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If you’re a Facebook friend of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (and really, who isn’t?), on December 19th you’ll get an exclusive look at their mysterious “major initiative” set to be unveiled on January 8 in Tucson. Which also happens to the one year anniversary and location of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, an event they tried and failed miserably to exploit into support for new anti-gun legislation. Exactly what this bold initiative will be is anyone’s guess. And who’s better equipped to guess than TTAG’s nearly-omniscient Armed Intelligentsia. So look into your crystal ball and tell us…what do you think our gun-grabbing friends will unveil on Monday?

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  1. I’m sure it will be more “sensible” proposals for gun controls. Things like 18 month waiting periods, magazines limited to 2 rounds, and no handguns with barrels under 4′.

  2. “Reasonable” gun controls – something like a combination of California’s combined with Illinois’. Register all guns, get the gummint’s approval to own any, ban everything possible, prohibit any private sales, require an “arsenal license” to have more than 100 rounds of ammo, suspend the 4th Amendment for gun owners, put all gun owners on the terrorist watch list, etc.

    Reasonable proposals, that’s all.

    • Dontchya just love that word “reasonable”? Why wouldn’t you agree to measures that are “reasonable”? What, are you unreasonable or som’p’n’?

  3. I think they might have gotten Giffords to sign onto a renewal of the awb and a commitment from her to address congress and demand it.

  4. Perhaps they will announce their support for Barry Obummer for President. The Brady Bunch logo at the end did look like Obummer’s campaign logo.

  5. I don’t think it really matters since no one listens to them and the American public is overwhelmingly against their beliefs.

    Isn’t Giffords relatively pro-gun rights? If an attempt on her life like that makes her anti-gun rather than even more pro-rights, than she’s just as much a coward and self-made victim as the Brady bunch’s V-tech poster boy.

    Still, given the vile nature of politicians, she’d probably do it just to boost her own sympathy-driven re-election, and all the other vile creatures she pleads to would support her just so as to look sympathetic.

    • Keep in mind that Brady was Reagan’s press secretary, and he only started his crusade after he was shot during the assassination attempt on Reagan.

  6. It bugs me to my core how the antis (and most libs) cling to the emotional high ground like it’s their life force. They can’t win an argument on merit alone so they associate themselves with fixing one tragedy or another (see Colin Goddard) and by default everyone who argues with them is associated with perpetuating said tragedy.

    Dancing in the Arizona victims blood last time didn’t work so they’re apparently just going to try again with the added heartach of it being a whole year without any “common sense gun laws”.

    • Yes, it’s characterized as the emotional high-ground, as if it’s noble. It is not. That part of the narrative must change and we should point it out more often. Despite their firm belief that they are well-meaning, peace-loving progressive thinkers, they are in fact tyrannical fascists working to eradicate a fundamental right of every living being. That of self defense and self-preservation.

      Even animals may defend themselves against predators. If I had claws or larger teeth, I would use them. Instead, I must use what I was born with. Particularly, a large brain. My larger brain facilitates the use of technology and tools to normalize / equalize my chances against a larger, stronger person (or animal) who might prey upon me.

      Only if I use those techniques to prey upon someone else, shall my rights be restricted.

  7. They would push to make all Glocks illegal.

    I ask you, isn’t that reasonable common sense proposal?

    Not like anybody here would miss them. 😉

    • Join the Bready Campaign to Prevent Bun Violence! All loaves will be limited to 10 slices, and we’ll have a ban on “salt” buns, which have evil features like whole grains and honey wheat.

  8. I am imagining that they want to push for CA and MA gun laws nation wide as these are prudent and reasonable. Obama and the Illinois crowd will endorse them as will probably some in the Senate. The majority in the House probably will not support it.

  9. Since HR822 passed in the House, I would think that the ” new ” Brady Bunch Bill will run out of steam in the House as well.

  10. My understanding is that they will show proof that large quantities of American long guns are somehow showing up in Mexico’s drug war, and they will demand that we address this problem with new and severe gun restrictions.

  11. To be perfectly frank the Brady Campaign is consumed by hate, hatred of all gun(s) the their law-abiding owners, this is a rabid all consuming type of hate of which there is no cure.

  12. Obama doesn’t have any serious competition from another Democrat candidate during the primary so he doesn’t have to play to the Democrat Party anti-gun extremists. 2012 is an election year so most politicians of both parties will probably behave in a pro-gun manner. Perhaps Sarah Brady (69 years) will announce her candidacy for President so she can bring attention to her cause and try to stir up some trouble. On the Brady site, there is a brief piece lauding Gabby Giffords: “Your strength and courage remind of us of own dear Jim and Sarah Brady. Your will to fight fuels ours”. The upcoming announcement is to occur in Tuscan so maybe there is a political partnership brewing in their cauldron.

  13. Maybe they’ll finally admit that it’s impossible to get rid of all guns. Just like it’s impossible to get rid of all illegal drugs. Just like it’s impossible to get rid of all terrorists. Just like it was impossible to get rid of alcohol during Prohibition. Just like a “War on anything” is impossible to ever win.

    Maybe that will lead them to the fact that there are millions (billions?) of guns in existence and that criminals will always, always, always have guns. And maybe that will lead them to the conclusion that responsible, law-abiding citizens are entitled to defend themselves and their loved ones against criminals by owning guns.

    Maybe they’ll see the slowly, encroaching police state and appreciate the wisdom of the Founders and the Bill of Rights and finally realize the meaning of the second amendment and “…shall not be infringed.”

  14. “Please join the Brady Campaign in sending Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly your well wishes.
    Tell them how their story of courage and hope has affected you.
    We will deliver your messages in a specially printed book in January 2012.”

    Obviously, one thing they are doing is releasing a book. Don’t most aspiring Presidential low-lifer hopefuls err politicians release books lauding themselves during an election year?

  15. 1,230,000 likes for the NRA versus 15,ooo for the Brady bunch. They might want to be careful taking this fight to social media. They’re marching headlong towards total irrelevance, with a fraction of the resources and no doubt some scheme in mind that will only reinforce the persistent warnings of the NRA.

    Their Facebook comments, in addition to being quite sparse, also appear to be heavily moderated and even suspiciously contrived.

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