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“You don’t need guns to protect your property,” Frankie Tierney writes in a comment underneath this YouTube video. “You don’t even need guns to protect yourself. There are literally hundreds of self protection weapons out there that doesnt kill. we can take known stuff like pepper spray and a stun gun. But we can also take stuff like a baseball bat. But In reality we only need a phone and our feets so we can get the f*ck away from danger and call the cops. Nothing material is worth risking your own or others life for.” Two words: Dr. Petit. Question: do you have friends who think this way? Do they think you’re nuts? [h/t mattdg91]

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  1. We shouldn’t have guns but should beat people’s brains out with baseball bats instead? Mr Tierney seems really disturbed….

    • Definitely a twisted individual. A perfect example of cognitive dissonance-

      If it is in fact moral to strike what could potentially be a lethal blow- yes a single strike from a baseball bat can kill. Why does the means of striking that blow matter?

      Hundreds of non-lethal weapons? No- less lethal is more accurate. Depending on allergies, physical condition of the target (including drugs), many of those ‘hundreds’ of weapons can in fact kill or permanently cripple someone.

      • That’s one thing that always got me…. how do superheros, for example Batman, somehow manage to beat the living snot out of bad guys, sometimes repeatedly, and somehow manage not to maim, critically injure, or kill any of them?

        I think the rash of heroes both in comics and movies, that somehow manage to find the moral high ground alternative has somehow fueled the belief of a nonviolent solution, where everyone walks out happy, and bad guys can live another day and reform their lives.

        • Yep. Further, if we’re reduced to bats or clubs or whatever, we’re back in a Road Warrior scenario where your average 120 lb woman or elderly person or disabled person has essentially no chance of coming out on top in a violent confrontation. That’s not a world I want to live in.

        • I think I’ll expand that. I’m thinking that since people get their reality FROM movies and TV’s is EXACTLY why that dope thinks the way he does. The “non lethal” alternatives (fists, blunt objects, etc) NEVER cause permenant injury or worse, and guns ALWAYS cause nearly IMMEDIATE death. When was the last bad guy shot on TV not seen as immediately dead? BANG, bad guy down and dead. So, people who don’t know (and probably don’t care to know) have these distortions about self defense and what the various “tools” can and can’t do. Besides, what idiot would rather carry a BASEBALL BAT with them, but not a pistol??

  2. What are these “Non-gun” friends you speak of? JK. Seriously, though, who has friends that think they are nuts?

    • I do. I have a core group I’ve been friends with for 20+ years. About 10-12 years ago (before the birth of my first child) the epiphany hit that I’m now responsible for more that just myself. My wife & I train, we train our children, own firearms and have a great appreciation of our rights and freedoms. Unfortunately, the core group thinks I’ve gone off the deep end and will “go postal” someday. I’ve tried to explain it to them, but they’re all childless and single (and now in their late 40’s) and can’t grok why a cell phone isn’t sufficient. They’re still very good friends, but I’ve stopped trying to explain it and they’ve blissfully ignored that I carry a firearm everywhere I go.


        Some of my friends get it. Some of my friends keep and carry, some just keep, some used to keep but their significant others won’t “allow” it now that there are kids in the house, and some just can’t wrap their heads around the idea of of firearms in the hands of “civilians” (while ignoring my own Mil and quasi-nearly-LE background.)

        So in a nutshell; I have friends-family who think I am well-grounded, others who think I am completely batsh*t, and several sprinkled throughout in between. Ultimately, who gives a sh*t? Those that think I have gone off the deep end invariably call me when things go wrong for them. I even had one of the “Guns are bad, mmkay” friends call me recently after his first child was born and he had that “oh sh*t” moment where he figured out that being a parent and protecting your child came with that whole responsibility thing that requires you actually do a lot of stuff you say you’d do.

  3. Non-gun friends? Never heard of them.

    My friends are all people of the gun, and those I know who are not do not know that I am. I like to keep it that way.

  4. Actually, non of my non-gun friends think I am nuts. Of course, I don’t typically hang out with people that pathetically victim inclined.

  5. I think he is nuts particularly since he doesn’t realize that bats are a deadly weapon and more people are murdered by blunt force trauma than by rifles.

    Why do I think this guy would lose in bat-to-bat combat?

  6. God, I love Cyanide and Happiness. Anyway, I do have some friends who don’t share my massive enthusiasm for firearms (though none of them are anti-gun), and of course there’s some good-natured ribbing on the subject. But no one I know seriously thinks I’m crazy for owning so many guns. On another note, this guy is an idiot. He says something about using baseball bats for self defense. Ok, and if the other guy has a gun, then you’re going to ensure that he can’t kill you by beating his brains out? That is far more brutal and violent than the relatively clean method of shooting someone. I’m concerned about him. Although, actually, he’s probably one of those bleeding heart liberal idiots who thinks that there is no such thing as justifiable (legally or morally) use of deadly force. And that if you even bruise someone, you used excessive force, because as we all know, the world is a perfect place of sunshine and bunnies where bad things NEVER happen to good people….

