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I removed mine from the SCAR. Do you use one? Did you?

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  1. Nope. Tried one on my M4-didn’t like it. Not the best way for me to hold a long gun, and feels very awkward.

  2. Nope, don’t use one because of 40 plus years of shooting wooden stocked bolt actions and lever actions makes using a fore grip feel really awkward to me. So I’ll blame it on me being an old fart.

      • The assualt rifle ban in NJ basically gives a list of features on a rifle that are not allowed to have, but allowed two exceptions. On an AR type rifle these two exemptions are taken up by a pistol grip and detachable magazine, so it’s pretty sleezy of a mandate. So that effectively means that you have no wiggle room on an AR since you have to have a pistol grip and detachable magazine, so you don’t get to have a foregrip or retractable buttstock. You’re also not allowed to have an AK-47 or AR-15, simply by name. So you can get an AR type rifle, but you can’t buy a Colt because their product name is the Colt AR. A Ruger 5.56 however doesn’t use that naming convention so it’s okay…make sense yet?

        • The AWB works the same way in MA. If the rifle says “AK,” it’s evil. If the product name is “WASR 10,” you’re good to go. If you have a detachable mag and pistol grip, then no foregrip or telescoping buttstock for you, because that would be evil.

          These laws raise stupidity to a whole new level.

        • Interesting – CT also has an AWB, but foregrips are only implicated on “pistols” – they automatically turn them into assault weapons. On rifles they are not mentioned as an evil feature like folding stocks, bayonet lugs and removable flash suppressors.

        • CA is even weirder. An AW (I’m only going to talk about rifles, pistols and shotguns each have their own rules) has all 4

          1) Semiautomatic
          2) Centerfire
          3) Rifle
          4) With capacity to accept a detachable mag
          5) and certain features (pistol grip, collapsing or telescoping stock, thumbhole stock, foregrip, flash hider, fixed magazine of over 10 rounds).

          So for CA, you basically have to get rid of one of the 4. .22LR? Not centerfire, do whatever you want. Not semiauto? Do whatever you want. No detachable magazine (the infamous bullet button)? Do whatever you want. No features? Do whatever you want.

          That’s why the whole SB249 thing was stupid. It would have banned bullet buttons, but guys like me with featureless ARs (kydex wrap around my pistol grip, handstop instead of foregrip, fixed or pinned stock, muzzle brake instead of flash hider) would have been fine.

        • Derp. *all 5. Not 4. :p

          By the way, #3 (“rifle”) leads to some fun CA absurdities. We have a law banning .50 BMG rifles….but a “rifle” by legal definition has a stock and is designed to be fired from the shoulder.

          ….see where I’m going with this yet?

          ….it means a bolt .50BMG is illegal, but a semi-auto M2HB “Ma Deuce” is perfectly legal. ๐Ÿ˜€

          We have so many weird ones like that. Open carry of any form is banned, but with a CCW you can carry on college campuses…etc.

        • Chewie Defense, you are simply wrong about foregrips being illegal in NJ. You are spreading misinformation. Stop it.

          Many people in NJ legally run semi-automatic rifles with foregrips, including AR-type rifles.

          Here is the “evil feature” list direct from the NJ statute (defining what is an “assault weapon” aside from the named list of firearms):

          i. A semi-automatic rifle that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least two of the following:

          (1) A folding or telescoping stock;

          (2) A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon;

          (3) A bayonet mount;

          (4) A flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor; and

          (5) A grenade launcher

          foregrip – NOT PRESENT on the list.

          In plain English, if your semi-automatic rifle uses detachable magazines, then you can only have one other feature on the list and still be legal. If you have two or more, you have an “assault weapon” as defined by NJ statute.

          A foregrip does not “count” as an “evil feature”.

          As an aside, most people run their AR’s in NJ with a fixed stock, pinned/welded flash hider and remove the bayonet lug, thus limiting their “evil feature” count to 1, that 1 being the pistol grip.

        • Dammit, I was so careful but I still screwed it up.

          “pinned/welded flash hider” above should read “pinned/welded muzzle brake”.

