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I’m not sure if American Gun Chic (video below) qualifies as a “gun bunny.” Unlike a lot of YouTube firearms females, she admits her gun-related ignorance and inexperience. Her videos are all about learning and training! And tight clothes! And cleavage! As Jessica Rabbit might say . .. 

there’s a line to be drawn here. Jessie Duff, for example, is a beautiful YouTube star who knows how to shoot. And how! As an ambassador for gun rights, you couldn’t ask for a more articulate, experienced and knowledgeable woman. So the question is . . .

Do you approve of gun bunnies — for making firearms cool for prurient pistoleros — or consider them crass exploitation that alienates potential female firearms enthusiasts? Or couldn’t care less.

I’m asking because SHOT Show looms and the GB’s will be out in force. Once again, picture or it shouldn’t happen?

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  1. We’ve been over this during last year’s SHOT Show – my position has not changed, Gun Bunnies make the shooting world go ’round.

    • Don’t do that. On any topic. “We’ve debated and discussed [any topic] repeatedly and to universal resolution already. Let’s move on….”, said every cantankerous OFWG on every gun blog everywhere.

      Although, in fairness, that’s every blog on every non-gun subject, too. “Go read the old threads before asking a question!”, shout the self-appointed curators of the Internet’s archived wisdom.

      TTAG has the metrics, so I’ll just say many first timers show up here daily. This isn’t old hat for everyone, whether guns in general or site-specific. No need to roll out an inadvertent unwelcome wagon just because you’re bored.

  2. It turns some people off. We have rights to do what we want and look at what we want. I’m personally more interested in more and more women being comfortable with firearms and I can put my ogle eyes aside for a moment.

    I definitely find it important to make women feel their gender or attractiveness isn’t a thing in a class. Again making sure they are comfortable is of long view importance to the promotion of guns as normal tools.

    If ladies tell their friends they felt comfortable online, in a shop, at the range, in a class then it only helps.

    • Some some some. You are “offended” is YOUR problem not that of ANYONE else. See also the recent progtard snowflake song of #metwo.

      A REAL woman can take care of a boarish prob pervert. Apparently the useless little girl twits in the media and entertainment world can not. Oh well their BS has no relevance. It’s only intended as a club to beat nondems with anyhow.

      Don’t like _________ DON”T LOOK AT IT.

    • Reminds me of the old busty girl on the hood of car in ads. We girls just roll our eyes and say “whatever”. Made it look a little cheap. Remember Burt Reynolds on the cover of Playgirl? We girls went “Eeeeeew gross!) Maybe the old ladies liked it.

  3. Love them! Anybody know where I can order one? Tried the mail order bride but she was useless after being in that envelope.

  4. I’d prefer a daughter or sister to notice and look up to women like Cheyenne Dalton over some naked girl with a gun.

  5. Guys, girls, whatevers. Whether you’re a scantily clad babe, a gutter-rappin’ thug, or a hyper tactical pseudo operator, if your intent is to “look cool with guns,” you just ain’t cool at all. The whole “look at me” attitude basically cries out for a large dose of maturity, from filming video of burnouts, hooning and drifting, to blowing up expensive technology because you can.

    I’m not really judging, do that crap all you want – but IMHO it’s basically a senseless waste of resources, and just choose to not watch any of it.

  6. I just hope they paid her enough so that she can buy herself some new pants. Those ones are ready for the rag heap.

    • I don’t know how that style has lasted so long?? I was watching the “Bachelor last night with my wife. He took this “Bimbo” to meet his family, in what looked like a pair of jeans that had been salvaged from a shredder. I wonder what his parents thought?
      Some people just don’t have any class!

  7. Look, I’m sure there will be vendors who will (or should) have beefcakes for the ladies.

    I would prefer an attractive, professionally attired young lady who knows her stuff. Like gratuitous violence, mindless gun bunnies aren’t interesting to me.

    • Liberte Austin, Sara Tipton, Kirsten Joy Weiss: three names that prove being a gun bunny does not mean she doesn’t know what she’s doing.
      Yes, I just called Liberte a gun bunny and we love everything she does here!

