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Some of us can appreciate a more vigilante approach to pedophiles. But what if that involves bludgeoning with a hammer instead of the swift justice of our over-burdened court system, and using the internet to find an address with intent to harm?

I’m a mother. Pedophiles irk me like no other group of humans ever could. Adulterers and thieves don’t even compare to how I feel when I hear about a child molester. One Alaskan man is taking punishment to a new level. Jason Vukovich, a self-styled “avenging angel”, went on a spree with a hammer, attacking several pedophiles after learning their addresses from the online sex offender registry.

The reason this is important is not because Vukovich is committed vigilante justice (which, we must say, is wrong, no matter how satisfying). But because information about all of us can be found online thanks to social media. I know for a fact that others who are not your “friends” on Facebook or Twitter are perfectly capable of finding your address to make threats. Or worse. Some even go so far as to pull all your information, share your phone number, and spread the information around.

I have been threatened…I don’t even know how many times. Some by Trump supporters angry that I won’t throw my support behind him. A few times by anarchists mad that I won’t burn a flag to prove I am a voluntaryist. And a few Clinton and Sanders supporters have mentioned to me that they could “find my address online” and even sent it to me as proof. Not to mention the military service member who wanted to take my guns because I don’t believe we should ban “assault weapons.”

There’s no way to prevent this with the current availability of information and I have no desire to hide my real name when I write. So it is what it is.

In rural Wyoming, where I live now, this is more difficult to accomplish. Since we all use P.O. boxes (there is no mail delivery service), tracking my address is harder, but I know it can still be done. I also live in the middle of nowhere. Literally. A trip here will be a pain in the rear for someone wishing to do me harm.

The best way to protect yourself, your children, and your property has always been with a gun. It’s not difficult to understand this, and I’m not trying to defend any pedophiles here (they can’t legally own guns anyway in most states). I’m simply making a point that anyone, at any time, can find your address if they want to.

The important thing is to be safe and protect yourself. Not all of us live in states where we can carry whenever and wherever we want. Obviously, threats don’t really scare me. I block on Facebook (as if that does anything) and move on. I’m not going to live my life afraid, but I am also not going to go to bed without a pistol and a shotgun close by.

The point is this: bring a gun to any fight.

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    • Rule 2: Rifles are better than handguns. Do you have rifles? Great! Give them to your friends who are helping you in the fight.
      Works for the USMC…

    • Spot on. I’ve always heard it a little differently:
      RULE #1 – Bring a gun.
      RULE #2 – If possible, bring a long gun, and all of your friends with long guns. Many hands make light work, and all that…

  1. It’s also important to have some other forms of security/alarm like a dog.

    People don’t have to start a gunfight with you. They just light your house on fire in the middle of the night after making sure the egresses are soaked in gas so you can’t get out. I wrote an unwanted op-ed to a certain local paper and my parents got anonymous threats to do just that. After that I stopped voicing my opinion in places it might not be wanted.

    • Wow that’s pretty messed up. I guess it would be hard to do in some urban settings, but one defense against arson would be the ability to completely enclose the yard around a house with a good fence. Then get like 9 Pit Bulls or German Shepards to patrol it at all times.

      • Have you considered getting the freak off of social media Tipton? Give it a try. Live as a gray man/woman.

      • Such a thing on my parents property would be hellishly expensive and a few decently made Molotov’s would undo all of it unless you were on the roof blasting those idiots.

        Nothing ever happened, but I learned years back, not to write in to lefty papers read by lefties and comment on their stupidity. The threats were directed towards my dad because we basically have the same name and, apparently, Lefties can’t decipher a middle initial.

        As for Not Sure’s comment… Sit down and shut the fuck up in the face of threats worked for me. I shut the fuck up because I’m not going to get my parents roasted alive in their own house.

