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“The largest gun lobby in the US has said in a video ad (below) that it is ‘coming for’ the New York Times,” reports. “National Rifle Association (NRA) spokesperson Dana Loesch, a prominent conservative media personality, attacked the newspaper in the video and called it an ‘untrustworthy, dishonest rag.'” Be that as it is . . .

Ms. Loesch is now the official face and voice of the NRA — as far as the mainstream media is concerned (see: image at top of the post). The “in your face, liberals” NRA spokesperson is getting more coverage than Wayne LaPierre’s received during his entire tenure as NRA Veep.

If you’re an NRA member, are you OK with Ms. Loesch’s feistiness, repping the nation’s oldest civil rights group? Or do you find her commentary unnecessarily strident and confrontational, given that pro-gun Republicans control the Congress and the White House?

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    • Well said. Each member is the NRA period.
      BTW I love to watch Dana smash the Marxist pigs, she’s good at it.

    • I am the NRA as well. So also are most of my brothers in blue. Too bad many in TTAG aren’t NRA members – looking for the mythical perfect gun rights group that makes no mistakes. Let me know of you find one, and I’ll be happy to join..

      • It’s called “Gun Owners Of America.” They don’t compromise and they don’t hire spokespeople that stood up before the last Presidential election and said that they’d NEVER vote for Donald Trump. Yes, I’m talking about Dana “Never Trump” Loesch.

  1. Yes, Dana is the NRA, and, the NRA is Dana–and all of us who actually understand the Second Amendment. “The largest ‘gun’ lobby in the US” represents our rights against the numerous, well funded “gun grabbing” lobbyists and organizations who can’t seem to tell the truth about firearm statistics, or about totalitarian ideologies and lap dog media campaigns.

  2. NRA life member here.
    Yeah, Ms. Loesch can be my spokes person. And I hope she gets tougher.
    She and Mr. Idehen, (aka Colion Noir), get my applause.

  3. I’m 1,000 percent just fine with Dana.

    Now is not the time to lay off on the pressure, the Leftists damn sure wouldn’t ease up if they had the ‘levers of power’ to push as they liked.

    Somebody mentioned something in passing a day or so back, if the Leftists had won control of Washington last time around, they could have cemented SCOTUS anti for a generation, and with that power, they could have expanded the NFA to *all* firearms, banned all semi-autos except revolvers, and SCOTUS could rule that constitutional.

    How’s that for a scary thought?

  4. The NYT has been a bastion of liberal progressive ism for over 40 years. Before the internet and the 24 hour news cycle they were able to keep it a secret from everyone other than their core readers. Over the last 20 years the started believing that they could come out of the closet and force their ideology on everyone. it worked for several years because most politicians were afraid to ruffle the feathers of the NY/Washington DC media establishment. Then comes along someone who has seen their power games first hand and called BULLSHIT. That being Donald Trump. Finally there was someone who wasn’t afraid to call them out for their manipulative and deceitful form of journalism(sic). With the support of all of his supporters we were able to make him our President. Now we have someone fighting the liberals at their own game which gives a larger voice to the rest of us to fight back. Dana Loesch is one of those people. The NRA has given her the platform to call out not only the dishonest media but all of the minions of the liberal establishment. We must stand with Dana and all those with the courage to speak out against the social and political evils we have been and will continue to face in the days ahead. The Left has been fighting this war since the sixty’s. We have just begun, The fight will be long and at times may be violent. Nothing worth fighting for is ever easy or painless. Be prepared to do your part when and where you can. At the end of the day it will be up to us to carry the fight for our freedom… Keep Your Powder Dry…

    • “The Tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots”——Thomas Jefferson

  5. Dana isn’t feisty enough for me. She’s calling out the swine at the NYT, which is great, but she’s using words that are too nice and too carefully selected.

    The NYT, WAPO and the rest of the Left comprises an axis of absolute evil that is more inimical to freedom than North Korea, Russia and China combined. The enemy within is more dangerous than the enemy outside.

    Let her say so before we become Venezuela. Because saying so afterwards won’t be allowed.

      • Ralph is just stating the obvious, even if in his classic Ralphian blunt, colorful and uncompromising way. So Goldwater must have been quite the insightful but blunt, upsetting and memorable instrument as well.

