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Yesterday, former Taran Tactical spokesmodel Rochelle ” I Am Not Mr. Drysdale’s Secretary” Hathaway lost her job after telling Glamour magazine that Americans don’t need more than three guns to defend their home. Which is, let’s face it, a matter of opinion. And debate. What’s not up for debate . . .

is the absurdity of Ms. Hathaway’s statement that it would be OK by her if Uncle Sam enforced a three-gun-limit on Americans exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

Ms. Hathway also asserted that Americans have no need for semi-automatic firearms. So I guess her idea of three acceptable home defense firearms would be a revolver, a shotgun and a bolt action rifle.

What’s yours? Be specific: firearm type, manufacturer, caliber, accessories (lights, lasers, etc.). Price no object, but no NFA items and nothing crew-served.

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  1. No nfa meaning no sbr/sbs? Or does that include my suppressors as well?
    Current set up:
    1. Tavor x95 (suppressor as allowed) with surefire light and red/ir laser
    2. P226 with 9mm suppressor (again, as allowed) and surefire light
    3. Wife’s hk45 with another suppressor and another surefire light

    No one in my house is losing hearing over a criminal.

      • Since suppressors came into my life (soap opera music) HD guns and suppressors are just…it. Unless I have to use the shotgun, then I’ll be deaf, but I’ll be alive. I’ll stick with the suppressed 300BLK or the suppressed Sig.

        All bets are off for zombies though 😉

        • I left off the 300blk as it’s an sbr, so I put the Tavor in there instead. In truth I like the 300 better for home defense as I have subsonic loads. Still waiting on that suppressor though, it needs a direct thread to squeeze under the handguard.

        • Suppressed 300 black out is kind of stupid. Subsonic 150 grain 308 bullet is just a heavy pointed 9mm. If you go heavy on the 300, there is .40 and .45. Yes I know is it just standard AR parts, and you can always switch to a more capable (faster) round. And it is a hell of a lot better than subsonic ..223. But with 100 years of subgun development, you have to ask why.

        • Unless you hand load, 300 BLK is not subsonic at 150 Gr. Most factory suns are more like 190+ Gr. The energy of the heavy subs is more like a .45 than a 9mm. That was the whole point of it’s creation.

          I use a 110 Gr VMAX bullet that frags nicely and some ear pro.

      • “Nah brah! No need for earpro and certainly no need for a silencer! With adrenaline you’ll never even hear the shots and afterwards it won’t hurt your ears a bit!”

        -dat mall ninja we all know

      • Requiring silencers is just as bad as outlawing them. Could you imagine what that would do to CCW?
        If they ever become legal, how many localities will try to require them at ranges?

        • This is something that haunts me in the wee hours. I understand the courtesy and hearing protection aspects of silencers, but I’m the sort of person who tends to buy things that haven’t been in production since before I was born. (I have a long, philosophical reason why.)

          The last thing I want to do is have give a unique, patina-ed, hard-to-replace 40-80 year old barrel threads it was never supposed to have, just so I can enjoy my rights.

          By the way, when it comes to silencers, I find myself intrigued mostly by the integrally-suppressed weapons like the Welrod, DeLisle, and MP5-SD.

  2. Here’s my home defense line-up:

    1) Remington 870 loaded with 00 Buck. If the door is being kicked in or a threat is 100% identified this is what I’m grabbing

    2) FNX-45 If I hear a bump in the night but am just checking things out then I grab this beast. If it’s just one of my children up and out of bed or something falling in the garage then I don’t want to lug the shotgun around.

    3) AR-15 Total social collapse or paramilitary threat? It’s go-time. This will never happen but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared!

    • Never say never. History is littered with the corpses of civilizations that thought they could never fall, where people thought they “advanced” beyond some imaginary line where civilization would continue infinitely. Often times, civilizations collapse for very simple and over looked reasons. We think of America being invulnerable to all things save a full blown nuclear war or Yellowstone exploding. But simple things like the severe depletion of the water supply out west could cripple agriculture and send us on a path of destruction.

    • My exact line up except it’s a Glock 41 with good night sights . Unfortunately I’m your everyday Joe and cant afford the suppressors. Guess my ears will just have to ring but there will be bad guy down in my house.

  3. M&P9 2.0 with Federal 124gr HSTs, XS big dots, and either a SureFire or a Streamlight underneath.

    AR with MBUS, red dot, 1K lumen light, and sling. Preferably lightweight (sub-6.5 pounds with no ammo/accessories). Barnes VOR-TX is fine for my needs. I like clear Lancer mags. It should not have a comp or muzzle brake.

    Shotguns are a no-go in HD for me, and I don’t need more than one rifle and one pistol at a time.

  4. First line of defense is usually a 6″ GP 100 followed by a 3″ GP 100 and/or a Marlin 336BL loaded with 125gr hollow points. Sometimes I’ll toss one of my .44mags (Blackhawk, Vaquero birdshead) into the mix. Also have a few other options, but the sh!t really has to hit the fan before I’d have to worry about that.

    • I shot a sillhouette once at 25 yards with 41 pellet #4 buck from my Win. 1300 (22″, IC choke). At that range every pellet hit covering the entire torso, and they’ll all penetrate 8″-10″. That’s definitely going to leave a mark.

    • I’ve shot my dad’s mini 14 before and I’m pretty sure that is the loudest gun I’ve ever fired. Even with earpro on it was a bit of a shock, don’t think I’d want to use one in an HD situation.

  5. My 8.5″ 300BLK braced pistol with a TLR-1 HL and two mags of Hornady backed up by a CZ P-09 full of 147gr +P Federal HST.

    Compact, reliable, easy to handle by any family member. If a grizzly bear on PCP wants to steal my TV we also have the Mossy 930 JM with 10 rounds of #1 buck on tap.

