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The SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada is THE firearms event to attend. It’s where the companies you know and love come together to introduce their latest creations, show off their wares and give us a glimpse into what’s planned for the future. It also (for press, at least) gives us an opportunity to fire more guns and use more gubbins than we’ve ever had at our disposal before and report back to you, our readers. The only thing better than reading about SHOT on TTAG is being there yourself. Seeing as SHOT is only 42 days away the question is: will you be there? If enough of you are planning to attend I was going to start looking into a meet & greet event of some sort — I already have a ton of free prizes to give away and I need a venue to do so. Preferably with beer. BE AWARE: Only people connected to the firearms industry are allowed inside, as access to the show is tightly restricted. But if you have an FFL or work for someone who is in the industry you can apply for an attendee badge here.

SHOT 2012 —  January 17-20, 2012 — Sands Expo Convention Center — Las Vegas, NV

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    • Apologies, I had to rush a bit to get this up. I only had a few minutes between meetings.

      SHOT 2012 — January 17-20, 2012 — Sands Expo Convention Center — Las Vegas, NV

      • I’m not well versed on Shot Show (I had never considered going in the past) but I thought it was closed to the public?

        Taken from

        Attendance at the SHOT Show is RESTRICTED to the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade and commercial buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement and tactical products and services ONLY. The show is not open to the public, and NO one under age 16 shall be admitted (including infants).

        Or am I missing something?

        • You can get in if you:
          – Have an FFL (any FFL will do, even a 03 Curio and Relic FFL)
          – Are somehow connected to the firearms industry for your day job (police, etc).

          You need to apply for a badge in advance, so if you want to attend now is the time to be applying.

          • That’s good to know. I was considering getting my C&R FFL anyway. While I doubt I would have it before this January you can count me in for next year.

          • Active and retired police can get in with ID.
            I have not been to this in years. Last time I attended it was in Vegas as well. They put on a great show. The convention center is better as a venue, but the show is huge. Takes a couple of days to check it out. I plan on being there, got my rooms a couple of months ago.

        • You could always try lying, it worked at COMDEX for me, even though that event was open to the public. They never bothered to verify any information. And having certain color badges gets a better response from vendors.

          Sadly i’m unemployed and live no where near vegas.

  1. the free gifts ??…will they make it thru airport security ???….:) i have that thurs day off i might be able to pull a one day’er

  2. We ought to set up a daily SHOT show post as a place to ping each other or announce meeting places/times. And to brag about the swag we’re hauling home.

    • I was thinking about talking you guys into a daily conversation about the show that we would record (video and audio) and post to the site talking about what we saw and our impressions. We’re going to have a bunch of us there, might as well make use of the opportunity.

  3. A buddy of mine is a dealer up here in Canada. He wants me to go with him. However, being that my wife is a student, I am (by proxy) a broke hobo. SO I cannot afford flight or accomodations. You have no idea how much this irks me. Actually, I’m sure you all know how I feel.

    • I used to agree with you, Robert.But I’ve seen too many idiotarians on both the Left and Right to bivleee that there is any correlation between thinking ability and ideological position (both general ideology and regarding specific issues).Even people who agree with us about gun rights didn’t necessarily reach their conclusions by logic and thinking. We humans have an amazing ability to rationalize our choices, rather than making our choices rationally.

  4. I am attending Shot Show 2012 in Vegas. I have been accepted to attend and already have reservations at Caesar’s Palace. Looking forward to it. My first time in Vegas and The Shot Show is as good a reason as any to go. They allow anyone related to Hunting and Fishing as well as FFL.

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