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If you haven’t discovered yet, you may want to give it a wide berth. It’s one of the most voracious timesucks you’re likely to come across. Looking into other people’s pockets, as it were, checking out the gear they take with them on their appointed daily rounds is almost irresistible. Or maybe that’s just me. Any-who, as I cycled through page after page of submissions, I was struck by how few of the photos included a firearm. What’s up with that? Sure, there’s a smattering of entries from those who live in other, less RKBA-friendly locales around the globe, but still. Somehow I expected to see more G26s, 642 Airweights and Ruger LCPs. Is that too optimistic of me? What heater do you haul?

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    • Yes, intriguing choice, I have seen an occasional Star at one of our local gun shops, have picked up the impression from somewhere that they are pretty good guns.

      • It was my first self bought gun. I’ve taken it to the range a half dozen times with no malfunctions to speak of, and it fits my hand really well. It’s a gun I know and trust, so I never bothered to replace it.

        • I like it! My first “real” handgun was a piece of junk, but I was able to trade it for a gem–my Mak. But it was just a bit too big for me to carry all the time. I was able to finagle myself the P-64, which I wouldn’t get rid of now even if I wanted to, because of the custom grips my son made me for it. (He also made me two sets of wooden grip panels, zebrawood and cocobolo, for my cheapo .38 derringer, so now I’m stuck with it too–LOL!)

      • Where I live carrying a gun is illegal, doesn’t matter. I am good with my head (literally) and a pocket knife.

        I got a question regarding “tactical” pens: Are they a viable weapon? What makes them so much more useful than a regular ball point pen when it comes to stabbing (especially in my case since I have metal, pointy pen.)?

        • If you want to stab something get a knife but the pens can be
          useful. Get one with sharp ridges on the cap and use it like a
          kubaton. Works awesome for compliance techniques.

        • They are generally made of thicker metal than the average metal pen, so there is that,
          but they would be no better, and maybe worse, than a big nail, a marlin spike, or a kubotan.
          Where tactical pens shine is that, as a pen, one can justify carrying them easier than
          any of the above items. It’s only a matter of time before they are ‘made’ and placed on
          the ‘do not allow’ list at most checkpoints.

    • I’ll bet it never occurs to the victims to carry a gun. Ask Mr. Petit if he wishes it had more than occurred to him.

    • It would even occur to me as a grown man to use a cat as my profile picture… But, here we are, Gordon.

      • Too bad even these are illegal to carry some places. At the federal military installation where my wife volunteers, like all other federal installations, these are in the same category as all other “chemical weapons”.

      • The downside to those is that car ignitions don’t seem to like having a lot of weight hanging off of them. Now, if you’ve got a push button starter you’re golden.

    • in the spirit of sigs. i carry a p290 during warmer weather and a p250 during colder months

  1. S&W 640 when I’m wearing a belt, 442 when it’s shorts or sweats with an elastic waistband, both IWB, both with Crimson Trace grips. The 640 is just a bit too heavy for elastic to hold up, and nobody really wants to see my hairy old butt. The 640, however, is much easier to control and less painful for extended practice sessions.

  2. I have been carrying an XDs 45, but a recent medical problem has forced me to swap down to a LC380.

  3. The bottom of the everyday carry website specifically states “SMALL, POCKET ITEMS”, which few handguns would qualify for.Hence the omissions.

    My EDC M9 Beretta definitely isn’t in that category,so even my contribution would be sans firearm.

    • “Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies.”

      Note “holsters” and “unexpected situations or emergencies”. Seems guns would be very applicable here.

    • Ooh, that’s a brute. My dad’s got a rare Stainless 5″ barrel Colt Anaconda .45. Great gun.

    • Oh, nice. Stock model 642 for me, and it’s on me whenever I can legally carry it.

      When I want more gun in an urban area (rare), I’ll add a full size 1911.

      When I’m hiking I carry a Ruger SP101 in .357 with a 4″ barrel

  4. Depends on the time of year and the clothes I am wearing and the activity I am engaged in – Springfield XDs .45, S&W .38 Airweight Centennial, KelTec P3AT .380, NAA Sidewinder .22mag, S&W .357 Scandium Kit Gun, ………….

  5. A Desert Eagle Mark XIX in my front pocket and a H&K Mark 23 in an ankle rig, that is, until they were both lost in that boating accident last week. I was lucky to escape with my life having those two huge boat anchors strapped on.

    Thanks for the link. You’re right. Huge time killer.

    • Desert Eagle? You’re seriously under gunned. I don’t leave the house without a Mossberg 500 Cruiser IWB.

  6. I’ve had lots of different EDCs….

    Taurus TCP
    S&W 60

    Some have been sold. Some hang around. But the real winner, and the one on me now is the m&p shield.