    • Same here on the jm930 cept for high brass#4
      M&P .40 180grn hst
      The go to hell setup is s dpms ar-10 carbine with 168grn Sierra matchking

  6. Traditions Kentucky Rifle .50 cal.
    Ruger New Old Army .44 percussion revolver
    Handmade hickory longbow and quiver of a dozen arrows.

    Think the gun bigots will approve?

    • I have a total of 3 trips to the archery range under my belt with my new bow. I have a ways to go before I rely on it for home defense.

      But I have the option to manually insert the arrows into an intruder.

    • I have a bow and practice regularly but it’s never something I’d considered for HD.

      If you ever actually zap someone with your bow you better have it on video because that would be fucking epic.

        • Actually, a notorious incident on a state highway in Massachusetts…In the Attleboro area…A road rage incident with a group of young 20 somethings, and some old dude with his wife…After these guys through beer bottles at this guys car…He pulled over to inspect it, and his assailants pulled over too..But, to confront the old guy…Unfortunately, for them…This guy had a Barnett crossbow with razor Arrow head bolts in the trunk of his car…As one of these guys approached the old guy…This guy was planning to assault the man with a 4- cell magligjt flashlight 🔦, fuelled with Alcohol…Well things went suddenly bad for this guy…As he received a bolt through his chest…He stumbled a bit, gurgled, immediately collapsed and died on the spot…The group of trouble makers and assailants just happened to be a bunch of EMT buddies out for a night on the town!? Of course, in a Lib-TARD state like Massachusetts through the book at the “Crossbow killer” for what sane person would have a crossbow in the trunk of their car for self-defense ! Using it to kill a fine upstanding EMT….(Answer: So, yes… Crossbows do appear to be effective…)

    • I read an awesome post on Reddit once, of a young woman who had her house broken into. From her telling (which I see no reason not to believe, mostly because I don’t know if you could make this up) she’s in her 20s, over 6 foot, lives alone, and is a competition archer, but doesn’t (or at least didn’t; I would imagine this event changed her mind) own firearms. So, in the middle of the summer one night, she was asleep, naked, and heard her window being broken.

      So she grabbed her bow and an arrow, charged into the living room, drew a bead on some dude climbing in through her window, and shouted, “WRONG HOUSE, MOTHERF*CKER!” Quite something, and can you imagine how terrified that guy must have been? Even if you engaged in such stupid shit as breaking into houses, you don’t generally expect to be faced with an enraged, naked Amazon woman pointing a drawn bow at you.

  7. Saiga 12 Bullpup Converted Shotgun white 20 drum
    Handgun ordinary Glock 29 SF and 30 SF (10 and 460 rowland convertion for the last) double stacked
    An AR 10 SBR in 338 Federal

    all white suppressor and subsonic loads

  8. “Ms. Hathway also asserted that Americans have no need for semi-automatic firearms. So I guess her idea of three acceptable home defense firearms would be a revolver, a [pump] shotgun and a bolt action rifle.”

    Hey that’s what I said too about her new 3 gun sports options given no semi auto. But then I decided to go full lever action instead with an Adler shotgun, lever centerfire rifle and mare’s leg. Load on Sunday, shoot all week.

    Picking just three guns shows the problem in such a society, as different guns do different things, and only three doesn’t leave you room for any spares unless you just do the same gun for all three.

    Since a 3d printer and cold hammer forging machine so I can make unlimited more guns is probably not what you are looking for:

    1. HK P2000 V2 LEM in .40s&w. Still my typical daily carry, right size, and on my Desert island, .40 is still a good option between 9mm and .45, regardless of what the FBI lowest common denominator thinks. Smaller than vp9, can run vp40/p30 mags for extra round. Might sneak a .357 Sig barrel into my pocket. Only down side is no factory threaded barrel for suppressor.

    2. Swiss arms SG 553 R – piston gun, 11.9″ barrel, 7.62×39, AK mags – this gun has to do it all, some hunting, suppressed use, cleanish, home defense, plinking. A .308 or 6.5 would help long range but add weight, limit rounds, extra recoil, 5.56 would limit hunting.

    3. Ruger 10/22 take down .22lr 18″ barrel, threaded, plus silentSR ISB. Small critters, plinking, quiet.

    • I wanted one for years and years. I didn’t think I’d ever own anything fn bc of the price. But, I was finally able to get one. Don’t give up. Look for local gun stores that do layaway, or maybe deals with no interest financing (I think does that). It’s a gun that can be home defense gun for you as you age and even if you become injured or disabled. They’d light, fun, reliable, easy to shoot, effective (don’t believe the naysayers). And Palmetto runs good ammo deals. I hope to pair a FiveseveN with it in the near future.

  9. 11.5 BCM KMR, 20 round mag with 50 grain TSX, surefire pro tac 2, irons, magpul ms4.
    Daniel Defense, 20 round mag with 50 grain TSX, streamlight TLR-1S, Aimpoint CompM4, magpul ms4.
    12.5 BCM KMR, 20 round mag with 50 grain TSX, surefire pro tac 2, Trijicon MRO patrol, magpul ms4.

    NFA is what I have for home defense…

  10. 1. Ps90, with light and RMR, suppressed
    2. Scorpion evo, suppressed
    3. Original Scorpion, suppressed 32acp (wife’s go to)

    Maybe as a number 4…my cat.

  11. Right within about 4 inches of my right hand, is Smith 67 with Underwood 125 gr. +P Gold Dots. If I move my hand a few more inches, a 590A1 alternating 00 Buck and #4 shot. As I make my way around the bed to the door, I can grab a loaded CW380(2), CT9, and LCRX 3″ .38. In the meantime my wife is reaching for a Mossberg 464 Brush Gun 30-30 on her side. I can grab all kinds of stuff if I have to head downstairs. That is what is ideal for me, because that is what it is going to be.

