Question of the Day: What Did You Get for Christmas?


We’re sure you’re thrilled with your new hoodie/footie internet pajamas and the, uh, colorful sweater your Aunt Clara knitted for you, but we wanna see the gun-related gifts the jolly old elf left in your stocking. That’s the totally practical tactical Pmug (above) I received from our friends at Lucky Gunner. What did you get for Christmas?


  1. It’s not what I got, it’s what I got to give this year.

    I’m more excited about this than she is.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      That wrapping job is epic!

      1. avatar NineShooter says:

        Agreed! The only guessing for that gift would be concerning stock color and caliber.

    2. avatar Mark says:

      Wrapped like a real man!

    3. avatar Sammy says:

      What is it? Is it wrapped in NICS forms?

    4. avatar Cliff H says:

      Maybe it’s Cerakoate?

  2. avatar WRH says:

    Everyone knows that Picatinny is out. They should have made a mug with KeyMod or M-Lok. And don’t get me started on Carry Handle Sights….

    1. avatar Dave says:

      The problem with key mod or m-lock on your coffee mug is they do a great job of holding on the accessories, not so great a job holding the hot beverage in.

      1. avatar NineShooter says:

        Funny! Heck of a mental picture, there…

      2. avatar WRH says:

        Sure, but it would have been High Speed, Low Drag. All that liquid would have just slowed you down anyway.

    2. avatar Denis says:

      I just built and A2 style ar it’s old school looks cool next to my A4 style.

  3. avatar Luke Wright says:

    I got a 24/7 G2 in .45 acp, the wife got a pt111 G2, and the son got a Ruger 10/22. I think some shooting is in order after digestion of lunch.

    1. avatar Rad Man says:

      Nice! I went with a PTR91 A3S and a Vortex Strikefire 2.

  4. avatar Hal J. says:

    Ruger 10/22 Tactical Target Model. Going to have it threaded!

  5. avatar Docduracoat says:

    I got a Bersa Thunder cc with Crimson Trace laser grips.
    Don’t forget the 3 different boxes of hollow points to break it in.
    That’s $90 just for ammo!
    My wife says that now I have to stop carrying her Walther Ppk/s!

    1. avatar Brian says:

      I got my dad a Bersa. I can’t wait to see him open it tomorrow!

  6. avatar KnowWhatIamTalkingAbout says:

    Glock 20 in 10 mm with gray frame. Since I plan on using lone wolf distributers for custom parts for this gift, I am calling the shade of the frame lone wolf gray.

    1. avatar Jon in CO says:

      Super jealous. I love those gray frames!

  7. avatar NineShooter says:

    I received a nice used scope that I picked out for myself, for use on a rather specialized .22 rifle. It’s already mounted, and the range is open tomorrow for folks to try out their new toys, and I’ll be there early.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  8. avatar Tom W. says:

    Box of (more) PMAGS, yes, the standard capacity 30rds.

    Mid-length Odin Works forend.
    And Mag-Pul BUIS.

    Gift card at Bass Pro, goes to Ammo and Hoppe’s.

    All is well. Merry Christmas TTAG and those that post here.

  9. avatar jwtaylor says:

    Damn POGUE. Any real operator would have krylon’d that thing up by now.

  10. avatar Mr. AR-10 says:

    Reloading press, just what I wanted!

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      Reloading supplies here too. I’m just starting to reload and got everything needed for .38 special. Lee Loader (basic one), jar of powder, primers, and 500 lead bullets. Thanks to my wife (with my purchasing guidance) I’m ready to start reloading. First time reloader.

      I also received this new Kindle Fire that I’m typing on. Merry Christmas all.

      1. avatar Jeff O. says:


        .38 Special is a great choice for starting to reload.

        I make nice mild loads and the brass lasts forever, it’s kind of my new .22lr

      2. avatar jwm says:

        +1 on that .38 being a great reloaders cartridge. It’s been decades but if memory serves my favorite load was small pistol primer, 3 grains of green dot and a 158 grain cast lead semi wadcutter.

        Great target load and certainly good enough for keeping furry and scaly critters away from the homestead.

