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Gun control advocates view videos like this one with revulsion. It’s not just the porno movie music that sets them on edge. Whenever they see civilians running around armed to the teeth, they wonder why. What possible reason could a non-military person have for dressing up in camo and a bullet resistant vest and running around shooting stuff? Maybe they’re preparing to attack! I might suggest that the gun grabbers’ relative lack of firepower adds to the frisson of fear, but that would be wrong. After all, they have the ATF and FBI to protect them from gun-crazed militia men, right? Anyway, what the anti-gunners fail to understand is that guns are a wonderful hobby . . .

Nothing takes you away from your troubles like holding a gun. You can’t think about the kids, money, domestic argy bargy, work, your health, nada. You have to focus your mind exactly on what you’re doing, to the complete and total exclusion of everything else, lest you shoot yourself or the wrong person. Magic!

Model railroads have nothing on guns. There’s an endless supply of toys—I mean, firearms, ammo and related gear—to consider. Purchase. Test and evaluate. And then throw into that box in the basement that your wife keeps threatening to put out with the trash.

That’s assuming the male of the species is reading this. If you’re a woman—and you know who you are—[safely] messing around with guns is an excellent way to show men who wears the ballistic pants in the family. Do we care? Not we do not. At the risk of seeming sexist (perish the thought), the only thing sexier than a woman who knows her way around a gun is . . . nope. That’s it. OK, a sexy woman who knows her way around a gun. I mean, where’s the bad here?

In the course of running this website, I’ve had a specific goal: to entertain and inform TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia whilst keeping the site as an open portal to gun world for mainstream gun owners or potential gun owners. Our numbers are still pretty good: 10k page-views a day. But I want more. MORE? More.

So tell it like it is: are your guns a hobby, a vice, a means to an end, the fourth great passion of your life (after spouse, family and dog), or some combination therein? Is the guy in this video nuts? Are you? And then send your non-gun buds a link to TTAG. Who knows? It could be the continuation of a beautiful friendship.

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    • Haha, yeah thats a good one. My favorite thing is the side-flip mag eject move. Slick.
      Also the M1A Scout model.

      • The guys in that video are very into the whole Magpul + Kyle Lamb way of doing things. And they clearly took the time to learn the manipulations pretty well.

  1. In my life and many of my friends and families lives guns are as big a part of life as breathing. So for me it’s not a vice or hobby, it’s who I am, was and always will be.
    I wonder if anti-gunners see the rest of their individual rights as a “hobby or vise”?

  2. As an “older gentleman” all I can say is life is too short not to live it to its fullest. Shooting and tactical training is good exercise and great fun for folks of all ages. It’s also a great way to relieve a little stress.

    I shoot with a camera for a living and with an M&P for a hobby. Nothing wrong about enjoying both!

  3. I’m sorry, you lost me at sexy ladies with guns, in that “Aaaaawwwwhhh yyeeeaaah” kinda way.

  4. So weapons are my hobby and have been for many years. It all started when I worked at the HRForecst company, you can visit the site, and there we had team building under the guise of a hunt. I really liked such team building and over time I started to go hunting myself and fell in love with weapons.

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