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Yesterday, the Violence Policy Center (VPC) tried to throw some gun control oil on the soon-to-roiled waters of the Congressional investigation into the ATF’s gun-running. They released a report highlighting the “militarization of the U.S. firearms market.” While the VPC’s accusations are a classic distraction technique, no question: the AR (originally ArmaLite Rifle) is now “America’s rifle.” And why not? They’re easy-to-use, value-priced, reliable and accurate. And fun! And yes, there is a huge and growing market for tactical-flavored firearms and accessories that appeal to “the warrior within.” Has your gun life been militarized? And . . . so what? Is warrior chic less desirable or more dangerous to society than hunter chic? [h/t to Sdog for the link]

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  1. ya this ish is ridiculous , what’s dangerous is this range commando with his high and tight

  2. Very little to not at all. I guess I subscribe more to the KISS philosophy; and not just the rocking and rolling all night and partying ev-er-y day either but the keeping it simple as well. Though I have no problem with someone wanting to add whatever they want to their gun… dress ‘er up if that’s what you fancy!

  3. How much weight do you want to bare is the real question? I follow the K.I.S.S., outfit my weapons with what I need to win, cool is NOT a consideration!

  4. I have three AR’s, two have collapsible stocks and all three have Burris “tactical scope rings”. Thats about as tactical as I get. I don’t want the extra weight because I use my AR’s for hunting and not just range work. I do like the look of AR’s that are tactified, a few of my friends have theirs pimped out pretty good..

  5. I guess I will never get my tacticool or mall ninja badges. All my guns are vanilla, just as they came from the factory. Of course our rifles are pistol caliber carbines so I really don’t expect to ever need a scope…

  6. If I ever decide to go mall ninja with a rifle I’ll do it to a Ruger 10/22. For a serious use rifle I go bare bones. I’m quite happy with iron sights on an AR though I might consider a scope. If I’m going to carry extra weight it is going to be loaded magazines.

    • That thing has to be even heavier than my RPK! Where’s the bayonet and the under mounted Mossberg 500 pump shotgun?

  7. I’ve got a pretty nice bolt-action hunting rifle with a synthetic stock and a bipod, but the bright stainless finish isn’t very tactical. That’s probably the closest thing to tacticool I’ve got, I tend to keep it old school. Currently, the only semiautomatic rifle I own is an old, beaten-up model 60. I do like the looks of that M&P 15, though. I could learn to live with one of those.

    • Look over the Ruger SR 556 in 5.56 or 6.8 SPC first-you’ll be glad you did. It’s more than the Smith, but the quality shows. I’d carry my 6.8 back into combat tomorrow if I had to.

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