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I gave the NRA you-know-what for choosing Chuck Norris to lead its “Trigger the Vote” campaign. If you’ve read any of Mr. Norris’ essays at or elsewhere, you’ll know that the diminutive actor’s politics are to moderates what kryptonite is to The Man of Steel. Speaking of cartoon characters, someone at the NRA got a knock in their head (as my daughter used to put it). They realized that Mr. Norris’ appeal to [non-voting] hipsters lies in his status as an iconic, ironic figure of fun. The gun rights group created this non-partisan, non-gun, pro-voting ad to tap into that gestalt. [Much better than Chuck’s last effort.] Although I wish there were more Chuck Norris jokes and less “power to the people” proselytizing, I think it works. Then again, by shying away from 2A issues, I’m not sure it works for gun rights. What say you?

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    • I thought is was more than brilliant. Is there a word for “more than brilliant?” Maybe the most bestest ad I ever saw.

    • Frankly, sir, I afraid to be critical in any way. It was the most brilliantest thing I’ve ever seen. (Although I would have put a little more content into protecting rights – the Bill of Rights – and the 2nd Amendment.)

  1. Arrogant little toad troll… and delusional too. The NRA has fallen to a new low to have anything to do with this person. He’s no respecter of individuals or self ownership.

    • Care to elaborate? The Chuck Norris I’ve read on Towhhall is adamant about individual rights, small government, low taxes, and supporting the 2nd Amendment – even though Chuch Norris doesn’t need guns because he’s such a badass.

    • Agreed. He’s no friend of real freedom. He’s not going to help the cause. No one takes him seriously anyway.

      But hey, I’m not sure voting is helping much of anything.

  2. I laughed, I cried, I kissed a minute twenty-eight seconds goodbye.

    Seriously though, I liked it

  3. Pretty funny.
    I hope I look that good when I’m 300 years old (But I also hope I can act better….)


  4. I liked it. I am obviously not a million years old like some of the people posting above me. 🙂

    • He seems to have no problem with government “authority,” especially cops – same as the NRA, by the way.

      The posturing and arrogance are just icing on the cake. And yes, his acting stinks too.

      The fact that he’s a man is immaterial. The women “celebrities” who love government “authority” and cops outnumber him ten to one. I can’t stand any of them either.

      • I don’t even know where to begin. Have you read anything that he has written at Townhall? This man has done more for liberty than 99.7% of anyone in Hollywood. You may be sure of your principles, but CULTURE matters and if we don’t entertain the sad state of the American culture in which we live the public’s opinion will change and that will lead to the downfall of this once great country….

  5. Very good. I think some of the ones neat the top of the list could have been better. But, hey, it’s Chuck Norris. Liked #11 best.

  6. Great video.
    “Then again, by shying away from 2A issues, I’m not sure it works for gun rights. What say you?”

    Not everything needs to be directly 2A related to be effective and help the 2A cause.
    For example: NSA/Privacy pushes = removal of registration records. No need to push 2A as the reason. But it helps us overall.

      • I think it could be effective because it isn’t the typical preaching-to-the-choir FUD focused on raising funds from the already initiated like so much of the Pro2A messaging. I’d say it’s an effective icebreaker to open folks minds rather than the didactic, polarizing stuff that makes the uninitiated roll their eyes and tune-out or click-off.

    • There’s no universally effective treatment for Tourette, and all reasonably efficacious drugs come with significant contraindications and side effects.

      Such a pity.

  7. Chuck Norris endorses registering to vote and voting. ‘Nuff said. If I had even a “smidgen” of a doubt to vote, I don’t now. I may vote more than once! (Not!)

  8. My only disappointment is that the comments section is locked. Leave that bullshit to the other side.

  9. What’s up with that 80’s calculator watch?

    Didn’t he wear that same watch in Delta Force?

  10. I do not think the ad will be effective for gun rights.

    The recent video from Everytown For Gun Safety is half way there: the video demonstrated how locked doors, restraining orders, and 911 emergency dispatch will utterly fail the victim every time. What we should do is make an advertisement with two parts. The first part will be basically the same as the Everytown for Gun Safety video demonstrating how the victim loses their life when they depend on a locked door, restraining order, and 911 dispatch. The second part will start the same and suggest that the second victim is also unarmed and will also die. However, at the last second the camera angle changes to reveal that the second victim is “home carrying” and promptly shoots the home invader as the home invader breaks down the door and charges toward the victim.

    That advertisement would clearly show the utility of being armed in a tangible way that everyday people can readily understand and connect. And then it would show that the National Rifle Association is the entity fighting to make sure that everyday people have that option.

  11. I like it, but why are the ratings and comments disabled? That’s what the MDA and other alphabet soup gun control .orgs do.

  12. I personally don’t want hipsters to vote unless Chuck Norris is actually standing behind them.

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