      • That’s a tremendous compliment, considering that Goldwater was best man and candidate nominated for President by either the Democratic or Republican Party in modern times. Perhaps ever, as far as I know. As usual, the left defeated him purely by lying about him and casting him a straw man. Here’s a man who voted for multiple Civil Rights Acts, was a charter member of the NAACP in his state, as a general in the Utah Air National Guard racially desegregated his forces ahead of the nationwide desegregation of the armed forces, supported the 24th Amendment outlawing poll taxes, supported the desegregation of Phoenix, Arizona public schools, and racially desegregated the department store he owned that was the source of his fortune. LBJ’s campaign depicted him as a black-hating Klansman, though Goldwater was unashamed of being raised by his Jewish father. Meanwhile, the real racist segregationists standing in the doorway refusing to let blacks enter their schools were Democrats like George Wallace. The left lied about Goldwater just as they lie about us supporters of the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense and other moral purposes. The historical Goldwater, a libertarian, is unrecognizable from the caricature. Read his presidential platform in his famous The Conscience of a Conservative and learn of the values his campaign was actually promoting. I’d vote for him today. In fact, I still do sometimes when it’s fitting to register my opposition to the candidates (or often single candidate) on the ballot by writing my own in. I’d actually prefer to elect Barry Goldwater now, in death, than many of those currently holding office. A corpse doing nothing is preferable to an energetic politician working against the good of the people.

        Dana Loesch represents me well. She has good values. It’s a joyous occasion that the NRA has finally embraced the right to keep and bear arms for defense against enemies domestic and foreign, by appointing someone who really cares about the 2A as self-defense against crime and tyranny. I’m tired of Fudds who want to give more of our rights away for a pat on the back from the left and a five-minute reprieve from demonizing us as callous evildoers. It’s time now to seize the initiative and push hard. When the enemy is in a rout, it’s not time to back off, relax, and let them regroup and come back in full force. No, when you’re dominant is when you have to keep pushing forward and actually accomplish lasting victory. I don’t want the NRA to be trying to appeal to leftists who hate us. It’s time to unite the gun community and culture against the enemies of liberty and protect the rights that are our birthright as Americans and as human beings. Being soft has lead a history of gun rights that is just one defeat after another. We no longer have the right as citizens to acquire typical contemporary infantry weapons. Achieving a defense of gun rights is a matter of life and death. If the left has their way, the ability to resist tyranny will be forcibly taken from the public in every state in the union and everywhere else in the world. We’re attempting to preserve the last pockets of freedom to defend one’s life remaining on Earth. It’s time we say it aloud!

        • ” The left lied about Goldwater just as they lie about us supporters of the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense and other moral purposes.”

          The Leftists and Islamic fundamentalists have something in common.

          The Left has *zero* problems with bald-faced lies, in fact, it is a duty to lie, if it is in the interests of Leftist ideology.

          Example, the ‘ACA’: “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

          He was *immediately* called on it, his own advisors flat told Obama it wasn’t true, and he kept hammering that lie every time a microphone was in his face because the vote was gonna be tight.

          The ends, enacting the ‘ACA’, ramming it down out throats, justified the means. I will *never* forgive him on that…

        • My parents worked for his campaign in ’64, so they obviously must have agreed. I remember them campaigning for him, but not much else, other than he was from AZ so he HAD to be pro gun… I was only 4 years old.

        • Thank you for sticking up for Goldwater. Revisionist malignment of Goldwater throughout the years has been disgusting. He was indeed a champion of liberty.

    • Full agreement.

      If the NYT (et al) are getting the fantods over what she’s saying now? Wait until some other folks start speaking up.

    • What? How the hell is the WaPo and NYT worse than Russia right now? You have to be a total traitor to even think that.

  6. There is one thing I am quite sure of and that is that we have been on the defense too damn long. Our time is now.
    Don’t take it and don’t be quiet. When the opportunity arises, take the offense, be heard! Put them in their place and don’t accept their lies.

  7. All she’s doing is simply telling the truth. Don’t see the controversy here. Oh wait, that’s what the left wing news machine fears most.

  8. I wouldn’t have a beer with her, but she needs to keep doing what she is doing.

    Oh yeah, and since Tom has to virtue signal, I will as well: NRA LIFE MEMBER!!!

  9. Absolutely, Dana is awesome and as a recent Lifetime member, I am thrilled with her aggressive style. We have rolled over for the Marxists for far too long.

  10. Love me some Dana…seriously she’s just what I want as a NRA member. But I dissagree with your assessment of “more” publicity than Wayne. Massive coverage after Sandy Hook and prior to Trump election. How many folks know Dana by name? Or can even pronounce her name(“lash”)?!?