    • I don’t know, baseball bat seems cleaner. If you shoot someone the blood will spray out over your carpet but if you are careful while bashing their heads in then worst case scenario is that they leak some brain matter on your carpet. If going for cleanliness never use a taser since that usually makes people soil themselves (you ain’t getting that stank out).

      Oh, you meant the other kind of clean? Nevermind then.

      • Have you ever seen the scene of a beating with something like a baseball bat?

        Head trauma can be quite messy…it doesn’t just “leak.”

        This whole conversation (comment by Frankie) is based on complete and total ignorance. It’s pretty pathetic, really.

        • Yes I have, I tried to lighten the mood. Truth is, your carpet is a goner no matter what you use.

        • Yep. only non gun head trauma I’ve witnessed personally was an old lady that DRT’d. That stuff got every where. Had it happened in a house I would have opted for burning the house instead of trying to clean it.

          • Helped move furniture and appliances out of an apartment a guy had shot himself in the head in. People truly do not comprehend how much blood is actually IN a human body. And not squeamish, I cut meat(kosher and halal trained) and have seen men hit in combat and worked for a year as an EMT so I have seen my share of gore. But that apartment, just saturated with the stench of human blood and left for 2 weeks. Damn, hate just thinking of it.

            • Yeah, that stuff REEKS when it oxidizes, which is within half a minute or so, sometimes. I don’t even want to imagine what it’s like when you toss in a bunch of gross matter, like brains.

              Excuse me…… gotta run!

              • People really have no concept how much human blood stinks. They see in a movie some poor bastich getting their throat cut. I was taught to never open a vein or artery, always drive the blade into the side of the skull, just below the ear. Or directly into base of skull. Never, not ever, slice any major blood bearing artery or vein, and damned sure do not open an abdomen!

  7. You’re welcome to run away/wait for the cops all day long, Frankie, but what makes you have any right to make that decision for me and my family?

  8. Considering my past history, they think I am nuts (+ my habit of always carrying duct tape doesn’t help).

    • I prefer Gorilla tape. I keep about 6 feet of it wrapped around a piece of welding rod on my car keys. Better to have it and never need it lol.

  9. Some of them think I’m crazy: the ones i havent taken to the range 🙁
    Those that I have taken to the range with me are jealous and ask me for advice on where and what to buy 🙂

    My nieces love it and devour my .22 ammo like a fat kid at a buffet.

  10. Baseball bats? Well that might have worked back in the 12th century, before firearms were invented.

  11. I have non-gun friends in New York City (where gun ownership is extremely difficult) and Boston (where carry permits are impossible to get). They envy me.

    • I looked into getting a CCW for Boston simply because I visit there so often. You were right with the advice you gave me: they do not make it easy. Or cheap. Part of me wants to get it for that reason alone.

      • @Maineuh, there was a time — recently — when the MA nonresident permit was granted almost automatically to anyone who had a permit in their home state. Alas, that ship has sailed.

  12. Also, I believe all of my friends (and let’s face it, my wife) think I picked up a pretty weird hobby, but they understand that I needed something and knitting wasn’t going to cut it.

    I’m sure many of my friends are varying degrees of jealous, actually.

  13. What non-gun friends?

    Those roaches are stomped on the moment they are discovered. Life’s too short to waste spending it with difficult or disagreeable people.

    • True enough.

      In my experience, non gun people tend to be pretty disagreeable for other reasons as well.

      While I retain the right to be a single issue voter in choosing my friends, the overlap is seldom sufficient to merit much further looking.

  14. Funny video. It does seem like some gun owners care more about their guns than anything else and are almost gleeful at the prospect of using one defensively. I think I might consider them nuts, so that must make me normal ™.

  15. Generally such “friends” quickly turn into acquaintances after I push them on the logic of that belief. People generally aren’t too friendly when you insist that their arguments be logic-based. Which is probably why I only have a handful of friends. I can’t trust people that can’t have an open, honest conversation and not take it personally.

    • Yep. I find that anti-gun people are quick to sever friendship over the fact that I am pro-gun. I don’t recall ever un-friending anybody because of their opinion of firearms. But there I go being reasonable again.

  16. Most of my friends assumed I’d been carrying all along for the past 20 years. I work a fairly dangerous job. Truth is, I only started carrying in the past year. Before that, I considered my lifestyle too reckless and unstable to have guns around. Now I’m all married and boring so I’m good to go. Also, that Frankie fellow is a complete dunce. Run away and call the cops is his advice, eh? Good luck with that, dolt.