  12. — .45 ACP Colt M45A1 1911 w/attached light and laser sight and an extra magazine
    — 12-ga Mossberg Shockwave/my Win 1897 riot gun (loaded 5 plus 1 with 00 buck and extra shells in my pocket). I’ve got the adapter for the Mossberg – just gotta find some Saiga short buckshot or slug shells.
    — 7.62×39 semi-auto AK-47 (Bulgarian) w/multiple 30 rd magazines (in case the zombies come)
    Hand-held flashlight

    I live alone and my kids are grown and outa here, so anybody else in my place is fair game.

  13. For HD ‘things that go bump in the night’ (not GooD or SHTF)

    • Suppressed Sig P226 (w/light and tritium sights) at the bedside (147gr Gold Dot)

    • Suppressed 300BLK SBR (w/light, Aimpoint PRO, and troy tritium BUIS) at little further away (208gr AMax)

    • Moss500 if going deaf is better than being eaten by the horde (w/light and tritium bead) (#4 shot, 000 on the side saddle)

  14. Glock19 (9mm) 100% stock.

    SR762 if I need a little more kick.

    Choice of selection cactus or succulent if shit gets personal. A golden barrel, Eagle’s claw, or even an Old Ande’s man, makes for a bad day.

  15. Mossberg 590a1. Pistol grip stock, 18.5 inch barrel, ghost ring sights, and a surefire
    Fnx 45 with tlr1 hl.
    Dd m4v11 with an eotech, tlr1 hl and forward grip.
    Keep them simple.

  16. Carry gun (Glock 9mm w truglo sights)
    300 BLK AR “Pistol”, big flashlight with a nice strobe mounted on forearm, some kind of 1-4 x illuminated optic and I wish I had a suppressor but I don’t

  17. In preferred order of use:

    USP .45 w/ Osprey suppressor and TLR2
    AR with 30 frangies, also suppressed
    If it really his the fan Mossy 500 tactical with a side saddle of extra shells.

    If for some reason all that fails and I’m still breathing: a selection of other unsuppressed pistols.

    My wife just rocks the G21 with a can and a light with an M590A1 to back it up.

  18. I average about three HD firearms – per room in the house! Ranging from an AR, .357 revolver, and suppressed .22 in my office (.22 for dispatching varmints), to a Mossberg, suppressed 300 BLK pistol, and .45 XD Tactical in one the bedrooms. Other rooms are similarly appointed. And I home carry, too.

  19. If I’m awake I have a j frame on my person. Then a k frame. Then a maverick 88 12 bore.

    If I need more than that I need the national guard.

  20. Is it weird that I have a spare AR and a combat load of ammo with chest rig stashed in a vacuum sealed dry bag inside the drywall of my house?

  21. Agreed , any firearm used inside your home would be more practical suppressed , but most gun owners can not or will choose not to jump through the hoops and over the hurdles and pay the additional cost to suppress their bed gun . So I’m going to pass this argument over while hoping our US Congress will see the utilitarian need for these to be readily available and lower in cost without unnecessary burdens .
    So here we go ;
    1] A 20 gauge firearm loaded with a good #2 or #3 buckshot , shortest barrel you can get and semi-autos are pluses .
    2] A 357 magnum revolver
    3] The pistol you and your spouse carry and practice with , what ever it may be , no dictates here . It should come out of you holster ( or stay in it ) and be within reach by your bedside , every night , same place , same condition , in the ready or safety on , how ever you carry it . If you want to suppress it before you go to beddy-by , go for it , but it should be second nature in point and shoot .
    I personally keep my tac-light next to my carry pistol and my access to many of my favorite , often fired , is quick and handy .
    My first line of defense is my dog .
    My second line is my video monitoring set-up
    My third line is my tac-light
    My fourth is my carry and in my case , also my wife’s carry………..
    ……………. and if you get past 1-4 you’ll more than likely get met with me and my carbine and my wife and
    the twenty gauge . If you see the 357 , I’ll more than likely be standing over you and using it to
    put you out of misery .

  22. 1) FNX 45, with a streamlight TLR-2

    2) Mossberg 590 flex, with weapons light and pressure switch and a red dot reflex sight

    3) PS-90/FN 5.7. For when I need the most ammunition possible if an army invaded my home.

  23. S&W 3913 with three 8 round mags that I keep stashed near my computer. That gives me 25 ready rounds for this weapon

    S&W 4006TSW with 3 ready mags that is stashed right next to my bed. That gives me 34 ready rounds for this weapon

    Ruger AR-556 that is located right next to the door to my apartment with three loaded mags. That gives me 90 ready rounds for this weapon.

    As a practical matter the rifle is probably useless if someone breaks into my apartment. It is a small single bedroom unit and an intruder can reach any part of it in less then 10 seconds, so I just store the rifle with am empty chamber. If I ever do have a situation where that rifle is needed I figure I’ll either be dead before I can get to it or i’ll be alive long enough to grab it and cycle the charging handle.

  24. Well for your run of the mill break in its my DP-12 loaded with 16 rounds of 00 buck. My G26 with a 17 round mag, and the wife with her Beretta storm. If it’s a SHTF scenario then I have many different options to fit the situation.

  25. Don’t need 3 guns, just 1: pistol caliber Carbine with red dot sight for night use. Low recoil and cheap to practice for proficiency; much more accurate than a handgun; lightweight and low recoiling enough to handle and shoot one handed if you need to open doors.

