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This afternoon, I traded in Sam’s SIG towards an Springfield XD(M)45. I’m not sure I’m ready for it; I’m just past the “wax the floor” part of my training. I WAS going to buy a Remington 700 SPS Tactical, and then Mr. Carrube (below) reminded me of the problems encountered by our own reviewer in that regard. So the XD(M)45 it is. What was the last gun you bought and why?

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  1. A HK USC carbine. Fun on a bun. 🙂 …or at least it was until .45 ammo doubled in price. 🙁

  2. A 9mm Ruger P-95pr. The price was right, and I didn't have a working 9mm. (The WWII trophy P-38 in my gun safe doesn't feed, and it's not mine anyway.) Several knowledgeable gun friends, as well as Nutnfancy, said the P-95 was solid, and I was wise to trust them.

  3. OT: BTW: you'll love the 700, but I trust you haven't completely disarmed Sam? Any more acronyms I can throw in here?

  4. CX4 Storm in .40. I wanted a short rifle for a home gun and it uses the same magazines as the PX4s I use for carry. Plus it is very nice to shoot and all the mall ninjas are jealous.

  5. Even after a pitifull Remington 700 review right here on TTAG, you still bought a Remington? As hair-splitting as a 700 can be, it still have to load and eject rounds reliabily to be useful. As they say, "anything less is uncivilized!". For me, until Remington picks up their QC/QA program, I'll be buying Savage from here on out.

    My "newest" gun is a Springfield XDM-45. Why? Well, it's an XDM, and it's a .45ACP. I don't know how it gets much better than that. Oh yes it can – it's a bi-tone! The week earlier, I bought a XD9 Tactical (5"), which has become my new Limited-Class pistol. What's next? I have an itch for a new S&W 686, a S&W629, or a 7.62mm SCAR rifle. Or perhaps all three… we'll see! I still want to shoot my buddies Savage BAS/T .308 before settling on anything just yet.

  6. Ruger P-90 in stainless. I wanted another .45acp so my semi-collectable Colt Government Model could go into retirement.

  7. The XDm 45 is a slick looking gun. Wish they were Mass legal!

    My Latest is an L1A1 FAL because I've been wanting a 7.62x51mm Battle rifle for a while now.

  8. Springfield Armory EMP. I wanted a "t-shirt and shorts" gun that stuck the same MOA as my normal carry one.

    • What caliber did you get? I hear a lot of people like the 40 EMP, but I guess the 9mm EMP has some load/feed issues associated with the magazine. I'm not sure if Mama-Springfield fixed it or not. It feels good in my hands, but most 1911's do so this isn't a big stretch. The one that I handled at the gun store had a super-strong recoil spring (40 cal). I wonder how it holds up to some long-term shooting/testing.

      • 9mm for me. Not a single FTF or FTE so far (2100 rounds so far, mix of FMJ and various JHP all mid-weight loads) from any of the magazines. All the problems that I read about were with the early guns 1xxx-2xxx SNs, my guess is that SA sorted it out.

        The gun shoots great and is very easy to control. The only other 9 that I shoot regularly is a 92fs and the recoil is slightly easier to manage out of the EMP which really suprised me given the size and weight differences between the two. My guess would be that the 40 version is similar due to the extra weight from the steel frame.

    • The trigger is fine, I actually installed the X-Mark Pro on my Remington 700 (built in 1967). It's the cheaply made and badly QC'ed parts installed (and sold) in a Nitro Mag 12-ga, multiple ejector problems with the Rem 700's (all calibers), and according to Bryan Hyde's article here on TTAG, poorly made/purchased stocks. While the Remington 700 may be a great platform to build a precision rifle on, a Remington 700 out of the box is nothing more than a deer slayer… but even then, it still has to load and unload cartridges.

  9. Benelli SuperSport 12 gauge, after deciding to take up sporting clays. Very slick in every way, especially after a trigger job to lighten and smooth that legal department-mandated 7-8 lb. pull.

  10. Ruger 10/22 compact just the other day. Friends are coming into town with their 5 yo son, so since I have always wanted one anyway and needed something for him to shoot, I finally pulled the trigger…. (crickets chirping)

    Thank you, thank you. Please tip your waitress.

  11. S&W M&P 15-22 about two months ago. I'm an AR shooter/hunter and this thing is light,accurate,reliable and it operates the same as a full-size AR. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new .22.

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