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The firearms industry didn’t have a wonderful 2017. Sales were good — just not good enough to absorb all the product gun and gear makers cranked out in anticipation of a Clinton victory. Bottom line: it’s been a buyer’s market for some time. And with the end of the year looming, those “how low can you go” prices are going lower. Our inbox overfloweth with sale priced stuff. What guns and gun gear do you have your eye on for Black Friday bargains? Check out GFG’s recommendations below . . .

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    • If you’re serious about 3-gun at all, you won’t get the 930 (coming from someone who owns one and runs it in 3-gun…still). I’ve had to modify mine a decent amount to get it to run reliably, and even more to get it to quad load smoothly. And I build in a cleaning to my schedule every 200 rounds, every night before a match, and every night in a multi-day match.

      The budget gun of choice these days, for about the same money, is a Stoeger M3K. It’s a budget Benelli M2 with a lot of parts compatability. Do some research, but heed the voice of experience!

      The reason I have my JM Pro is that it was the only budget game in town 4 years ago. That’s not the case anymore.

      • I’m not serious about it; Just having fun. Looking for the budget option. I’ll look into the Stoeger though; Thanks for the tip.

    • I run a JM Pro in 3-gun and I have not had issues with reliability. Mad Cow, I seem to remember reading some critical reviews soon after it was released, but then the reviews seemed to turn around and get better as time went along. I have made modifications to things like the charging knob and the loading gate. I also added a magazine extension so that it can hold 12 + 1 (which is usually more than my class limit, but I can load it up after the buzzer.)
      I haven’t had to clean it as frequently as Mad Cow does, either.
      I would say to consider what Mad Cow says and what I say. Check out the forums and reviews. If you don’t find a deal this weekend, maybe get out to a few competitions and talk to the folks who run them.

      Good luck!

  1. Probably nothing. Not even on Cyber Monday.

    Money is a bit tighter this year than I expected. Might not even buy much of anything next year, either, as a matter of fact.

  2. I want a PSA upper but I won’t get it if the one I want doesn’t go cheaper than it normally does.

    Then there’s a hand full of larger ticket items I have in my list.

    EDIT: And it is on sale….just checked. Complete 20″ upper for 269.99…looks like I’m buying an upper.

  3. Ammo prices were the lowest since the history of ever. Unless I saw a new pistol that I’ve been wanting for something like 30% off, probably nothing.

  4. I want a Keltec Sub 2000 that takes M&P mags. Hopefully I can find a deal…

    Also might finally get my fill of American Eagle ammo for the rebate. So many other things too, but my budget is shot…

    • Nice choice, if you find one you will be happy. I recommend getting the Mcarbo metal trigger and trigger spring kit, it drops the trigger pull weight almost in half and cleans up all the slop. Also get a buffer tube cover from somebody, cause it is cold in winter and has a tendency to smack your cheek a little more than you would expect. Throw that extra $50 toward it and you turn a good gun into a great gun.

  5. I need parts to build a 9mm AR pistol. That might be fighting my yugo m85 for a spot as truck gun. Just because AKs look evil and god forbid I have to use it and you know confusion and all.

  6. It depends what I can find a good deal on vs. my wish list. So far, not much for guns. Some .50 cal ammo cans. A Geissele G2S trigger come Monday.

    • Wolf Ears makes a nice authentic and hand made western holster for a good price. Purdy Gear makes beautiful holsters and belts but the wait is very very long, and her work does not come cheap. (It is a treat to visit her web site even if you are not buying. Ms. Van Horne is an actual holster historian.)

  7. I want the Holosun 510 eotech look alike circle dot
    Everywhere I look the price is firm at $300
    I am hoping someone, anyone will have it for less on Black Friday or cyber Monday

  8. Once my tax return is deposited, I’m going to pay off and collect the Ruger Scout rifle I put a deposit on back in September.

    If you think the NICS sucks the process I experienced would put you into a foaming frenzy. I posted my Permit To Acquire form about mid-September and waited. After waiting a month I checked the Firearms Registry web site and found the PTA request had been received in Sep-22 and approved on Sep-29. After several phone calls and emails I was told to download and complete a Statutory Declaration form the approved PTA was never received and to have the form signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. After doing this the completed form was scanned and returned by email. The new apprpved PTA arrived last week.

    But in the meantime I had a minor car accident which I was at fault and the cost of the insurance excess wiped out the money I had saved for the rifle. This has been a saga worthy of the Vikings.

    • Sorry to hear about your troubles, but at least you will finally get your gun. My Gunsite Scout is my favorite rifle for any sort of practical use, taking a close third to the M1 Garand and M1 carbine for fun at the range.

      • I love my GSR. I put a 1-4 power scope in the traditional position (sad to remove the back iron sight though) and I’m comfortable using it from up close pig hunting to 200 yrd whitetail shots.

        I’m working on some light handloads pushing .30 carbine plinker bullets for squirrels and rabbits too. It really does do everything.

  9. Spoutable. Your ads suck and the latest ones DON’T have a close button.

    Black Friday promotions are completely useless to those outside the US.

    May your building burn down with all of you trapped inside.

  10. I am not in the market for a new gun right now. There are only three guns on my immediate list however one is very low priority, One I am still on the fence about.and the other is impossible to find. I’m looking for a double barrel shotgun; something old just to have it. Also I’m thinking of getting a 7.62 x 39 AR platform. But what I’m really looking for is a Beretta CX4 storm in .40S&W That takes standard PX4 magazines. I know Beretta still makes it but I just can’t find them anywhere. I think I have enough ammunition.