  26. 12 Ga Stoeger Coach Gun /w 6 on the saddle
    Glock 20 /w surefire light
    Tavor /w Meprolight MOR

    and a Chogan Tomahawk

  27. Well, God forbid being put into a deadly force encounter with a home invader…As an apartment dweller in a kind of notorious crime infested township…That is in a “anti-2nd amendment Eastern Bloc Communist Authoritarian Police State…” Were a lawful US citizen could be preyed upon by both criminals, or the police…I’d would have to say first would be non- lethal fire extinguisher size canister of OC in fog or Gel…If I’d have go for broke in the worst way possible…I have a nice collection of ancient swords…Which had plenty of “stopping power” then as they still do today…Just need a strong stomach…I have seen the out come of a few home invasions in which the home owner was armed with a sword (re: a collector, or in an anti-🔫/ Anti-2nd Amendment state. Where it is very difficult for a US citizen to exercise their constitutional rights. Also, apartment dwellers. Where discharging a firearm in a confined space may endanger loved ones, or neighbors…Or cause damage to the shooters hearing…)…One in Connecticut, not to long ago…A teenage used a Japanese Katana to fight out a home intruder…A man forced in his front door and attacked the kid…The kid retrieved the Samurai sword and proceed to clever open his rib cage…The intruder promptly flees the residents…Was caught by police…Another one was an apartment B&E in the Midwestern state…Intruder got the wrong home…The occupant was a practitioner in ancient European arms , and when alarmed impaled the intruder through the shoulder with a long spear…Pinning him to the wall…Though he was able to escape…And seek police help…Another was a home invasion where the home owner fought 3 armed home invaders with a Japanese Katana…The police photo of the wounds were horrific…One of the intruders hands (that had a gun in it…Was splayed open in 3 places, down to the wrist like a set of baby back rib !!! Some of the others received life threatening wounds…Hacked and Hewned…) Then their was this fellow in the UK in a Suburban English Township…Where he fough off a bunch of home intruders with a English Calvary sabre (and Didn’t get arrested, or his sword confiscated! THATs amazing!) If you can go modern, or post-future apocalypse…Then go old school, medieval !!!

    • College kid in Baltimore (Johns Hopkins) cleaved a burglar with a katana. Right down through his aorta. No charges filed.
      The one thing though is that long swords can’t be most effectively wielded in houses with 8′ ceilings. But they still make great stabby thingys.

      • Thank God I have a 9′ ceiling! And I think my 12″ cutlass machete would have sufficient clearance. But in NZ, we are definitely forbidden by law to ever mention, consider, or even whisper thoughts about armed self defense. Our guns are entirely for hunting, or firing range purposes. So my Maverick 18″, my SKS, my 10/22, would never ever, under any circumstances, be used in the defense of my life or those of my loved ones. Just won’t happen. Ever. Honest, officer!

  28. Price no object?
    Okay, then:
    1) Shotgun: Chiappa 12-gauge Triple Threat (MSRP $1900 but street price $1418, I just checked).
    This is the FASTEST way to fire three rounds of 12-gauge, faster than a semiautomatic or a pump-action, and because it’s a break-action 18.5″ barrel, it’s very compact, only 35.5″ long!
    The polymer version has two rails, one on top for your Aimpoint (we did say “price is no object”, right?), and one on the bottom for your Viridian green laser with strobe light.
    Put six reloads on the stock, and you’ve got 9 rounds of 12-gauge that can be fired faster than a pump-action, and the pump-action will always be longer and more awkard (unless it’s a bullpup, but those have their own issues).
    2) Pistol: FNP FNX-45, with 15 rounds of .45 ACP in each magazine. It’s not a carry gun, but we’re talking home defense, right? You can equip it with an RMR sight (mini red dot), silencer, etc.
    3) Rifle: For home defense, a pistol-caliber carbine chambered in .45 ACP. There are several available now, but I’m waiting for Ruger to come out with a .45 ACP version of their new PC Carbine.
    Advantages over a pistol: less recoil, more accuracy, less noise, less flash, less blast, and longer barrel leads to higher velocity which means more stopping power!
    Advantages over a .223/5.56 rifle: Much quieter, much less flash, much less blast, and you can find pistol-caliber carbines that won’t look to antigun judge, jury, and media like a “scary, evil, black, military-style, assault-style” gun.
    Advantages over a larger caliber rifle: Much quieter, much less flash, much less blast, AND much less over-penetration.

    • If you insist on having a 12 gauge to fight with; you’d be much better of having a semi-auto like a Benelli M4. That Triple Threat may shoot faster, but your talking fractions of a second for three shots and your out.

      • Why would I want a semiauto shotgun that’s about 5 inches longer, more ammo-sensitive, and less reliable than a triple-barrel shotgun?
        If you’re facing any threat where you need more than three rounds of 12-gauge, then you shouldn’t have visited Jurassic World on its opening weekend!
        Also, a semiauto shotgun will not cycle correctly with non-lethal ammo, will jam instead.

        If I faced an unidentified noise in the middle of the night, then I’d pick up my shotgun, with two non-lethal rounds in it, because I’d rather take a small risk of being outgunned than a big risk of killing my family or in-laws who happen to be coming home in the middle of the night. But if I’m sure the intruders are bad guys, guns, then I’d pick up my .45 carbine or .45 handgun instead of my shotgun!

        My current home defense gun is a double-barreled coach gun, the Stoeger Double Defense, which I keep loaded with two non-lethal rounds: the first round is a pepper cartridge, and the second round is rubber buckshot. If that’s not enough to stop someone, I have six deadly rounds of law enforcement 00 buckshot on the stock that I can reload faster than they can recover from being hit by pepper and rubber buckshot.

