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I don’t mean to be mean. It’s just the way I am. I’m like Marlon Brando The Wild One. “What are you bitching about?” “What you got?” What I got is a TV show about shooting that seems determined to make firing a gun about as exciting as stamp collecting. In last night’s episode, competitors shot at targets with pedestrian weaponry standing on swaying platforms, and then fired at targets with obscuring pendulums. It was beyond dull. It was so boring I started hallucinating. I imagined a TV program that had competitors shooting AT each other with simunitions and such, recreating historical battles. Hello? History Channel? Has this show jumped the shark or what?

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  1. Gooodness.

    Yeah, imagination hasn’t been in great supply on TS this season. I didn’t see last night’s show but caught last week’s .22lr fest. They couldn’t think of anything more interesting than an old style shooting gallery?

    There are only so many ways to make a show like this interesting and they seem to have exhausted those some time near the end of season one. Playing up the soap opera side of things (otherwise known as all the BS interviews they show when they’re not actually shooting) is dull as hell. I can see that on any other “reality” show, not that I want to. The shark has been jumped.

  2. I haven’t even watched this season. I don’t have DVR and I refuse to sit through all the BS drama they try to throw in. It’s a show about shooting, so make it about shooting not who’s the bigger “meanie” on each team and how they scheme against each other. If I wanted that drudgery I’d watch Big Brother.

  3. I said it in a different thread recently: there are certain Youtube channels with more entertaining “episodes” and that contain far more actual gun content than Top Shot does.

  4. i actually wished they played paint ball instead of throwing axes that was so boring. They should have a way to settle rivalries face to face on this show with a boxing ring, or a Nintendo wii buck hunter or ANYTHING to stop the high school behind the back talking and fill the time between live fire. I’d would be fine with air rifles or pistols in the backyard of that awesome house even. I actually found it refreshing that Ashely finally told jamie off last night. If you have a problem, say it to the person’s face like a man dammit! It was however a nice break from george, who elects to run his mouth to the camera instead, but i don’t really know if direct confrontation is frowned upon by the handlers for this program, he is actually one of the shooters i like more. His one shot kill on the 50cal last week was badass, i still can’t believe that their scoring criteria was who shot the fastest, completely ridiculous.
    I think top shot should get much more physical with contestants, make them run and maneuver tactically, a la IDPA style.

  5. I guess I’m in the opposition. I enjoy the show. I don’t mind a bit of the drama. As long as it doesn’t become exactly like survivor I’ll still watch it. I am hoping that the next couple of episodes step up the shooting challenges.

  6. Robert, screw trying to get on this show as a competitor. Why not go straight for the jugular and try to be one of the show’s writers?

  7. I was waiting for one of those guys to fall off the platform and take out one of the camera crew.

  8. I’m like Marlon Brando in Rebel Without A Cause. “What are you bitching about?” “What you got?”

    Brando was not in Rebel Without A Cause. That would be James Dean.

  9. The show is kinda like NASCAR and golf: it’s always more fun to participate than watch. And when you need a nap you know exactly what to turn on.

  10. Top Shot started on the far side of the shark. It was pre-jumped. Now it appears that it has jumped back on this side of the shark and then jumped over again.

    I haven’t wasted my time on any season of this drivel. And Sons of Guns is just awful.

    • Sons of guns is even worse. Whose bright idea was it to film guys making or fixing guns? Might as well do it in a garage with guys fixing cars. It’d be every bit as interesting (meaning not at all). Sheesh.

      • Okay, okay. We have a taxidermy show, we have a gun modding show (we all know they don’t make ’em), we have an alligator shooting show, we have a flying planes in Alaska show, we have a freak show pawn shop show… now, coming soon we will have a… yes, you guessed it… a f**king coal mining show!

        WTF!??? Seriously?!!!
        Episode One : Doug Hates Work

        Doug says, ‘Facking whoooo!!! BUURRRUP!!! BAAHHH rup! Back to the coal mine today. Hope I don’t get as dirty as I have been for the past facking 20 years! HURP!!! BAHHH RAHHH!!!”

        …stay tuned next episode for Johnny finding out his wife left his coal mining ass by placing a tampon in his thermos.

        • Don’t forget the edge-of-your-seat action in “Extreme Couponing”, which I still can’t believe is a real show.

          I would say that TV programming has descended into SNL parody, but that would at least mean it’s worth watching.

  11. Damn I’m glad I gave up TV a long time ago, that was when I caught myself watching CSPAN because there was nothing else on worth watching. I haven’t seen any of the shows you guys are talking about, but if they are that “good” the time would be better spent reloading .380’s and .45’s on a single stage press.

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