  11. I would argue that pro-gun Republicans DO NOT run the Congress and White House. Republicans may run congress and a superficially pro-gun Republican may be president, but if pro-gun politicians ran congress and the executive, then all manors of bad laws and unconstitutional dictates would be stricken from the books and our rights as Americans would be plainly worded for all to understand.

    • I agree, we have seen how totally gutless the current batch of “Republicans” are on repealing Obamacare, why should we sit back and “trust” their support of the 2nd Amendment. Show us by action or resign. In fact, we’ve seen enough, just resign.

      • I’m not sure why you used quotes. Republicans have always been big government, while conservatives have not. Now if you called Republicans “conservatives”, then the quotes would be understandable. Progressives started co-opting the Republican Party back in the seventies under the name neo-cons. Look up Leo Strauss and you can see how there’s little difference between the hawk Dems and Republicans.

        • Progressives have been in the Republican Party far longer then that. See Teddy Roosevelt.

  12. Dana is a great spokesman for the NRA and our constitutional rights.

    She is more focused on that job than many that are focused on click bait.

    RF: do you hear me?

  13. I do find her “commentary unnecessarily strident and confrontational.” But at this point I don’t know if it matters. The left has made the NRA out to be the villain. So even if she was the nicest, quietist person going with a gentle demeanor it wouldn’t matter. So I don’t care what she does. Screw the left and their rags.

  14. Getting paid millions to be a raging cunty bitch, I’m sure she enjoys it. Even super intellectual types subscribe to nytimes, and my shit sucking ex-boss watched fox news all day. Go figure. I don’t understand why she’s anti-feminist, boggles my girl brain. She’ll probably die from female liberals fiending on her boiling corrupt blood, like a reverse Voldemort scenario. Happy Sunday y’alll!!!!

    • Just what kind of a flaming idiot are you. The name calling of a smart beautiful woman defending our rights is despicable. Hope when you get home your mother runs out from under the porch and bites your ankles.

  15. In a word YES.
    Besides Id rather look at and listen to her then Wayne any day.
    Wayne is me an OFWG its the kids time now.

  16. Remarkable how quickly the NRA turned from resistance to tyranny to a pro-government brownshirts. 2A protects the 1A. 2A does not protect Trump.

    • Hey Never Trumper – If you and your cucked, globalist, deep state ilk continue trying to undermine the American political process, you may get a first row seat to how the 2A protects our democracy.

      Which is to say a lawfully elected President Trump,

      • Your meaningless buzzwords betray your hatred for the Constitution and your threats are laughable. Assuming you aren’t law enforcement – and it’s a fair assumption – you wouldn’t make it within 100 yards of me before I put one between your eyes. If your leader is so weak that words can take him down, he deserves it. 2A protects 1A, the Constitution, and the citizenry. Military and LEOs protect Trump.

        • You sure are jumpy there Bud.

          No threat was made, more an observation of what will come to pass should you and your fellow quislings continue on your chosen path.

          By the way 59 million people voted for a Trump Presidency, They all must be LEO’s and Military huh? You going to “put one between their eyes” too?

        • “…you wouldn’t make it within 100 yards of me before I put one between your eyes.”


          Fuckin’ Gecko007 over here.

      • Learn to read cultist. Your obvious mental instability explains why you think a lifelong NY elitist with global business interests, who has no particular interest in America, is a conservative. As for the minority of voters who voted for the guy who uses Saddam’s interior decorator, there are plenty of suckers in America. Used car salesmen will tell you that.

        As far as your comment though, you said “you may get a first row seat to how the 2A protects our democracy.” That has nothing to do with the military or LEO and is a threat. Like I said, you wouldn’t know what hit you.

        • Nope…. mainly here for modern industrial death-culture products, tips on efficient ballistic masturbation, hopefully daily Loeschings, the gnashing of pinko teeth…. but I stay for the lulz.

          The lulz flow stiffly this year, and it is our duty to enlargen the lulz, so that the Great BAAAAW from pinkos, vagoomen, SJFs, and social media “influencers” continues & further propagates lulz.

          And after a surplus of lulz have been had;

          Step 1- Drop collective sack on the opposition, and watch resident Lolcows tip themselves in confusion.
          (Pro-Tip: there can never be a surplus of the lulz, so milk them endlessly)

          Step ®- ????

          Step 3- PROFIT!

