knowledge about springs:

The extractor spring on the AR is obviously an important part, and over the years there have been many variations offered. I’ve tried a lot of different type springs, even the chrome silicon versions – and I’ve ended up having all of them break before they should. Now, I’ve sworn off everything except Colt’s “gold” extractor spring (Brownells’ 160-304-025).

Colt's gold extractor spring for the AR-15 (courtesy

Colt went through several different versions of springs and plastic inserts, eventually settling on the “gold” spring around 2003. This spring provides reliable and effective performance in both rifles and carbines.

OK, so what’s your AR wearing these days?

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  1. Nothing…. Yet. I have a set of flip up back up sights, but The first thing I wanna add is an optic of some kind. I just don’t know what I want. I know I want some amount of magnification, and that I’m not a huge fan of red dots or holographic sights. Other than my AR being piston driven I’m a bit of a traditionalist, and I really avoid tacticool anything.

    • The Leupold VX R Patrol is a 1.25-4x scope which gives you some zoom capability, while also having a small, 1moa, red dot at the exact center of the crosshairs, which would help in low-light shooting or aid in quick target aquisition. I’d take a look at it if I were you.

      • +1 on the Leupold VX R. I have one on my Sig 556 Classic. The perfect size/magnification for the cartridge.

      • And that scope also has a traditional reticle, so it works fine if the battery dies or you just don’t turn it on. It’s nice.

  2. MI gen 2 ss series rail in FDE. Vltor E mod stock in FDE and an Ergo grip pistol grip. Its purty.

  3. My 14.5″ AR wears a standard carbine plastic hand-guard. I’ve had multiple rail systems on this rifle over the years and in the end have opted for no rail system at all. Its lighter, faster and slicker with nothing. This is my go to SHTF rifle with nothing more than an EOTech 511 and BUIS. Basic, reliable, runs all day and night. Stock is CTR with MIAD grip.

    My 16″ AR wears a long Rainier Arms Evolution free-float made by Samson. This is more of a 3Gun set-up with Burris MTAC 1-4x scope in a LaRue mount. Stock is ACS with MIAD grip

  4. As a former 45B2(H) I can tell you that in the handguard, the delta shape and thin material plus GI Smarts cracked the guards on a regular basis also the upper cooling holes allow steam to obscure the sights and target when fired in a wet enviroment which aslo made them very slick, so for me, they are not so hot.

  5. Sadly my AR isn’t wearing anything….because by the time I had the money to buy one this current storm of BS hit.

        • So “his” AR belongs to somebody else who was willing to pay whatever exorbitant price was being asked. I was almost in the same boat, but I bit the bullet (so to speak) and paid the aforementioned exorbitant sum. Didn’t really wanna keep my first-born child anyway… Now if I could only afford to get her some new Magpul goodies! Gonna be MOE handguard, fixed stock and grip.

  6. Mine is a basic A2 20″ barrel , A2 carry handle, A2 buttstock and hand guard, Magpul MOE grip, and the GGG side rear sling mount. Simple, but it works.

  7. Im trying to keep it simple, its a complete PSA carbine with a 16″, 1:7 barrel and flat top upper without a rear sight. It came with a Vortex Strikefire Red/Green dot but Im not using it until I am more comfortable with my irons.

    Because they work for me I kept the standard M4 collapsable stock and strigger guard

    From Magpul:
    *Carbine MOE handguard (cant stand the standard plastic handguard but dont want tacticool rails)
    *Rear BUS (intend to replace for a fixed rear sight)
    *ASAP end plate/sling mount
    *MS3 Single/Two point sling
    *13 Pmags

    • Yours is almost the same as mine. PSA 16″ Midlength. Magpul MOE buttstock, MOE pistol grip, MOE handguards. Vortex Strikefire red/green dot. No BUIS yet. No sling attachment point yet.

  8. I waited too long to get an AR, now they’re well out of my price range. So for now, nothing.

    When I do get one, I’ll likely keep it pretty simple.

    • Don’t worry, now that a ban has officially been dropped (even the libs are admitting it’s doomed) the hoarders are trying to dump before the word gets out.

      Prices and supply will return to normal (or somewhat below normal) shortly.

  9. I like the location on the AR for the safety and mag release, but I think the bolt release location sucks. Especially when you have to lock it back to clear a malfunction.

    • Brownells and I’m sure others offer a bolt release with over size pads for both operations. Brownells 231-000-027WB

      • Look up Magpul B.A.D. Lever.

        There are other companies that make these as well. Phase 5 Tactical, and maybe Seekins Precision or Mega. Anyway, I’m sure I have missed some.

        You can buy an ambi lower receiver and then you have will have ambi capabilities for the Mag Release & Bolt Stop.