        Now instead of talking about “grey manning” shit why don’t we talk about dropping some hate and discontent on the kind of fucktard that threatens an elderly couple with death by house fire because of an opinion, which in this case, was dropped by their son? Or is free speech a one way road where the Progs have the right of way?

        • “Or is free speech a one way road where the Progs have the right of way?”

          Yes. But we have armed Irish Democracy on our side.

        • If you’re building a new house – use ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms). The result is a monolithic, reinforced concrete structure.

          Molotov Cocktails will never again be a concern… neither will bullets, hurricanes, forest fires, earthquakes, termites, etc, etc, etc. And its only about 8-12% more expensive than a 2X4 framed house.

          (Note: I have no financial stake in ICFs, just a REALLY big fan of the technology)

    • ‘After that I stopped voicing my opinion in places it might not be wanted.’

      This is why there can’t really be free speech without anonymous speech.

      • Well, there can be but it requires significant resources from LE to find and round up those who make serious threats and a serious court system to make it clear such behavior is not acceptable and will be dealt with.

        • The problem of course is when that speech is against LE or that court system. Very few people really can live by the adage, “I may disagree with what you say, but I will fight to the death to protect your right to say it.”

      • “…there can’t really be free speech without anonymous speech.”

        Yep. There have been some folks floating the idea that all internet commentary be ‘registered’, so to speak, to a verified name and address.

        Progressives excel at threats and intimidation, that’s why they desperately want to be the free speech Nazis…

      • The only drug I’ve found that works for me is Benedryll, and that has some real “fun” side effects.

        That’s why when I’m governor, I’m bringing back Sudafed.

        • Benadryl just makes me tired.

          I knew a kid in HS who found our you could get high off of taking a ton of it. He ended up freaking out, entering people’s houses and getting caught. He fled on a bike and ended up at a frat party where he started a fight and got the shit beat out of him. Cops took him to the hospital and when it was all over he was charged with assault and multiple counts of burglary and B&E.

          Theoretically Zyrtec “should” work for you since it’s what your liver is supposed to process Claratin into, but that doesn’t work for everyone’s liver chemistry, hence Zyrtec. Along with Thermotabs I take that shit religiously because I have allergies to certain pollens (Thermotabs having nothing to do with allergies.)

        • Adub, Oregon requires a prescription for Sudafed. Who has the time or money to get a doctor’s appt for the sniffles? Ridiculous.

          Strych, I’ll give it a shot!

        • Hop:

          If you want [to try] it on the cheap, 90 pills from Walmart is sold under the name “Equate” as Cetirizine HCL for less than the price of 40 pills of the same brand. Same shit, just off brand name.

          As for your local restrictions on Sudafed… thank a local overreach of GWB’s war on meth. A ton of stuff that used to be on the shelves or OTC is now “grab a card and go to the pharmacy” where they make you fill out a form to buy it in an attempt to track who’s making meth.

          That includes Allegra D and a bunch of other meds. I can’t wait until my wife is done with school and can write an Rx.

        • It won’t make a difference, Benadryl, Zyrtec, and Claritin are antihistamine drugs. Sudafed is a decongestant, which treats a different symptom. Also the Phenylehphidrine based Sudafed you can get over the counter in Oregon works well enough to make it pointless.

        • You mean Actifed– it contained triprolidine, which is by far the fastest acting and most effective antihistamine I’ve ever used– and I’ve used them all. Gone now due to the silly war on meth– the “war” that facilitated the Mexican incursion of meth, driving prices down and quality up. Good work there, guys.

          Nothing stops a cat allergy onset like triprolidine.

          Nothing f’s up something useful like do-gooder politicians.

    • Check out the Standard Poodle. They have hair rather than fur and many people who are otherwise allergic to dogs do not have the same reaction to poodles. My father is one such example who has terrible pet allergies but the poodles don’t bother him.