        Why non-lethal for the first two shots? I have seven people in my house including a teenager and two boys in their twenties who sometimes come home at the wee hours of the morning.
        I also have a brother-in-law who once entered the house at 2:00 a.m. and set off my burglar alarm (he has a door key, but not the alarm code).
        If I’m awoken at 2:00 a.m., I don’t want my first shot, or my second, to kill a relative! (Not even an in-law, LOL). I also know that buckshot can penetrate walls and kill people on the other side.
        I also know buckshot is loud enough to deafen me if fired inside the house, so I’d rather my first two rounds be quieter (the pepper cartridge is quiet, and has a range of over 50 feet even from a flare pistol that I tested it with).

        So, if I currently use a double-barreled coach gun for home defense, you may see why I consider a triple-barrel “Triple Threat” to be 50% better, so I could shoot two non-lethal rounds and one lethal round before reloading (or one nonlethal round and then two lethal rounds).
        If that’s not enough to stop the threat, then I can quickly reload 3 more lethal rounds, then another 3.

  29. If I could only keep three of my guns, it would be

    Remington 870 12g.
    Glock 26.

    Normally I’d never leave out a .22 rifle, but if I can only have three, I have to pass on it.

    If it was just one … the shotgun.

  30. 1. WASR 10 or Mini 14 (whichever I happen to lay hands on first.
    2. 1911 in 45 ACP (to get to the WASR or Mini)
    3. Mossberg 500 pump loaded with buckshot.
    4. Large Bowie knife.
    5. Large Kerambit knife.
    6. C.A.T (Crazy Agitated Tactical) Feline.
    7. Dogs
    8. Plastic Sporks.

    • Those sporks can hurt. They can also scoop an eye right out with one. They should be banned – to foil eye scoopers everywhere.

      • I prefer steel but those damn AWBs banned black assault sporks like the CRKT Eat N Tool after the Atlantic City Golden Corral massacre when “little” Gertrude Golvenshinger slashed and scooped 76 elderly folks as she hacked her way to the last tray of fried chicken on the buffet.

  31. What I already have set up.

    Steyr C-40 A-1, EDC gun. I carry this everywhere legal to do so, everyday.

    AR-15 (franken-rifle, parts from a dozen different shops). 18” barrel, with VFG and flashlight on free-floated rail. Primary Arms red dot sight.

    AK-47 ( a Palmetto State Arms PSAK-47). Nothing special on this one, got an RS Regulate side rail I still need to get aligned, then I’ll put a PA 2.5x scope on it.

  32. Since I keep these I my bedroom; I guess they would be my main three guns for self/home defense:

    Colt/Spikes AR-15 chambered in 5.56 (currently suppressed)

    Benelli M4 loaded with 2.75 slugs

    Glock 21 (currently suppressed)

    Nothing fancy. They all can get the job done and have been reliable.

    • FYSA, you’re calling two suppressed firearms “nothing fancy” in a forum where the base currency unit is the Hi Point pistol.

    • I could get 17 hi point pistols, 8 hi point carbines, and 4 Chiappa triple threats for what you got wrapped up in that spread. You decadent capitalist dog.

  33. here is my Home Defense arsenal
    1. winchester 1200 pump (just for the sound of a pumping shotgun!)
    2. S&W M&P R8 Performance Center 357
    3. M1 carbine

  34. 90 pound Bull Dog, 60 pound Pit, and short-tempered Latina. If anyone can make it through all three, they deserve whatever they can grab (IF their hands are still attached)…

  35. # 1. Winchester SXP Defender 12 gauge 2 rounds 3″ Magnum 00 buck, followed by 2 rounds Brenneke 3″ Black magic magnum big game slugs Will take the fight out of anyone wearing soft body armor without plates (broken ribs or lacerated lung/heart) And a 20 round Bandolier with more big thunder Hurting
    # 2. CLASSIFIED…………
    # 3. CLASSIFIED…………

  36. 0. Five cell Maglite w/ glass breaker spike
    1. XD-40 Tactical
    2. Rem 870 with pistol grip and light
    3. DPMS Panther w/ red dot and flip-aside magnifier

    I keep a set of Walker Game Ears on my dresser so that I can still hear afterward. I hadn’t heretofore considered the results of magnifying the sound of using the Maglite in self defense.

  37. If I have a home invasion problem that cant be solved with a G19 with TLR1 and a suppressed 11.5 DD AR I’m not really sure what the third gun is going to do for me.

  38. Well if this isn’t a click bait post I don’t know what is. Nonetheless, I clicked it so:
    I’d go with the classics:
    -Remington 870/Mossberg 500 12 GA with 18-24″ barrel, any high quality 38 Special/357 Magnum revolver, or a solid full size handgun in 9mm.

    • In a three gun and semi-auto ban world I’d swap the semi-auto pistol out with a slide action or lever action carbine. I do love my old Win. 94.

  39. A _ _ _ _ _ loaded with_ _ _ _ , a _ _ _ _ loaded with, _ _ _ _, and a _ _ _ _ loaded with _ _ _ _. . That’s what I used to use, but after loading my boat to escape the flood waters a tragedy occurred.

    • These awful boating accidents seem to happen all of the time. Maybe we should get “Go Fund Me” pages so that we can protect ourselves now that all of our guns have been lost.

      • It was my fault. Had I not run back into the cabin to save my Hillary Clinton Swimsuit Edition® calander, I would have been there when the mooring line broke

  40. As they rest in the bedroom now:

    Mossberg 590A1 (9 + 1 rounds)
    factory ghost ring sights
    SpeedFeed stock (+ plus four rounds)
    Side Saddle shell carrier (+ six rounds)
    20 2.75in. no. 4 shot

    Glock G19 (15 + 1 rounds)
    Surefire TLR-1 light
    Apex trigger
    Meprolight tritium sights

    AR-15 pistol build (30 rounds)
    7.5″ barrel
    ODIN Works adjustable brace buffer tube
    8″ ALG Defense KeyMod rail
    ALG Defense ACT trigger
    SB Tactical SBM4 brace
    Troy Inds. Claymore break
    Holosun HS503 optic
    Magpul Mbus


    Condor Sentry plate carrier
    AR500 level 4 composite plate
    Condor double kangaroo mag pouch (+2 30 round AR15 and +2 15 round Glock mags)
    Streamlight Scorpion in a molle pouch
    Blue Force IFAK

    (You said be specific.)