  17. Yes – my non-gun friends and family think I’m paranoid and crazy. I live in CA – I do not own an AR15.

    Just so you have context

    • I like in OK, and I have 3, and an AK-47 (semi-auto), and a boatload of 30-rd mags. We also have shall-issue and open carry for permit-holders (working on constitutional carry), and low-employment, and near-sane home prices.
      No surfing though, so you’d have to give that up.

  18. Non-lethal self defense products like stun guns are also banned in much of Maryland. Particularly, the violent parts like Baltimore. (Hey they don’t call it the Free State for Criminals for nothing). Oh, and the Bmore police chief noted recently they’ve bumped up robberies from priority 4 to priority 3. That means you only have to wait a while until the police come. Maybe. In comparison, it took 2 minutes for the Howard County Police (1/40th the homicide rate, not really that busy) to respond to an active shooter in Maryland’s gem Columbia Mall, and they were already nearby for a training exercise. 2 minutes in Bodymore would be a major achievement.

    And then, we have the thugs in Bodymore who don’t just rob you, they beat you just for the F6&ck of it to intimidate you.

    So, lets recap, how long can you hold your breath? Can you hold it for 2 minutes?
    1 Mississippi
    …2 Mississippi
    …3 Mississippi

    Nuts is what we call people with the money to move out of Baltimore, but don’t.

  19. Run away? No one can run faster than a bullet, the crooks know that well. You can use that to your advantage or hope they won’t.

  20. It’s amusing to see a webcomic based completely on sociopathic humor try to take a moral stand against anything, let alone guns. C & H is only funny about 30% of the time anyway, and I’d say its catering to dweebs like Frankie is what gives us the other 70%.

  21. My few non-POTG friends seem to think they are safe on day-to-day basis but still hold fears of a SHTF event in the future. To that end, they seem to think they can come running to me for protection. I repeat, “They seem to think”. I rest my case.

  22. Non of my non-gun friends have ever expressed any concern over my mental state.
    OMG! Do you think they talk about me behind my back?
    Maybe i should get some rope & matches and “ask” them.

  23. those cops will have guns and won’t hesitate to shoot, except they might shoot you or your neighbor by mistake

  24. Well to answer the question. The friends I could not change to the side of the second amendment with logic, truth, and pure numbers, not to mention history lessons, I hate to say are no longer friends.

  25. You have medical insurance for that .01 percent of a chance you might get a major illness that you can’t just fix with OTC meds and/or Urgent Care.

    I carry a firearm on my person at all times except where prohibited by law. Do friends of mine without a firearm know this? Sure. It comes up in conversation, even with people I know who are sans-gun, but none really think I’m a nut, despite my growing collection.

  26. A common anti gun rant. These people have never been in a deadly force situation or they wouldn’t be writing this drivel…..they would be dead. Bring your ball bat to my gunfight….your tombstone will say……
    “Here lies a delusional liberal who did not understand life….or the effect or high velocity, low altitude, small arms projectiles.”

    • … they also do not understand the criminal mind and their willingness to kill or maim either to take your property or simply for enjoyment. As my father used to tell me about fighting — you never know how far the other person is willing to go. Stay out of fights you don’t view as life and death, because the other guy might.

  27. Well, the acquaintances I have that make those arguments can never explain why the shouldn’t apply to the police as well. If a baseball bat, stun-gun, pepper spray is enough for someone to defend themselves, why not limit the police to those options as well? Nothing is worth someones’ life — right?

  28. Most of my friends are themselves into guns, and the ones who *do* think I’m nuts don’t base that on my ownership of guns. So it really isn’t a problem for me. 😉

    …I did have a former smart-alecky coworker who got a bit freaked out after overhearing myself and another coworker talking guns – I’d just bought my first .44 Special Ruger Flattop Blackhawk – and sneered “You guys sound like a Lynryd Skynryd song.”

    At which point I snapped my fingers and deadpanned “That’s it; I’ll call my new gat ‘Three Steps.'”

    She gave me a fishy sort of look and beat a hasty retreat, to the merriment of everybody else in earshot.

  29. What is this “running” thing of which he speaks? Even in my youth I wasn’t very fast, and now in my increasing dotage, a fast shuffle is about all I could manage in an emergency. And he thinks that I could even imagine trying to outrun some young punk who gets lots of exercise running from the police, and is probably hopped up on a drug that isn’t called “speed” for nothing? What world does he live in? Let him try to outrun my bullets instead.

    • Perhaps he’s darwinian in his thinking? That criminals, like animal predators, do a service to the community by taking out the weak/old/sick leaving the herd stronger? Hope he never ends up in a wheelchair…

    • Me too. I was always the slowest runner in school. Never could quite get the hang of the thing. But at 66, I can manage a bit more that a fast shuffle, even with with two bad knees. The left ruined in 2003 by a car when I had the green light, and the right one because I depended upon it for the 14-month “recovery”. In truth, the right one gives me more trouble.

