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In the video below, Jesse Lee Peterson confronts chat show host David Pakman (above) on the outbreak of progressive violence. Mr. Pakman denies the post-Trump trend. Yes, well, I don’t think the antifa and antifa-style protesters are a huge threat to public safety. Their violent outbreaks are confined to “protests,” mostly on or around college campuses.

Balaclava-clad progressives aren’t dragging gun-owning conservatives out of their houses, workplaces or houses of worship to inflict “social justice.” And for good reason . . .

They’d get their asses kicked. Or, let’s face it, shot. So that doesn’t worry me. What really worries me is the same old, same old: left-leaning government-sponsored violence. The violence of gun confiscation, incarceration and yes, mass murder.

Given the ever-expanding statism in California, New Jersey and other progressive strongholds, I remain fearful that the American left may one day do something really, really bad. Lest we forget, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, interning Japanese Americans. The same President lionized by Bernie Sanders.

Are you afraid of the left?

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  1. No and yes, for the same reasons in the article. It’s unlikely that I will encounter violent Leftist “protesters” in my neighborhood. I am fearful of what they could do if they win elections. I know the history of communism and I see the Marxist / communist attitudes in the modern Left. I’m thankful that the 2A gives us the means to resist, but I would rather defeat them at the ballot box and in the war of ideas than fight them on the streets.

    • And as I read this the memory of club-wielding Black Panthers demanding to know who the people in line to vote were supporting comes to mind…
      I suppose it’s fair to say I fear the left as much as any minority fears a group of (occasionally) armed bigots. Yes, I’m probably better armed than they are, but who among us really wants to go pick that fight? Would we be more likely to avoid the confrontation? What if the venue of that confrontation is your local polling place? What if enough armed citizens decide to avoid a fight by staying home and it’s election day?
      We can see where this is headed…

      • I’d welcome a good, old-fashioned ballot box showdown. I hate vote-by-mail with a passion. So much room for fraud behind the scenes, and so little we can do about it.

        At least if they try to intimidate at the ballot box, they’re putting their cards on the table in public view. I can punch back. It’s the sneaky stuff that worries me more.

      • ” Would we be more likely to avoid the confrontation?”

        I prefer to not let the confrontation initiate in the first place.

        There is nothing on my my vehicle that indicates my political affiliation to lessen the chance of vandalism while I’m out-n-about.

        • Herein lies the problem, many “on the Right” have become reluctant to voice opinions for fear of being labelled “racist”(LOL), “homophobic”, islamophobic” etc. The fact is thanks to the political violence by our masked, black-clad opposition Constitutionalists/Conservatives have developed an aversion to placing bumper stickers on their cars, erecting signs supporting their candidate outside their homes and refuse to wear articles of clothing/hats that inform others of their beliefs which resulted in “the Left” being completely surprised with Trump’s victory on Election Day but left the Liberals/Progressives still believing they have greater numbers than us. It’s time we dispel them of THAT notion.

        • I think it would be interesting to show what might happen to two cars with left-leaning bumper stickers and conservative bumper stickers parked in random places. I can tell you I have never wanted to damage someone’s car due to a bumper sticker. Not once. I respect other people’s property and their rights to express their opinion in any way they’d like (violence excepted). I wonder what the outcome would be?

        • I have never seen a “left” leaning sign or bumper sticker defaced or removed. Ever. I have seen “right” leaning signs and bumper stickers either stolen/removed or defaced to the point of mutilation on several occasions.

    • You say that as though you have a choice, which is easy because you actually do still have that choice. However, that window is closing very quickly, so quickly that you don’t realize it. You’re apt to still believe that options are at hand long after they have slipped from our hand.

      Trump was a fluke, albeit a fluke that gave us Gorsuch. Still, tick tock tick tock. Trump ‘s only interest is the spotlight. He’s not a true believer in anything, let alone in conservatism, as his back pedaling and broken promises thus far bear out. In the meantime, every day more illiterate and criminal aliens flood in, more of the dependency class already here reproduce like rabits, more piglets crowd around the government trough, and they all vote Democrat.

      Once the Trump novelty wears off, his dispirited supporters will return to their electoral complacency and the underclass locusts will resume devouring America. At some point, they’ll come for you, your freedom, and your nest egg with overwhelming electoral strength, and your choices will have evaporated.

