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  1. How would the police “make sure” he wasn’t going to do something “crazy”?
    Not sure I want to know how.

      • Yeah, I guess they’re waiting for maniacal laughter and a psycho to spill the beans on their diabolical plan of carnage.

        Not all are that stupid or insane. They can LIE about it, and make it sound like any sane American who likes to hunt, plink, target shoot, or train for self defense.

  2. The gun dealer I prefer to use is a veteran Yonkers police officer. He’s a trustworthy and honorable man. The transactions I’ve done with him were all above board, with fair pricing, and as far as I could tell he followed all required Federal and State procedures for the firearms I’ve purchased from him.
    That said, if you are in possession of anything you shouldn’t have, or perhaps carry discreetly in a few places where it’s technicaly against the law, you’re better off not mentioning it to anyone.

  3. There’s an old guy in my LGS whom I like to deal with and I tend to stop by just to chat with him. I’m more then happy to listen to him and take his advice about hunting. He knows alot about dogs and bird hunting and if he says one load works better for waterfowl I’ll happily listen. Thankfully he knows enough to know that modern sporting rifles aren’t his thing. He’ll give you the basic technical details but he has no opinion on whether a sig long gun is superior to a Del-Ton.

  4. One more reason why I reload. Also i’ve never had problems when I’ve purchased 1k rounds of ammo from Cabellas, or components by the 1k from MidwayUSA; other than they wont ship to Chicago, but will to the burbs. Moral of the story maybe to go with the bigger retailers? I guess they see enough large orders to not really care or think it might be suspicious.

  5. I do. I know he’s on the lookout for straw purchasers because I’ve watched him question people while at the counter. He is also a Vietnam Marine, and if he isn’t an Oathkeeper, he does a great impression of one. We’ve talked politics on a number of occasions, and were coming at things from a pretty similar perspective. I. too am a Rhode Islander, and think I know the place this guy is talking about. Its pretty coptacular in there. I went once, poked around, didn’t feel very welcome, and left.

  6. I and several other people I know will not purchase firearms from just about any of the small shops in town. One will only do transfers for private face to face and retail sales, so forget gun broker or buds or ordering any ar15 direct. Our big box has a terrible selection, but the worst is our local class 3.

    I’ve never been in a place where there is so much misinformation. For a class 3 dealer to not know anything about firearms laws and regs is beyond absurd. One of my friends found a great deal online for multiple ar15 stripped lowers so he called the store and they said it was fine and gave the company the ffl info. They arrived and when he went to pick them up the guy behind the counter started giving him crap. He explained that he was purchasing them to build into different calibers and to keep some stripped ones on hand while they were still cheap. Then the sales guy would only let him buy ONE because, “they can be built into pistols and they would have to FAX the local fuzz and ATF.”

    He didn’t know any better so he bought one and was told to come back in three days, do another BG check and pay the fee again 4 more times. He told his friends and we printed out a 4473 and highlighted question 18 and the explanation on the back. They said he would have to pay a fee for each one and he’s OK with that because he read online that most places do that, but there goes the whole value if he has to drive there 5 times to get HIS property.

    This is coming from the same place that told me I couldn’t make an ar15 pistol out of a stripped receiver unless it was marked as such, and wouldn’t believe me even after I showed them an ATF letter.

    • I forgot to mention this place also took my friend’s brand new FN45 Tactical and blew who knows how many rounds through it while he had it on layaway.

  7. a gun dealer is a business man. i trust any business man just so far. in order to stay in business he has to abide with the rules of the regulators. as for ammo i order mostly on line, so i’m sure the regulators know something about me. as for making your own ammo, the components have to come from somewhere and i’m sure things like primers and powders have a trail also.
    in the days of electronic surviellence i doubt the government is in the dark about gun owners. there’s just so many of us they don’t have the manpower to be visiting each of us.

    • as for making your own ammo, the components have to come from somewhere and i’m sure things like primers and powders have a trail also.

      If you’re really paranoid you can get around this. Scavenge range brass, cast/swage your own bullets, and you can improvise powder and primers with match heads according to US Army Improvised Munitions field manual.

  8. Yeah, I trust my FFL. But for people who aren’t familiar with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, all I can say is that the DEM is extremely abusive. And for those who are familiar with RIDEM, you need to know that Coastal Management makes RIDEM seem like a paragon of virtue. These are two agencies swollen with a lust for power and the ability to cause great mischief.

    • He had the misfortune of purchasing ammo when there was a self-important cop in the store.

      Completely ridiculous. The officer in question ought to be disciplined no matter what his rank.

  9. Local? Nope. Nyet. Nein. Ez. La. Neen.

    They’re either unethical, former cops, or just plain shady. Said former cop tries to coerce customers into breaking the law. Unfortunately the only trustworthy FFL in my county is a big box sporting-goods chain. I’d rather deal with ignorance than malevolence. Purchasing ammo online is the way to go.

  10. When I used to live in Georgia, there was a Husband and Wife that sold guns out of a shop they had built in separate garage behind their house. It was a small shop, but it had good selection, particularly on ammo. I also traded in a couple of guns there and they gave me an outstanding value for them. Even though it did seem a bit sketchy from the outside, it was actually a very clean well organized shop on the inside. They would order anything you wanted and had the best prices around. They also had a couple dogs and some old timers that would hang around shoot the bull all day. Both the husband and the wife were retired law enforcement. I gave him a good bit of business and to show his thanks, he would give me all kinds of discounts. They were both retired and did it just for fun. Their philosophy was to only mark up everything a little and then sell a lot. I swear, on some of their deals, they could not have been making more than $25 per gun. If you wanted to order something, they would show you on their computer the cost prices of all the options their suppliers had in stock. Whenever I go back home, I always stop in and buy something from them. If you are ever in Winterville, GA (outside of Athens, GA), look up Sporting Arms Inc. Note: they do not allow loaded guns in the store after some Dingbat ND’d a pistol he was trying to trade in.

    As for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, the only local place I trust is a police supply store. Their own prices aren’t that great, but they are super nice and they only charge me $20 – $25 on all the FFL transfers I do from Buds and other online stores.

  11. He should have identified the rats by name. I don’t know if what happened here qualifies as slander or filing a false report, but I’d look into that if I were him. At least, everyone in the area should know to avoid that store.

  12. In a lucky incident of geography, I have three nearby.

    One is very close (three blocks away) and I won’t go in there any more. I could handle the extra regulations on top of CA DOJ because the staff is remarkably unknowledgable (extra days in the waiting period “to be safe,” limited IDs accepted, etc.). When they told me I had to fill out the waiver form with my name and address to pay cash for cloth patches, I walked out and haven’t returned.

    The other two, yeah, I do. They seem to fly under the radar, a bit. I haven’t filled out a 4473 in there without being instructed to leave the SSN blank. This ethos extends to the rest of the operation – very knowledgable, very happy to discuss anything for hours (even past closing). I went in for a hunting rifle last week and, after hearing what I wanted to do with it and my knowledge level, they steered me from the $1k rifle to which I’d been partial to one half the price and just as good for my plans.

  13. I have bought most of my guns for the last 20 years from the same place. Over the years the owner and his wife have become my friends. So I trust him more than I would someplace I did not know. I will say that when you start getting Christmas cards from your gun dealer your wife does start to ask questions you may not want to answer.

  14. I am still pretty new to the site however there are a few terms he tossed out like everyone should know but I don’t. Road Island DM?


  15. Trust is a BIG word. I have places I buy stuff at, and my experiences are ok, but trust? Not so much.

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