    • Great choices. I’ve carried an SR9, up until about a year ago. Currently looking for another one.

    • After having carried various revolvers, a 1911 for a while it’s hard to beat a small Kahr. They make them in .45acp too.

      • Spousal Unit carries a Kahr CM9 loaded with Critical Duty.

        I carry an STI Escort in .45, Surefire Executive light and a Cold Steel Double Agent neck knife setup to be carried as a horizontal belt knife. Add in two additional mags, and everything loaded with critical duty +P 220 grain.

  7. It varies…

    Winter (or when wearing looser clothes): Springfield XD45
    Summer (or when dressed up): Kahr MK9
    Wilderness: Glock 20SF

  8. For the last couple of years, my EDC piece has been a Kahr CW9 loaded with Speer 124-grain +P Gold Dot hollow points and carried in a DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster without the optional “break-up-the-outline” flap that attaches to it. For gym shorts or light clothing like that, I also still have my little Kel-Tec .380 (loaded with Federal Hydra-Shok 90-grain hollow points), and I have a DeSantis Super Fly for that, as well.

  9. P2000sk Lem .40 with 4.5lb trigger upgrade. Most consistently shootable bang for size EDC I’ve ever had.

  10. I regularly carry three.

    More often then not I carry my Browning Hi Power, which is a recent change from a XD/m 9mm.
    Next in line is my Springfield MILSPEC
    and for those special occasions like going to the mall in warm weather or playing golf, a Beretta Nano

      • Why thank you. I just think of it as a 1911 in 9mm. When I bought the pistol I bought just to have a classic design but after my first trip to the range I walked away with that “wow” feeling.

    • I’ve got an FEG PJK 9HP (HiPower clone) that I put a pair of VZ 320s on. I like it. Alot! Old skool cool and super accurate.

  11. At work (PD)a glock 22 with a glock 26 on the ankle and a gerber gator knife I got from the military in my pocket.

    Everywhere else it’s the 26 in a comp tac holster

    • Why would you carry 2 different calibers? One would think it makes sense that if you have to go for your BUG that you would utilize something that is compatible with your primary’s mags and ammo.

        • No, hes right. No sense at all carrying a G26 instead of a G27 when the duty gun is a G22. But of course, LEOs are all highly trained experts with firearms so their choices cannot be questioned.

  12. Still working on that. (Ammo not allowed in the house, so that will inhibit things even when I do have a gun. :P)

    I like Colion Noir’s iCarry series. It’s like that EDC blog, but WITH guns. πŸ˜€

  13. Cz p07 w federal HST if I’m going somewhere like the mall or movies etc. bersa thunder 380cc everywhere else.

  14. Just moved from a SIG P290 to a boring Glock 26 (loved the P290, just wanted more bullitz) w/ fiber optic sights. For lighter/closer fitting cover garments, Kel-Tec P3AT. Sometimes a S&W 640-1 in .357 mag — the least practical but my favorite. One reload always in the support side pocket.

  15. G27/23 (depending on clothes) OWB in winter

    XDs .45 IWB appendix carry in summer

    Benchmade 940 or ZT0350 (depending on clothes)

    S&W M&P 340 when I want a backup, or if I’m wearing extremely light clothes.

  16. favorite: sig p239 in iwb crossbreed with untucked tee shirt.. slightly in front of my right side… invisible

    • +1 on the 239.
      Since i purchased one used, it has been on my hip (IWB) every day. Very shootable. Maybe not the most efficient as far as weight, size and capacity, but I feel very confident with making good shots and I prefer the DA/SA like my revolvers.

  17. Most days a G26. Sometimes a G19. Either is always in a Milt Sparks VM2 under an untucked shirt, unless I am going to the gym in which case I use a Remora.

  18. Light / max concealment – Chiappa Rhino 200DS (2″) .357 magnum, 1-2 extra moon clips

    Heavy – S&W 686+ (7 shot) SS 4″ .357 magnum, 2 speedloaders.

  19. Glock 29 10mm in a Galco M7X Matrix holster, Gerber Torch II in right pocket, Benchmade Mel Pardue in left pocket, two spare mags in Glock brand mag pouches on left hip.

  20. Depends on the day and what i am wearing. At work in my suit I carry a PK380, when I am not working its a S&W SD40 or a Taurus Pt92

  21. Usually a Sig P238 IWB as I only wear jeans and a t-shirt here 99% of the time.
    When I know the area Im going into can be a problem.
    A Officers size 45 also IWB.

  22. Kershaw assisted opener. But change is in the wind for CA. Then a Smith 442 airweight or a Mak. Depending on weather and mood.

    • CA here too.
      Practicing with G23 OWB, for CCW when the good cause = self defense.
      Until then: Benchmade Emerson design tanto with composite blade.