        You can also buy an ambi Safety, lots of options out there. I like the 45 degree throw BADASS Lever with the short fat support hand side option.

        Ambi Charge handle (numerous companies make these). I Like the Mod 4 Ambi Gunfighter from BCM or just the Single sided Mod 4 Gunfighter charge handle.

  10. Mine is pretty much stock besides the addition of an after market battle grip, forgrip and an AIM red dot sight that can’t be seen during the day. Looks cool though.

  11. I know it’s a personal preference thing, but I frickin’ love red dot sights. They make accurate, fast shooting with both eyes open possible and with a 3 MOA dot, you can make headshots out to 200 yards. And you can get a magnifier to make those long range shots too.

  12. 16″ flat top, 1:9 barrel, MOE Carbine handguard, MOE fore grip, MOE+ pistol grip, MOE buttstock, Gen 2 rear MBUS, Daniel Defense fixed front sight, Aimpoint P.R.O. With 3x flip to side and kill flash, 20 mags from Lancer and Magpul.

  13. I think the problem is more what AR-15s shouldn’t wear:
    1. Heavy full length quad rails. I don’t care what spec-ops unit you wish you were part of, you don’t need 12″ of rail down the side of your gun.
    2. Heavy-ass stocks unbalancing a gun. You don’t need huge storage in your stock. Try a pocket on your person..
    3. No BUIS. I wind up using these things at the range when my batteries unexpectedly die, never mind a SHTF situation. I always run BUIS with either a 1x optic or an optic with a QD mount.
    4. Unreliable optics. I’m not saying cheap here, I’m saying “unreliable”. There are good and cheap options out there… make sure you pick those if you need cheap.

  14. Yankee Hill rifle length free-float Diamond series forearm
    Daniel Defense Index Clips
    Magpul AFG2
    GGG XDS bipod
    2x Fortis rail attachment points
    Magpul PRS stock
    BCM Gunfighter charging handle
    Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 scope w/ BDC
    … on some cheap UTG QR scope rings 😀

    I’m sure I forgot something.

  15. My POF P308 came with their M.R.R. hand guard, Magpul grip and stock. Bolt and Carrier are NP3, NIckel and chrome plated. I have added Barrett zero gap rings, NightForce NXS scope, and Atlas bi-pod. The trigger it came with is descent but I am considering adding a Geissele 2 stage. I also want to add a Magpul fixed stock and a suppressor. I don’t know much about suppressors and the only ones I have looked at so far are Surefire. Any recommendations?

  16. 16″chrome-lined heavy barrel, black magpul stock, grip, handguard, rear buis. Trijicon acog (the smallest one I believe) low magnification with amber triangle reticle. Boresnake and oiler in my grip. And also, if spring ever decides to show up, it’s getting done up in duracoat completely, ‘urban mirageflague’ pattern 🙂

    • EDIT: for further clarification, i am not a fan of any optics that can not crank down to 1.5 or below… and for some reason 3x seems a bit much to me, at least with 5.56 out of of a 16 incher. Granted i didn’t have a problem nailing reactive targets at 300yrds in the service…with irons, but (i’m only growing older) such situations rarely present themselves as a law abidingdfgdfgh fuckit member of the armed intellingestia (sp) i suppose this boils down to an optics rant, and i have nothing but praise for my Trijicon, take it for what it’s worth, i was a die-hard iron-sight fanatic for the longest time. Even now i believe any true marksman should first learn with irons. I don’t make alot of money, i am more than capable with iron sights, i suffered with roll-up smokes and malt-liquor for a couple months, and after landing a decent job… i had to save my ass off to buy an acog.. Regardless, i believe it was a good decision. I suppose i should go dig in my closet for the nice pelican case :), here goes- it is a TA50-2 3×24 (didnt seem like a 3x) ar15/m16 amber triangle. I am inlove with everything about it, besides the fact that the eye relief is so short (you gotta get your eye real damn close to the thing) that it tends to tap off your glasses with the recoil. it does not feel like a 3x optic, however, and manages to sneak its way into your manual of arms. I don’t know, it sure as f doesn’t feel like any 3x optic i’ve used. part of that can be attributed to consumer bias, but it feels like more than that. Take it for what you will, my poor ass is getting back to rolling my own smoke and drinking some cheap alcohol! Priorities, right? ……. what a ramble, but i like it 🙂

  17. I’m glad to see the fad of hand guards that are nothing but a four sided sharp edged rail, requiring plastic covers so you can actually hold the forearm without gloves is starting to lose favor. I run the YHM and Midwest round forearms with a rail on top and provision to put extra rail sections wherever you actually need them. I also use the Magpul Moe especially on carbines.