  41. Anything huh…Benneli M2 with suppressor, good AR with suppressor and light and Glock 20. Reality?!? 3Taurii and a Maverick88 20″. And I’m OK with that. Working on an AR and craving a 4″ 357.

  42. Beretta 1301 Tactical with extended mag tube. Give me some of that fast-firing semi-auto shotgun goodness. The new version with the chokes, not the older versions.

    SIG p226R, 9mm with weaponlight attached. Reliable. Dependable. Accurate.

    AR-15 in 5.56 w/14.5 inch barrel & a pinned Strike Industried J-Comp to be NFA-free. (For those of you counting at hime, that gives it the same dimensions as a M4) Put on some random 4.5 lb, single stage, aftermarket trigger, because this is a duty gun.

  43. “Question of the Day: What Three Guns for Home Defense?”

    It should be worded “WHAT!!!??? [only] Three Guns for Home Defense ?????? !!!!!!”

    What are you doing with the other ~ 20?

  44. Bushmaster (old model) AR-15 with Mag Lite XL 1200 and 30 rnd mags.
    870 Wingmaster (old model) loaded with reduced recoil 00 Buck (for my wife)
    Sig 226 with Laser Grip, loaded with Liberty Civil Defense 50 grn +P (rated at 2000fps)

  45. Only three? No way! .380 S&W Body Guard( wife)<At with I don't 10 mags, Stevens 12 gage pump 28 barrel, 5 rnds. , SW9DVE w/4extra mags and last buy not least cuz it works, Taurus .40 cal w/2 extra 11 round mags. Get by me ….

  46. Ignoring the no NFA, this is what I actually use:
    Scorpion Evo SBR with single point sling, TRL-1 and 30 Federal HST +P 147grn and TiRant 45
    Beretta ARX100 SBR with single point sling, TRL-1 and 30 Gold dots and YHM ULT30
    Aero pistol build with shockwave brace, BA 8″ 300 AAC barrel, TRL-1 and 30 220 grn subs
    Walther PPQ M2 with TRL-1, and 15 rnds Federal HST 147 grn pills.

  47. 1. Mossberg 590 a1 with Federal flight control #1 buckshot. No bayonet mount.
    2. H&K 45 compact tactical. Federal 45 HST jhp ammo (+p optional)
    3. H&K Mark 23 with Federal 45 HST jhp (definitely +p). No can yet.

  48. I’m theoretical allowed only 3? Definitely not linking with reality, because you’ll be fortunate to have one accessible during a home defense event. Still, this is a fun game, so I’ll play:

    1. Remington 1100 semi-auto shotgun with 21 inch barrel, in 20 gauge, loaded with #4 buck.
    2. M1 Carbine (a repro, not the real thing) loaded up with .30 cal carbine soft point – reflex sight please.
    3. CZ-82 pistol loaded with 12 rounds of 9×18 goodness with an extra full mag.

    Note that my choices are driven by a need for low recoil now that I’ve entered the “geezer zone.”

  49. I have a six foot fence for a reason and it isn’t to keep people out. Once in, what’s not eaten will leave in a body bag.

  50. I’ll play. For me, my primary night stand defense firearm is my Springfield XD Mod 2 9mm service pistol with 16+1 9mm +p JHP rounds and a spare mag, all locked in a bedside quick access safe. My SHTF or Purge like event gun is a Springfield Saint with 69gr hpbt and 55gr sp (these particular bullets expand but don’t fragment retaining about 90% of their weight) in 30-round Magpuls. My Saint shoots nearly 1 moa w/ the 69gr bthp. The third is my Kimber 1911 Pro Carry II in 9mm – holds 9+1, if it held a few more rounds it would be my primary home defense firearm as I am more accurate with it compared to the XD (although I’m plenty accurate with the XD for a defensive situation). Eventually my nightstand pistol will be the XD Mod 2 tactical 9mm w/ 5″ barrel. Longer sight radius and greater precision because of it, along with a bit more velocity compared to a 4″ barrel. Someday, maybe I’ll get a 5″ 1911 in 10mm as my bedside gun. Figure it’s heavy enough to control the recoil…? That gun would either be the new Springfield 10mm 1911 or a Kimber Camp Guard 10mm.

  51. A generic advice goes, if we had a 3 gun limit, I’d say get whatever reliable and concealable 9mm (or .380 if recoil sensitive) best fits your hands, budget, and clothing style. Then practice the heck out of it and carry it everywhere the law allows – especially at home. That’s all for home defense. Optimize your other 2 gun choices for maximum fun at the range.

    If you insist on using all 3 guns for home defense, then (in addition to the concealable 9mm) get either a full-size 9mm pistol or a 9mm carbine. Also get something that can slip into a pocket – micro .380, derringer, a very small revolver, Beretta mouse gun, that sort of thing. I wouldn’t recommend shotguns or rifles unless you like to shoot in competition or hunt.

    And maybe a can of bear spray…

    All of that assumes a serious 3 gun limit. Our actual firearms inventory is a family secret, but let’s just say I’m not following my own advice.

  52. My home defense repertoire:

    (1) H&R Pardner Pump shotgun in 20 gauge with 20 inch barrel, loaded with 5/8 ounce slugs.