      • Just be glad that they don’t all vote. Many are too busy chasing drugs/ trying to get enough money the feed and clothe their families. Many of the poor in this country do not vote because they don’t see that it will help them. And they are right. The left wing dems promise free stuff, but not the jobs these people need and the right wingers like it that they can pay south east asians much less than Americans to sew the clothes everyone wears

      • “Trump was a fluke …..”? I think not, the voters had been waiting for someone like him, a “businessman”, since 1992 (Ross Perot) and prior to that nearly a century.

        Our aim and the aim of law enforcement now MUST be to literally “unmask”, remove the balaclavas/bandanas/ski & gas-masks of the black-clad crowd of Revolutionary Communists/World Worker’s Party members/Anarchists etc. then identify and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, sentencing them to long prison terms, slamming them with massive fines and making them not only “Prohibited Persons” where firearms are concerned but also ineligible to vote due to their criminal convictions. By doing the aforementioned and passing Federal legislation declaring that the blocking of streets/roads/highways is now a “felony” with mandatory incarceration (@ hard labor) for offenders upon conviction (use the FEMA camps to house them) we can “Make America Great Again”.

    • Good points. The current antifa movement is a real joke. Bunch of weirdos in stupid clothes with asinine attitudes and dumbass plans…. But at one time, so were the Nazis.

    • The Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed by the blood of tyrants and statists. Or the “other guy die for his wacko ideas”.

      • “Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.”

        “I’m going to plead with you, do not cross us. Because if you do, the survivors will write about what we do here for 10,000 years.”

        ‘”I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”‘

        “Fight with a happy heart and strong spirit”

        – Gen. James Mattis, USMC, Retired

        • America is NOT a democracy. Never has been. Hopefully never will be.

          Find one instance of the word democracy in the Constitution, BOR, or Declaration of Independence and I’ll give you a case of ammo of your choice.

          Democracy is a cancer.

        • I’m sure Mattis meant our Democratic Republic, however Democracy is not a cancer, (D)emocrats are, and the vicissitude that they bring to every good thing here, and around the world, is OLD, or it would be ASTOUNDING, and we would hunt them and put their pelts on the sides of our barns.

          Here’s a quaint story from the evil POS (D) stranglehold of Baltimore, MD:

        • Interesting article, Joe. I couldn’t find where they set up cameras, arrested and prosecuted anyone for that destruction and theft, which I found curious. Do you suppose that fact may be a part of the problem?

        • The bikes were Lojacked, not even all permanently missing, just not returned to the kiosks. Like I implied, that’s why we can’t have nice things.

    • Except that you never see them pull this garbage anywhere that the local constabulary isn’t hogtied by leftist politicians giving them “room to destroy”. As far as I am concerned, the solution to the entire ANTIFA problem is a slight whiff of grapeshot.

    • Cowards can still kill vast numbers, they just go at it in a more cowardly route, like Al Queda. IEDs and Hi Jacked airliners instead of fighting it out with us on the ground where they don’t stand a chance.

      • Thinking an enemy is “cowardly” when he has repeatedly shown willingness to undertake suicide missions is a critical, perhaps fatal, oversight.

        The cowards responsible for the most deaths are the ones who realize a government has gotten out of control, but don’t fight, kill, and risk death to correct it. Those cowards were responsible for WWII, for Communism in hellholes where it has developed.

        There are cowards who worship at mosques, but they the ones afraid to confront the radicals who make it hot for everyone else. The wacko who will blow himself up, a coward? I submit that we hold off discussing his character until we establish that there are literally 50% of Muslims who don’t want anything to do with terrorism, but won’t even risk an uncomfortable exchange at the mosque with the fellow who’s going a little kooky.

        • A moderate Muslim is one who is unsure whether or not terrorism is justifiable. As there are always two extremes, an extremist either supports or opposes terrorism.

  2. I’ve already had to survive enough stuff to give a normal person PTSD thanks to having to deal with real serious violence most of my childhood. Not even a joke, that’s pretty much what therapist have said before several times. So saying that I ‘fear’ them wouldn’t be correct. But I do consider them a potential threat, one that has already resulted in shootings.

    Luckily a lot of their leaders have been arrested and outside of Berkley they’re getting nothing but negative press. But I could easily see the Alt-Left completely flaming out. But I’m certainly going to keep an eye on them still.