    I don’t quite understand the AR extractor spring problem. I purchased a Colt SP1 in the early 70’s and shot it until the barrel wore enough to become a 6 moa shooter, swapped out the barrel using the same bcg and wore that barrel out too without ever changing or having an extractor spring problem. I have had several Ar’s since them and have had no extractor problems with those either, I only shoot good brass cased ammo. Maybe I’m just lucky.

    I’m a big fan of red dot sights, I was an early adopter having used about every kind. An Aimpoint on a 16-18 inch carbine is just about perfect. I also like 1×4 scopes that have a true 1 power and some kind of reticle that allows you to use it like a red dot up close with both eyes open and focus on the target.

  18. Carbine length, left handed upper, right handed lower, quad rails, rail covers, moe commercial spec stock with butt pad extension 0.70, Magpul fore grip, standard rear grip and front sight, rear flip sight, 20rd pmags, all black.

    Id like electronic sights but my eyes don’t work well with them, (a)stigmatism?
    Simple yet effective.

  19. Magpul midlength MOE handguard.

    Ergo pistol grip.

    Rogers Super Stock.

    MBUS rear sight.

    KNS bead/post front sight blade.

    I wanted to keep things simple and light.

  20. Colt Sporter – all stock. I’ve been so close several times to trick it out but then I think I’ll just buy another AR to play with. I should have done that when I first got the idea as opposed to now LOL.

  21. Check out Seekins Precision SP3R rails, very similar pentagonal shape, feels great in the hand, and flat to rest on whatever you’d like. only downside is you need their upper for it to fit. looks great on my 300 blk.

    • Its a cool concept but I dont like the idea of putting my finger in the trigger guard right after chambering around. Standing in an indoor range, sure its okay I guess. Shooting on the move with people watching, one slip, trip or fall can become a very bad day.

      • I don’t see how a BAD makes any of those problems worse. You see, when you’re shooting on the move, your finger is presumably already near or inside the trigger guard…

        IMHO, it’s indispensable. During a carbine class, I could easily outpace other people when it came to reloads.

  22. 16” RRA Mid-length
    Magpul MOE Mid-length Handguard
    Magpul Illum kit
    Surefire Scout Mini (mounted on right front, with momentary remote on left by thumb)
    Magpul AFG
    Magpul ACS stock with mil spec buffer tube (sweet cheek weld)
    Gear Sector 2 point sling or Coyote 1-point bungee sling
    Magpul ASAP
    Troy Rear Flip up BUIS
    GG&G flip up front sight gasblock
    Eotech XPS 2-0
    Primary Arms 3x LER Magnifier with ADM SM-02 swing off mount (swings off to the left)
    BCM Gunfighter charging handle, medium
    Magpul Enhanced Trigger guard
    JP Silent Capture spring
    RRA BCG (eyeing up the BCM BCG of course, being an AR Fan boy and all)

    The thing is light, mean and ergo as hell – which after all, is half the reason why I love the AR platform.
    I use a thumb-break grip method up front/on top – and the MOE rocks for that. This rifle is optimized for 0-200 yds, with max of about 300 yds. Not a bench rifle. It’s CQB/Defensive rifle, so no free float tube to add weight and cost, no bipod, no scope. (My next AR will be a free-floated, scoped, bench rifle with a bipod and maybe a 20” bbl, so I’m not knocking that type set of up in any way. This is just not that gun)

    I can flip off the 3X Mag in 1 second and run it light, with just the red dot. Can run the front site up with the Eotech (true co-witness), or down for a nice clean FOV. Can switch to a one-point bungee if I have to rock it out indoors and go left handed around corners. Can also easily hit my tac light left handed as well. Can slap the 3X Mag out of the way in a flash (to the left, out of the way of the ejection port) and it balances the weight nice with the light being on the right. Slaps back in front of the Eotech just as easily.

    I tried to go: Function, Value, Ergo as the themes (or at least it ended up that way). And of course: Looks. The thing is prettier than my GF, but don’t tell her that please. She cooks and cleans, so makes up for it 😉 lol. I did get a little fancy on some stuff of course, like the JP silent spring – but man, that thing is so smooth and quiet and just getting rid of the sproing makes Jack a happy man. (yeah, I know… not purist-approved. I still have my buffer and spring if I need it. And my name’s not Jack.)

