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I’m going with a shot every time Colby takes his hands off his hips. You? [Note: the above photo is the only one ever taken that doesn’t show his teeth.]

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  1. Seems simple to me:

    Every time Colby says “Shooters…” you do a shot.

    For the heavy drinkers, everytime Colby says “Shot” during a challenge, drink. (i.e. Michael misses on his first shot! Michael connects with his second shot! Michael connects with his third shot! …)

    Find a DD before showtime, kiddies.

  2. Maybe shot for shot? Let’s see who can stay on target the longest.

    Maybe these people could outshoot me, but I’m pretty sure I could drink them all under the table.

  3. Step 1. Open bottle of vodka
    Step 2. Drink vodka from bottle until Colby’s teeth make their first appearance.
    Step 3. Hit pause if you have a DVR. Do not turn off television.
    Step 4. Go to sleep
    Step 5. Wake up and through slitted eyes check the light filtering in through
    your blinds. If it’s brighter than Colby’s teeth, you’ve lost the drinking game.

  4. I’ll take a another drink from my Busch Light 16 oz. can every time I feel the urge(probably about 3 cans worth during top shot).
    Why you gotta bang on Colby for being the cool white guy version of the “Old Spice guy”?

  5. If the game is ‘drink a shot whenever they *take* a shot’ I’ve seen a few episodes that would barely get me buzzed. This show has too much phony drama and not enough shooting.

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