  11. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    I got a pen-and it ain’t tactical…I could still stab someone with it LOL

  12. avatar Joe-in-NC says:

    Seekins Precision SP223 Gen 2 Billet Lower Receiver – Stripped
    Seekins Precision Billet Upper & SP3R V3 Rail – Silver
    Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock – Tornado Grey
    Daniel Defense Enhanced Pistol Grip – Tornado Grey
    Anderson Manufacturing Mil Spec Buffer Kit
    Strike Industries AR-15 Enhanced Forward Assist
    Timney 3.5# Comp Trigger
    Cryptic Coatings BCG in Mystic Bronze
    Seekins 60/90 Billet Safety
    BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Medium
    Krieger 16″ 1:7.7 Barrel Carbine Gas
    Syrac Adjustable Gas Block
    Vortex Crossfire II 2-7 x 35
    JP Comp

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      Looks like a lot of fun Joe. Enjoy!

      1. avatar David B says:

        Single shot CBC 12 gauge shotgun. been in the fam for years. Finally was bequeathed it.

    2. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      I’d say that’s a pretty good bunch of gifts!

    3. avatar Paul in KS says:

      Joe-in-NC, there’s something wrong with your “evil black rifle” there bubba!
      Just yankin’ your chain, looking sweet, but maybe you could KG guncoat that mile of rail;).

  13. avatar Joe-in-NC says:

    Seekins Precision SP223 Gen 2 Billet Lower Receiver – Stripped
    Seekins Precision Billet Upper & SP3R V3 Rail – Silver
    Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock – Tornado Grey
    Daniel Defense Enhanced Pistol Grip – Tornado Grey
    Anderson Manufacturing Mil Spec Buffer Kit
    Strike Industries AR-15 Enhanced Forward Assist
    Timney 3.5# Comp Trigger
    Cryptic Coatings BCG in Mystic Bronze
    Seekins 60/90 Billet Safety
    BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Medium
    Krieger 16″ 1:7.7 Barrel Carbine Gas
    Syrac Adjustable Gas Block
    Vortex Crossfire II 2-7 x 32
    JP Comp

  14. avatar anaxis says:

    A Mossberg 835 Ultimag, a 10-gun safe, four boxes each of every caliber I own, a cool Bushnell hunting flashlight, and my favorite: the best Christmas sweater ever.

    1. avatar TX Gun Gal says:

      First not ugly Christmas sweater ever!!!

  15. avatar Ralph says:

    I sent Christmas presents to the NRA and SAF. They’ll give me presents in return all year long.

    1. avatar Wade Garret says:

      Ralph, I am a long time NRA member, just joined GOA and SAF. can you recommend any other good 2A groups?

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        I recommend that you give generously to the uncommon_sense foundation. I, um, I mean THEY gladly accept credit cards, pay-pal, and cash (preferably in small, unmarked bills).

        (just kidding … there is no uncommon_sense foundation)

  16. avatar Scott says:

    You should always get at least one thing that you want at Christmas so I got (myself) a SW99 in .45acp.

  17. avatar Anner says:

    A log splitter and a chainsaw. So I can clear some trees for a longer shooting range.

  18. avatar AlanInFL says:

    Still waiting for my CZ75 to be transferred into my LGS from another dealer. I was hopping it would arrive yesterday. Just gotta wait to tomorrow.

    1. avatar What The Heck Is That says:

      You’re going to love shooting that thing.

  19. avatar Jon in WA says:

    ares armor combat XII pack to go with my Derma carrier

  20. avatar George Reed says:

    Kel Tek gen 2 sub 2000(glock) – showed up Christmas Eve at the store – yet still was under the tree this morning. Mrs. Santa is Awsome. Hate Glocks – CZ carrier – but love those 33rd mags!

  21. avatar dph says:

    A second Lee turret press and an Auto Drum powder measure and a new Mini Scabbard holster for my Shield.

  22. avatar jp says:

    I got a ruger precision rifle, a glock 30s, and my wife got a Springfield xds

    1. avatar Tile floor says:

      Now that is a haul!

      I was perfectly happy with my S&W Shield though

  23. avatar Gregolas says:

    Talon grips for my G 43.

  24. avatar Arc says:

    A Pacer 2″ transfer pump with an American made Briggs and Stratton engine to replace the Chinese knockoff we had in storage. It had rotted and missing hoses before its first use!

  25. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    -Yugo M76 rifle kit and milled receiver
    -IMI Galil AR Kit and milled receiver
    -Hungarian underfolder Kit

    Looks like I have some fun projects to last me until the summer.