  11. I am keeping a sharp eye out for reloading supplies to load .357 Sig. Those of us who are members of the cult of Steyr are about to be blessed with a 3rd party mfr that is going to start making drop in barrels to convert the 40 S&W line of pistols.

  12. i am only looking for one thing and I doubt it will be on sale this week. I want a Streamlight TLR-1 HL in FDE but the best price I have been able to find is $140.98 (including shipping) at MidwayUSA.

  13. Looking out for compact p320 mags, a 320 IWB holster, a backpack and maybe a .300 bkackout SBR upper.
    So far no deals found on the mags. A few on uppers and nothing on any of the bags I’ve been watching.
    Probably just wind up getting some ammo on a free shipping deal.

  14. I might purchase a .177 pellet rifle.

    But now I am rethinking this since .22 LR seems to be more available and prices are falling.

    Speaking of low prices, are there any sources of bulk .177 pellets that are around 1 cent per pellet or less?

  15. I just bought $165 worth of ammo from Freedom Munitions, but I have been shopping around for a cheap but reliable replacement hand gun for my daughter until her money situation improves. (She had to sell her handguns. I hate that she has no guns at her home.) The R51 is incredibly cheap after a $100 mfr rebate (net $209 at Bud’s), and the Shield is hardly over $300. If I was a bit better heeled at the moment, there are lots of choices around $400-500.

    • Mark N.,

      Would an inexpensive 20 gauge pump-action shotgun make sense for your daughter for home defense? They have reasonable recoil. And you can purchase one for under $200 brand new.

      Pro tip: purchase that 20 gauge pump-action shotgun in a “youth” size and add a Limbsaver brand recoil pad to the stock. The recoil pad brings the length-of-pull back to adult woman-size and it makes 20 gauge downright comfortable to shoot. Plus those “youth” sized shotties usually come with a 20 inch barrel which is excellent for home defense.

    • Unless you hate her, I would strongly recommend AGAINST buying her an R51. Frankly, a baseball bat would be more useful and much cheaper. Shields are really coming down in price and are an excellent choice. That said, may I recommend a Kel-Tec P11? Right around $200, and they are surprisingly good little guns, particularly as a stop gap. I had mine for quite a while before I was able to save up enough for a Clock 19, and I was quite satisfied with it.

      • Or how about a 9mm semi-auto Taurus 709 Slim? I think you can get those for about $200 on sale.

        They are decent/reliable pistols as far as I know.

        If I were a criminal, I would not want to be looking down the muzzle of one of those.

        • I love my 709. Sometimes carry it in a Nemesis. I use a Handall Jr. trimmed at the bottom. Runs great…

    • Thanks for the replies. No shotties; she likes to go to the range to target shoot. But she has shot my son’s Wingmaster 12 gauge. She is not recoil averse. I’ve looked at the R51 since the post-recall reviews were positive after a short break in period. She recently sold the Taurus Millennium Pro I got her for college graduation some years ago. (I’ve lost track. I think it’s seven.) She wants something with a longer barrel and a bit more weight. To give you an idea, her other gun she sold was a full size FNX -45, of which she was very fond, and which she says was far more accurate than the Taurus. She likes the look of the Shield, but again, that is a 3.3″ barrel. She didn’t really like my Kahr with a 3.5″ barrel either (but she quickly adapted to it the one time she got to shoot it.) She’d probably love a full size 1911, but since we live a couple thousand miles apart, I wouldn’t be around to show her how to disassemble it.

      [I got an ad today for a Kimber sale. That shop is selling the Pro Carry II with a 4″ barrel in stainless for $599, $100 less than I paid for my KimPro finish one I bought 10 years ago. Geez!]

      • Mark N.,

        “She wants something with a longer barrel and a bit more weight.”

        How about a full size Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm? They have a four inch barrel, respectable weight, and an excellent reputation. If 1st generation models (which are very good) are still available, they may be available for $450 at this point. And police trade-ins are probably available for $400. In terms of accessories, I think the M&P semi-auto pistol series is second only to Glock pistols.

        If you are looking to spend even less money, Ruger’s semi-automatic 9E pistol with its four-inch barrel is a great value and appear to be supremely reliable. For reference the 9E model is somehow the less expensive version of their SR9 series. (What makes them less expensive, I have no idea.) I think you can get those brand new for around $350 if you shop around or find a sale. There are also a good choice of holsters available since Ruger’s SR9 series is fairly popular and they have almost exactly the same shape as Smith and Wesson’s M&P series.

        If your daughter wants even more heft, an all-metal pistol seems to be in order. Perhaps a 1911 platform chambered in 9mm?

  16. I didn’t buy any Black Friday deals. I bought a FEG PA63 as I wanted in a few years ago and they were only $219. I also accidently bought a bunch of 6mm Creedmoorinstead of 6.5. Well I can’t let good ammo go to waste so I bought a Ruger American Predator to shoot it. I plan on an MDM chassis like my Savage Stealth. We will see how it shoots!

  17. Nah. I can find good deals on the other 364 days of the year, so I’ve never felt the need to get up before daybreak, camp out in line for hours, and fight with hundreds of strangers just to save a couple of bucks on a new toy. Time and money are both valuable resources, but I can replace wasted money.

  18. It depends on funds available. I need a holster and belt setup for my M&P 9 so I can compete with it, and my son discovered a deal on Savage Axis package rifles, which could be his first gun.

  19. A S&W 27-2 from the mid-seventies. 6″ barrel. In pristine conditions. It just happened to be on sale in these days, but I like to consider it a BF-gift.


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