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I’m just about to give up trying to carry my Glock 30SF for the remainder of the summer. I’ve worked my through a number of holster options, including the Crossbreed SuperTuck. I still can’t find a set-up that makes the toddler Glock a T-shirt and shorts compatible firearm. I’m contemplating a move back to the five-shot Gemini Customs-modded Smith & Wesson 642 for pocket carry. Have you found a gun for all seasons? Or do you sacrifice caliber for comfort during the summer months? Equally important, how do you carry during the Dog Days?

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  1. I don’t sacrifice caliber, but I do sacrifice capacity. I carry a 1911 in warm weather. And I carry my XD45 when I wear enough clothes to hide it. 8 rounds mags vs 13 rounders.

    I am considering making the jump to 9mm during the summer. 8+1 or even 8+1+8 with an extra mag seems a little light.

    • I have an ultracarry kimber and i carry it all.year with a desantis owb holster in connecticut ive been questioned but its my right so i dont sweat it sometimes switch to my s&w 642 due to weight but i usually carry a bigger caliber in ct

  2. Generally I switch from IWB to OWB (to keep from sweating all over my guns), but I don’t really switch guns based on the season. Unless I’m riding my motorcycle or need DEEP concealment (in both cases I carry my Sig P238), I normally carry either my EMP or my New Agent in a TripleK belt holster.

  3. Currently, a Ruger LCP with Desantis pocket holster works well for me. I work from home so its always shorts and a Tshirt. I even have a Supertuck for the LCP when I wear shorts with smaller pockets. I just make sure the tshirts I buy are one size larger than I need. I also carry a XD sub compact .40 (occasionally) at 3oclock in an OWB holster than is tight against my hip. The long tshirt does well for not printing. The bulk makes for short carry trips to the store and such. For being out for an extended period in this heat, its the LCP.

  4. We only have two hand guns in the family; a Beretta M-9 and a Springfield 1911 both full sized. I either where a sport coat or where an untucked shirt. Anybody who is looking can see that I’ve got something there but I have never been questioned by the public or gotten any comments from the local LEOs.

    • I traded my Airweight .38 and some cash for a Springer HiCap 1911 a couple of years ago, and it is nowhere near as carriable (sp?) as my S&W was. I could do it, but the double stack was alittle bulky so I bought a Para Hawg last year, and I carry with no porblems, but when I did try and carry the HiCap I always felt like if you looked for it you could see it, but noone ever mentioned it.

  5. Not familiar with the Glock 30sf.
    But carry my Kahr CW9 in a Remora IWB.
    Shorts, Tee, with belt, shorts with drawstring, no problems so far.
    Walking, bicycling, working outside, gardening.
    Gun fits deep into holster and with the rubberized outside material is protected from. Sweat and such stuff.

    • I really like the Remora holsters. I use either it (for my Mod 60) or a SuperTuck for the G26 during the summer.

  6. My USP Compact is carryable IWB pretty much year round. Honestly if it’s too hot to carry that gun I just stay home with the AC cranked 🙂

  7. Philosophy:
    I have guns for all occasions. What I choose to carry is based first on where I am going to be and what I am going to be doing.

    If I am going to be moving around a lot, at a party or BBQ in someone’s back yard where I am going to know everybody, and I’m going to be going there and leaving in a car, I can travel very light… a 3″ .22 WMR NAA Earl. Before anyone flips their lid over such a small gun, let me tell you, I can put all 5 shots on a sheet of office paper at 25 yards when in a hurry. I can reliably pop balloons at 50 yards with the damn thing. At 7 yards I can group without looking at the sights. With CCI V-Max poly tips I’m getting 200ft*lbs at the muzzle.

    My 442. This is easy to carry in a pocket. It’s barely there when IWB. If I am going to a party or the store and will be on foot or on a bike, but otherwise am going to be in controlled environments I will carry this.

    Both the 442 and the Earl. This is fairly common for me in controlled social scenarios.