  3. This would be mission specific. If you are in close quarters (indoors, urban areas) a foregrip would be of little help. Gripping the magwell would increase maneuverability. Now, in a rural/open setting, a foregrip mounted at a far forward position would help for quick follow up shots.

    I always keep a foregrip on my AR for a couple reasons. One of my grips has an integrated flashlight. Less wires means less things that can get snagged and fail.

    My other grip is a little shorter than the width of my palm. It’s lightweight and comfy while giving me a more natural hand position than twisting my wrist to hold on to the forend.

    The last reason I use a foregrip is to avoid heat in extended firing. I swapped out my standard forend for an aluminum quad rail. When I first took it to the range after the replacement, I put about 600 rounds down range in just under 2 hours. gripping the forend with only rail protectors on it allowed all that heat to hit my ungloved hands. Anyone that has done something similar will know what I’m talking about. Not to mention the MAC video of setting their forend on fire during a stress test.

  4. I use a short, stubby one on my AK, I don’t wrap around it with my thumb. And on the AR I use an angled one.

  5. Yes I do…. Started using Chris Costa’s (MagPul) technique years ago now and havenโ€™t looked back.

  6. I find them handy for use with certain lights in specific circumstances, but otherwise, their negatives outweigh any/all positives (for me, at least). I have removed them from all my weapons, save one.

    Also tried the angled foregrip, and came to the same conclusion.

  7. On the GM6, its 100% mandatory if you wanna fire it from the shoulder. Otherwise its just too darn heavy.

    But on AR type rifles, I use the angled one from Magpul.

  8. Like SkyMan, I use Costa’s Magpul Dynamic style high grip for front-end control. Where I differ is that I switched to the Magpul angled foregrip, because it makes that technique fairly natural and prevents my friends from telling me I’m using my (vertical) foregrip wrong every five minutes.

  9. I have short ones on my M4gery and my AK. I use them both as a hand stop basically. Ring and pinky fingers on them, the rest on the hand guard. I think that I would really like the angled Magpul design, but can’t bring myself to buy one when these short ones work just as well in basically the same way.

  10. Nope… and when I shoot “rentals” or if a friendly shooter on the line lets me try their gun, I never use the one that’s already mounted.

  11. We were trained without foregrip in the Marines and I think it would impede my shooting. Also, you would not be able to perform a butt stroke in a close combat situation and we were taught those are more effective in downing an opponent than using the bayonet. I understand why some people use them but I probably never will.

  12. I just purchased my first AR, a S&W M&P15 midlength with the Magpul MOE furniture. It comes with a foregrip, so I was wondering if there would be any advantage to using that over a conventional fore end. Sounds like there isnt, mostly a case of personal preference.

  13. Fore grips are just awkward and unwieldy for me. When I (finally) get my AR on its feet I want to try out the Magpul Angled Fore Grip, because it seems like a more natural arraignment, dexterity-wise.

  14. I like a vertical foregrip; don’t know why but the rifle feels more natural when I use a foregrip.

  15. I do, but I don’t use it, sort of… I have a stubby grip in the center of my AR’s handguard but rarely grasp besides when I am walking with my rifle. While shooting I use it as place to rest the bottom of my palm, and my grip basically looks as if I’m using a angled foregrip because of positioning and angle of my hand. They didn’t have angled forgrips when I was piecing together my AR three years ago or I may have gotten one. I don’t mind my current set up, and if it ain’t broke…

  16. Personally, I see the advantage of it. I was in the Army and I was issued an M4 with fore grip and I thought it was pretty indispensable in clearing houses and allowed me to keep my rifle at the ready (to look like a hard target) and access my secondary, flashlight, NODS, zip ties or whatever but outside of combat I just don’t know…

    I have an AK with a side folder and I would definitely put a fore grip on it to be able to have a little more control with it folded.

  17. I was issued one on my M16 back in the day. Didnt like it. Gets in the way. Snags up. Only good thing is it keeps your hand cool when you shot a lot very quick. I LOVE magpuls AFG, though. Thats actually quite eurgonomic.