  8. Well I like the gun bunnies, girls with guns, knives, sport bikes, big tire trucks,and WWE diva’s. Girls with guns is a good thing, promote the sport anyway we can, get more wemon involved.

  9. Gun bunnies… aka the vector to which the #metoo virus will infect gun culture. Not to mention they are the human form of Rice Krispy Treats: empty calories.

    No thanks. In fact, go away, you dangered up cam-whores.

  10. If I perceive that a woman is serious about guns and shooting, I consider her an equal student of the gun worthy of the respect I would extend to any other fellow shooter. If I perceive they are someone getting paid to be eye candy based on dress, attitude, etc. then I that’s how I take ’em. I’ll be nice and enjoy the view but I won’t take them too seriously.

  11. Hot girl wants to turn guns into a thing, I sure as hell am not going to tell them no!

    I like Range eye candy.

    I say, no harm, no foul.

  12. I’m a red blooded male, of course I like looking at an attractive woman holding a gun, or leaning over a car with a wrench, or participating in some activity they are woefully under dressed for.

    But I respect any person, man or woman, that knows how to handle a gun, owns and shoots guns, and knows at least enough to not call a magazine a “clip”.

    I’ll enjoy gun bunnies while they’re here, honestly though, I don’t think they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon. If you’ve been to any trade-show of an industry that is male-dominant they have booth babes to this day, in any country you go to (well, maybe not in the middle east, don’t know; never been). Men won’t ever want to stop seeing attractive women, so they will always be hanging out on the fringes of the booths waiting for you to look at them so they can scan your badge, pull you into the booth, hand you literature, etc.

    Women will continue to roll their eyes or think nothing of it, and a handful of people will be put-off and/or offended. The world will continue to turn, and the equity of women’s rights will remain unscathed in spite of a woman knowingly exploiting her natural beauty for marketing purposes and/or attention.

    I guess if you want to put me down for an option, it’ll ultimately be “I don’t care”.

    • What he said.

      If you think booth babes in the USA are exploitative, you ought to see how sexualized they are in Asia.

      Egads. They like ’em *young* over there. As in *felony* young, if over here…

  13. If they’re obviously just combining their sexuality with guns for attention or profit I don’t care. No opinion. They do their thing and I’m fine with it.

    If they’re combining their sexuality for attention or profit but claim they’re not, I hate it. Low extra cut tops with them cleaning a gun but with smudge marks all over so it’s pretty obvious they just smudged themselves at random to make it look like their cleaning a gun. Or they clearly don’t know the first thing about handling a firearm safely. Cmon, porn is incredibly common now days. You don’t need a beautiful woman failing to pretend to be into guns any more than you need to see Hickok45 failing to pretend to enjoy wearing a bikini.

  14. Well I WAS” following” the Chic chick until one of the recent mass shootings. She said some idiotic crap and she’s gone from my FB. I appreciate gunbunnies but removed most of them from my feed. Hey did Jessie Duff get divorced again? Her page changed…

  15. Like everything else, they have their place.

    Unfortunately, since firearms are also in line with self defense and national protection, there needs to be less strip show eye candy and more skill and knowledge.

    Sure half naked chicks with guns all day long is fun. But.

    The fun stops when the ones who need them the most, the moms, sisters, daughters, grandmas, aunts, etc.. of the world turn away.

    The problem is that sex selling is like a cancer, once it starts to spread, it rapidly spreads all over until ultimately the host dies.
    While individual results may vary, example.
    Porn can be awesome in some small doses, live on porn hub all day, every day…. not so much.

    Maybe that’s just the difference between being a boy and being a man.
    I love women, but they aren’t all just eye candy pieces of meat.
    Like some other guys on here, there’s a real turn on to a gal who’s into her craft and appropriately dressed.

    To add to that, a 1911 still looks good after more than 100 years……..

    • My 1911 was born in the 1980’s, which makes her a bit more than 20 years my junior… does that make me a perv for loving her curves?

      Whatever it means, I know one thing: apparently I like ’em younger and hotter than you do. Show it off, baby! LOL

      Uh, the 1911, that is…

  16. Anything that gets more people shooting, even if they aren’t “serious” shooters. The more legal gun owners there are the safer gun rights will be.