  30. I have very few friends, and they are all shooters and gun owners. I have a lot of aquaintences and they typically don’t know that I am a gun owner. I really believe in operational security, and do not advertise that I have firearms, extra food, or the tools and skills to survive off the grid should something bad happen. I can take care of me and mine, but not 40 other unprepared, clueless victims that didn’t plan like I have. I also don’t share that I have a lot of tools, books, and other “borrowable” things because I don’t like seeing stuff leave and never come back. I paid a decent amount of “tuition” to learn this.

    Oh, and as to running away? I will if I can, but at 57 years of age, with bum knees and a bad back, it is a little late for me to train to be a track star.

    • Not to mention the extra “baggage”, ballast, handicapping, spare tire, whatever you want to call it. No head start either, not that it would matter.

  31. Only my son calls me a gun nut. He’s also 36years old,lives with his grandparents, has a felony & has recurring bouts of mental illness. If “friends” think I’m a gun nut they ain’t my friends. “

  32. Yes. One of them has told me flat out that I’m brainwashed by NRA propaganda, support child murderers, and all the rest of it. He couldn’t back his statemennts up and started yelling at me. We haven’t talked since this all went down, just after the M-T UBC bill failed.

  33. I’m with JimR above.
    I have an excuse though, I inherited the condition.
    I’m going skydiving with my mom on her 90th birthday this August.

    • What do need an airplane for? Why do you feel the need to skydive? Wouldn’t it be much better to sit and watch TV forever and FEEL safe? At least up until you weigh 800 lbs and die of heart failure?? Why do you FEEL the NEED for things you can get along without?
      Think it through…….

  34. The irony of all the European commenters in the video is their avatars and icons are often based on characters from fiction that use firearms.

  35. I do have friends like this they drive Volvos with airbags, have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in their house so they are safe. each day that lock the door to the car in the door to the house.

      • Volvos are for people who think that laws can make you safe. That’s what’s INCORRECT about them. There is nothing WRONG with anything…..

    • My wife drives a volvo wagon. When we were discussing marriege I told her my stance on guns and that I would not change for her or anybody. She told me she had always wanted her own gun but her first husband wouldn’t allow. My wife believes that the man of the house is in charge.

      I married her, taught her to shoot and bought her guns. She still insists on driving that damn volvo wagon. Well, she is a granma after all.

  36. Not a “friend” but a classmate who is otherwise intelligent regularly goes on and on about how guns are useless, only ignorant paranoid people own them, etc, etc, etc. He also regularly says things like “I don’t own a gun, I’m better than that, If I owned a gun I don’t even know what I’d do with it, I couldn’t be responsible with it.

    Any time I bring up facts and information or point out that I’ve never been in a fight, have a near 4.0gpa while taking 2 degrees in work, and am one of the most quiet and liked person in the program he shuts up and/or changes the subject quickly. More often than not I’ll hear him mumble “still dont need guns” as he turns around, as if that is some sort of victory.

  37. Oddly enough, my only non gun friend is my twin brother, who believes in actual socialism and praises Obama.

    We are still very close. He just refuses to remember I’m armed 24/7, and thinks that my new AR is going to send me to hell.

  38. Most of my friends are ‘gun nuts’ like me. Some are ambivalent or interested only at the periphery.

    One however is very anti gun; to the point sometimes, I’m surprised he’s still friends with me. He just doesn’t get it. He will argue the purely logical points of “if there weren’t guns there would be no gun violence!!!!” (duh). He will argue other anti gun favorites like “What do you need an assault rifle for!” And the whole time he proves he knows nothing factual about anything firearm related yet insists he knows how to create policy. He studies economics, I know fvck all about economics so I don’t try to argue that I know proper economic policy, a point lost on him when illuminated. He is an incredibly smart person, but just goes full cognitive dissonance when it comes to guns and gun rights but I argue with him till the cows come home.

    This is a fact that always surprises me since he has spent and is still spending a significant amount of time in living in crappy London neighborhoods as a student and third world hell holes doing research. But he is exceedingly liberal in the democrat kind of way and oozes with enough ‘social justice’ to cloud his view.

    • No economist has ever agreed with another one. There is a special kind of disputativeness that goes into their training. The fact is none of their “theories” have ever “proved’ anything, and nearly all of them are wrong. Real economics is people buying stuff and trying not to go broke. Anything else is fantasy. Same as Psychology (don’t get me started!). Not real science.

      • I would wager that is the way with anything from science to religion. It is a fact of life people will disagree and there will always be at least two opinions on any one subject.

        I studied philosophy myself; talk about a field where you will never come to a single consensus.

        I might also add that nothing can possibly ever be known or proven with complete certainty and that science is just another religion… but that is a different conversation to get into.