      Skip the frilly cut and get a male standard poodle (the large size). They can be as large as 70 lbs. They were bred as hunting dogs and as such make decent security dogs. Sure – they’re not as effective as rottweilers or pit bulls are in a fight, but even the more aggressive breeds don’t fare well against armed intruders. What they can do is alert you to danger, giving you the time to apply the necessary force to resolve the situation.

        • As he said, standard poodles are actually a large dog breed rather than a little frou frou lap nipper. They’re also devilishly intelligent, and loyal. A good choice if you have allergies and want a guard dog.

        • Get yourself an antihistamine and another dog.

          Poodles are… well I mean look at the name. It’s like a poolboy: a companion for a bored housewife.

        • dagnabbit, the dog has german origins and is bred for bird hunting.
          ‘pudeln’, to splash about gayly while retrieving my freshly downed teal.

          “poodle with a mohawk”
          lynda barry

      • If your allergic to dogs you’ll still get reactions to poodles and other “hypoallergenic” dogs, but if you have them professionally groomed regularly its a lot better than say a German shepherd, especially one that doesn’t get its coat completely brushed out and washed regularly.

      • A friend of mine had an entertaining story regarding a standard poodle performing an ad-hoc neutering on a rottweiler at the local dog park. Clever dogs those poodles.

    • Kinda off subject…If you are allergic to dogs then try hanging out with a Labra Doodle. They are hypoallergenic. So far about 5% (guesstimate only) of the people exposed to mine have had reactions. Not much of an attack dog but they will bark at anyone approaching the house. Although someone harming my wife might have an arm taken off by my Doodle.

    • You could always get a hypoallergenic one. I have a golden doodle and shes the worst attack dog ever, but boy will I know immediately if someone is in my house.

  2. 2 English Mastiffs and 3 Pit bulls have alarm system covered . So far onlyscared jehova witnesses to dumb to read. Springfield XDM and Mossberg 12 gauge. Is funny in 5 years nobody has ever rang my door bell

    • ^^^This.

      When you remove all legitimate reasons/means to casually close distance on the house, you have guaranteed that anyone that makes it inside of your perimeter isn’t there to tell you about our Lord and Savior Joseph Smith.

  3. ” Not to mention the military service member who wanted to take my guns because I don’t believe we should ban “assault weapons.”

    I also assume he claimed “I do not want to ban/take away anyones guns” as well.

    Oath breaking sub human who should be force to clear a minefield with his feet.

    • I’m inclined to agree. The “angry trump supporter” bit is getting old and it’s not true. All across the Internet, the only ones that seem to make threats are those on the left. Most of the ones that even appear to be right, seem to be fake, made up by leftists to make the right look bad.

      • This, throughout history it is the Marxist scum who are violent, lying sub humans that bring nothing but death and horrors beyond limit to everywhere they exist.

        Also if you are not mad at what has happened to this nation over the last 116 years you clearly not paying attention, or part of the problem.

        He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong

        • Trump has a totalitarian streak in him. Marxists can be red too (think Neo-Con). I will admit that between The Donald and Hilda-beast I’d pick the former over the later. I’d only have to hold my and turn my head to pull the lever as opposed to wretching and needing a Silkweed shower for the foreseeable future.

      • Oh, I’d be willing to bet there are a few. Remember the guy at a trump rally who clicked the protester?

        Of course it paled in comparison to the violence against trump supporters like in San Jose, ca.

        The point is there’s likely enough for someone to wind up threatened in an online argument if things get heated.

        Of course it could be a lefty trying to sully trump supporter’s reputations too.

        • So because a black Trump supporter punched a dude wearing a KKK outfit in the face it makes Trump supporters violent? Trump wasn’t my first choice and I lean more libertarian but even that party screwed gun owners on their choice for the run. This could have been a great year for a third party rising, probably not going to happen unless Bernie Sanders goes on national TV and tells the world exactly what threats the Clintons made to his family and throws his weight behind Jill whatever her name is.