    That being said, I would rather they not wear low cut tops when shooting, because screaming and maybe dropping the gun when a piece of hot brass goes in their cleavage is distinctly unsexy.

    Also, learn to shoot. Lean into the gun to better manage recoil. I find a woman in a suit who can shoot the gun she’s holding far more attractive than the woman in a bikini who can’t.

  17. I love women as much as any guy, but I would much rather attract women to the sport than repel them. Most of the women I know don’t take kindly to women posing as sex objects holding guns, or anything else. They would much rather read an article by Liberte Austin or watch someone like Maggie Reese shoot. Both very beautiful women in their own right who use their skill to attract people.

    Let’s be respectful and grow our sport. The more enthusiasts the better for everyone. Plus women are much better shooters than men. Over the years, I have taken dozens of women shooting for their first time. I am always amazed at how well they shoot. My wife doesn’t shoot often, but when she does, I am always amazed at her innate ability.

  18. If you’re young, fit, firm and fully packed but have no marketable skills, there are still plenty of ways you can earn a living. More power to ya, until you find that rich lawyer looking for a trophy wife and you don’t need to support yourself anymore. Stay safe out there!

    I’m just praying for the day when ripped-up trailer trash blue jeans fall out of fashion. Those things will never not look stupid.

    • I recommend watching the entire video. For research purposes.

      A woman’s mind is a fascinating thing. At some point, she decided that a strapless dress and flip-flops would be just the perfect attire for blasting flying objects with a shotgun. God bless ‘er!

  19. Women don’t like it. They don’t like that there are umbrella girls, or energy drink girls, in motor-sport. They don’t like there are ring card girls in combat sports. These days they don’t even like men rating a woman’s physical appearance, be it in private or publicly.

    If you take pictures of/with a woman simply because she is attractive, you will be considered a pervert and a bad man who doesn’t respect women. A lot of young women will consider you a man who objectifies women and just another horrible toxic male who spreads “rape culture.” In that sense, as a pro gun person, you should be doing the opposite.

    If you hire women to parade around your gun event purely to draw male attention, it kind of contradicts the personal defense marketing gun companies make for women. It appears (to the average person) as if the “pro gun crowd” isn’t using the head on their shoulders when they make their decisions.

    * Hey ladies, you ever felt like weird men are following you around with sex on their mind? Do you feel uncomfortable, stressed out and unsafe around those men? Well, buy a pink gun and stick it between your large boobs or don’t work for our gun company! *

    It’s hard to please and easy to offend. I guess the minimum you could do is show you are trying…

    • It’s hard to please and easy to offend.

      Yr tellin me.

      I guess the minimum you could do is show you are trying…

      /front double bicep
      I’m tryin, man.

  20. I’m not exploited. I like it when they tell me to shut up n be pretty.

    Hey, I’m not here for my artickle… artichok… making with the words.

    /Flexes other arm.

  21. Seems like there are more nice ladies at gun booths these days.

    Still some eye-candy, cleavage mannequins as well.

    I think the pleasant, knowledable ladies like those at XS and Kahr help the industry move forward.

    The ladies that are not knowledable are only modeling the hardware. This limits who will approach for more information.

    Vendors are slowly addressing the fact that many women LIKE guns.

  22. I don’t get this whole hot gun chic thing. If the only reason you’re watching the videos is to ogle some tramp that’s shooting guns- remember there’s a gazzillion porn sites you can watch for free that skip all the boring fore play….

    This genre is an old fashioned marketing gimmick. However, if this sort of nonsense floats your boat….. Have at it!

  23. No damn debate! All are welcome to the gun world. For you haters, F off and kiss bloomberg’s backside.

  24. Do I like attractive women, regardless of setting? Yes, absolutely. Are they “helping” the 2A cause in any way? doubtful.

  25. I am firmly against gun bunnies, as well as grid girls and all other models that hired to appear at (but don’t care about) male-dominated events.
    I am firmly against women who only pretend to be interested in guns, cars, etc because it earns them social media followers.
    I firmly support firearms enthusiasts, regardless of gender.
    Gun bunnies are not educated about firearms, which makes men think all women are guun illiterate. This leads to a condescending attitude towards women, which pushes them away. We don’t need that.