  39. No, but I don’t talk about guns with non gunnies very often and invite them over to drool over my safe even less often. I have some very pro gun family, and we generally take turns trying to out gun nut each other.

  40. My woman has a lot of staunchly liberal friends, though she is very conservative. She went to a very liberal college for both her degrees, liberal college, redundant, I know… But anyways, we hang out with them from time to time because most of them are really cool people…

    I’m affectionately known as the “gun guy” amongst them.

    Three things usually come from it…

    1. I’m generally ignored and conversation directly with me is avoided, which doesn’t bother me.

    2. Nothing, the nights goes on and everyone plays along to get along.

    3. I’m pulled aside and ask questions about guns or engaged to talked to about guns. Usually this happens away from the group, as to not scare the others I guess.

    It doesn’t bother me what people think, I’m very open about my feeling towards firearms. As Popeye would say, ” I am what I am.”

    As far as my friends, they’re all gun people and think I’m crazy, but not because of guns.

  41. I don’t have that many friends these days, and the ones I do probably all think I’m at least a little nuts, but even the farthest left (and they’re pretty far out there) on the political spectrum have asked me to teach them how to shoot next time I’m in town.

    As to the alternatives, they’re called “less lethal” for a reason. Pepper spray, bean bags, baseball bats, martial arts, and especially Tasers/stun guns, can and do kill. The mindset before deploying these defenses should be the same as the mindset before deploying a firearm.

  42. My short answer is: Why would anyone care what a mental defective like the one that would make (or like) a video like this thinks? What possible logical, rational, thing could they have to say that you would care about? Certainly I wouldn’t count anybody as a “friend” who thought this way.
    And what business is it of mine anyway, what casual acquaintances think of me? They will either be rational. or foolish, as they choose. My business is in what I think of THEM, not the other way around!

  43. Question: do you have friends who think this way? Do they think you’re nuts?
    Yes and yes — however, I have convinced one to come shooting with me in two weeks so we will see if I am still nuts to this one person.

    Living in CT, being close to NYC, there is plenty of uninformed liberal progressive fog that distorts the mind. It hard to find friend who are only pro-gun. So, I make it a mission to convert the ones who think I am nuts one at a time.

  44. Baseball bats and cell phones – Yes, what a great idea. Let’s test this out. Here are your phone and your bat – go ahead and get in the car and buckle the seat belt. The scenario is that you have just pulled up behind another car at a red light – boy traffic is bad today, cars all around. I will start out here standing by the trunk on the drivers side. I have my phone and my bat, the same as yours . . . Oh you can’t see me, sorry let me step out of your blind spot. Time to defend yourself in 2, 1, GO!

    How did that work out for you Frankie. Could you call 911 fast enough before I broke in your window and knocked you unconscious? Could you swing that bat inside that Prius you drive?

  45. I overheard one non-gun friend explained my propensity to always be armed to another non-gun friend:
    “He takes the safety and security of his family very seriously.”

    Shouldn’t everyone?

  46. None have accused me of being nuts. The MOST common response is asking me to take them shooting. I am in the Silicon Valley area and the discussion of guns, gun rights and their place in society comes up, but I have never had it end in a “you’re nuts” kind of scenario – although I would not be surprised to find out someone said it behind my back.

  47. I’m a gun guy and I sometimes think some of the people on this site are a bit nutty. Well intentioned nuts, but still a bit nutty.

  48. My wife hates guns. she asked me if I had guns because I was paranoid; I told her it was because I am prepared.
    My best friend lives in Arizona, owns three rifles and a pistol, shoots regularly with his friends, but thinks it is absolutely insane that Arizona allows people to carry handguns “just because.” I think he is waiting for the blood bath that hasn’t come yet. He is convinced that the 2A is all about the militia, and refuses to even hear what the Supreme court said about that. I think that tells us all we need to know about who’s “nuts.”

    • My wife makes snarky comments about me toting a gun– I mean realllly snarky. Then, when we’re out walking the dog at night and she sees someone coming toward us, she says, Do you have your gun?

        • I’m rather proud f myself, I haven’t said, “The one you always make fun of me for carrying?” Yet.

      • When my wife and I were still dating, and I would sometimes carry a .22 pistol, she would sometimes make snarky comments as well. That all stopped when the gas station we frequented (the cheapest in town) had a random stabbing about an hour after we had been there one night. Someone was walking out of the store, and was just shanked in the stomach by a crazy homeless person. Never again questioned the pistol after that, and now she has her own and her CCL.