  3. Cannon fodder? I’ll never fall to the left, too much blood has been spilled protecting our Constitution and ways of life. If it must happen then let it happen. All my family has served this country and it will not have been in vane, I’ll carry the stick even if I am the last one….

  4. I worry about people falling into the role of Reginald Denny (I think the poor MF in Charlottesville may have felt that was where the POS Antifa crowd was going with their bullshit and those MFs begged for worse by not distancing their actions from our truly F’d up LA history).

    I think too many of us can’t wait for them to break sh_t open, so that it can be used as justification to physically go after their supporters and funders.

    It would be open Fing season no tag / no bag limit.

  5. I fear the relentless, slow progress of the leftist-communist agenda. They are playing a patient, long-term endgame. By pushing the progressive agenda in the media, entertainment industry, and school, they are slowly converting the youngest generation. I fear that, unless something is done to stop this, they will win and end the United States as we know it within 30 years. I fear for my grandchildren and their generation.

    • Oh yeah, they do have a long term plan and have been working it for about 50 years. Ever wonder why they want all those illegals here and do their best to congregate them into their inner city fiefdoms? Sure, some day they want them all to vote, for them. But that’s not the reason right now. The real answer lies in the Census and redistribution of the Electoral College electors. Each Census it is getting harder and harder for the right to win and they don’t even seem to know it’s happening.

        • Indeed so. In fact it was the failed socialist uprisings of 1848 in Europe that helped start the War between the States here in America. A lot of socialists fled both persecution and prosecution by “immigrating” to the US afterward and they made up the bulk of the 75,000 volunteers that Lincoln called for in 1861.

    • Troutbum5,

      “I fear that, unless something is done to stop this, they will win and end the United States as we know it within 30 years.”

      They have already won: the United States is totally unrecognizable from what it was in 1890. The question is whether or not it can be reversed. In the spirit of that question, I would agree that our nation’s transformation will be permanently irreversible within 30 years.

    • I’ve heard the exact opposite (converting the young). Supposedly the gen y or younger folks are all super conservative cause they don’t watch lame stream tv and think for themselves. Google it. I believe it, sounds plausible

    • You are correct. The far left are a threat to nobody, and the mild left are ineffective. The reason they are ineffective is that the right to keep and bear arms in America is becoming more acceptable over time, not less. Who would have thought 30 years ago that in most geographic regions of America, concealed carry permits would be “shall issue”? Not even Ada County in Idaho was “shall issue” 30 years ago, and it’s a lot more liberal today than it was back then.

      However, in other situations sometimes a more active response is needed. In those cases, I prefer the following Chinese saying: “You have to stand on a hillside with your mouth open for a long time before a roast duck will fly into it”.

  6. Any wise man is always concerned about the left. There’s always about 20% of the population who are witless dupes, idiots, thieves and grifters who support the ideals of Marx.

    The left has stacked up bodies in piles so high, it makes for-real Nazis feel incompetent.

    Now, it used to be that we really didn’t have to worry about “the left” too much in the US. Modulo entitled, over-educated twerps who write for the NY Times and red diaper Jews from the 1910’s to the 1960’s, there was never a large enough base of support for actual socialism/marxism to gain a political hold in the US.

    With the flood of third world immigrants and invaders who are not assimilating, however, now the US has a problem.

    Socialism is the political disease of the third world – it’s why the third world remains the third world. Take two examples:

    – Zimbabwe – once the bread basket of Africa, they produced foodstuffs in such quantity that they sold food consistently, year after year after year. Since Robert Mugabe has taken over and stolen the farms from private ownership and given the land to his political buddies, ZImbabwe’s food production has crashed. It’s the same story, every single time that socialism/marxism comes to a country: food production crashes, and people go hungry.

    Why did Zimbabwe go down this road? Because Marxism appeals to third worlders, who think that “gimme dat!” is a sound economic policy. Zimbabwe’s economic policy is so screwed up, they no longer even use their own currency to run their economy – because $Z 1,000,000 bills are good for bum-wipe.

    – Venezuela – owner of the large proven reserves of light, sweet crude in the world. Light, sweet crude is the most desirable crude for refining in the world. Venezuela used to have a thriving middle class. I met a dozen people from Venezuela in Silicon Valley, and they were all highly educated (in Venezuela), and came from middle class (but not rich) families.