    (2) Kel-Tec SUB-2000 pistol caliber (.40 S&W) carbine with 16-inch barrel and 22-round Glock magazines, loaded with 165 grain Winchester Ranger bonded hollowpoints.

    (3) Smith and Wesson M&P 40 semi-auto pistol in .40 S&W with 4.2 inch barrel and 15-round factory magazines, loaded with 180 grain Winchester Ranger bonded hollowpoints.

    Note that the carbine launches those .40 caliber, 165 grain bullets at 1,350 fps — and that it launches them at a significantly reduced noise level because the barrel is four times longer (and propellant pressure at the muzzle of the barrel is therefore four times lower) than a handgun.

  53. SInce concealment isn’t an issue….

    – MPX in 9mm with stabilizing brace
    – 870 in 12GA, extended tube
    – AR in 5.56, 16″ barrel.


    – The 12-gauge auto-loader.
    – The .45 long slide, with laser sighting.
    – Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.

  54. my personal choices (post-smuggling [!] )

    i/M1 carbie with 30-rnd mag and using SJHP’s 110grn rounds;
    (no picaninny rail system avlbl, AFAIK…..but….easy to ‘jerry rig’ a small torch on brrl)
    ii/Remington s/a shottie (11-87)… 20g (easier to control)…. “00” buck with a coupla solid slugs; plus: an “Uncle Mike” five-round pouch on the butt…..
    iii/Walther PPX ….. either “40”-cal or nine millie…. pref. loaded up with Hydra-Shoks ™
    (also: with laser/light combo’)

    actually: for me…that’s all you’d need for home-defence….
    but…. for hunting….i’d be using a s/a 22clbr like a Ruger 10-22 for small stuff and an SMLE “303” with ‘scope for bigger ‘game’……

    for the boat….most likely….. a Remington or Mossie p/a shottie…. “marine”/s-s finish and, maybe either an SKS or some-thing like, say, a Ruger mini-30 with customised Wolf springs so it ‘feeds’ ex-Red Army ammo OK…..
    (the former to ‘repel’ boarders in dangerous waters and the latter for sharks etc)

  55. “and nothing crew served.”

    Come on now! I really wanted to start a discussion about the viability of the Mutually Assured Destruction policy for home defense. “If you attack me, I’ll blow up you, your crew, and the whole city too.”

    Bwa ha ha ha ha!

  56. Winchester Trapper loaded with Corbon 200g JHP.

    Ruger SR9 with Golden Saber +P

    Smith 15 loaded with BB 158 JHP

    That is in our bedroom and doesnt include carry guns

  57. In California, everything NFA is banned, so no SBR, no auto (unless you had it before 2000, but who’d want to use THAT for home defense when you know you’d never see it again?), no silencers. And a 10 round mag limit.

    My home defense is all handguns. I don’t own a shotgun, and my wife would FREAK if I brought a loaded one into the house. Also, almost all shots anywhere in the house are less than ten yards, so rifles are pretty much unnecessary. There is a Winchester 92 in .45 Colt in a closet, but it isn’t loaded, and neither is the Kentucky long rifle.
    But there are the following at hand or very near by:
    1. My EDC Kahr, 7+1 and two extra 7 round mags. Two mags are currently Gold Dots, the third is Lehigh XTreme Penetrators for shooting through walls.
    2. A 4″ Kimber Pro Carry II with two extra 8 round mags, various HPs.
    3. A clone (Pietta) 1873 4.75″ in .45 Colt with plenty of extra ammo.

    That’s the top three. For non-firearms defense, there are four dogs, two of which are ankle biters that yap loudly and irritatingly without cease, a hand and a half broad sword (modern), an 1859 cavalry saber, and an 1860 saber bayonet.

  58. The Holy Trinity:
    A. 1911 .45 ACP
    B. 870 12 GA
    C. AR 5.56

    If little Ms. Dirty Panties gets her wish and semi autos are banned, I’ll swap out my S&W Mod 28 .45 ACP/ 460 Rowland custom conversion for the 1911 and my Winchester 94 30-30 [circa 1953] for the AR. All tried and true.

  59. Three gold plated, pearl handled, diamond encrusted Desert Eagles chambered in .50 AE.

    Silver jacketed 300 gr Hornaday XTP, treated with holy water and pigs blood, handloaded into steel casings made from melted down helmets and rifles taken from dead soldiers in the Iraq-iran war.

    Easiest decision of my life.

  60. I see a lot of mention of mine here, so…

    Saiga-12 with 12-rnd drum
    300BO SBR suppressed (multi cal supressor, usable on 9mm to 22lr)
    And the third depends on where i am in the house.
    1911-1, 1911-2, 1911-3, G-19 (threaded for sbove can)

    And if i am at the safe, Python.

    As with all posts, this is hypothetical, as i really only own one old .380 kel-tec.

  61. Beretta PX4 Storm in .40 with an attached light/laser. Mostly because it’s my first handgun and I don’t like it that much anymore so I won’t carry it, but it still works just fine. And an external safety is fine on a handgun for an HD scenario.

    I also have a 10″ bbl 300 BLK “pistol” with the Shockwave brace and a Burris FastFire III. I’ll be buying a suppressor for it soon and some 220-gr JHP. Once I do, I’ll most likely put the light/laser on that and retire/sell the Beretta. Especially now that my department switched to 9mm, and since I like to carry my issue Glock 19, I’ve switched to 9mm by default.

    Used to be my Mossberg 590 with a mix of magnum 00 and slugs, but my ex-wife still has that under her bed up in NY. I’ll get it back eventually, but for now it gives me peace of mind when my daughter is up there for her 2 weeks of every month.