  49. Hmmm interesting Frankie. You think mace will really help? One of my friends in high school was attacked in the parking lot of a mall. She used her mace very quickly but it actually just made the offender mad. He threw her to the ground and was going to hit her. Luckily, a security guard saw the whole thing and came over very quickly. What if she wasn’t so lucky? Mace is useless. And a tazar? Ha! Good luck getting close enough without getting harmed or having your weapon taken from you. The biggest chuckle is seeing that he relies solely on police response if he was ever in danger. All you need is a phone to call the police? Give me a break. Average police response time is minutes while an attacker can harm/kill you in seconds. And seriously? What would an officer use if he felt your life or his/her own was in danger? HIS/HER FREAKING GUN.

  50. I have a couple of friends who have a hard time stomaching some of the public figures who are gun rights advocates. It’s not a question of the guns, per se, it’s that they object to ANYTHING supported by politicians or celebrities who they view as totally out of touch with reality on issues like gay rights, climate change, evolution, abortion, separation of church and state, and on and on and….

    To be quite honest, I have a hard time taking old Wayne or The Nuge seriously myself. There are a lot of smart, influential Americans who would be more liable to support 2A rights if they didn’t associate guns with these buffoons.

    Call me all the names you want – I’m used to it.

    • I’m afraid Nugent may be in danger of becoming a parody of himself. But I don’t have any trouble taking “old Wayne ” seriously. Especially after he called CNN out on the air over one of their falsified reports (using a full-auto rifle to “illustrate” what kind of guns would “be allowed back on the streets” if the Clinton AWB was allowed to expire). CNN basically had to re-do the “report”–and reach the exact opposite conclusion from that reached in their first report–two days after ol’ Wayne called them out. I do wish he would go a little easier on the gun jargon, tho. As for those smart, influential Americans, do they think Al Gore is a buffoon, too? Or Joe Biden? Or Nancy “We need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” Pelosi? Or is buffoonery something limited to the right side of the political spectrum for them?

    • Nuge is a full-on retard.

      Maybe ask them how they feel about Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, since apparently they have an indoor firing range at their primary home.

      Or maybe Johnny Depp, who despite being somewhat liberal is known to own and enjoy ARs.

      Just a couple examples.

      • I’ve heard of liberals who own guns, read a story on that theme. not surprisingly, they (or at least the ones that were quoted in the report) had a most pronounced “for me but not for thee” attitude. Hell, DiFi carried (carries?) a handgun, she just doesn’t want anybody else to have one. Ditto the late, great Carl Rowan.

  51. If you read the news you’ll see that the guns most of us are carrying for self-defense aren’t very effective at causing death. There are stories all the time about some thug getting bagged up on the sidewalk and getting brought back to life again later in the ER. Shooting someone with a 9mm HP is probably MORE humane than bashing him with a baseball bat.

  52. For most of my life, I was anti-gun. When I say “anti-gun”, I mean the type of person who thought that Moms Demand (Whatever) should be the only voice heard on firearms policy.

    Then, I got married, and shortly thereafter, we had our first child. One day it hit me: “Holy f**k, they depend on ME for protection!”

    Having firearms to protect your family ought to be no more controversial than working hard at your job to put food on the table. Responsible adults protect, and provide for, their families.

    Tierney, like too many men today, refuses to grow up, man up, and accept the responsibilities of adulthood.

    • Denial is a powerful drug.

      I think I heard that here on TTAG; my apologies to whoever said it first.

  53. The question is, how do these people reach adulthood without realizing how many threats there are out there? Do they read about the family in Des Moines who were raped, robbed and murdered by a deranged home invader and think, “How unfortunate. Glad those things can’t happen to me?” I just don’t get it.

    • The question is, how do these people reach adulthood without realizing how many threats there are out there?

      Who says they’ve reached adulthood? Being an adult is as much a state of mind and maturity as it is a date on a calendar.

      Little Frankie said, in effect, “I don’t need a gun because daddy (the government) will protect me.” That’s not an adult position.

  54. My non-gun friends don’t know I own guns (amazingly since I run a gun blog which posts to my Facebook page), I don’t discuss it with them or have any visible when they are over. If they are not people of the gun then they don’t get to share in that part of my life.

  55. I have neighbors who used to make snide remarks when they saw me loading the truck for a trip to the range. Funny how many knocked on my door when sandy hit. Suddenly, I was the go-to guy when the looting started.

  56. It’s funny, but, non-gun people tend to think gun people are crazy, yet, seem to have no problem screwing with people they think are crazy.

    Heck, there was story a few years ago where an unarmed patron got in the face of a person for open carry in a restaurant. (happened in Arizona, if memory serves, where open carry is common) Yeah, the unarmed patron was freaked out at the sight of a gun, but didn’t even blink at the idea of confronting a person who was armed.

    So, I think it’s safe to say we know is crazy, and it generally isn’t the people of the gun.