    Down sides: It’s not a free float, so I’m not going to hook up a bipod or hasty sling any time soon (but at least I don’t run my sling off a damn gasblock either). The gasblock is bolt-on (I can hear screeches from the mil spec crowd), but hey – if I were in the military, I’d be using an M240 Bravo or a SAW and not a semi-auto AR anyway. This is a civilian defense weapon, and I still have the pinned gas block if I ever need to slap it back on anyway. No free float, so didn’t go with a scope, as it’s not optimized for bench-shooting with a bipod at 400-600 yards anyway. But in reality, while the 5.56 can reach out that far, wind makes it unpredictable – and after 200 yds or so, the drop in velocity means my M193 might not want to do it’s little backflip thing inside my foe, but instead just put a teeny little hole through and through. And I’m not planning on shooting prairie dogs at 400 yds either. Besides, if I really want to reach out that far, and am operating outside in open country, I’d have my M1A or Remmie Bolt gun with me anyway… or if I only had my AR for some reason, I’d just hide behind something instead of engaging at that distance. Let them come to me and walk around the wrong corner on the way.
    No muzzle break, as it’s a ‘mobile, defensive, CQB rifle’ so would need to be able to use it at night without blinding myself or affixing my position too much. Nothing rattles or makes any noise on this rifle and with the Accu-wedge, it’s tighter than a bee’s butt.

    So that’s it. My little piece of security in sometimes not so secure world.

    ‘Get a piece of the Rock’ 😉

  23. Until a week ago I didn’t even have a lower. Now I have two! The first rifle I build will be an M4 style shooter. When I move south I want to try out some 3 gun so I will be building a budget gun with Irons for now. The style will probably be like an A2. If the ammo shortage continues I will most likely use my converted Saiga for my first attempt as I actually have enough saved to compete and the mags.

  24. S&W M&P15T (quad rail)
    Hogue grip
    Eotech EXPS2
    Slide to side 5X magnifier with quicklatch
    Crimson Trace foregrip w/laser and light
    7 Pmag (30 round)
    Troy flip up battle sights

  25. Home built Rock River lower with an Adams Arms carbine length piston upper.

    Samson extended free float rail (bottom comes off to add an M203 and sol still keep three rails)
    Magpul MBUS front and rear
    Streamlight ProTac
    Magpul RVG
    Magpul MIAD grip
    Magpul CTR in milspec diameter
    8 PMAGs

    Topped it off with the Leupold MR/T 1.5-5×24 with the Special Purpose Reticle. (It’s my avatar).

    Completely off topic, but I got my first 1911 today! Rock Island A1 in 9mm.

  26. Mine’s only wearing an Eotech 512 and a Troy Folding Rear Sight… for now…

    Once I get some more cash, I’ll throw a 7″ JP free float hand guard on with the extension so it goes around the standard front sight, a magpul AFG, and either an elzetta or surefire light.

    Down the road, I might also get a socom stock to replace my stupid ban-compliant stuck-in-the-open-position “collapsable” stock. Maybe a houge grip and a BAD lever, but I can live without those, I don’t need it too decked out

  27. Magpul, all in FDE:
    * ACS-L stock (mil-spec)
    * MIAD grip
    * Temporary setup: Mid-length MOE forearm & M4-type gas block/front sight
    * Getting installed next month: Rifle-length MOE forearm over low-profile mid gas block, fold-down front sight immediately behind flash suppressor for max iron-sight radius

    Also has a Tapco receiver end plate for attaching a single-point sling because I’m not a total Magpul fanboy.

    In the early stages of shopping for a 1-4X or 1-6X scope, or possibly a nice red-dot with a slide-to-side magnifier setup. If I go with the scope I’ll be mounting up a compact red-dot on a 45-degree right side offset bracket.

    Did I mention that it’s a 5.45×39 that only costs me 20c/round (steel) or 35c/round (steel milsurp, bullet pulled and reloaded with resized Hornady bullets) to shoot? I’ll build my other AR lower in 5.56 when ammo prices come back out of the stratosphere.

    Or maybe I’ll be completely perverse and build my other AR for 7.62×39 so I can have all-American rifles that only eat Russian ammo. 🙂

  28. I was a couple weeks away from buying a complete Rainier Arms RUC when Sandy Hook happened. I was still able to cobble together what I feel is a Tier 1.5 battle rifle; most of it EXACTLY what I’ve wanted.
    – Fail Zero BCG(nickel boron)
    – ALG ACT fire control group(nickel boron)
    – Rainier Arms Select 16″ MEDCON barrel
    – BCM Mod0 5.56 compensator
    – Troy/VTAC 15″ Alpha rail
    – Vltor Emod stock
    – Rainier Arms Raptor charging handle
    – Diamondhead front and rear BUIS
    – Aimpoint PRO
    – Aero Precision lower receiver(keyhole)
    – Aero Precision upper receiver(keyhole)
    – Magpul MOE+ grip
    – Magpul MS3 sling
    – Tactical Link Z-360 Gen2 QD sling mount
    – Magpul RSA sling attachment
    – Larue handstop
    – Larue index clips

    I had this all put together in just over a weeks time at the beginning of February so more impressive than the rifle itself was the ability to track down and acquire all the components during the height of the insanity. I love my rifle.

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