    686. Powerful round, but low capacity.

    Medium Heavy:
    Three options here. First is my 442 and my model 36 (often).

    Second, 686 and 442 (this tends to be cumbersome)

    Third Taurus Mil-Pro, .45ACP. I don’t prefer this gun just based on ergonomics, but it has a 10 round capacity of .45ACP and is very compact. I carry this when whatever I’m doing absolutely prohibits me from my 1911. (notice I did not say “whatever i am wearing… will get to that”)

    SW1911, Government model. This is what I carry when I’m going to be in uncontrolled environments, out at night, or anywhere around strangers, or I anticipate possibility for confrontation/attack. Why? Because I can handle this platform in my sleep, from pure experience and practice, and I know this particular gun to be flawlessly reliable.

    Back to the “whatever I am wearing” thought… This is not strictly a “winter gun” for me. All summer I knock around in sandals and a t-shirt. In a Blackhawk CheckSix holster at around 5’o-clock, I carry this thing OWB under a T-Shirt comfortably. If I’m going to be bending over or sitting on the ground and whatnot I throw on an unbuttoned button down. I’m 5’7″ and 145 lbs… I’ve done the whole “hey sibling, does it print now? no, how about now”. If he thinks it’s concealed then it is, as he knows what to look for (he owns a gun store!).

    Special Cases:
    Woods? 629 or Police Service Six depending on what woods they are and what animals are about. Swimming? Earl, Cartridges wax sealed, switch to rubber grips. Canoeing? Service Six with wax sealed cartridges, switch to rubber grips.

    I guess the point of having options like these is that there is really NO situation where I can’t be armed. When it comes down to it, I think it is more reasonable to let your scenario dictate HOW you are armed, not let the size of your gun options dictate it for you. Certainly it is never good to have the size of your gun options dictate whether or not you are armed…

  8. I mainly stick with my Walther PK-380 all year round for my conceal carry. When I go camping and I open carry, I add my Springfield Armory XD-45.

  9. It’ll be 105 degrees here in the Valley of the Sun today. In January, it’ll get down to barely 40 degrees for a low, making the idea of a “winter gun” moot.

    Even in the summer, I carry a CZ P07 in a Crossbreed SuperTuck with shorts and t-shirt whenever I can, and if it’s an occasion where concealment is even more important, I carry a Kel-Tec P3AT in a tucked-in Galco Ultimate 2nd Amendment.

  10. Glock 23 in a Comp-Tac Minotaur IWB all-year long. Occasionally I will use a “Sticky” holster (relatively new company – iwb without any straps/hooks – it just sticks to you between your belt & body quite well). Sometimes if the mood strikes me I carry a 5″ 1911 in a Blackhawk leather IWB holster. Along with either gun I carry 2 extra mags in an open-top leather OWB magazine carrier made by Gould & Goodrich weak-side.

    I’m 6’3″ & 225lbs., so on my body frame I’m able to conceal either gun quite well. The Glock I feel is the perfect size CC weapon without having to sacrifice capacity or let my pinky dangle in the air. I have to agree with Clint Smith’s opinion that a full-size 1911 is rather easy to conceal when carried with a strong forward cant due to its slim profile.

    I typically wear a 2XL t-shirt or button up shirt untucked during the summer. The only time I let the weather or season dictate my EDC is when it is scorching hot & I’m working. If I know I’m likely to be sweating a lot then I automatically rule out the 1911 (less concerned about long term effects of sweat on the Glock).

  11. I just carry a .38 airweight year round. The only exception is when I’m hiking/camping/dirtbiking, etc. Then I carry a H&K USP. We’ve had a lot of hikers stumble over potfarms and such in this state so I still feel underarmed out there.

  12. I don’t have a summer/winter gun, but I do have a hot/cooler light/heavy load out. I usually carry a CZ-83 IWB and a Diamondback DB380 in the pocket as a bug. When I am working out or it’s super hot or I just don’t want to be bothered with a cover garment I just leave the CZ at home.

