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If you’re like me — a scary thought on every level — all the kerfuffle over bump fire stock and binary triggers and such has whetted your appetite to buy one. Not because I/you need one. Not even because we particularly want one — especially as they eat through one’s ammo budget like a Schnauzer scarfing a gigantic trifle (don’t ask me how I came to that metaphor). I and probably you want one because . . .

the governments of 16 states and several cities want to ban Americans from keeping and bearing them. Same goes for Uncle Sam’s jackbooted thugs at the NRA-enabled ATF, too.

Luckily, I live in Texas. That ban bump fire ban sh*t couldn’t happen here, could it? Anyway, I’m gonna buy one, and maybe the Franklin trigger too. Getting onen while the getting’s good. You?

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  1. Why bother with a bump stock, if ownership would make you a felon? A lightning link or DIAS is more effective and easier to hide.

  2. Big waste of ammo. Unless you have a need to lay down suppressing fire and have a shit load of ammo they’re just bling. I don’t believe they should be restricted, but I don’t believe in any restrictions of firearms or adaptations of firearms. I live under the 1 shot 1 kill philosophy. Never waste ammo you may need later.

    • with 556 it is more like 2 or 3 shots, one kill. Yes I know that a single round can kill someone, I just would not depend on it.

      • WIth the 62 gr M855, sure. But there’s some good solid .223 Rem out there that does massive damage.

      • In my case I can guarantee it out to 100Yards. That’s with iron sights because I was at the range today and hit minute of man 20 out of 20. It was 40 degrees with a approx.10 wind. Bushmaster XM-15 E2S bone stock from a table top. I’d be damned ashamed if I couldn’t. Maybe you need to spend a little more time at the Range putting lead downrange. Today 556- 20 @ 25yrds,20 @50yrds and 20 @100 yrds. 100-9mm from 2 different pistols @25 yrds and 100-22 @ 25yrds. Practice makes a body good. Keep Your Powder Dry…

        • Darkman, your confidence is sorely misplaced. Mark Coates.

          Also I would not brag about hitting a man size target at 100 yards rested with a rifle.

  3. It is my opinion that bumpfire stocks are kind of gimmicky but I do have a binary hammer pack in my belt-Fed and it’s the real deal, so to answer your question yes

    • You do realize that the binary trigger is the one device that make ND possible by releasing the trigger. I would train like a madman with that and hope for the best

      Oops sorry, did not see belt fed. At that point your effectively using for suppression fire or a range toy anyway.

      • Your not wrong it is a learning curve and I’m am constantly reminding myself of what mode I’m in when running the gun, that being said I would like some more for other rifles.

  4. I have both the binary trigger and the echo trigger. They make me smile. I ordered one more of each even though I’m in the best place to be with your black rifles… Idaho!

      • Not sure if the Franklin has made improvements, but before there was problems with hammer follow. The Echo never had those problems, but initially had a proprietary carrier, which was since fixed to work with any FA carrier.

  5. I already have the making of one in the works. It’ll be tacticool / inexpensive / open source / sold to kids awaiting the day they can buy a rifle / pistol for it.

  6. Not interested. But, I was reading that 1600 people have died jumping off the Golden gate Bridge – thirty-nine in 2016 alone. Where is the national outrage? What could be done to prevent those tragedies in the future?

    • We need to regulate and tax the use of gravity now before it’s too late! If it saves just one already born child’s life, it’s worth it.

      • And water. Gravity and water sure kill a lot of people. Oh, and bad weather – gotta ban that. And while we’re at it we should probably ban age, and the flu, and cancer.

    • That’s a solid point. Maybe a bunch of folks with bump fire stocks can all gather on the golden gate bridge and shoot down at the same time. With life vests on, of course. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

    • Don’t worry I heard moonbeam is putting nets on the bridge to save those people so they can vote for more crazy wasteful things on your dime

  7. Maybe if ammo becomes free or someone else wants to buy it for me. :o) I worked for many years with the ability to shoot full auto during regular training.

    As B. B. King sang “The Thrill is Gone.”

  8. i could not have any less interest in a stock that affects firing rate.
    a binary trigger on the other hand is intriguing and i would like one for something that i do not own yet.
    none of these items should be restricted.