  23. My EDC is a Ruger LC9.

    I like the small size, the fact that it has safeties, and the knowlege that with a 150-lb and 7″ trigger pull, it will never accidently go off (that last part was a joke, but my G*d… what a long hard trigger pull it has)

    I also have a 1942 Walther P38 in the safe, but I don’t want to use it because the cops would just LOVE to add it to their personal collection.

  24. Ruger LC9, or Bersa Thunder .380, with a CRKT M16EZ knife, Streamlight StylusPro light. And of course wallet, keys, lighter.

  25. When I’m able to carry its nearly always a Ruger LCR 38 spl and a Speed Strip, I always have a CRKT Folder, Small light, Bic, Key w/mini tools, hard ink pen, and a stashed cuff key.

  26. Glock 19 w gold dots and heinie sights, one to two spare mags, Raven holster, (TLR-1 as required), Bawidamann Skuld (or Kingdom Armory Grailing or Kershaw Leek, depends on clothing), Surefire E1L, Leatherman piranha pocket tool.

    Situation dependent an M4 mag in a raven carrier.

  27. To be honest, I would like to say that I carry a full-size gun all the time. I don’t. Usually a 442 in a pocket holster. With one speed loader. Sometimes just my Keltec P3AT, and a spare magazine. Other guns that I sometimes carry, a Colt Officers model. Or my lightweight full-size Springfield 1911. But those are getting carried less and less.

  28. Mossberg 590. My holster is ewwwwge!
    Just kidding. Ruger LCP with one spare mag carried loose in a pocket.

    • how about a Pancor Jackhammer? sure comes in handy when encountering pissed off bears. I just load it with flowers and happy thoughts. Pretty much takes care of whatever

  29. Very rarely – Beretta 96 .40S&W
    Just to have a gun – Beretta 21a .22lr
    Sometimes – AMT Backup .45ACP
    Open – S&W 625 or Ruger Blackhawk
    Just because – CZ-82
    90% of the time – S&W 649

    • MY choice as a primary as well.

      I added PRP spring kit, Cerakote and XS Big Dots….

      BUG is a BG380…Big Dots and Galloway Precision spring kit and trigger.

      Also a very highly customized Colt Officers in .45…just to impress the ladys!

  30. EDC 1911
    When I get bored either taurus .44spc, ocassionly a Millenium pro in 9mm

    But the 1911 is my GOTO EDC

  31. Ruger SP101 2.25 inch barrel, Crimson Trace laser grips, .357 Critical Defense rounds, speed loader, Simpley Rugged silver dollar holster, knife and flashlight.

  32. Usually, Glock 9mm Gen 3 of some sort and an LCP for backup.

    When I’m feeling extra reckless and want to live life on the edge, I carry the LCP in pocket holster, no backup and no extra mag…

    I know, I’m a madman sometimes, it’s a wonder I’m not dead yet.

  33. I carry two every day, everywhere: Glock 26 9mm in an IWB holster and a Taurus TCP .380 ACP in an Uncle George wallet holster in my right, back pocket.

  34. i never leave the house without:

    glock 17 w/x300 ultra in a raven, strong side
    spare mag, in raven, weak side
    surefire g2x, weak side front pocket
    benchmade contego, front side, strong pocket
    leatherman juice in weak back pocket
    benchmade mini grip, backside strong pocket.

    plus keys, iphone, gshok, etc

    • change the contego for a cold steel voyager xl tanto for today. i do it for the lolz when i get pocket checked by my buddies in the business.

  35. CZ-75 B in 9mm (usually) though sometimes I carry the compact instead.

    For some situations where I can’t cover AND shouldn’t open carry, I will use a Beretta Nano with some tripidation (it hasn’t been reliable)

    I may move up to the CZ-75 in .40 at some point, once I have convinced myself I can shoot it well even under stress (I have problems with pushing, anticipating the recoil). When I can take my time with that gun it shoots better than the 9mm (which tends to shoot high for some reason).

    • Stick with the 9mm. You know you can shoot well with it. No sense messing that up. Besides, the CZ is the best 9mm ever built. Well, besides the P210

      • Oh believe me I have NO intention of switching until I am sure I can handle the .40 as reliably.

        I am glad to get the affirmation on my brand and model choice though. I was rather surprised to have an instructor tell me I should find a different gun. While we were doing dry-fire concealed holster drills, for some reason he asked me to decock the gun, and I had to thumb the hammer down to comply. He then asked to examine the gun. He apparently didn’t know that CZs come in a cocked-and-locked configuration. (There is appalling ignorance of CZs out there.) He then actually suggested I find a different model of handgun. He himself carries a Glock so I rather heroically managed NOT to point out his gun was undecockable in by any means other than the bang switch.