    But the lower classes got sold on the economic idea of “gimme dat!” as a way for them to move up (rather than get off their butts and work), and now, in Venezuela, you can’t hardly buy bum-wipe. Oh, and people are now going hungry. The most common result of socialism is that people starve. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking of the USSR, China, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cambodia, South American countries, African countries, you name it.

    When you import enough people from the third world, and you don’t insist that they assimilate (ie, force them to learn your language, your laws, your customs), you set the stage for the “gimme dat!” culture to arise.

    • I agree 100%. Even a cursory view of human history shows that the left / leftist agents / communism / socialism has directly resulted in the deaths of roughly 100 millions people in the last 150 years or so. Taken at a large level, government dictators and their agents are the most effective murderers in human history. Taken at a smaller level, lefties are ignorant jurists, Antifa thugs, police chiefs and mayors who give progs “room to destroy,” and even dumbass city officials who opposed the installation of my 23 solar panel system.

      The wonderful thing is that the Left has every reason to fear the competent and prepared gun owner. We as a group are tough to bully and even more difficult to wipe away in a genocide. Big government absolutely fears and despises independent citizens who simply don’t desire or care for excessive government meddling in their taxes, schools, healthcare, etc.

      I certainly fear my next altercation with a minority as a white police officer. Plenty of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson-worshipping social justice warriors are out there, just like TTAG still has lots of armchair commandos.

      Heck, a lot of TTAG thought voting for Obama in ’12 was perfectly fine and that Bernie Sanders was a great choice in ’16. To them, Trump had no chance of winning. Plenty of others think that their dog can simultaneously be a fearsome defender of their home and yet harmless to responding police officers. Thankfully I keep video rolling when I’m out and about working the weekend graveyard shift specifically to defend against frivolous accusations, and things have worked out well so far.

      So yes, I fear ignorance and lies at many levels. I meet that fear with quiet preparation and by telling the truth. I’m exceedingly glad for Ralph, Tom in Oregon, DG, Strych 9, and many others who share an accurate and unflinching perspective of the world and its dangerous agents. Modern law enforcement is a mess, but so is about half of our nation who enthusiastically voted for Hillary Clinton. We are not yet past the point of no return, but the potential is certainly there. A Clinton presidency may have taken us to that point, by importing hundred of thousands of refugees, further opening the borders, and the appointment of even more communist federal judges.

      So I keep my powder dry.

  7. I don’t fear the left, I fear what they are doing to this great nation. They have a long term plan and me thinks theys a winnin.

    November 7, 2018
    All incumbent Senators and Congressman Voted out of office and replaced by all new Republican or Independent representatives. A complete swamp drain for Trump after months of Twitter tirades aimed at the feckless Congress.
    Riots ensue nationwide and reports of wide spread instances of sudden lead poisoning deaths has the Administrations drastically reduced EPA workforce trumped (er stumped).

  9. Fear is for the weak. That’s why I have nothing but contempt for the left and right. They’re both chock full of fearful panicky herd beasts. Yeah, they may fear different things, but they’re still largely ruled by fear.

  10. Mathew 10:27 comes to mind:

    Don’t fear those who kill the body but are not able to kill the soul; rather, fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

  11. I fear them enough to have contingencies. We can’t be naive. The Left shoots people, burns property, and generally terrorizes their political opponents. If you are targeted expect to have your identity stolen, data hacked, family terrorized, fired from your job, your email and websites seized, and black balled from Uber, AirBnB, and dozens of other apps. The days of an average American just participating in outdoor politics in the most milquetoast way are long gone. Don’t stick your neck out unless you are willing to accept the consequences. Don’t even be in the periphery of a mob action. You could end up in jail without bail if you get jumped and try to resist.

  12. As far as doing physical harm to me and my family, I’d have to say no. However, as far as them taking control of government through their friends in the MSM, I would say yes. They are to be feared.

  13. I’m sure Mattis meant our Democratic Republic, however Democracy is not a cancer, (D)emocrats are, and the vicissitude that they bring to every good thing here, and around the world, is OLD, or it would be ASTOUNDING, and we would hunt them and put their pelts on the sides of our barns.