    I hope to upgrade to a M&P for IWB carry and a DB9 for pocket carry soon.

  13. Summer gun(s) vary, but my best combination is a Glock 19 IWB or OWB w/ t-shirt and a short sleeve sports shirt unbuttoned and untucked. You can carry about anything like this if the shirt is cut large enough, to include 1911’s. 642 backup in left front pocket holster. 1 reload for each.

    Under a plus size T or polo, untucked, I downsize to a Sig P239 in a FIST ultrathin kydex IWB. Spare mag goes in a nylon knife pouch on the offside. 642 BUG, same as above.

    If the shirt isn’t quite large enough, 640-1 w/ DeSantis clip grip works for me. Love handles are a pretty decent retaining device. 642 BUG.

    Really light carry: 642 moves to right front in the Kramer pocket holster as the “only gun”. Safariland speed loader or speed strip at all times with the642.

  14. I’m tellin ya’, go get a N8² holster. Most comfortable IWB holster I’ve ever had, and I own a CrossBreed, too. It’s perfect, even when I’m wearing cargo shorts and a polo shirt.

  15. SIG P290 in a Remora IWB/Pocket holster with two 8 round backup mags. It can travel anywhere, anytime, and if I have to take care of “business” in public it’s easy to hide and move around.

    Right now it’s my EDC, though when I have money again I may buy back my glock 30 or a Ruger SR40c with a Clipdraw attachment. I carried the SR9c with the same setup multiple times with just a t-shirt and shorts (with an XL Tall overshirt if the t-shirt was too small) before I sold it to my friend. Overall, probably my favorite concealed carry setup to date.

  16. Every day is summer in Florida. I EDC a G27 in a Crossbreed Supertuck (at about 4:00 – 5:00). And, I do it easily with shorts and a T-shirt. I prefer to wear a tucked undershirt and then a slightly oversized t-shirt or polo type shirt untucked on the weekends or after work. During the work week, I wear the same rig with dress pants and a tucked in dress shirt.

  17. I carry a Glock 21 year round, 24-7 everywhere that is legal! Sweat doesn’t affect the Glock much 🙂 I use a Dale Fricke Ehud and Zack depending on certain conditions. Both carry IWB appendix in the same location and position but the Zack has a little more adjustability. Any of you read my article on The Draw, Mindset and Muscle Memory? Might be worth your time if you switch-carry often.

  18. I never leave the house without a hellebarde at my side, summer or winter. It’s light, comfortable to carry in the off hand or in a sling, and perfectly legal most everywhere (except airplanes). No permits are required and I have never been threatened or challenged while carrying. Sometimes I might carry a meteor hammer but only as a change of pace. One would never carry both at the same time. That would be silly.

    • Ill give you the meteor hammer, I mean who would look twice at a metal ball on some string, but I am pretty sure the hellebarde exceeds the legal blade length limit for carrying in public, unless you are a Beefeater, then by all means continue on your way to the Tower of London.

      • The Queen’s Yeoman detest being referred to as “Beefeaters.” In November of 2000 I was privileged to be invited to their Club at the Tower after the ceremony of the Keys. [Actually, it was boss (The ASD/C3I) who got the invite but I got to go as well.]

      • A martial arts instructor of mine was fond of carrying a meat cleaver. When I asked him why he said “In my neighborhood everyone has a switchblade. Pull one out and you’ve got a fight on your hands. Pull out the cleaver though and they usually think “That n*****’s crazy!” and run away.”

  19. Hawaiian or Polo shirt, Remora or CBST. Usually use the Remora, I switch to the Crossbreed when I want to tuck my shirt in – to me, the CBST is for a more business clothing type of use.

    I also have a 5.11 tactical t-shirt with holster when I need a little deeper concealment.

