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Check this from the AP: “In the 62 cases reviewed, the subjects increasingly spoke out against the government, blamed the government for perceived problems and did so in a way that caught the attention of other people in their communities, according to the senior counterterrorism official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private White House [anti-terrorist conference for police chiefs] event. Subjects became active on the Internet to espouse extremist views. In some cases, the subjects purchased weapons, ammunition or explosive materials.” Sound familiar?

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  1. Let us not kid ourselves. Anyone who reads the U.S. Constitution is an enemy of the state, as the state in the form of Washington is the enemy of the Bill of Rights.One day the bureaucrats will get around to putting that on paper.

  2. No surprise; a dictatorship naturally fears any who speak out against its ways. Any government that fears opposing viewpoints or fears an armed populace is a government that knows it’s wrong.

  3. The real terrorists are the IMF, ATF, AIPAC, FBI, CIA, ADL, SPLC, and a few other acronym-based agencies.

    • The only people I have ever met that spoke out against the ADL and SPLC had this weird habit of making a ghost costume out of their mommy’s bed sheets and calling each other funny names like grand cyclops and imperial butt pirate.

      • There’s a difference between being a bigot and aligning oneself against organizations that profess to advocate for disenfranchised minorities while they actually just prosthelytize he same leftist ideas that cause the problems in the first place.

        So, while I do not, in general, have a problem with either Jews or blacks, I align myself against both the SPLC and the ADL.

        Honestly, the only Jewish orginization that has politics I support is JPFO.

        • As a Jew by background I have to say the ADL can never represent me.abe foxman in particular is a whining pisspot with a weird love for illegal aliens and a hatred for gun owners.
          The SPLC routinely lumps in organizations that support enforcing existing Federal immigration laws and that defend firearms rights with groups like the Aryan Nations,KKK,etc.The SPLC is full of shit.
          The American jewish Committee,American Jewish Congres,Hadassah,and the National Council of Jewish Women(or something like that) all support gun control in the US-they don’t seem to notice almost everyone in Israel is strapped and they don’t have much non-terrorist related violent crime.
          OK,I gues the Jewish War Veterans is a pretty good outfit-I like their magazine and historical research.
          Liberal,gun-hating Jews make me throw up.Particularly when they assume they can speak for others

  4. I certainly hope the government is terrified of me. The way they’ve effed up the country should have them scared for when they get their sorry asses booted from office.

  5. Very mixed feelings about this. Please note, the article says that these 62 were brought to light because of the warnings of their local community members, not some sifting of Internet searches. If the federal government did nothing about the warnings, that would be irresponsible (look at the mixed connections in the 9/11 attacks). Yet, it is always frightening when the government chooses to look into the personal beliefs and opinions of its citizenry. Let us all thank congress and Bush II for introducing the Patriot Act and congress and Obama for renewing and expanding that same legislation. I know Ralph disagrees with me on this one but I see the total lack of protest over the Patriot Act as proof that all the rhetoric about government being held in check by the 2nd Ammendment is just that: rhetoric.

    • the rhetoric about government being held in check by the 2nd Ammendment is just that: rhetoric.

      There’s no way that I can disagree with the statement. But, sometimes, rhetoric is all you need. I think John Lennon said that.

    • Rhetoric to a point. Witness the events of 9/11 versus airborne incidents that followed. I can think of a few government actions that would happen once, in a similar vein, after which it would quite literally hit the fan.

    • Actually, there are quite a few people that think the Patriot Act is crap but they were a little Left and supported Obama the last election and got stuffed by their hero. Remember Obama campaigns which touted the Patriot Act as unpatriotic?

  6. There’s a difference between stating thought-provoking questions which force us to reconsider our values and who we are. This, on the other hand, is pathetic. You may as well have posted “Are we nothing more than child murderers?” It would have only garnered a slightly less positive reaction.

  7. AH, “TERRORIST”…… The most over used and least understood word of that last decade.

    To be a TERRORIST, you must instil TERROR/FEAR in people. A terrorist bombs a nightclub or a market to make people fearful of going to do regular things. A terrorist attacks a plane to make people fearful of traveling. Terrorist attacked our planes and large buildings and some people are now fearful of both.

    A “terrorist” does not speak loudly against the government in rallies. A “terrorist” does not participate in politics. A “terrorist” is not someone who attacks the government at all, they attack the people in order to disrupt.

    You can’t have a war on “terror” unless you are opening nightclubs, markets, schools, and encouraging people to use those things daily.

    As a side note: The “terrorists” have absolutely won. Look at our air travel, our surveillance and weaked personal freedoms, our investors and companies are scared to be innovative. Etc.

    But you are not a “terrorist” if you are mad at your government. Even if you have extreme views. Extremist != Terrorist

    • You are technically and traditionally correct. However, the Ministry of Truth has redefined the word to mean any person who supports, conducts, or espouses attacks against the U.S. in any capacity, on foreign or domestic soil or a person who holds ideals contrary to the Ministry of Truth’s view of U.S. governement.

      By their definition, the Ft. Hood shooter who conducted an attack against legitimate military targets is a terrorist. Traditionally, that is not terrorism, it’s combat. He’s an enemy combatant, and possibly a spy (since he infiltrated the military and wore his “enemy’s” uniform).

      • They classified the Ft Hood slaughter as “Workplace Violence”. Not terrorism.

        I disagree on your legitimization of Hasan by referring to him as an enemy combatant. Legitimate combatants don’t shoot civilians cowering under their desks while they beg for their lives.

        In my estimation he is a traitor and deserves, after a proper military tribunal, a traitor’s death.

  8. Actually, the Ministry of Truth has deemed that those who do not love Big Brother are Double Plus Ungood.

  9. I hope the many righties here are equally outraged by the massive government resources deployed to infiltrate and disrupt peaceful left-wing groups over the last several decades – well, basically forever. Remember COINTELPRO ?

    Currently, Muslims are heavily targeted, and the FBI seems to spend a lot of time saving us from plots that it concocted, as with those hapless idiots in Florida, and the “Christmas Tree Bomber” here in Portland – an impressionable 19 year old with some bad ideas. I think we can find impressionable young (and not-so-young) men with bad ideas in any corner of the political spectrum. If they all acted on these ideas, there would be bombings and mayhem every day.

    If we were going to arrest everybody with bad ideas, only I and a few people who agree with everything I say would be left.

    Seriously, the surveillance state does not make us safer, regardless of who they target. Government oppression only serves to further radicalize and provide justification for those who might be prone to violence.

  10. Whomever frames the definition can most definitely win the outcome by their own rules (subject to change at any time and without notice). This is the slippery slope problem with lumping any person that exercises their 1st Amendment right against the government as a “terrorist.”

    Once the government has changed the definition enough times to encompass all dissent, we will all be terrorists. The current administration has been wiping its ass with the Bill of Rights since day one. Since the internet kill switch didn’t pan out so well, let’s see how SOPA and PIPA do.

  11. AH, the terrorist. These “suspects” were probably turned in by the same women who don’t let their kids play call of duty.

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