  18. I personally use a Magpul AFG and love it, even when shooting prone with a USGI sling. It is angled correctly and makes it comfortable on the wrist. I should probably write a review for it sometime. The are well worth the $26-$34 for one.

  19. I use a 7.62×39 AK, and unless you use a stubby fore grip it will impede your reloads.
    Even then, I’m not a big fan of vertical fore grips. If I used an AR I’d like to try an angled vertical fore grip for the thumb break method, but that’s about it.

  20. I have 6 different FPGs for 5 carbines I find most are far too long to be ergo. I have 3 that I have cutdown to about 2″ they are quite handy out in the open when using optics at distance for that final tweak which puts the cross hairs where it they oughta be. For MOUT work the mag well hold works better for turning your upper torso as it allows you to keep the elbows tucked,,, doorways and all that jazz

  21. Call me a stickler but it leaves you too likely to cant your rifle unless all you are shooting carbine distances. Call me funny but I prefer to get em from as far away as possible before they get to me. Palm up and could even tolerate a sling wrapped in there.

  22. I know all the rage these days is to be ‘done with’ VGs. Screw that. I’m rockin’ a heavy – ars Gripod on my Ruger SR-556. Why not? It’s heavy as he’ll anyways, and I like having fast access to a bipod. My 6.8 and .50 don’t have them (because VGs are pretty much worthless on ARs).

  23. depends on the gun and how easy it is to use the magazine as an anchor. Works great on the AK (for me) not so great on my .22’s with their very curved magazines.

  24. Ummm, for the guy who said foregrips are illegal in CA…you should clarify. If you use a “bullet button” to make you mag semi-permanent, you can use a VFG. If you go featureless, well then yes, no VFG. It’s one of CA’s 7 “features”.


  25. Yeah, I do, but it’s mounted pretty far back unless I am using a grippod. I am thinking of just getting a bipod and then buying one of those grips that goes around the front of the mag well to make it more comfortable.

  26. I tried a couple when I was in service. None of them worked for all the positions, and they were particularly awful when you tried to shoot over a wall or something. I took them off, and used a pretty stripped-down M4, just an ACOG and PAC2. Gangster grips and piles of weapon mods are for Fobbits and civilians.

  27. No vertical grip. I use an angled fore-grip mostly cause the picatinny is uncomfortable and it gives me a hand-stop.

  28. I use the magpul foregrip but have switched all my riffles to a grip pod as of late. This way I get the fore grip and I have a bipod. I love them, but I am a big guy with very long arms so they seem to help me when shooting. I can shoot with or without but I do have to say that they do help me (could be a mental thing not sure).


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  29. I am so glad for this post.

    I seriously thought everyone that had an AR used a foregrip and that I was the only one that didn’t. So glad to see so many others in the same boat.

  30. I tried them, but it just seemed awkward…

    I do use a Magpul AFG2, but that’s only to make the quad-rail more comfortable to grip. I use mine to hunt with, and it feels more “traditional” than a VFG.

  31. AK and Mini-14 – not at all. I prefer grabbing the mag. For the AR I keep a VISM LED/laser sight VFG on it for home defense but also practice with it off, grabbing the mag like I like, to stay proficient that way too.

  32. I do. I’ve got short/thick fingers, big palms, and thick (not flexible) wrists. A straight forend has never felt natural. Even when I do use one, all I do is pinch the stock between my thumb and index finger, I can’t seem to get a full, sunk in, grip. I can do the magwell thing but I prefer shooting with my arm a little farther out than that.

  33. I use one mounted far back on my ar. I like it, seems more natural for me than gripping the mag well. But its only a few inches further out. My stock grip doesn’t have any storage so fore grip storage is good for whatever u can fit in it.

  34. I use a Tango Down stubby vertical grip w/ AD quick mount for the purpose of indexing my grip so I can use my Surefire mini scout weapon light intuitively and as an added bonus my M4 is pulled snug into my shoulder. If I employed a tape switch to my weapon light i’d ditch the Tango down vertical grip in the name of weight reduction.

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