  26. avatar Estand says:

    George Reed, where did you order the Kel Tek gen 2 sub 2000 from?
    They are supposed to have S&W M&P magwell models for the gen2 which is what I really want

    1. avatar George Reed says:


      It was sitting on the shelf at the academy. Honest. Along with two brand new Marlin 1894 44 mags! Good times

  27. avatar TM says:

    My wife gave me a M&P Bodyguard to replace my craptacular Kahr CW380. The range is closed today so I will have to wait to see if it is reliable.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      It should be very reliable but it will absolutely hate hard primers, like some Fiocchis.

  28. avatar Dave Lewis says:

    Henry AR-7. Yeah I know ….. but I’ve always wanted one since my Sean Connery days. In my old age I’ve decided to live out my childhood fantasies while I still have some time to do so. The nice thing was that Bass Pro threw in a 333 round box of Winchester hollow points. Not the best, but they should go bang. Momma also ordered an Avid AR-15 takedown and cleaning tool from Midway. After 3 weeks of “out of stock and overdue” we cancelled the order last night and ordered from Amazon. They matched the price, did free shipping and I’ll have the tool on Sunday if the weather holds out.

    I also have a hundred dollar gift card at Bass Pro and seventy five at Academy. I may look for some assault pants at BP. No waiting period on 511’s in Oklahoma.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Henry AR-7”

      A fun gun. They’re kind of prone to feeding problems, if yours does, Google a bit for solutions.

      Shoulda kept mine, when it’s in the stock you can just toss it in the trunk or behind a truck seat and forget about it…

  29. avatar Brandon says:

    Magneto speed V3 chronograph.

  30. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    I recieved a fine bottle of Scotch and some top notch cigars…

    I was wearing my G19 when I got them, does that count?

    1. avatar Dave Lewis says:

      I now have “Black Powder and Alcohol” playing in my head.

    2. avatar JR_in_NC says:

      A fine bottle of Scotch always counts.

  31. avatar Grumpy says:

    Sweet Pea Trigger for LCP.

  32. avatar Robert says:

    I got myself a few things, ok more than a few, and there might be a PVS 14 coming later.
    But I’m most excited about the gift I got for my gunsmith who’s like a second father to me.

    It’s a Picatinny railed flash hider, it’ll go great with the pistol bayonet I got him last year!
    His soul died a bit when he opened and realized what it was! (Which was the whole point!) 🙂

    I’ve never seen anything so pointless and ugly. I had to get him one and I’ll get another to spoof my friend who’s deployed and put it on his rifle! 🙂

  33. avatar Bob says:

    F1 firearms skeletonized upper and lower set, in orange.

    Now begins the parts collection

  34. avatar TxDuallyDog says:

    My 6 super wonderful kids pulled their resources together and got me Benelli Vinci ,which we opened last night for an awesome duck hunt this morning . Really nice gun , shoulders/fits just right for me .I think it improved my shooting versus my old 870 .

  35. avatar anonymoose says:

    I got a new printer and Blu-Ray player, and my stocking was full of magnum slugs. Merry Christmas!

  36. avatar Mike says:

    Jeannine got me a Del-Ton AR-15 and six mags.

  37. avatar Ing says:

    Anderson Mfg. stripped lower. 9mm, .30-30, and .22 ammunition. And an NRA membership. Oh, and a bottle each of Dry Fly whiskey and vodka. And my daughter got a Cold Steel tanto boot knife.

    Weapons under the tree, liquor in your coffee, and ammo strewn about the room…it’s Christmas in America. 🙂

  38. avatar Ron Danforth says:

    Bit the .22 bug this Christmas. Got a S&W M&P 15-22 and a S&W 43C.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

    1. avatar Kurt says:

      Good on ya!!!! Merry Christmas, and keep livin’ the dream!!!!! 🙂

  39. avatar Kurt says:

    HA!!!!! Got a GSG/ATI Sturmgwehr 44!!!!!!! Love love love me some history!!!!! Thank you, my Beautiful Wife!!!!!

  40. avatar Avid Reader says:

    I got the girl of my dreams for Christmas. But I picked up plenty of hardware this year, and I’m getting her a 20 gauge to introduce her to trap and skeet. And I upgraded my NRA membership to Endowment.

    1. avatar Dave Lewis says:

      I bought the girl of my dreams an engagement ring – for Christmas in 1975. We’ll celebrate our 40th anniversary next June so I guess it took. She’s still the girl of my dreams. I wish you well.

      1. avatar Avid Reader says:

        Thanks. Doubt we’ll make 40. Second time for me (almost 60) and first for her (4 years younger).

  41. avatar TravisP says:

    Got my son and I a stripped AR lower and we are going to assemble it as a father/son project.

