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No question: the above video was a set-up. No, “Kern” didn’t purposely let the Smith & Wesson 500 hit him in the head. But XxSkorchxX knew what was going to happen, and could have instructer Kern how to avoid it (where’s the fun in that?). The shooter was the third “victim” of this Maximum Recoil video series. [Make the jump for a more comely comedy.] In fact, I bet he bought the 500 just to punk his erstwhile friends. I’m not going to go all IGOTD on this. I just want to know one thing: is it funny? Did you laugh at this? Is it funny? Funny how? Funny like he’s a clown, he amuses you? He makes you laugh, he’s here to amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How is he funny?


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  1. I chuckled.

    On a serious note.

    1.) I would never hand over one of my guns knowing that someone would drop it in the dirt after the first shot

    2.) Buy a cover for your mic.

    3.) Way to scare people away from shooting.

  2. I gotta admit, I cracked a smile when he started running away, but…as the saying goes, it’s funny ’til someone gets hurt.

  3. funny in a “laugh at” not “laugh with” way. Why did he run away? btw the owner of this weapon is the real fool here. aside from letting his friend strike a modeling pose with that weapon, what purpose does this serve aside from, muzzling the shooter and everyone else behind this camera?

  4. Not funny. Dangerous handling of the weapon prior to firing it, injuring someone is never funny, very expensive weapon dropped into the dirt, where is the laugh?

    Sophomoric humor. Get drunk, throw up – haha.

  5. Nope, not funny at all. 500’s have been known to double, even by those with experienced hands. Besides, he could have put his eye out with that thing and it looks like he very nearly did. Jackasses. And not to be Johnny one note or a wet blanket, but… I still maintain that firearms aren’t toys.

    • How does a revolver double?

      Edit: Googled it. Pretty interesting:

      not uncommon with those not accustomed to the monster.
      they pull the trigger.
      the gun goes off as it should.
      during the chaos and sensory overload of the recoil the trigger finger becomes unglued from the trigger.
      the trigger and hammer resets, as it should.
      the mind kicks in and reminds the trigger finger it’s supposed to still be on the trigger, and the finger does so.
      the gun goes off agian, as it should.

      the trigger poundage does not match what the rest of the package presents…big, heavy, large.

      (Quoting Brian from the 1911 Forum)

    • Side question… gun owner loads two in the cylinder… initiates the prank and the prankee is killed by a double. Manslaughter? Murder? What happens in the court of law?

      Anybody care to answer that one?

      • I don’t have an answer to the legal question. I’d guess that it would be manslaughter as I don’t see any premeditation with intent to kill, just felony stupidity. What I do know for sure is that all involved would be in for a whole world of hurt and heartache, along with a lifetime of hauntingly bad memories.

      • I’m an attorney.

        Unless the prosecution could prove that the gun’s owner had knowledge that his / her specific firearm had fired doubles in the past, that 500s have fired doubles with greater frequency than other guns, or unless they could prove that the 500’s tendency to fire doubles is so well known in the firearms community, it’s likely that no crime would be committed.

        If the owner knew or should have known any of that stuff and just said “screw it, I’ll load two,” it’s going to be either negligent homicide or involuntary manslaughter. If the owner knew his / her gun fired doubles regularly and handed the gun to a new shooter without warning and they were killed, it’d likely be voluntary manslaughter or second degree murder (depending on how regularly it fired, the intent of the owner, etc).

        Civil liability is a whole other world.

  6. Do they make that thing in a snubbie?

    I disliked the video with the female. She is arguably attractive, but I couldn’t focus on her loveliness as my attention was drawn to her complete lack of muzzle awareness. I fully expected her to shoot herself in the foot… literally.

      • Yes a few shooting buddies of mine have the snubbie. I have shot exactly 5 rounds out of them. They dared me to. They often go into bear country. And they have more money that most people. Really a .44 magnum would be much easier to use in such a case.

        My local gunstore has sold quite a fun to…well, let’s say people that would never go into the woods, and leave it at that. Dope boys trying to look cool.

  7. Second time around watching the female video to attempt to focus on her loveliness…

    I noticed that she’s not wearing any eye protection! How can anyone be expected to appreciate her beauty when everything she does makes a person cringe?

  8. The phrase that comes to mind describing the S&W .500 owner is “dumber than dog shit.” Way to go, Mr. DTDS – put an eye out, get someone shot, convince two people that guns are painful and probably useless for self defense (“you are more likely to hurt yourself than a criminal”), and gun owners are just jerks who want to make fun of new shooters. Thanks a bunch. If we saw someone pull this little stunt at our range, he would be kicked out and put on the “don’t come back” list.

    Not funny. The Second Amendment is a serious right for serious, responsible people. This DTDS fails to qualify.

  9. Not funny. A train wreck isn’t funny, but because it is a calamity, it is hard to look away.

    In real life, if I see someone about to fire a weapon that is over their ability to control, I would intervene before the injury.

  10. Apparently, this idiot is the price for our 2A Freedom. I’m glad there is a small percentage of this kind of person among us. As said above, a serious resposibility for a serious right.

  11. I find it about as funny as handing a 9mm full auto submachine gun to a 9yr. old and watching him shoot it and then himself in the head after he loses control of it. (which did happen) As in not ffing funny whatsoever.

  12. These folks have likely not broken any laws, have not endangered innocents and are all legal, consenting adults who can only harm themselves. What’s the problem? Bunch of tightasses! I’ll watch Linda shoot that cannon all day long!

  13. What a dick.

    Forget the potentional physcial danger (well, don’t forget it entirely), he is placing himself, and the shooter in. He is just a dick. Willing to let a friend injure himelf, or others for a humorous Youtube video.

    Not to mention letting a $1200 gun be dropped on the ground.

    Or letting a completely unprepared person even hold the gun, let alone shoot it. Just a dick.

  14. Giving a loaded gun to someone incompetent to handle it, and then letting them shoot willy-nilly is to be guilty of moral negligence. That being said, nature has a way of taking its course, and often these types wind up with their Darwin Award.

  15. Not funny. The first gun I ever fired was a Ruger .44 mag. Thank god it was single action. I know I broke the one-eighty every time I pulled the trigger. After six rounds I was done. It was several years before I bought my first gun. A much more reasonable 9mm.

  16. Saw a drunk do the same thing with a 44 Mag once. Owner thought it was funny till the drunk threw the gun in a field of high grass and the owner spent 2 hours looking before he finally found it. That part was funny too! No I didn’t help him look.

  17. I can’t watch the video as I am aware of it’s content and do not enjoy seeing anyone abusing the right to keep and bear arms, so no, not funny.


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