    • I’ve been thinking about the 5.11 shirt…does it hold the gun in place well without a holster? Looking at it for carry during workouts

      • It is decent, but I would only carry my Sig (DA/SA) because it is a little “loose” in the “pocket”. My 1911 I would worry the manual safety would get switch off and my XD should be OK, but with the trigger and grip safety – one can’t be too careful. I think if you have a revolver or a DA/SA or DAO you would be fine… or a really stiff manual safety…

    • Yeah, +1.

      And, why 8 ports for a .38? (I assume there are 4 on the other side of the barrel)

      I mean, is there any gas left in the barrel to push the bullet?

      You can’t be THAT recoil-sensitive…

  20. In the pocket. Either my Glock 27 in a Desantis pocket holster, or my Smith and Wesson 340PD in a Kramer pocket holster, or both. Sometimes I will carry my Beretta 90-TWO in my Thunder Wear, but not usually in this extreme heat of this summer. Instead it goes into the truck’s glove box and back into the house at night.

  21. And all this time I thought it was just me that did this…

    Fall/Winter/Spring: XDM in 45 ACP (previously a 5″ Springer 1911)
    Summer: XDM Compact in 9mm (previously a Kimber Ultra Carry)

    I also carry only FMJs in the wintertime. I just don’t trust HPs against heavy clothing, though I’ll admit to having no personal experience upon which to base that mistrust…


    • Check into the Corbon Pow’R Ball. It is a JHP with a plastic ball in it, designed just for the problem of heavy clothing. It also doesn’t cost more than the average self defense round.

      • Cujo,

        You’re the second person in as many weeks that has recommended the Pow’r Ball round to me. I will research.



    • Even if the JHPs don’t expand, I wouldn’t think that they’re less effective than an FMJ round of similar weight at that point. A 230 grain JHP is still going to penetrate and make a big hole even if it doesn’t expand, and you have the added possibility that it may expand (which you don’t with the FMJs).

      But that’s just my thoughts. And I just noticed someone else said something similar, oh well…

  22. Single strong side airweight .38 year round would be my way of thinking. IWB, same gun, same place, all the time.

    If trouble is anticipated, the area/scene is avoided if possible.

    I do have holsters mirrored for Glock compacts, 4 mags in the small of back, single flashlight and single mag located in front of the guns. Same caliber Glock compacts with full-sized mags. Need a large sweatshirt or jacket to cover all the hardwear, but it doesn’t stick out with the level IIIa vest on filling in the bulk. Heavy, bulky, and not recommended for long periods unless you’re okay with bruised hips from tightening your belt enough to keep all that from dropping.

  23. @The Cabinet Man: Carrying FMJs in the winter isn’t such a good idea, as the wound cavity will never be larger than caliber. The problem with JHPs failing to function as intended through heavy clothing has nothing to do with penetration – its about expansion. Its not like the jhp is going to bounce off someones chest because they’re wearing thick clothing. If the hollowpoint clogs, the bullet should still penetrate, but it may not expand fully (or it may not expand at all, thus functioning just like FMJ ammo. I’d rather stick with good JHPs that *might* fail to expand, while still retaining the possibility of expansion (& thus a larger-than-caliber wound channel) than to use FMJs that I know have virtually no possibility of expansion.

    • Well, let’s not bring logic and reason into this! [wink]

      Yes, your statement(s) would be correct. Perhaps the aforementioned Pow’r Ball rounds or heavier HPs — 230-grainers instead of the 200s I normally carry — would allay my concerns.

      Food for thought, indeed…


  24. Keltec PF-9 with the bolt on belt clip or I pocket my Bodyguard .380. Whichever I happen to grab at the moment. I usually grab the PF-9 if I’m wearing shirt tail out, and the .380 to pocket on shirt tail in days. But I do pocket the PF-9 often.

  25. I open carry in the summer for working on the farm and short trips into town. If i’m going to be in public for a while, then I will conceal the same full sized gun.
    I love Winter (if you can call it that). 2 guns concealed no problem.