    Here’s a quaint story from the evil POS (D) stranglehold of Baltimore, MD:

  14. In general, I fear both the left and the right — neither end of the spectrum respects the entire Constitution.

    Regarding Pakman, for quite some time I’ve thought the only thing he has going for him is his looks. Beyond that, he’s a superlative example of the Simon & Garfunkle line “A man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest”.

    In terms of engaging in violence, I worry more about the left; the main difference I’ve seen is that leftist youth have never learned to handle anger and seem far less able to restrain from acting out.

  15. The beliefs of left-wing violence the collected sheeple snowflakes on here believe is out of proportion.

    There have been more and more racism, violence, terrorism, robberies, deaths caused by individuals with ties to right-wing politics, doomsday prepper nuts, survivalist militia fanatics, gun Reich groups.

    The talks of Anti-fa being more dangerous then ever IS A MYTH. Anti-fa never killed anyone, But those who bowled to the brainwashed mantra of “more guns,less crime ” or “liberals are trying to kill us all” have killed for more innocent people.

    People like you will harm others just for incessantly denying climate change when the evidence is staring them right in their faces.

    If you can’t acknowledge the fact that right wing gun totting white trash doesn’t incite just as much violence then you are literally a brainwashed snowflake sheep.

    How about the right-wing nut who plowed into the crowd of peaceful protesters? How about open up google and inform yourself about the increase in hate crimes during Trump’s Presidency? Or are you to much of a helpless sheep that you just sit and watch fox news and Alex Jones?

    Keep deluding yourselves for problems that people like you cause and blame on others.

    Innocent people are suffering because of it.

    • Speaking of white trash, how’s your Muslim family doing in the dumpster diving events? Oh the alt left is tricky! Trying to stir up racial tensions by dividing people of color into groups of discontent and blaming all their troubles on the “white man” instead of being accountable for their own lives as many ethnic groups already do. Sad but true. That said, I do fear the left. Insane people do insane things. Obama created ISIS. How insane is that?

    • “People like you will harm others just for incessantly denying climate change when the evidence is staring them right in their faces.”

      Do you ever bother to proof read your comments before posting them? Because I’m pretty sure what you meant to say was the 100% opposite of what you typed in that sentence. But this is the one thing you got right. If anyone dares to dispute the sacred dogma of climate lefties like you will try to harm them.

  16. I fear leftist politicians. The way I see it, the current administration is our “continuing resolution” on gun rights. When the Democrats return to power, and someday they most assuredly will, expect the 2A to be all but eliminated. I don’t expect the SCOTUS to be of any real help, take a look at Democratic strongholds – they already ignore the constitution and SCOTUS case law. Concealed carry reciprocity? I imagine states like California, New Jersey, and the like will do what they’ve done with FOPA. Ignore it completely and refuse to recognize federal authority/civil rights under the guise of “state’s rights”.

    Many people don’t seem to think it will come to this, but take a look at what the Democrats are doing now. Peaceful transfer of power? Yeah, right. How about actively calling for citizens to “resist” the current administration. Many high ranking Democrats have gone so far as to claim Trump isn’t a legitimate President. Obama meeting with foreign leaders like he’s still President. And Pelosi denouncing ANTIFA was window dressing. She doesn’t care. The true ideologues, like Tim Kaine for example, will be all to keen to see groups like ANTIFA grow. Anything to terrorize and marginalize opponents. Imagine Kaine as President with both houses of Congress. The 2A? Forget it. That pesky thing is all that’s standing in the way of Communism. They can’t have that.

    “But I live in a free state that has passed laws nullifying federal gun control”. That isn’t going to work. The Democrats are bottom feeders but they at least stick together. Unlike the weakling GOP who has been walked all over by sanctuary cities, the Democrats WILL withhold federal funding from states who don’t play ball.

    Sorry to be a Gloomy Gus, but there are some very dark clouds on the horizon. I hope I’m wrong.

    • HP, I’m suspicious that if they try that crap in TX, the legislature will likely advise everyone to just send their tax payments directly to Austin, and be alert in case the feds try to come pick them up.

  17. Fear? No.

    I am always concerned with left-thinking, crowd-think, and socialist-elitist.

    It’s funny how they say they rail against a “police state” and that’s exactly what they are trying to create.

    Life is funny.