  36. LCR .38 when I can’t reasonably conceal my M&P 9… which, in Texas, is most of the year.

  37. Alternate between Taurus PT-111 (9mm) and PT-145 (.45 ACP). The wife carries an LC9, at least until we get open carry and she can carry her 686.

  38. Beretta Px4 9mm Fullsize IWB. It is with me everywhere. If it comes off me at home, it is within arms reach. Heck. Sometimes I sleep with it holstered. Okay. Nap with it.

  39. Springfield XDS .45 in a N82 Tactical holster or a Taurus TCP in a Desantis Nemesis occasionally depending on what I’m wearing.

  40. Ruger LC9 IWB and in my backpack either a SIG p226 MK25 or Desert Eagle .50AE (seriously).

    • you’re going to be crucified in court if you ever need to use that .50ae in a shoot against anything with two legs.

      • “Why did you shoot him with a .50 caliber handgun?”

        “Because they don’t make a .51.”

        Sounds like a problem for my lawyer.

        In all seriousness though, I carry the MK25 almost exclusively now, simply because the shooting ergonomics make the DE ridiculously impractical as a self defense weapon. It’s better than no gun, but almost every other gun is better. You can’t beat the stopping power or the “Oh s**t!” factor, and it remains my favorite gun to shoot by far.

        It really all started as a joke when a co-worker and I were discussing daily concealed carry, specifically the theory that one should pack as much firepower as one can carry and conceal comfortably. His words were, “Hell, you could probably carry a Desert Eagle in that backpack and no one would notice.” Challenge accepted. He was indeed correct.

      • “you’re going to be crucified in court if you ever need to use that .50ae in a shoot against anything with two legs.”

        It’s not the court crucification that’s the real problem, it’s what happens after court while in prison…

        I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with grape.

  41. Sig P938 extreme w/ crimson trace. Usually with 2 spare mags (gets you 22 rounds). All Federal HST 147gr standard pressure JHP. Year round, I like to keep it the same so as not to think about it and what might be on me at a given time of year.

  42. Usually a Beretta Nano 9mm, but occasionally the S&W 638 (.38 spl) or Walther PPS (9mm).

  43. Smith and Wesson M&P 40 full size semi-auto pistol
    14 rounds 180 grain bonded jacketed hollowpoints (Winchester Ranger ammo)
    one or two spare magazines

    I carry outside waisteband but “inside belt”. (This pulls the pistol in tight to your body making it pretty much invisible when wearing shirts that are not tight.)

    I also carry an LED MiniMag flashlight when it is dark or when I go into businesses.

  44. Nineteen pages before you see a gun–a Wilson Combat 1911. Some nice knives though. And some ugly ones too.

    • That must be concealed carry gear (in spite of being a phased plasma rifle because the usual response is “Hey pal, just what you see.”

      Is it just me or does 40 watts seem somewhat… anemic?

  45. Kimber Custom II loaded with Hornady +P 230 grain XTP in an iwb ttgunleather holster and an extra magazine.

    The Hornady rounds double as ash trays.

    The 1911 is to be used to fight my way back to my truck, which may or may not have a Garand in it.

  46. When I do finally receive my permit, though, I plan on carrying one of my Bersa Thunder .380s.

    A little large for a .380? Yeah, they kinda are. But unlike my Taurus TCP, they have decent sights, and function properly 100% of the time. At least if something did go wrong, I could throw it and do moderate damage.

    • Interesting. I got rid of a Bersa because it wasn’t 100% and got a TCP because it is (and it’s smaller).

      • The only time I had trouble had was with my Thunder Plus. Shot it straight out of the box, because I was short on time, and wanted to try it out. Jammed every few rounds. Took it home, cleaned and lubed it, not a problem since.

        I clean all of my guns religiously, they don’t even need it most of the time. Maybe that’s why, I don’t know.

        My TCP had problems from the factory, It didn’t seem to shoot very straight, and after the first trip, it locked up. Sent it to Taurus (Lifetime warranty is awesome), and they straightened it out. Shoot’s fine now, but it won’t feed the last round in the magazine. Probably a mag issue, but I haven’t looked into it any deeper. It was inexpensive, so I’ve held onto it. It’s good for a backup I suppose.

  47. LC9 w/ 9 rd magazine or a Springfield XD9. Hoping to pick up an XDs in the summer and give the LC9 back to the wife.

        • And yet the G-47 is the smallest pistol they ever made. For some reason the capacity is wanting, the mag only holds 2. No one has ever run dry but there have been lots of complaints about broken fingers.

  48. A Beretta Nano 9mm in my front pocket and an extended magazine in a rear pocket. The Mrs. carries a Kel-Tec P-3AT 380.

  49. Damn. I had to go though 7 pages at before I saw the first pistol; I went another 9 and haven’t seen a pistol again. wtf? I’m surprised by the low turnout of sidearms in the EDC community.