  57. I,
    Home Carry therefore I am nuts
    Won’t go to an establishment that denies my 2nd amendment therefore I am nuts
    Own NFA items therefore I am nuts
    Hand loaded firearms to my children therefore I am nuts
    Have “way too many guns” therefore I am nuts
    Have “an excessive amount” of ammo therefore I am nuts
    Would rather drop a few grand on a new firearm/optic than put it in savings/stock portfolio therefore I am nuts
    Would buy a full auto lower if I had 20k to spare therefore I am nuts

    All the reasons above and more are just a few reasons family and friends have called me “nuts” this year.

  58. I don’t have any “non-gun” friends…I don’t associate with those kinds of people…

  59. Slow news day is it? You need to quote a troll from You Tube? I couldn’t read the comment, as it wasn’t in actual English. Too painful to look at such a butchering or words.

  60. Here’s my funny story. An old ex-friend of mine I’ve known for almost 30 yrs purchased a Sig P6. I’ve been debating for years on purchasing a firearm. He kept bugging me to own one. So I end up buying my first handgun, a CZ P-01. After a couple months I got the bug and purchased more guns. We always called each other to to catch up on things. Turning into an enthusiast, I would want to talk about firearms with him. Then Sandyhook happened. He goes on saying I wouldn’t mind if they banned AR15s and AK47s. Those are not needed in civilian’s possession. We have had some heated conversations regarding the subjects of any banning of guns is an infringement of our 2A rights. Then he goes on saying why do I continue to purchase more guns? I told them they are tools, all have different purposes, and that just like other hobbies I’ve been in I end up being a collector. Then he purchases a handgun for his wife. He asks me why is it you always want to talk about guns every time we talk. He tells me people don’t need to have 5k,10k rounds stock piled. Then he goes on to tell me you have turned into a “Gun Nut”. I have called him a couple times left voicemails and now I don’t get a return call since Oct of last year since me and my family attending his moms funeral, just a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year text. His loss, he’ll realize when SHTF that he will be very unprepared and will not have enough ammo or the right tools to defend his family. He may even come to me in that time of crisis which I will still help him out. He cut me off so now I will not be calling him.

  61. Author says: “Nothing material is worth risking your own or others life for.” well what if the people breaking into your house don’t want anything material? What if they just want to assault, rape, or kill you and your family? What if they are armed? What then?

    That is why, you ignorant internet cartoonist (who isn’t an authority on anything besides internet cartoons) is why I own guns.

    Also I own guns because I CAN, because its fun, because its my right, and because if I didn’t then the government would do whatever it wanted always.

  62. Once someone shows themselves to be this severely brain damaged I do not continue associating with them.

  63. Why is it my responsibility to care for the well being and safety of someone who is trying to kill me? He made the choice to threaten my life. He should accept the consequences of making that choice.

    I use a gun for self defense over other less lethal means because it is the most effective and fastest way to stop a threat. When someone is trying to kill me or my family, I am not concerned with his safety. I need to stop the threat as fast as possible. Period. I’m not going to dick around and pillow fight until he decides to stop.

  64. I have no “non-gun” friends. Even my BHL friends own guns. If I have any “non-gun” friends they know better than to tell me.

  65. After watching the video a second time it is sad I don’t have the free time or artistic skills to counter this video. First off a home invasion is about as serious as it gets to me and I don’t find anything funny about them. If I had the skills I would start the counter video very similar

    Scene 1: Burglars invading home
    Scene 2: Liberal home owner excitedly exclaims, “Whoo hoo a home invasion! Time to call 911 so they can save me with all those military vehicles they acquired
    Scene 3: 911 operator asks, “Name and address?”
    Scene 4: Liberal home owner, “There is someone breaking into my house!”
    Scene 5: Kids screaming for help as burglars enter kids room
    Scene 6: 911 operator, “Stay calm sir, may I have your address please?”
    Scene 7: Burglar kicks down door and smacks home owner with his own 9 iron upside the head.
    Scene 8: Home owner falls to the ground fading in and out as burglars drag his kids past the bedroom door.
    Scene 9: Wife exclaims, “I will save the day! I am off to boil some water to throw at the burglars
    Scene 10: Burglars assault and drag the wife away before homeowner finally succumbs to being unconscious
    Scene 11: All black screen with white words “Censored for graphic violence” as we hear unthinkable things being done to family members
    Scene 12: Homeowner awakes to police raiding home in full swat gear and the nothing left but a dead family. The option to make the final scene comical is completely up to you but again I don’t find home invasions funny in the slightest.

    Furthermore the notion, “Nothing material is worth dying over” is complete BS and sheepish, I work hard for my money in a sh!tty economy and if anyone wants to try to come in my home and take anything from me they will be met with force.

