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Sarcasm via B. Jeffrey Madoff at

In order to assure a safer more crime free society; teachers should be armed. Students should be armed. Convenience store clerks, fast food servers, gas station attendants and pharmacists should be armed. Retail clerks, postal workers, UPS and Federal Express employees should be armed. Ministers, priests, rabbis and nuns should be armed. Doctors, lawyers, public servants and all elected officials should be armed. Private cars, taxis and city buses should have gun turrets mounted on their roofs. If everyone had a gun you’d be crazy not to have one — because we all know crazy people kill people, not guns.

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  1. I can see an argument for not having students armed, at least not K-12. Students are an unknown quantity, and it’s difficult to separate genuine mental illness from the raging hormones.

    Of course, at the collegiate level, it’s ridiculous not to be able to be armed on-campus….

  2. Sarcasm fail?

    Seriously: in many states you don’t know who might be armed, anymore than you know who will be nice to you if you strike up a conversation–or not. Not only that, but when conceal carry became allowed, the supposed gun wars that would come about from all these gun owners simply didn’t happen.

    If anything, I’ll wager that the issue about conceal carry or gun capacity is simply hot air: the “Gunshine” state of Florida has 767,739 CCW permits–out of a population of 18.8M. This is what, 4%? If you’d ask me, although a good half of the US is in the “don’t care” catagory of CCW (regardless of stance on the second admendment), it’s clear that only about 5% of the US (or less) cares enough, even if they are not prohibited by their state laws, to bother to carry. [I do believe the stats for other states carry out this 5% level, although that’s the percentage of daily CCW’ers.]

    So, the call for everyone to be armed (“Ministers, priests, rabbis and nuns”) could be put forth–and I’d bet no more than 5% or so would do so. And so what? The 30 round capacity deathrays. Instead, it’s 5 round 38’s, 7 round ankle nipping 380’s, and the like. That is to say, rather than every CCW’er automatically going for any high capacity 50 caliber handgun, the majority have settled on more sedate levels of concealable power. Or, in other words, the nuclear race hasn’t happened.

  3. Oops, that “I do believe the stats for other states carry out this 5% level, although that’s the percentage of daily CCW’ers” should read “I do believe the stats for other states carry out this 5% level, although not that’s the percentage of daily CCW’ers.” instead. I gotta read more closer before I post…

    I forget the rate but I do recall reading that, out of those who have a permit to CCW, only about half do so on a daily basis.

    • One half? My guess would be more like one in twenty carry on a regular basis, and it may be lower than that.

  4. The ingredient he’s missing isn’t JUST the call for more citizens to go heeled, it’s the stuff that comes before you start carrying that most of us want to see more of.

    It’s about doing your homeowrk to raise your gun IQ, then reflecting on whether you could carry a gun everywhere, every day, then honestly answering whether you could use it, then picking the gun(s) that fit your needs, then taking the classes/getting the training, then jumping through the hoops to get the license, then jumping through the hoops to get the gun, then rasing your situational awareness…

    In short, the gun represents a mature, responsible, active citizen-member of society.

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