    G19. LCR. LCP. Soon to add a Gemini Customs SP101 with Bolivian Rosewood grips to my EDC, that hot little bitch will shine!

  50. I carry everything in that picture except the folded green paper stuff. What the hell is that anyway, and how can I get some?

    • Purchase a bank and make some really bad investments. The government will give you all you can handle, it’ll be coming out of your ears.

  51. I carry a P30 in .40 usually in a Crossbreed IWB with a double mag holder on one of their belts, but recently I’ve been using the SmartCarry holster with an extra mag.

    Unlike most I wear the SmartCarry at my 3:30 instead of pointing it at my junk. I’m actually liking the SmartCarry, having the gun unattached to my pants is nifty so I can go from business casual to sweatpants without changing my holster, and there isn’t any additional fabric in the way of my draw. There is a comfort advantage with the crossbreed, although it doesn’t really bother me.

  52. I alternate between a Beretta 92FS and a Ruger SR1911CMD. I also usually carry a spare magazine, a Streamlight 2AA, a Kershaw Tone, and a Leatherman Multi-tool.

    I’ve been debating the idea of keeping either a Ruger Mini-14 or Gunsite Scout in the truck. The joys of living in rural America in a gun-friendly state.

  53. Nothing yet, but I’m looking at the S&W MP Compact and Shield, shooting both 9 and .40 this weekend to make a decision. Unfortunately, I work on campus, so I won’t be able to carry every day, which is unfortunate. I don’t think I can even leave it in the truck (I haven’t looked into that yet to make sure).

    I do carry a small knife every day, I’ve had some pocket knife on me every day since I was a kid, but the current model is only about a 2″ blade, so I barely consider it a weapon.

    • Most states make cars a “safe zone”, but that depends on the state. A 2″ knife with a defensive stance is usually more than enough, just keep picking.

    • I have not tried the compact, just the full size. I own a Shield in 9mm and love it. Small, but still feels like a gun and not a little toy as others do.

    • I have the M&P 9c and the Shield. Very similar guns, you can’t go wrong with either. I carry the 9c whenever I can, but go with the Shield if I have to wear a t-shirt with no cover garment, which is pretty rare. I also find myself in business casual with a tucked-in shirt often, then I go with a Kahr p380 in the pocket. Good luck with your choice.

  54. Just got my WCL last weekend. Starting off with a Ruger LCP loaded with Hornady 95gr Critical Defense in a Crossbreed Pocket Rocket holster (I used to live only a block and a half away, yet no sales out of their manufacturing facility, so had to go buy one at a gun shop in the city). It’s slow on the draw, I’ve discovered, and sitting on it can quite literally be a pain in the ass. But it’s a start. Give it time, I’m sure I’ll have a box full of holsters like everyone else.

    Indeed, first thing on my list is a good heavy belt and a spare mag carrier, as sitting on the mag or my cell phone is also uncomfortable.

    I’ve always carried a folding knife strong side in my back pocket when wearing jeans but now I carry the LCP there instead. Putting my folder (I have several Spydercos) in my front pants pocket isn’t very comfortable and makes it harder to get my keys, cards (I just have a lousy rubber band for a wallet) and cash if any.

    Home carry goes easy with this setup, I’ve found.


  55. Can’t carry at work, I’m a machinist and toolmaker that works in prototyping and machine maintenance for a manufacturing facility, too much chance of it showing if climbing around on machines.

    When I do carry, I stick with a Ruger SP-101 DAO loaded with whatever flavor of .357 mag I have on hand. I’ve been seriously considering picking up a Seecamp in .32 ACP to carry in a pocket or deep concealment where ever I go, and use it as a BUG when I’m carrying the Ruger. The only thing that has held me back so far is how hard it is to find .32 ACP at the moment, I picked up a couple boxes in anticipation last week, but it’s usually only produced in limited runs.

  56. A 1911 of some sort. Usually a WC compact in .45 ACP, but sometimes a Colt DE. The only consistent variable is the 1911.

  57. Depends on the days activities and dress requirements. I swap often between:

    Walther PPQ M1 IWB Comp Tac MTAC
    Glock 20 or 29 IWB Comp Tac Infidel slide
    Walther PPS IWB Comp Tac Infidel Ultra
    and as of 3:30 PM this afternoon a Kahr PM9 for pocket carry.

    Anyone have a good recommendation on a pocket holster for the PM 9?

  58. EDC:
    GLOCK 19 in a kydex OWB
    kydex spare mag
    custom Benchmade Griptillian sheepsfoot
    SOG Powelock MT /w hexbit set
    Maglite XL50
    Bic lighter
    keys, wallet, etc

  59. Right now, I still need to get my CHL, but I carry a Rossi 357 in my car. (its cheap, lets me keep my HP, Sig and H&K P30 safe from theft in the safe)
    I am currently trying to find a CZ 2075 RAMI 9mm for when I get my CHL.
    And I always carry a sharp folding knife on me.