  17. Yes, Ms. Loesch is the NRA. If she is serious about countering the violence of the lying left with the clenched fist of truth, she needs to take off the kid gloves. I say she should fight back, against the progressive criminal element, with the spiked, brass knuckles of righteousness. I say she should strike back against the bigoted, intolerant anti-civil rights propagandists by swinging Lucille in wide arcs like a berserker.

  18. I have no problems with her style and wouldn’t be bothered if she went even further in some cases.

  19. Dana and Colion for 2020 or 2024! I don’t care who is at the top of the ticket I’ll pull the lever either way.

    Frankly, I love watching her troll the left and I love the left when they foam at the mouth and come unhinged. I’d be even happier if the rest of the NRA spokespeople began trolling them.

  20. Robert, as a one-time left-winger who had the good sense to escape that bankrupt ideology many years ago, I’ll admit to being a bit less than tolerant of people who have only recently or reluctantly had their conservative epiphany and who—I’m doing some extrapolating here—continue to feel some disquiet at having made the change. Oh they know it was necessary alright, there’s really no question about that, but they still continue to have some deep-down emotional responses that cause them to long for a more politically “moderate” time which never really existed.

    Now, I’m not saying this is you. It’s just that I’ve encountered a few People Of The Gun who, for reasons just discussed, don’t much like NRA style politics and, in particular, don’t much like Dana’s **up-yours!** polemics. Personally, I think the NRA’s end-game media presence and old-school lobbying efforts have been devastatingly effective against one of progressivism’s most concerted efforts to remove a constitutional right. Dana’s videos may make some reluctant conservatives cringe but, in fact, I think she’s doing a great job of preachin’ to the choir. And it’s a very, very big choir.

  21. So Robert, what wonderful pro gun legislation have the pro gun Republicans passed in the past 8 months they’ve had an agreeable executive branch?

    • “given that pro-gun Republicans control the Congress and the White House”
      Enacted legislation or it didn’t happen….

  22. We are all the NRA and we all fight the battle in different ways.
    She is fighting an interactive and reactive battle and the Opposition has nothing to due with what party “has” Congress.

  23. I don’t like Loesch’s excessive use of ad hominem attacks and cultural/religious language when we can convince people using statistics, logic and libertarian/liberal philosophy

  24. I’m also damn sick of the NRAs enthusiastic support for Trump. The guy is not pro freedom at all. He’s anti 1a, his AG is pushing civil forfeiture with more enthusiasm than Keebler cookies, and he’d stab us in the back on guns if it was convenient for him.

  25. My wife and I are both NRA Life members
    We are the NRA!
    Dana and Colion can and do speak for my wife and I!!
    Carry on!

  26. I am a Benefactor Life member and 100% OK with Dana’s message and the recent line of video’s including Dom’s. All I have to say is, it’s about time!

  27. Didn’t read all the comments but my thoughts are that she may as well be our voice because the cowardly republican majority will not break the “quid pro quo” that exists in D.C. She may be our only hope.

  28. Given the choice between an uppity black man and an uppity white woman, I think the media are preferring Ms Loesch instead of Mr. Noir.

    An articulate black man with guns would make the liberals eventually come out of the closet with their KKK uniforms.

    Having Ms Loesch as a target helps liberals avoid being called a racist. Aaron Zelman, founder of the JPFO always said gun rights people were to nice. I agree they are far to nice.
    Dania Loesch needs to be even more aggressive. Perhaps an NRA ad featuring Colion Noir and Dania Loesch together might cause progressives to finally admit their racist gun control goals.

  29. I vote we *don’t* entertain this notion that gun owners are a monolithic bloc that any one person or any one organization can speak for. Dana’s her own person, but advocates for the NRA as well; it’s possible she can speak for the org on certain issues, and for herself on others (at least, if you aren’t an assuming anti-gun putz)

  30. Does Dana still work for Glenn Beck, the mentally unhinged, magic underwear loving Mormon freak ?

  31. Dana can speak for this Life Member, as she shares similar ideologies as I do, beyond just the reverence of the 2A. We also share an abject hatred for the 50-60 million Liberal Terrorists™ who vote for filthy democrat vermin, who pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic. Not sure if she shares the same beliefs regarding what I believe to be the best remedy, though.

  32. Beyond time to take the gloves off and Dana is just the sort of person to do push the fight back on our attackers.

    -David H.
    NRA Life Member

  33. A few 10s of millions of people *are* the NRA.

    Dana is their paid champion in particular contests, where she’s doing exactly it takes to win; what she’s paid for.

  34. Yes, she is. So is Wayne. So is Chris Cox, and all the other board members, which means, well, Tom Selleck is the NRA.