  62. I guess the question posed in this article was what three guns for home defense, but in Ms. Hathway’s America, er, dystopian nightmare, you only get three guns total. Not sure if that is per person or household, so with a spouse or trust maybe you could optimize your choices to get more variety.

    But if it was say three guns total per household, then your only three guns have to do everything. Carry open or concealed, sport, home defense, plinker, training, hunting, survival, collapse of modern society (likely if government has attempting to swipe all but three of everyone’s guns). If only three guns then home defense is only part of the equation. Unless everyone is just going to stay home until everything blows over and not venture out until freedom is restored.


  64. That’s an easy one. Since I am an ex Navy man, I’ll start with a 20 MM situated just inside my front door. Then a quad 40 MM mount in the front yard, and finally, a 5″ turret on top of my roof.
    That should pretty well wrap it up!
    Any questions call: 1800 EAT SHIT.

  65. To those who say shooting doesn’t hurt your ears, I need hearing aids due to being on a shooting range without ear protection. Our high school had a range and as club president, I had to be on the range anytime there was shooting. At the time, there was no thought of protection. Also, fired a gun in a small room and was down from the ear pain.

  66. Every one should have a couple pair of ear protectors hanging on your head board. If nothing else, you can use them when your wife starts yelling at you when you come home late, and she’s already in bed.

  67. Until these foolish people realize that our Constitution and Bill of Rights is not about what we as Americans need, it is when we decide to exercise any of our God given rights,
    this nonsense will continue.

  68. Two pairs of Howard Leight Sport electronic hearing protection, I can hear anything when turned up to maximum, one for my wife and myself.
    Mossberg 500 12ga, S&W M&P 9mm with Gold Dot ammo, three mags and M&P 15x.

  69. Engaging targets inside the house:

    BCM RECCE-16 KMR-LW 5.56mm Carbine with Geissele SSP Super Speed Precision Trigger; a Trijicon MRO; a Surefire 500 lumens M300C Compact LED Scout Light with remote activation switch, BCM KAG and Viking Tactics sling

    Glock 19 Roland Special and Trijicon RMR and Surefire 600 lumens X300

    Engaging targets outside the house:

    LaRue Tactical PredatOBR 7.62 with Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E) Trigger; a Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6×24 (LaRue mounts); BCM KAG; and Viking Tactics sling

    All weapons are loaded with Dr. Gary Roberts (aka DocGKR) approved ammunition.

  70. First go to is pistol in nightstand safe.
    1911 Colt Combat Commander .45 ACP series 70

    Second is 12 ga. Mossberg 500 pump alternating slug and 00/000 buck

    Third would be PSA AR-15 5.56

    Special mention 3b would be Remington woodsman 742 .30×06 (hypothetically) only be used in the home if I used all other and douche doesn’t go down or unless it’s the only thing I could get to and I’ll sacrifice my hearing to stay alive (and pointing down)

  71. Trigger warning: this is a theoretical question.

    How would limiting the number of firearms per person to three violate the Second Amendment? Such a limit would not infringe on your right to bear arms.

    • I can see this as one of those “common sense” laws antis would propose.

      One catch to such law would be the associated parts that would mandate the authorities to search your property at any time to verify you only have three. And, of course, they would insist on knowing what three you have so there would be registry and permits and such other minor issues.

      So no thank you for the “limit of three” idea.

      Does the phrase “shall not be infringed” ring a bell.

      They probably would not like my Ma Duce to boot.

    • “How would limiting the number of firearms per person to three violate the Second Amendment?”
      Because some people like to own more than three guns, and because there’s absolutely no logical reason to limit it to three! Also there is a Constitutional RIGHT to keep and bear arms that “shall not be infringed”!

      Imagine if you substitute “guns” with the name of any Constitutionally protected right…
      An atheist might say,
      “How would limiting people to going to church three times a year violate the First Amendment? Such a limit would not infringe on freedom of religion.”
      Because some people like to go to church more than three times a year, and because there’s absolutely no logical reason to limit it to three! Also there is a Constitutional RIGHT to freedom of religion!

      “How would limiting the number of books per person to three violate the First Amendment?”
      Because some people like to own more than three books, and because there’s absolutely no logical reason to limit it to three! Also there is a Constitutional RIGHT to a free press and freedom of speech.

      There’s absolutely nothing more dangerous about someone who owns 300 guns than there is about someone who owns 3 guns. You can’t fire more than two guns at a time (and you’d have a hard time carrying more than three guns at a time), so how is having 300 guns more dangerous than having 3 guns?

      Actually, the person with 300 guns is no doubt a harmless gun collector, while the person with one gun… as the saying goes, “Beware the man with only one gun, for he surely knows how to use it!”

    • Ooh, this sounds fun! Can I play?

      Well, I need one for my house. One for my car. One for my other car. One for hunting. One for my boat. Oh, that’s all just self defense. Then I have my three gun sports firearms… As implied, I need at least three, but would like to switch things up, so maybe two more after that because they’re like golf clubs…

      Get the idea? The constitution doesn’t state a limit to the number of guns I can own. Contrary to popular belief, it is incredibly specific and went through a number of revisions before being finalized. If it did, it would read something like: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear only three firearms, shall not be infringed.”

      Bonus round: Define the word “arms” as it was used at the time for the second amendment.

  72. Springfield XDm 3.8 compact (EDC – 19+1)
    Sig MPX 8″ 9mm with Romeo red dot (great fun)
    Springfield Saint with Trijicon Reflex

  73. A S&W revolver in .357 magnum. Four inch barrel.
    An AR Platform rifle in 5.56×45.
    A Glock 43 for CCW.
    Though one coul go with an a 9 mm Luger plan, one full size GLock, one Compact Glock and a Carbine that takes Glock magazines.
    No, I am not aGlock fanboy.


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