  18. I don’t “fear” the Left but I am wary of them and they’re a group I keep an eye on.

    The real danger of the Left isn’t a bunch of masked assholes busting up a Starbucks or looting a clothing store. It’s not even their penchant for violent clashes with police. The threat the Left poses is more subtle and much, much more dangerous than the things that get major media coverage. IMHO, those things that get major media coverage are just a symptom of the underlying cancer that is Progressivism.

    The real threat that these people pose is that they’ve effectively taken over education from top to bottom, from kindergarten through graduate schools. IME, Conservative, conservative, right leaning or Libertarian college professors are rare. Where they exist they tend not to publicly espouse their views for fear of reprisal. Just look at Bret Weinstein over at Evergreen. Homeslice isn’t even a Conservative. He’s a Liberal and a pretty far gone one at that but he asked an uncomfortable question and he was crucified for it. That mess is still unfolding.

    This is the real threat. The Leftist takeover of the education system is intentional and it’s designed to produce uniformity of thought in a manner that is decidedly anti-freedom and diametrically opposed to pretty much everything a gun owner holds dear. That’s the game: no need for a violent revolution when you brainwash the masses into simply supporting Leftist ideals. The fact that they don’t, can’t and won’t work, a fact supported by 100 years of history at this point, doesn’t matter because those nasty bits of information are simply expunged from the educational canon. People who’ve been put through the system have effectively been “programmed” because the system only allows access to information in a way that supports the system itself. I mean, does anyone really think there’s going to be a Civics class at their local High School that gets into the corrupt nature of politics and the teacher’s union?

    The problem isn’t the violent outbursts, it’s the system that stealthily created those people via a program that can really only be called “indoctrination”. Just look at California where a recent study shows that, effectively, 53% of California Democrats oppose free speech. Further, a full 46% of the general population effectively opposes free speech. Only 39% of California Democrats believe that there shouldn’t be restrictions on public demonstrations. You don’t need to get violent when you’re pulling those kind of numbers on your side. You simply need to continue the status quo until the numbers get slightly better and pretty soon you have openly totalitarian assholes winning elections and people cheering for the stripping away of their own rights.

  19. I don’t fear them, I fear what comes next. 1919 Spartacist uprising of far left, communists and anarchists attempt to overthrow the Weimar Republic Germany. Results in the rise of the freikorps. Then war in the streets, disillusioned in the government and eventually the rise of actual fascists, not the “facists” that our leftists are determined to bash

  20. I’m not of German ancestry. I’m not white. I’m just an America black man who cares about correcting the historical record. Saying only Japanese Americas were sent to concentration camps is a lie. In fact it’s is a racist lie. Or perhaps having over 10,000 white Americans lose everything, their property, their job, their private business, their guns, all of their civil rights violated. Do they count???
    German Internment in America During WWII

    America’s Invisible Gulag: A Biography of German American Internment & Exclusion in World War II: Memory & History

    The Unknown Internment: An Oral History of the Relocation of Italian Americans During World War II (Twayne Oral History Series, 4) 1990

    Undue Process: The Untold Story of America’s German Alien Internees

    When you can erase the history of white people being locked up just because of their ethnic heritage, then you can erase any part of history. Like erasing the Deacons for Defense and Justice from modern civil rights history. But you can talk about the Black Panther Party for self-dense.

    The Deacons for Defense: Armed Resistance and the Civil Rights Movement

      • According to old family diaries, in WWI there were lynchings of Germans. Around here, a lot of folks with German last names suddenly discovered they were actually of Swiss ancestry….

      • I read about it almost 20 years ago. Fortunately Glenn beck when he was at the Fox News channel did interviews, with the adults who were just kids when they were sent to the camps in crystal city Texas.
        I think he was the first to do national network interviews.

  21. After all these years of living a hard life and working my ass to the bone. I don’t fear anyone period. They my be bigger faster or trained better makes no difference. I’ll do my best and live or die but I won’t be afraid. If attacked I will give no quarter and expect none in return. Dying is easy living is hard.

  22. Fear for harm to me? No. Fear that innocent people will be sacrificed by antifa leaders? Yes. Who died at Kent State? Was it political revolutionaries or naive kids? Who dies in the Chicago drug wars? A lot of kids but not one kingpin. The new left violence is an old tune with new words.