    • Point 1: This is OSINT we’re talking about here, not some surprising breakthrough. Point 2: (and the reason for my reply) Not a Trump supporter… however, I think Sara needs to keep her feel better plans on voting to herself. Pick a candidate, do something about the current selection, run for office yourself, support another cause, or just STFU. Stick to reviews on your tactical yoga pants if you must keep writing for TTAG, stop crying about hurt feelings. Mic drop.

    • I’m inclined to agree. Trump is the only smart choice for POTUS in the current campaign. Johnson is a pseudo libertarian. He’s not the worst choice – Hillary is.

      I have never threatened anyone for failing to support Trump, I’ve just questioned their intelligence. There are an uncomfortable number of people on TTAG who aren’t politically savvy. Remember all the folks who said that Obama wouldn’t go after guns prior to the 2012 election? How’s that working out?

      If Trump goes after guns, he will be relatively easy to replace in 2020. If Hillary gets in, there will be so many liberal judges and incoming illegal / refugee / prior felon voters that we’ll all be swimming in a giant soup sandwich. After the next mass school shooting, Hillary will whine and cackle for gun control even more than Obama. Johnson has no chance of winning, and his VP pick isn’t pro gun.

      With that said, finding a home address is pretty easy for anyone with an uncommon name, which is pretty obvious. I appreciate Sara for pointing that out.

    • “Some by Trump supporters angry that I won’t throw my support behind him.”
      Yeah, B.S.
      Well, Hitlery did say that Trump supporters are deplorable people.
      You can always trust Hitlery. Stronger Together. LOL!

  4. How exactly do you know those Trump supporters weren’t actually Bernouts and Hilldawgs? Post some of the threats; I bet we could match the grammar to some of our lovely trolls. I mean, doxxing just isn’t a ofwg thing, to me.

    That said, the doxxing thing is scary because crazies are targeting EVERYONE now, even cops.

    • There’s definitely a Poe’s Law thing going for a lot of Trump & Bernie supporters (i.e. that they’re indistinguishable aside from the words “Trump” and “Bernie”)

  5. I’d say those child molesters deserved every bit of that horrifying death. But, you’re overrall point is correct. No one is safe. Ever. Your not safe. No matter how clear the area looks, no matter what anyone says. It only takes one second.

    • Actually, factually (and morally) no, they didn’t; nobody does. That’s the reason we don’t punish cruelly or unusually. Not because “some old dead white guys said so” back in the 18th century. That’s why they preferred a long drop from a short rope to life in prison or flaying for serious crimes like this.

      • Those are the same “old dead white guys” that tarred and feathered Tories and at least tolerated slavery. The definition of cruel and unusual has changed over the last 250 years, but I’m sure if the founders caught a pedophile, the punishment wouldn’t have had “life” in the title.

      • You’re right. We shouldn’t have government sanctioned hammer beatings. But, if it happens anyway by way of vigilante madman, then I say justice been served.

        • Hopefully the hammer would be better maintained than the one in the article picture. WD40 is fairly common.

    • Also:

      “I’m not trying to defend any pedophiles here (they can’t legally own guns anyway in most states).”

      State laws prohibiting ANYONE from their right to keep and bear arms, no matter how despicable we may think those people are, are prima facie unconstitutional, as in “…shall not be infringed.”

      Pedophilia, and pederasty, while often resulting in violence, are basically mental diseases for which no cure has been found to date, except one – catch him in the act and shoot him.

      I understand the urge by some people to protect children from these mentally deranged individuals, but the solution even now is extreme and has little if any deterrent affect. The point of the Second Amendment, other than to fight/prevent tyranny, is to allow the individual and community the arms necessary to deal with deviants peremptorily, not take them into custody, spend a fortune convicting them, then watch them be released back into the community when some court-appointed psych decides they are no longer a threat to your children (but fully expects they will never live in HIS neighborhood).

      The level of a pedophile’s obsession is so strong that I doubt even the threat, and actuality, of capital punishment through the courts could dissuade the behavior. Maybe, just maybe, a few caught in the act and summarily dealt with would at the very least drive them out of the community.

