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Psycho. Do you need any other reason to feel paranoid when you’re showering? If so, check this out from “The 53-year-old woman, who is also a veteran private school counselor, was alone at the time of the Wednesday morning attack. She lives on East Mount Tabor Circle in Duluth. The woman was getting out of the shower when she was met by a strange man with a kitchen knife, police said. They said there was a struggle in the bathroom, and she fell in the tub . . . The woman tried to fight the man off with a shower a rod, and he forced her into her bedroom, police said. They said she told her attacker she had money in the room. But she grabbed a .22-caliber handgun and shot the man nine times, police said.” If only she’d practiced proper shower carry. Which is a shower magnet? Or . . . what?

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    • Ha! Wonder if I could fit my RPK into the shower with me…I never know when The Renegade Nuns On Harleys might show up to violate me…

  1. Well, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only person in the universe who considers shower carry to be an essential component of a comprehensive home defense strategy. I’ve found that suction cups do a great job of securing the gun. On the plus side, shower carry means always having a gun that’s clean and fluffy, with no split ends. However, there is a downside. The suction cups leave a series of perfectly round hickeys in the vicinity of one’s waistline. Try explaining that to a hot date.

  2. I have a rubber shoulder holster.

    Greetings from Dallas Ft worth airport awaiting a flight to NM for 100yd rifle class!

  3. I can imagine keeping a varmint rifle in the outhouse, but I would hate to imagine waking up one morning, hungover and groggy, and mistaking a pistol for a toothbrush.

  4. P226ST placed on toilet tank. Hand towel draped over top. Repeat daily while showering.

  5. Hey, look at the time savings by cleaning your gun while cleaning yourself. This woman needs to buy a 45 or a 9mm at the very least cuz this nine shot deal with a 22 sucks.

    • It’s not the ideal self-defense round, but one or two to the center of the face will take the fight out of most anybody.

  6. Not to reignite another caliber debate, but you gotta think the perp felt a LOT of pain from all those little holes. And they ultimately did the job….

  7. Regarding the caliber…

    As a personal experiment, take a phone book or two and tape them together. Take an ice pick and drive it into the bundle with all of your strength. Really get your weight behind it. I’m saying drive that thing so hard you feel the shock through your bones of your arm and you nearly sprain your wrist. Measure how deep you got and think about how many more times you could do it before needing a wrist brace.

    Now shoot it with a decent quality .22 LR. Measure how deep it went. Dig out the slug and look at it. Contemplate how easy that was compared to spraining your wrist.

    Next shoot it with a decent quality .22 WMR. Make sure there is nothing of value behind your phone books.

    I’m not saying .22 should be considered as an ideal defensive caliber, but people really seem to have a wrong idea about the power behind it. Numbers on paper don’t do it justice. An intuitive experiment such as this, comparing it to your own body strength, is elucidating.

  8. I’ll say this… I am pretty accurate with my .40 XDm and my 9mm Kahr CW9 but I am deadly accurate with my Browning Buckmark… 10 rounds can be placed very rapidly inside of a very small space at a good distance. What the .22LR lacks in individual quality it makes up for in quantity.

    Not to mention that there is nothing more fun than shooting a .22LR pistol.

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