  23. I haven’t read the replies here, but I do not fear the left. I do not like their policies and stance on a lot of subjects. I also don’t like what the left politicians are trying to do. I don’t like what the mass media does. I don’t like that Facebook has algorithms built to steer the FB feeds to purposely make conservatives feel like they are a tiny % of the population for a certain belief (i.e., abortion, gay marriage, gun control, etc.). Most of my feed is progressive slanted or worse, giving the impression that I am the only one of my “friends” who would dare believe abortion (or other controversial topics) is wrong – even though many of my friends are conservative – it’s disproportionate. It’s social engineering and conditioning, where I’m certain many people don’t realize it.

  24. Fear? no, not really, I don’t believe in their ability to harm me in any tangible way. The word I’d say is more accurate is disgust. What these people preach is morally reprehensible, motivated by the lowest forms of self-aggrandizement that motivates human catastrophes like Communism and Nazism. The idea that these people can live at the very top of the human ladder in the wealthiest nation in the world and have not only no gratitude but open contempt is as off putting as a literal pile of bullsh*t.

  25. I don’t fear the left because I’ve already been down where this road leads. I’m terrified of this pc/thought crime nonsense no matter who’s lips it’s rolling out of. Having survived thought reform via the thriving Troubled Teen Industry it’s simply kill as many as I can when they come again. I don’t have another couple years to be tortured for simply existing and believing that I own my own life, they got me once in a facility in Mexico. Biggest mistake of my life was not fighting when I knew those 2 dudes in my bedroom telling me to come with them weren’t there for my well being. Spent the better part of 20 years now regretting the choice I made at 4am that morning. The particular bullshit I endured borrowed heavily from the communist style of re-education that was all the rage in early 50’s china. Intense pressure and fear 24/7 in self correcting peer groups. The bastardizing of common use words into definitions no longer recognizable to the uninitiated. The most innocuous of infractions and the proscribed punishments sound rational until the first time you see it in play. I’ve watched and worried as it seems this model is creeping more and more into “free” society on what is apparently it’s own accord. The right is just as dangerous in it’s practices, hell our current VP is a strong supporter of the very industry that traumatized me all those years ago. I learned there are no “good guys” when I came out of my ordeal and society at large told me to just get over it. Left or Right, I’m jumping on the chance to finally make the correct choice when confronted with prolonged agony vs. freedom til the bitter end. Odds are it’s gonna be the left that forces my hand first. Odds also are everyone reading this couldn’t give less of a shit about how we treat people under the age of majority in this country. Be interesting to see what political camp survivors of thought reform tend to wash up in after seeing the system up close and so very personal.

    • Wow man. Not trying to fully comprehend your ordeal but I will say you are correct in that no one cares about oneself but oneself and possibly ones mother and father, even that’s not always the case, more so today than ever. This idea that the bad guy is that person on the left or that guy on the right. The bad guy is the system that is selling us that paradigm. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book. Unfortunately, people are so brainwashed that to break from the control would be their deaths. It would be like seeing God. All truths, all at once. Neither the guy on the left or the right benefits or evolves from the hate of the other. People need to ask who benefits from this hatred we have for ourselves.

  26. Scares me half the voters, give or take a few, voted for the left this last presidential election. Once The Socialist Party takes control, it’s game over. The Constitution will be abolished soon after. It only applies to a Democratic Republic. The Socialist Republic will not be bound by it. We will become subjects, not citizens, we will be told what our privileges are, and are not. Mostly not.

  27. I fear no man since crapping my pants in a firefight, incapacitate these MF’s by any means available up too and including their homes, wage total carnage on these Ass****s Do unto others; as others do too you. but do it first as silent men and women tell no tales! I know that being old and slow makes me an easy target but I will take 1 or more with me dying’s easy besides “yesterday was the easy day”!

  28. Man, how can people with guns be such pussies?

    If you’re not a fascist, antifa has NO problem with you or your guns! This article is a joke.

    • Watch it there, bitch! The only pussy I see here is you. Funny how the so-called AntiFa is actually pro-fascist… must be Newspeak.

      Really, YOU are the joke.

  29. Every time I see a group of antifa types running through the streets breaking, looting, and burning, I always think of the same quote from the movie Platoon:
    “You know how to work the Claymores, dude? Click the safety off, and bang on that sucker three times.”

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