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Wanna Shield Yourself from the news that Smith & Wesson will be adding to their M&P line? Good luck with that. As the new pistol’s April 12 NRA intro date approaches, be prepared for an Apple-style shock and awe hype barrage. Not that we don’t like us some M&Ps. Nick probably didn’t make any friends in Smyrna when he called them darned near, well, perfect. Between the .22 and the full size .45, they pretty much have the range covered. Or so we thought. Any ideas?

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  1. I do love my M&P .40. Reliable, affordable, durable, and accurate. Just shot an IDPA match yesterday with it. I’m looking forward to the results being posted to see how I did.

  2. A lot of speculation seems to focus on a single-stack pistol version of the M&P for better concealment. This would be in keeping with other manufacturer trends but they could have just added a 9mm to the Body Guard line.

    The most interesting theory I’ve seen was drawn from the emphasis on “Shield Yourself” and reading that as a from that personal bodyarmor.

    • If they’d make one with at least approaching the same ammo cap (assuming they’d make it with a larger frame) I’d ditch my Glock in a heartbeat.

      Here’s hoping they make a larger frame for a .45 and a 10mm like Glock’s 20 and 21

  3. Solve the early unlocking, 25 yard accuracy issue as well as the defective mag spring problem…then talk to me. As it stands now, I wouldn’t buy an M&P.


  4. More of a wish than anything else… Smith & Wesson needs to convince me that “M&P” doesn’t really stand for “Metal & Plastic”. Colt has revived some of the old Mustang line; I would like to see S&W follow with a revival of some of the 39xx or 59xx lines.

  5. The add doesn’t make me think caliber addition. Unless it’s a completely new caliber.
    Could be a new feature,but I can’t think of any that you can’t get on an M&P model now.
    So my guess is:
    1. Slim line.
    2. Really, really tiny .380 / 9mm.
    3.Really, really, really tiny .9mm with silencer.

  6. I’d like to see a 5″ .45. Either a 45L or 45Pro. I have the 9L and it has been a joy to own and shoot.

  7. 10mm for bear country when you don’t have someone slow with you that they can eat instead .

    • …where the front of the slide is bright bright white to look like Colby is smiling right at whatever you are shooting.

  8. my buddy has an mp 9mm full size. i like the grip and the sights. the slide lock is ridiculously hard to actuate though.

  9. As some have said. I’m guessing a slim 9mm for all you tiny people who can’t conceal a real gun.

  10. just purchased a smith shield 40, sub for carry, haven’t fired it yet, hope I like it .

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