  60. 95% of the time: Full size Springfield XDm9 4.5in w/ TRL1-HL in a Raven Concealment Gear IWB holster w/ tuckable loops + one spare 19rnd mag.

    For the times when I dont feel like carrying 2.5lbs of pistol; my little Kel-Tek P11 fills in.

  61. Glock 19 Gen 4 or S&W Shield both in CompTac Minotaur with Benchmade mini-barrage or Kershaw Blur

  62. Polish P-64 in 9X18 Mak. Great little gun, and besides, it’s the only practical carry gun I have since I sold (errr, make that gave, “sold” actually entails being paid) my Makarov to my son. (He’s not a bad boy, tho, he has made me a beautiful walnut-and-maple two-tone wraparound grip for the P-64). Used to carry a Taurus PT-22 occasionally until it got liberated from my Jeep. When I’m walking about at night (usually with our Chihuahua), I always carry a 4-cell Maglite too. And I always have a pocket knife–but that’s what it is, a pocketknife.

    • It is for me. VZ grips make it sexy. It is heavy though, but that just enhances the “pistol whip” effect.

    • honestly the sr 22 is not a bad option. i can put 10 rounds in a tennis ball size target faster than i can put 3 in a soft ball size target with a lc9.

  63. Kahr CM9 almost always on the ankle.
    I just switched over from a Glock 19/26 combo to a S&W M&P9c for IWB.

  64. True everyday carry p3at, in my back pocket with blackhawk no 1 holster.

    9mm PPQ as often as I can (could not effectivly carry IWB for my job w/o exposing often-and yes I have permission from my employer)

    9mm PPS on Sundays when I tuck in my shirt.

    9’s both ride in hybrid style holsters.

  65. At work, or other NPEs, a 642 in my front pocket. In slightly more permissive NPEs, a Sig M11-A1 AIWB. On other days, when it strikes my fancy, I carry a Walther PPS IWB.

  66. Glock 23 in an evil SERPA holster. Basic knife as a backup. Need to get a small flashlight too.

    Also wallet, keys, phone, pendant, paracord bracelet, watch, and FD pager.

  67. Kahr K-9 (I should trade it for something lighter but I love the way it feels in my hand)
    Spyderco Endura or Benchmade mini-grip
    Small Leatherman multi tool (juice)

  68. Rocket-propelled grenade launcher with nuclear-tipped hollow-point cop-killer bullets in a high-capacity magazine clip with a shoulder thing that goes up.

  69. EDC has been a p3at, NAA .22 mag, or most recently, a p32. When I travel or take the family to OKC or tulsa, I carry a sr9c or a lion heart lh9c. I did just order a NAA sidewinder, so that will go into daily rotation with or instead of the p32. We’ll see.

  70. As a side note, I go through a lot of NAA mini mags. Anytime I have a friend or employee that wants to carry but never has, I send them to a friends CCW class and then give them whatever NAA I’m carrying at the time. People love the little mini mags. I’ve given out 6 so far.

  71. wallet, keys, phone, and chapstick. on weekends when i really feel like carrying something, i will also have a $10 mtech folding knife. πŸ™

  72. Sig 2022 in .40 with 1 extra mag. Gold dots or critical duty for which ever mood im feeling.

    Glock 42 .380 as back up in back pocket

  73. Full-size Smith & Wesson M&P .40 with a Viridian X5L light and laser in an Aegis Armory IWB/OWB hybrid holster.

    And at least two extra mags. Four if I can swing it.

  74. Rural (most of my time): Stainless steel Talo Ruger New Vaquero in .45ACP
    Urban (rare nowadays): Stainless Steel Springfield Armory ‘Milspec’ 1911

    I also carry a BUG (sometimes two) and a spare 1911 magazine (which also serves as a speed loader for the Vaquero).

  75. Smith M&P 9mm Compact + 17-round extra mag (all stuffed with 124-grain +P Gold Dots), all day err’day since I got my license in 2012.

    However, with summer approaching (and my waistline expanding), i recently acquired a Kahr PM9. Not ecstatic about the little blaster’s meager capacity, but it’ll be way easier to “tuck under the folds.”

    • I was ready to type “stop getting fat” but then I realized girth facilitates proper concealment. If you can throw a fold over a full size handgun who’s gunna know its there?

  76. 1911 or 2022. Usually OWB. Love that my state allows open or conceal carry, so I don’t make big effort to conceal. I *just* carry. Daily.