  66. Kind of queasy after watching the hoplophilia in the cartoon. After becoming ill 16 years ago and being unable to work anymore, I lost all my friends because they didn’t want to hang out with a loser. I had cataract surgery some years ago, and could finally see properly for the first time in my life. I decided to get a gun license as I had always wanted to go to a gun range (but felt there was no point before, because of my eyes). I found a wonderful bunch of guys and gals there, who acepted me for all my infirmities. I share the hobby with my brother, and we both have a variety of long guns. We enjoy the stories about handguns, but these are very hard to get in New Zealand, and armed self defense is impractical here. Fortunately we have very good Police who act extremely promptly. The incidence of dangerous criminals such as you have is very rare. Saying that, I maintain situational awareness, and do not put myself in a position where I could be mistaken for a potential victim. And there are other, quieter methods for protecting oneself. I won’t make any comments other than to to say they will feel more than the keen edge of my sharp wit.

  67. Some do. Who cares? One of 45+ years, who condemned me as “right-wing gun nut”, “gay-basher”, and lot of other things I won’t bore you with. What a miserable bore.

    Meanwhile, elsewhere on the internets, I’ve been called a “liberal”, a “Democrat”, and some other boring sh*t. If you express veracity and opinion there, the know-nothings come crawling out of the woodwork.
    Maggots. Cretins.

    But hey, this has been sort of gun… I mean fun! When my “friend” is besieged, weaponless and clueless, by the hungry hordes, the virtual zombies, he might have a second thought. Or two. Or not.

    The way he’s figured it, nothing bad can ever happen, and the government will protect him. Pffft!

    • My Liberal friends call me a Republican gun nut because I support smaller government, tighter immigration laws, and oppose world governance like the U.N.. my conservative friends call me a pinko commie because I support gay rights, universal health care, decriminalization of drugs, and a much smaller military, I just can’t win.

      • See? We understand our mutual situations, because we live through it every day.

        Well… almost every day. People just don’t listen, and try to parse out others’ opinions. They pigeonhole you, based on media touchstones. Hardly anyone wants to try and understand others’ points of view, and the journey that got them to that point of view. Everybody gets pigeonholed at about a sixth-grade level. Or lower.

      • I could care less about “gay rights” and to certain extent a “smaller military”, but sorry, you can’t want smaller government and universal healthcare at the same time. Or rather, you cannot have universal healthcare with a smaller government.

        • Do you oppose public schools? Neither do I. Healthcare like education, IMO, should not be entirely a for profit industry. It’s our prison system, military, federal law enforcement agencies (specifically the BATF and DEA) and Intelligence agencies that could use some major scaling back.

  68. Some, but most find it amusing more than anything else.

    Full disclosure: I am a very left liberal as are most of my friends.

  69. My retort to the “Nothing you own is worth a life.” is, “Right! Nothing I own is worth YOUR life, hence don’t try to take something I own.”
    And no, I don’t have friends who think this way. My friends have more sense than that.

  70. It’s most likely some youn kid who’s never been in any form of physical danger, therefore the only thigs he knows about violence is what es seen in the media

    • “There are literally hundreds of self protection weapons out there that doesnt kill.”

      Frankie, the Grammar Queen.

  71. Most of my friends are non-plusses about me owning firearms as most are interested in guns as active target shooters, gamers, or from a technical and historical perspective.

    Employers and co-workers on the other hand are a different matter. At one recent place it got known that I owned firearms and used them frequently in competition. My employment was terminated at the end of the trial period. While not a direct cause, I think it was a contributing factor. Previous employers and co-workers knew and would ask how I did on the weekend and what was the course. My current employer and co-workers do not know because I have said nothing and I will not say anything until directly asked.

    • “Nonplussed” means bewlidered. Are your friend both bewildered AND interested in guns?

  72. Man, he should have grabbed the Plasma Pistol and overcharged it. To answer the question, yes. I get so much crap from my friends who aren’t gun people. I remember how much crap I had to deal with when I said that I don’t like safeties on guns I intend on using in a self-defense role and they all thought I was some kind of psycho.

  73. WB, I should have said my friends are not worried because they are interested in firearms at various levels themselves.

  74. Translation: DAMN! These folks are icky stubborn about standing up for their rights, and hold some wacky notions that the Constitution means exactly what it says. And besides, Sarah Brady is HOT!!!

  75. So per his awesome ideas I sprint away leaving my wife and three young daughters to fend for themselves.

    And I guess he can tell women he has a solution for rape as well. Idiot.

  76. When he mentioned baseball bat I thought of the movie Felon with Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmar and of course Casino. Both of those using the baseball bat turned out well, lol. No thank you I’ll use my firearms to protect my family and home.

  77. I’m pretty much the redneck brother in law according to all of them…..funny little savage likes guns. It’s more of a condesending attitude than anything. It’s a cheaper hobby than drinking or gambling, thats what I say often. Also on the subject of baseball bats…. these peaceful leftie types have the most vivid brutal methods of self defense. It’s always basebal bats, knife or sword. Give me a break.

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