  9. I have an 80% lower fitted with a bump fire stock as well as a binary trigger. A 100 round drum mag sits inserted in the magwell and a gripod is attached to the handguard. All lubricated with bacon scented Liberal Tears. I call it “Vapors for DiFi.”

    A fair amount of coin spent on gimmicks but, I chuckle everytime I look at it and laugh when I shoot it.. It’s worth it to me.

    • “bump fire stock as well as a binary trigger” I would LOVE to see how you got the timing to work on that.

      • Inconsistent and awkward at best. I am unable to shoot Vapors for DiFi like a full auto rifle. I need much more practice and ammo to be proficient. Still, it makes me laugh and that’s enough for me.

      • Sorry, was a little snarky it that remark. I first I was trying to call internet BS. But as a inside joke of a gun, I totally get it. Too bad they don’t make a brace version of the Slide-Fire.

        • Hah, no worries, I get the skepticism. Few people who actually know me understand me or the way I look at things. I cobbled it together from parts I’ve been messing with for years. I wish I put a 14.5 inch barrel on it to fit a bayonet.

        • Here is a crazy idea. You should send a letter off the the ATF to see if you weld and pin on a bayonet, would it count when measuring the length of the rifle barrel. Just having the rejection letter would be cool to frame and mount to the wall. And who knows, if you managed to get it approved ,you would be a internet gun god

    • Are you telling me you can *hear* (with earpro) a hit on a 3″ steel plate at 600 yards? That does not seem reasonable.

      • I could probably hear that with my electronic earpro on. I don’t wear it when shooting rifles, tho. I normally double up, but hate the interference with the cheek weld on over ear earpro.

  10. Bump stocks are gimmicky as hell imo but if you enjoy them then have at it. I do have a Franklin binary trigger which I already had before Vegas.

    I occasionally overran it when I had it in a 9mm AR but when I put it in my 5.56 I haven’t had any issues since. I still enjoy doing mag dumps and shooting fast every now and then so to me it is a fun range toy.

    I personally wouldn’t put it in a self defense build but I could see the application of controlled double taps. The only training required would be a release of the trigger after each shot.

  11. “Not because I/you need one. Not even because we particularly want one.” I get it, but I’d only get it if I had “all the money.” I’d be an SOT.

  12. No. But I don’t think banning alcohol and car ownership is the solution to vehicular deaths by intoxicated operators either. Without getting long winded on gun-control and my feelings on the corollary effects between the 1st and 2nd Amendments, ANY form of gun controls have always been succeeded by additional legislation. None of those were ever in favor of the LEGAL gun owners. And none of them affected the ILLEGAL gun owners either.

  13. I had a bump stock for my AK when they first came out. It was fun for a few range sessions, then the novelty wore off and I sold it for What I bought it for. They’re fun toys, but not cool enough for me to want to keep one installed on a rifle. I can rapid fire pretty quickly and accurately in semi auto.

    Same goes for binary triggers, just not that interested. I am pretty interested in the Tac-Con 3MR, but I’m not willing to pay the outrageous sum they want for it.

    • If you just want to fire fast in semi auto get a Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun trigger. Way better than the Tac Con 3rd mode assisted reset gimmick.

  14. Hitting a 6 inch target the first try at 1,000 yards is a lot more fun and maybe more useful to liberty depending where you live. That said, I would love to have a select fire sub machine gun in 45 ACP and 9mm. But because of tyrannical “laws”, I “can’t” have one. If NRA-ATF look like they will be successful in a bump stock ban I will try and buy some.

  15. I have several of each, still in the boxes… mostly in case they are regulated or banned but existing ones are grandfathered. Simply an investment strategy ever since I saw Surefire 60 mags go for $425 after Sandy hook and bumpfire stocks fetching $2,400 after the Las Vegas event. There are always some rich people who now decide they need one… I shoot fine and can double-tap pretty good with a nice trigger but I did shoot a Fostech Echo and it was nice and fast and very accurate. I only shot it for the double-tap effect and did not try to shoot as fast as I could. I have four registered NFA full autos for that. What can I say? I’m old and they were cheap in the early ’80’s….