  42. avatar Matt in SC says:

    Does my first case of scope bite count? Damn 444 Marlin.

    1. avatar NineShooter says:

      Ah, the gift that keeps on….bleeding.

  43. avatar RobinTn says:

    My wife & daughter gave me a VZ24 Mauser and a holster for my P-09. My parents gave me a bunch of accessories for my press, .223 and 8×57 dies. I used to be “hard to buy for”. Not anymore 🙂

  44. avatar Fuque says:

    Santa Brought me a Kindling Cracker. Chopping Kindling all winter long sucks.
    Not any more!!

  45. avatar Jake_in_AK says:

    Wife got given a Henry .22 lever gun- she’s wanted one for quite some time. Other then various ammo, that was about it this year for gun stuff for our family.
    We’re already well past the ‘need’ stage, having both aquired micro and full size pistols we both like, carbine MSR’s we both like, bolt rifles we both like in calibers we like for hunting, and shot guns we both like (sporting clays are fun, ok?) now we really only pick up guns occasionally, when we either see something old that fascinates us, or new that just looks cool.

  46. avatar Claymore says:

    Got my 70 year old (and new ccw holder) mother a Glock 26. She’s very happy.

  47. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Got my daughter a Makarov in 9×18. Now some range time!

  48. avatar ninjaTED says:

    I got to help introduce my brothers new girlfriend (grew up in NJ, lives in Manhattan) to shooting. She shot a .22 Marlin, a 12ga (with low recoil shells) and watched me shot my Mosin. She had a blast, and I think we have a new convert.

  49. avatar Nate H. says:

    Got me a StackOn 14 gun cabinet. It’s what I asked for cuz it’s what we could afford, and it keeps small hands out of trigger guards. Don’t flame me, I’m freaking poor but I care lol.

    1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

      Nothing at all wrong with a Stack-On cabinet. Congrats!

    2. avatar Art out West says:

      Glad you are a responsible father. Now, you just in need 14 guns to fill her up.

    3. avatar Paul says:

      I got the 18 gun version. I bolted it into a corner of my workshop. I figure that it *should* help keep smash and grabbers out because there’s not a good place to pry it open from and they can’t tilt it. They could cut it lickety split with a torch but even pricier ones don’t do much to prevent that so oh well.

  50. avatar CTstooge says:

    A good friend gave me a 1980’s box of .348 Winchester for my Model 71 and a Partagas Series D #4. Top that.

  51. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    I got a sling for my ruger 10 22 and a sling for my henry lever gun. For the wife a camouflage dress. We are both very happy.

  52. avatar Sheepdog6 says:

    Odin Works BCG and a BCM charging handle.

  53. avatar Wade Garret says:

    I received a Ruger LCR 357 magnum from my lovely wife and I got her a RM 380. I hope it is a better gun than the R51.

  54. avatar JR_in_NC says:

    No new firearms on this end, but I did score a StalkTech light in green for hog hunting and a Fenix tactical light to supplement EDC firearm. Also, wife got a Fenix as well (and she’s talking about getting CCH, so this is a good first step).

  55. avatar Red in Texas says:

    5 more stamps filed. Does it still count if I got them for myself?

  56. avatar Jon in CO says:

    Some Magpul sights and a Vortex Sparc II to finish off a build. Got a Cold Steel Mini Recon 1 to sweeten the deal.

  57. avatar Bigred2989 says:

    For things gun related I got a Magpul CTR stock and 3 Mag-Pods for my Pmags.

  58. avatar Paul says:

    Stack On 18 gun cabinet.

    Quick access handgun safe

    Mossberg MMR Hunter

    Thompson Center Venture in 25-06

    Chainsaw (sadly, defective and is being returned)

  59. avatar ADM says:

    Not for Christmas, but I graduated on the 11th, and my father got me an Israeli copy of a Hi-Power in 9mm. I’m pretty excited about it, though I haven’t had the chance to take it to the range yet.

  60. avatar Louis says:

    My son gave me a gift card to Academy, I did the same for him. I got myself a “Bucket of Bullets” and a Walther PPK/s.

  61. avatar UncleKim says:

    A 50cal bottle opener and a Sig tshirt.

  62. avatar SteveInCO says:

    Got myself a GP-100 (first revolver ever).

    Started the purchase on Thursday, but the stupid f*cking background check took longer than the store would stay open, so I got to pick it up Saturday.

  63. avatar Scoutino says:

    My wife gave me $75 gift card to Cabela’s. I spent it today on reloading components. (And then some…)

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