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I just got an email blast from the National Shooting Sports Foundation — the firearms industry lobby group — declaring August National Shooting Sports Month. Who knew? I’m not sure how the coinciding kick-off of International Clown Week will affect the firearms-related festivities. (Safety is no joke!) Click here for the NSSF’s NSSM top ten recommendations for celebrating National Shooting Sports Safety Month (#letsgoshooting).

How do you plan on celebrating this ballistically blessed month? What shooting and/or shopping activities do you have planned for the dog days of summer?

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  1. Powder some clay targets.
    Ring some steel.
    Drink some beer.
    (In that order)

    Is this a great country, or what?

    • I sure wish that I could still celebrate that way. We had to sell our boat (32 Westsail) since we couldn’t afford it unless we lived on it and had to take care of declining parents in the midwest. It gives me a pang in my chest and my eyes almost water when I see sailboats out sailing.

  2. Call up some buddies and head for our favorite range! Uh and buy another gun….feeling a need for a backup G19, and buy some ammo while 9mm is cheap at my LGS.

  3. That’s easy. I’ll take my new-to-me ‘divorce sale’ P226 to the range tomorrow with my father and we’ll put it through its paces.

  4. Ummm….go shoot? Although I really don’t want to right now. It’s blazing hot in GA.

    • Same here in UpState South Carolina. We had mild weather move in last two days, hoping it holds for the weekend so I can be at range and not have sweat pouring down my face.

    • !¿!
      Pull up those big boy shorts and get wid it!!
      “Too hot”. Well call yer momma ‘n have her bring some kool-aid to the range for ya.
      I built and installed two metal framed plate hangers (with silhouette plates) here in SW Fla today at the LGS range.
      Temp was 412°, humidity was 800%.
      As I tested both with rapid fire from my JM Pro Mossberg 930 the sweat ran like tears of joy down my face.
      Next week I get to take 3 newbies, one of which is British, to the range.
      I’m going to blow his mind!!?
      I love ‘Merica.
      I love shoot’n.
      And I love you, POTG.
      Get with it !!!

  5. Finish sighting in the AR that I bought at the time everyone expected Hillary to win. Glad that I paid a low price in spite of the political expectation at the time.

  6. I was planning on some serious target practice and sighting in a couple firearms. Now I have an official excuse to do it!

  7. I guess this calls for an official “evil clown” paper target to celebrate! Not implying violence against nice clowns. Just evil ones.

    Usually these official days/months imply the vendors are the ones doing the giving, so… How will our favorite ranges/mfg/dealers be celebrating is the question?

    If I open carry at Krispy Kreme or show my ccw permit will I get a free doughnut each day?

  8. A month early for me I’m afraid. I can’t go to the range this month because it’s one of the hotest points of the year for Florida. Was going to go on an extended trip next month.

  9. Building 2 new ghost guns. Buying another safe. Teaching my son about firearms,firearms safety and going to the range. Writing,calling and E mailing my senators and representatives both state and federal about Constitutional Carry,Nation Wide Reciprocity and The HPA. We’ve come a long way here in Iowa in regards to 2A Rights. There is much more work to be done. Keep up the fight and Keep your powder dry.

    • You need to visit their local office/in person events and demand they introduce legislation to repeal the NFA too.

  10. Go watch (again) Charlize Theron manhandle a Sig and several Makarov like weapons: Atomic Blond(e).

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