    Bottom Line: You should carry the gun you shoot the most. Or at least shoot your carry gun a lot!

  26. I think just for the approval of MikeB and Magoo, I will begin carrying my KelTec PLR 16 in public in my 5.11 Concealed Carry Sling bag. Technically this 5.56mm is listed as a pistol, and the M16 magazines from Brownell’s handily carry 30 rounds each of JHP 62 grain bullets for me. I think I will have to get pictures of me carrying it at the mall and out and about in town. I will personally autograph two pics for my favorite naysayers.

  27. Fullsize PX4 in .40, IWB in a crossbreed supertuck for everything below 80°. Above that… I’m working on it.
    I’m trying to find a place with a 9mm PX4 Compact (not sub-compact, I can’t seem to get a decent grip on those) for rent around here so I can try it. I am also looking at an SR9, or SR9c once my local range has them back from the gunsmith. Apparently they are very popular rental guns and the range sends ’em to the ‘smith every 5,000 rounds for preventive care.

  28. I always carry IWB strong side at 4 to 5 o’clock as I feel concealing the muzzle is critical to prevent brandishing. I carry either a 1911 commander in stainless with a bobbed grip, a Glock 21 or a Glock 30. I will not compromise on caliber as I feel a .45ACP in JHP is the best form of personnel protection. I live in south central Texas and the summers can be brutal, but I have found that with the right holster and belt I can carry IWB with great effect. I typically use a Don Hume IWB holster for all of my carry pistols. I have tried other holster brands, but I prefer the Humes. Two spare magazines are carried week side in mag carriers and another in the pocket. I always carry a well maintained shaving sharp knife with at least a 3″ blade in a weak side pocket or clipped to the belt. Depending on clothing requirements, I typically will keep my shirt untucked but I can tuck as well and still conceal adequately.
    Safe carrying to all.

  29. Another fella here in the Valley of the Sun. My year ’round is a Bersa Thunder 45 UC in a High Noon “Bare Asset” IWB. The Bersa is one of the best kept secrets ever and High Noon makes top of the line holsters.

  30. In addition to the aforementioned Corbon powerball, Hornady’s “Critical Defense” ammunition is specifically designed to expand after passing through multiple layers of clothing.

  31. I do have a summer/dress sidearm: A Kel-Tec FP-9. I bought it specifically for warm weather carry or for occasions where I’m wearing dress pants.

    When I can wear a jacket (which in Seattle is most of the year, sadly), I prefer my XD-9. I also have a Camelback Goblin fanny pack that packs a Glock 22. So I have options.

  32. I carry my Walther PPS 9mm all year round. It was 96 degrees here today and I didn’t even notice it was on. The PPS is a truly outstanding pistol. Thin, reliable and German. What else could you possibly need?

  33. I carry my Sig P220 Carry .45 ACP in a Galco IWB at 4 to 5 o’clock year round with a “covert” untucked over-shirt. I don’t like heat and I sunburn badly so I am rarely outside in summer for more than a few minutes. Carrying the same pistol consistently makes me more confident that I will react properly in a serious social situation.

  34. Could have sworn I answered this, oh well. First I know this is a bit older, but I just got back in from vacation. Ok, since I pretty much dress the same year round (jeans and T-shirt off work, and uniform at work) I carry whichever I have in my rotation for the day. I usually carry it in the small of my back, and with most I have a tuckable holster. I do pocket carry or ankle carry if I feel like it, or if I need a bit more discretion, or want a place for the times I carry a BUG (rare). I usually have one near enough to be useful 24/7/365 as well. It does get a bit uncomfortable in the summer sometimes, but Clint Smith is fond of saying “Carrying a gun is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable.”

  35. I carry the same gun nearly everyday, my gemeni customs 3″ sp101. Not to say I couldn’t be carrying something else on one of those days I just feel like carrying an alternative, it’s just that I haven’t found a situation where I couldn’t carry it and I never feel under gunned with 357 magnum.


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