      This is a theoretical and logical argument, not a condoning of vigilantism, BTW.

      • Regarding pedophilia, we all get a picture in our minds, but laws do not define that crime to my liking. I have seen reports of 20-year-olds prosecuted for relations with 17-year-old girlfriend, and I have seen reports of 30-year-old married to 13-year-old without legal problems. Hey, one of those guys actually is a pedophile, but the one who will go to jail is not the one.

  6. More tripe from Tipton. Trans bathrooms. Social media whoring blowback. Whatever.

  7. Your address, if you own property, is available from the online real property databases hosted by every county clerk or taxing district in the United States. Just google real property with the county/state name and you can locate a query page that lets you put in the person’s name. It will give you the subdivision name and plat coordinates in most cases. If you can’t get it online for your area then just go to the county courthouse because it is public information.

      • Property tax records are public information. This is known as “transparency” in government and helps prevent fraud, cronyism and “pay to play.” If the tax assessor was lowering assessments for people greasing his palms, wouldn’t you want to know?

        Voter registrations are also public information. Again, allowing the public to view them prevents some fraudulent registrations.

        In Illinois, there is a way to own property anonymously, known as an Illinois Land Trust. But to keep is anonymous, you’ll need to have the tax bill mailed to the trustee and have him pay it for you. I don’t know of any ways around the voter registration thing.

  8. You can battle this electronically as well. Go to the county clerks office and request your name be removed from all applicable public records (deeds/titles, etc). Your name is simply removed from the records available to any Joe walking in and asking to look.

    Those paper public records translate to electronic records, such as a central appraisal district website, where I can search anyone’s last name and see all the properties they own.

    It helps if you’re proactive about this effort as it happens, such as requesting it when closing on a property purchase. Once your info is published online, that digital footprint is out of your control.

  9. Whew Ms.Tipton that’s quite a list of so-called haters. Being somewhat anonymous has it’s advantages. I’d wager 99.99% of those threats are unfounded. And you’re accusing Trump people of dastardly deeds-Hillary style…sheesh.

  10. thanks for the well wishes and advice.
    facebook? twitter?
    i know i ain’t exactly stealth, but can’t you just make a phone call, send an email or god forbid- mail a note?

  11. “We must admit”

    We must admit that eliminating perhaps the worst type of commonly-occurring monster from society is wrong? No, no we don’t. I applaud this guy for taking matters into his own hands.

  12. Maintain “Operational Security”.

    I stay off social media. I basically don’t have the time but I don’t think I should share everything with the world.

    As for finding me, it is common knowledge that the Greens Party have handed out copies of the firearms registry database to their “Comrades in the Criminal Fraternity”. Special mention should go to the deputy commissioner who ALLOWED a copy of the database to be stored on the open police intranet for “operational convenience”. She should be tarred, feathered, and fired for gross incompetence.

    Once they have your phone number, it is simple to reverse search to your name and address.

  13. The problem with vigilantes is that sometimes they are wrong and target the wrong people. It is bad enough that professional in law enforcement get it wrong, but they more likely have teams to check each other, multiple points of view which uncover and correct mistakes in ID, and moderate extreme individual behavior; plus they have more resources to ID people than the internet.

    Recidivism is a huge problem for our system and for violent criminals, puts more innocent lives at risk: over 70% of violent offenders are re-arrested after release, often for similar crimes. Sex criminals have a very high recidivism rate hence the valid frustration. A lot of raped and murdered girls and violated boys would have been saved if our court system had a better way of handling deviancy.

    One study tracked 404,638 prisoners in 30 states after their release from prison in 2005.The researchers found that:

    1) Within three years of release, about two-thirds (67.8 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested.
    1)Within five years of release, about three-quarters (76.6 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested.
    1) Of those prisoners who were rearrested, more than half (56.7 percent) were arrested by the end of the first year.