    • It’s the same for me where I live… always OWB and usually a 3.75″ birdshead New Vaquero in a very nice custom Tom Threeperson’s holster. I can’t imagine living somewhere where I’d have to worry about concealing.

      • So do you have a CC permit or do you play all those idiotic games with unboxing and loading your gun (then reversing the process) every time you leave (or re-enter) your car?

        • To be law-abiding, Ohioans no longer have to box and unbox; Ziploc-type bags will work. However, no, I have a CHL because of the asinine law essentially makes “concealed” a firearm anywhere in or on (motorcycle) a vehicle. I know of some that refuse to get a permit and most of them do the ‘dance’. I did have to do it recently because I had forgotten to renew and the grace period had elapsed.

          But, yeah, the law is damned idiotic and it needs to change.

        • BTW: MojoRonin used the word “allowed” so I assumed there was a permit/license system in place of some kind as opposed to OC being completely banned. My assumption could be incorrect. If MojoRonin had posted “not illegal” then I would have assumed no permit/license system and lamented that Ohio was no longer that way. Prior to 2003-ish, we had no licensing law and I’ve carried all of my adult life.

        • Our situation in CO is different; OC is *usually* legal and there’s no sillyass car rule. Unfortunately the devil is in the details, in this case that pesky “usually” word. Local jurisdictions are allowed to ban it in certain areas under control of the government (e,g., parks). My county has posted its buildings (like the Clerk and Recorder, and the Treasurer and Assessors) with signs that state that the *display* of firearms is prohibited (and a Beretta 92 silhouette, so surely my Glocks, CZs, and Makarovs are OK?). That of course is obfuscative codespeak for “…but you can still CC here.” Our preemption is MUCH stronger for CC, in spite of our constitution being VERY firm about non-concealed carry not being called into question (it specifically states CC can be called into question). The actual City and County of Denver has somehow, nevertheless gotten to ban Open Carry everywhere in city limits.

          So which is worse? Statewide sillyass rules forbidding car carry with no permission slip, or weak premption that lets governments ban open carry in their own facilities and turning a blind eye to one city’s ban (again semi-avoidable with a permission slip–but you gotta cover)? That can be debated endlessly (and has been). In Colorado with a permit you are in pretty good shape as long as you don’t *insist* on being OC absolutely everywhere. But, alas, your Ohio permit won’t do yo any good here for those places that ban OC (so stay the hell out of actual City and County of Denver), and my permit won’t do me any good there, so I get to ‘dance,’ anywhere in Ohio.

          Oh, for nationwide constitutional carry! Antis would simply shit themselves to death, and we could spend all our time talking about our favorite guns instead of trying to brag on (or diss) our own states.

        • You’ve misunderstood my post. I wasn’t bragging about Ohio. I was commenting about my own thoughts on having to hide my handgun. I have just a few more years before my youngest is grown and have been looking at laws in other states to decide where I will reside.

          I don’t necessarily disagree with your post, but this isn’t the first time that you have assumed I was “bragging” about Ohio and tried to make the comment out to be about which state is “better”. If you don’t my me asking; why is that?

          I appreciate anyone commenting as to what their state gun laws are like as it adds to my general knowledge and helps in my upcoming decision.

        • Actually *this* time I was making no such assumption with respect to you (I may have in the past; I will say nolo contendere on that because I simply don’t remember) but was speaking more generally about Ohioans I have encountered on line. I will complain about the ‘dance’ I will have to go through the next time I visit, and they will jump all over me (even though I was making no claim about Colorado “being better” except with regard to car carry) and they will complain about CO city parks [only some of which ban OC] and Denver and the lack of reciprocity. I have to remind myself that though I don’t do city parks and generally spend no time in Denver (just Denver not the suburbs), that’s not true for them as tourists apparently.

          I was intending to take this opportunity (having met someone from Ohio who WASN’T taking such a defensive attitude, just for once) to try to point out that it’s really an apples/oranges comparison (it’s hard to compare the sizes of qualitatively different types of suckage), and apparently I came across wrong. Hopefully it was entirely because of past history and not because of anything I wrote this time. My apologies.

        • No worries, SteveInCO, and I apologize for any assumptions and unintended miscommunication on my part. I, too, have encountered many Ohioans with some sort of smugness about the state’s firearm laws. It’s annoying at best. πŸ™‚

          IMHO, Ohio still has a long way to go.

  77. Ruger LC9 in the winter, or when clothes allow. Otherwise, it a Ruger LCP.

    I submitted my EDC a few days ago (including the LCP) to but they haven’t posted it yet. Filtering out guns?

  78. Kimber Pro Carry II Stainless or the FN57 (much lighter, but much larger.)

    In wilderness, Tanfoglio Witness in 10mm.