  16. I have not been shopping for a bump-fire stock because I assume that they cost $400+ now. If I found one at a local store for $100, I would buy it.

    I have no interest in a binary trigger.

    • They are $135 at And better yet I think it will ship out of Cook County Illinois. Cant beat that for sticking it in the eye antis

  17. No on a bump stock. Someday I might spring for a binary trigger. But never one of those battery powered ones.

  18. now that you mentioned it i am in the market for a new non profit gun rights advocacy organization

    one that can keep their mouth shut and just


    to say anything until all the crap blows over the next time theres an obvious false flag event perpetrated for the express purpose of getting more gun rights taken away

    one thats not overrun with cowards and imbeciles

    one that has a policy that they will give your money back if they ever ever side with the gun grabbers

  19. Nope I already have:
    Slide Fire
    Both Bain AK and AR bump thingajimmy
    Taccon Trigger
    and a hellfire gen2 and and some other trigger thingy from the hellfire people.

  20. I own a transferable machine gun as well as as a Franklin BFS III, no bump stock though I have used them. The binary trigger is no replacement for the real machine gun, but it is fun nonetheless. I feel the bump stock is initially more controllable than the binary, meaning less practice and skill are needed to make the bump stock run well. Would I give up the freedom to own any of them? Absolutely not. And neither should you, even if you don’t care for them.

    Side thought for all of the comments about precision rifle shooting or other disciplines with a negative connotation to the article topic. Spraying lead is fun in a different way than precision shooting, but both are still fun. The beauty of living in America is I have the freedom to do both! I really enjoy shooting precision rifles at my 1100 yard range over a hay field, shooting clays, pistols, revolvers, machine guns, and most importantly hunting. Also, suppressed rapid fire 22LR using any method is wildly entertaining! The cost is very low but the reward is extremely high.

  21. Haven’t wanted one, nor do I need one, however, that doesn’t mean that I think they should be banned or regulated by the ATF. Banning or regulating them is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. I’m tired of politicians or the Feds doing things “just because” it makes it look like they’re doing something….regardless of the fact that it doesn’t solve a thing or address the real issues. As I said, I have no personal want or need for them, but the people who do should be able to possess them if they have the money to spend on them.

  22. NO WAY! I was cc’ing a Glock in my pocket (I hate how that rhymes) a few years ago and sat on my porch swing behind the house. I had had a beer or three, and forgot I was carrying in my back pocket. Well, I leaned back and then fell forward as the Glock discharged through the swing and into my shoe. Missed me by THIS much! After that I decided that I will NEVER OWN A BUM STOCK!

    • You’re lucky you didn’t end up with an extra crease.

      That is, if your elaborate story isn’t just some lead-up to a weak pun. Which it almost certainly is.

      • “You’re lucky you didn’t end up with an extra crease.” That would be a crease increase.
        Of course it is! It’s almost as bad as the one I DIDN’T write, about Roy Rogers was actually played by a set of twins, and they also had “Binary Triggers”.
        And No, I won’t apologize. I already live in the “Sorry State of Illinois”.

  23. Well, no, but I can machine both easily.
    You can protect your gun rights much easier with the 2nd Amendment and a mill and a lathe than you can with just the 2nd Amendment.

  24. Why all the hate on bump stocks?
    I have one and it works great!
    3 round bursts to 60 round mag dumps
    I’ve fired lots of full auto guns and the slide fire works just the same
    Muzzle rise is up and left
    3 round bursts for accuracy, mag dumps for fun
    Everyone should have one
    If they ban them , will we get grandfathered in or will we lose our legally acquired property?

    • “If they ban them , will we get grandfathered in or will we lose our legally acquired property?” – If they ban them by regulation, they will “have been” illegal since 1934. There’s no grandfathering.

  25. I have one that I bought 2 years ago, It works but made my gun look ugly Its ok an works Ill keep it,If i get another Ar15 will put it on it, cheap Ar

  26. I’d like a binary trigger. Especially for a pistol caliber carbine or SBR. Markman rifles don’t need it at all, but for fairly close range with “less lethal” cartridges would be cool to me for playing round with.

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