    So is Tamara Keel and the other bloggers like Uncle Jay who work for the NRA.

    So are all the members, from the little old ladies to the expert in Mongolian studies, to my wife and me.

    And anyone who calls out the NYT and the rest of the collective media for the crap they have been doing since the late ’50s is fine with me.

    Go. Dana. Go Gittem, Girl!

  35. Stay strident and to the point Dana. Why sugarcoat? The opposition has no concerns for our beliefs.

  36. In my opinion, the best way for us to protect our rights is through rational arguments that convince more people, especially those on the fence, of the importance of our 2nd Amendment rights. Being blatant, unwavering supporters of one party, dabbling in other issues unrelated to the 2nd Amendment, and acting as lobbyists for gun companies isn’t the right way. Have you ever read a “critical” review in The American Rifleman? No, but you will find them at TTAG and a few of the other blogs because they care more about actual gun owners.

    Loesch utterly fails to bring more people into the fold with her typical NRA style aggressive scare tactics which make it sound like everything is a war rather than presenting cold, hard facts in a clear and well-reasoned manner. Those on the fence are likely to be put off by such hyperbole and divisiveness. It even drives many gun owners away.

    Besides, the NRA isn’t the oldest civil rights group by any stretch. They have been around longer than most, but they weren’t a civil rights group back in 1871 when they formed or for many years there after. Hell they supported many of the laws they are now fighting.

  37. Personally, I feel ripped off by the NRA. I scrimped & saved for years – from my military days to last year, some 25 years, two divorces and a bankruptcy later – to FINALLY become a Life Member! Yay! I did it!

    Then it began. The pleas for more money, and more, ever more money, and it was always something new – SOME new threat or crisis. SERIOUSLY????? I’m 57, a 60%-disabled USAF vet (and yes, several firearms and a CCP), and my wife’s a high-school & college teacher with a 6-figure Student Loan debt still being paid on. Oh, did I mention that I’m a former reporter and advertising copywriter, with the degrees & experience to boot? I know from whence I speak, and I know about over-the-top vitriol.

    Sadly, I see our NRA going to the same depths that the anti- gunners live, rationalizing you must ‘ fight fire with fire’. BULL! Experienced interrogators know that that behavior just lowers you to their level, & what you GET is marginal at best – if not outright injurious to the Second Amendment itself.

    WHY??? We can fight back effectively, as many pro-gun pundits and scholars can (& do) testify, without becoming what we seek to rebuke. Does it just feel better to sound strident and paranoid? I certainly don’t think so. We just get lumped in with all the REST of the crazies and crackpots!!! THEN where are we? What have we earned for our screeching and vitriol? Besides embarrassment for our brother and sister members, and the tarnishing of the NRA and even the Second Amendment, that is…

    Ms. Loesch was not even close to such strident paranoia; Telling the truth with passion cannot be. We DO have to ratchet the hyperbolicity down as far as can be practical, and defeat (or inform and/or convert) those who are against us that they perhaps don’t need to JOIN US, but understand and try to support what we’re about.

    The extreme-ness of this fight and others will no doubt lead to our downfall, as England, Australia & New Zealand have discovered so far. We must be more judicious in who we fight, on what front(s) and HOW we do it. Use the volume of our research and intelligent rebuttals to trump (pun NOT intended-note the lack of a capital letter…) the uninformed, reactionary, hair-trigger screeds of those who seek to deny us our Constitutional Rights. We don’t seek to deny you YOURS, so don’t deny us OURS because some probable nutcase or stressed-out geek either took advantage of a lack of due care & diligence or outright laziness & complacency to make their fractured point.

    Please, PLEASE don’t let US become THEM. Take Aim, and be a straighter, truer shooter than those shooting AT you.

  38. I was going to make an inappropriate comment about how I want to be in the NRA, but I decided not to.

  39. To me, is a disgusting diatribe of bias crap!!! She sounds as bad as Trump the Liar!! I am an NRA Life Member,and proud of our Nation! But this kind of continuous crap does nothing good for our country.
    I have heard allot of negative attitudes directed at the NRA lately,nit a good thing.
    Just cause you have a beautiful lady mouthing off about a reporting paper,that she doesn’t agree with,doesn’t make her correct!!
    Wise Up America, look at all the news, not just what you think is right!!!

  40. I am NRA. And so is Dana Loesch. It was high time to take off the white gloves and start fighting for our rights like we mean it.
    Rain it on, Dana! Thicker and larger drops!

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