  79. My EDC varies, when going to work, it’s a Beretta bobcat .22 with a lasergrip, based on the theory that the gun you carry is better than the one on the shelf at home.
    On my off days it’s a Beretta 92fs with lasergrips.
    I’ll admit though, I’m looking forward to getting myself a CZ P09 and P07.

  80. Other than the Sig M11-A1 mentioned a few comments ago, I’ll be the only other Sig P228 in the pack. Added Trijicon sights and a LaserMax guide tube laser dot, all tucked IWB with a Crossbreed or snug in an Under Tech concealment shirt. It’s both small enough and big enough. Federal Hydra-shok 124 gr jhp completes the picture. Thinking about the E2 grip swap.

  81. This pic covers it all:
    1. Gun
    2. Knife
    3. Torch
    4. Lighter
    5. Keys
    6. Wallet
    7. Phone
    8. Pen

    The only thing I’d add is a small write-anywhere notebook

  82. Depends on what I’m wearing that day. Glock 19 Gen 4 most of the time, LCP if wearing a dress or super light stuff in summer, a Spyderco Endura or Cold Steel Recon 1 clipped to my waist line if I cannot do anything else. I’ll sometimes throw the gun in my bag, but only if I have something on body to retain my purse with. Beat to hell model 640 in the coat pocket in winter.

  83. That’s funny I just posted on about how I thought it was weird wasn’t posting gun pics. I think the consensus was because it links to amazon and ebay, and they do not allow gun sales, they screen submissions for that.

    • I would not post pics of my weps online. Big Brother is keeping tabs. You may post your serial numbers and the JBTs will be kicking down your door in the future. Simple matter to Google for any pics.

  84. Selective carry for me but if I do it’s a Berretta Bobcat 21. It can go in any pocket, I usually go around in gym shorts and flip flops all year.

  85. G27 (in Crossbreed Supertuck),
    spare 9-round magazine (in DeSantis Magpacker),
    Swiss Army knife (Super-Tinker),
    Fox Labs 2-oz PS,
    Streamlight Protac 1L
    keys, wallet, business card holder,
    Rolex Yachtmaster,
    Samsung Galaxy S4.

    • Since i apparently need to post again to subscribe; Also on my person:
      -Benchmade 610SBK Rukus
      -Strider SnG TAD Edition
      -Surefire LX2
      -CRKT James Williams Pen
      -SOG B61 Powerlock
      -German Precision Nail clippers
      -Kangaroo Hide Wallet
      -Victorinox Swisscard
      -Business Card Holder
      -Keys (with Spyderco Ladybug Rescue)
      -Mini Bic
      -Book of matches

    • See now here is a guy with eclectic tastes. I stick to fairly mainstream CZ-75Bs (one is a 9MM full size, one a compact, and one is in .40). With all this variety in CZ-land is there a need to look at anything else? Really?

      The one RAMI I had a chance to shoot jammed on the second round I fired. There are a number of possible explanations for it (it was a range gun and absolutely filthy). I’d love to give it a second chance but that would involve finding a *clean* one to shoot. (I’ve had entirely too much trouble with small handguns to simply trust ’em out of the box, and that’s regardless of whose name is on them.)

      If I can untangle the very confusing naming scheme that CZ uses, your P-01 is the one I’d find most familiar–except it has a decocker (not the safety) and an alloy (not steel) frame… and the rail.

  86. Winter: sig scorpion carry
    Summer: m&p9c
    When I’m actually worried about printing or maneuvering with my 3 yo boy a s&w 442.

  87. G26 Gen 4 or Kahr CM9, right hip leather pancake holster (sometime pocket carry CM9 Nemesis holster). I use +P Speer Gold Dot 124Gr or +P Fed HST124Gr. I NEVER OPEN CARRY (unless hiking), and people who intentionally bait store owners, pubic and the police to be challenged so they can record for youtube, to PROVE their rights, are idiots. Conceal carry is the way to go… Tactical advantage and not alarming people are two Pros.

    • Have a license or permit to carry concealed? If so then you are exercising a government privilege and not the right to keep and bear arms.

      If you’re carrying under a license or permit and commenting as you did then what you are saying is that it’s okay to seek government permission but those who actually exercise their right are idiots. Do you realize what statement you are making? Government permissions are good but rights are idiotic.

      (BTW: I read the “baiting” part but when you typed, “I NEVER OPEN CARRY”, “Conceal carry is the way to go”, “and not alarming people”, it’s clear that you are directing your comment to practically all open carriers. πŸ˜‰ )

  88. I carry my HK USP .40 as EDC it has never failed once since i bought it used in 1994. Very dependable and fits my hand like a glove. extremley accurate ( even if my spelling isnt)

  89. Springfield XDS 9mm with 147 grain Federal HST +P for cc…..
    Glock 21 for home defense / nightstand

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