  26. I’m guessing that the people who hire the gun bunnies (and similar models at other events) know more about marketing to their audience than I do. That said, if I were to attend a gun show with my wife and/or kids I’d rather any women at the booths we visit know more about firearms than just the 4 rules (I really hope they at least teach the models that much). From my limited experience, women would rather talk to a smartly dressed Liberte Austin or KJW than some dude who just assumes she wants a pink or purple guns. There really isn’t much need to have scantily clad women at these events, that’s what strip clubs are for.

  27. I approve. Gun bunny, gun beaver, gun booby (Sula nebouxii)… That’s the beauty of 2A. Everyone is welcome to join.

  28. Love em.

    and regardless of that, gorgeous chicks are allowed to be into guns too anyway, right?

    Oh and SHE is SUPER HOT. Mmmm Mmmm

  29. Totally against gun bunnies. They’re cute right up until some hot brass drops between their jubblies and they sweep the whole range. I have nothing against girls with guns. Heck, I even have a sort of weird attraction to what seems to be the official gun girl uniform (camouflage hoodie, ball cap, jeans). But when you put appearances over practicality, you’ve already shown that you head isn’t in the right place.

  30. One of our DIL’s is a former fashion model. She loves guns. After marrying our son, her FIRST celebratory gun buy was a Desert Eagle, 50AE. She loves to shoot his 500 S&W AND anything .44 Mag.
    Oh, and my Thompson. When she steps up to the line, EVERYONE stops to look, and it ain’t at the guns.

  31. Using beautiful women to sell stuff or garner attention. Rank that up there with the oldest profession and move on.

  32. dont care for’em. they are just there because they are getting paid or are addicted to male attention.

  33. I love ’em. (My wife is one)
    Best time I ever have is my tight jeans and tight top-wearing wife getting out of the car, opening the trunk, pulling out her pelican case, and, by herself, getting her Sig226 and her Sig M-400 ready while I load my Glock mags, and load my Springfield, etc. I look around, and watch all these guys stop and stare, while their wives impatiently look at their smartphones and ask “Are you done yet? I’m hungry!”
    A few of these wives have even approached my wife and she’s taught them to shoot her m-400! They go back to their own cars with a thoughtful look on their faces- It didn’t hurt like I thought it would….always the first thing they say. (Usually they have fired a 12Ga once, and said “no more, nope!”
    (We never leave the range to eat- we bring a picnic lunch in an ice chest. Cokes, bottled water, and sandwiches)
    It shows women that you can shoot and be sexy/feminine, not some butch hunter/lumberjack type.

  34. Females shooting guns is cool. Hot chicks shooting guns are cool too. But frankly, the whole shooting while wearing pretty much nothing isn’t all that cool. My wife loves to shoot, and generally wears cargo pants and a tank top . . . and to me that’s hot. And when a chick shoots as well as my wife does . . . that’s even hotter.

  35. Thought I’d watch the whole video to see if I had missed anything. Not only can she not hit anything, but she doesn’t even know what side of her body her heart is on.
    3:55 min. into the flick, she says, “Stopped my heart, it kicks so much” while she’s patting the right side of her chest.
    I went back and checked it again, just to make sure the flick wasn’t played as a mirror image. Nope, no excuses, now I know why they call them “Bimbo’s”. Glad she’s not a Surgeon.

  36. If they are offended by guys looking at them at the range or gun shop, then they’d be offended at the gym and grocery store too. There was this gorgeous woman I saw at the bank a while back, skin tight dress, one of the type that hugs the curves and ends mid thigh…and man, she was built for it. She was pouring out of this thing. All the guys stopped to look, myself included…it was pretty obvious. She got mad as hell, calling us all pigs and mumbling other expletives to herself. All I got to say is, you stamp “USDA CHOICE” on your ass, don’t be surprised when you are treated like a piece of steak. That is all.

    • Skin has no place on the range or on newscaster dress appropriate if I want tits and ass I’ll go to a beach

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