    Property offenders were the most likely to be rearrested, with 82.1 percent of released property offenders arrested for a new crime compared with 76.9 percent of drug offenders, 73.6 percent of public order offenders and 71.3 percent of violent offenders.

    • It is bad enough that professional in law enforcement get it wrong, but they more likely have teams to check each other, multiple points of view which uncover and correct mistakes in ID, and moderate extreme individual behavior; plus they have more resources to ID people than the internet.
      Yeah, right. Snicker.
      Remember, if you cannot do anything else, be a cop.

  14. that others who are not your “friends” on Facebook or Twitter are perfectly capable of finding your address to make threats.
    Never use any of that crap.
    My daughter’s high school Spanish teacher liked to put up a sock puppet where he posed as a teenage high school girl so he could bring himself closer to the kids.
    I imagine the pervert really did want to get closer to the kids. Really, really closer to the kids.

  15. A few times by anarchists mad that I won’t burn a flag to prove I am a voluntaryist.
    Anarchists being anarchists, I doubt if they really would care.

  16. Armed yourself at all time, FRELL the laws and the rules, it is YOUR life, have a weapon ready at home, night lighting systems that work off solar.

  17. Threatened by Trump supporters? Ok sure you were. Any more yarns to spin Sara? Ever read any alinsky? Ok have fun in your high tower now.

  18. If you wade into the swamp of politics using your name and perch as a journalist/writer/blogger then certainly you are going to get a lot of flack. You have a right to free speech but not free of the consequences. I like reading Sara’s gun specific articles and suggest she stick with that format.

  19. I see a few people railing against Mrs. Tipton’s articles. While they don’t always appeal to me (a statement that can be made for all the writers for this site), it doesn’t mean you should be rude. Perhaps try writing your own articles and submitting them instead.

    It was a good message that she had in this one, with her own experiences included. I found it better than some of the worst case scenario articles about why to always home carry that proved fatal to the home owner.

    Stay vigilant. Stay armed. Whackjobs can find anyone pretty easily.

  20. you think this is my real name? one piece of advice for people posting under pseudonyms, be careful what you post. you may always post as “mysteryman20023” but one slip of personal information on ONE site and every site you’ve used that name on can be a track back to you.

  21. If some stranger wants to do you harm, he’s not going to give you a heads up about it. Real danger rarely announces itself.

    Impotent punks and pansies don’t have the balls to actually do anything except write threatening emails. If they did actually have the balls to do something, there would be a lot more punks and pansies with extra holes in their torsos and craniums.

    Internet threats are something to be laughed at.

  22. Open mouth insert foot happens quite frequently in the written Media! live with it, run a away from it embrace it and or Deal with it.

  23. Always carry and be aware of your surroundings. After this election we will more than likely see some very sporty times. If crooked Hillary looses the marxist will target all of those who disagree with them if crooked Hillary wins she will force the other half of the country to defend itself from the marxist utopia she desires. Either way it will be getting sporty.

  24. You address is everywhere.

    Voter registration, town hall for property tax information, did you ever purchase a home? That is all public record. The white pages both online and in paper form has your information. Ever order a package, check the package label. Ever donate to a political campaign? Ever testify in front of a local government body? and the list goes on including some charities. Social media accounts — LOL your screwed they all have your info.

    Privacy is a myth. If someone really wants to find you, they will. Simply have a background check done to yourself and see everything that comes up.

    All that is needed is will and motivation and someone who wants to find you for either good ( or evil can and will.

    As anyone who hangs around these parts knows, that is why you carry a gun.

  25. This article unintentionally omitted the most crucial piece of information, namely, what kind of hammer did he use?

    I prefer a solidly made framing hammer for such applications, but a good ball-peen hammer would suffice in a pinch. In either case, I prefer wood and steel, not plastic. I guess I’m just old school.

    IMO, a gunsmithing hammer is too small to be a primary hammer, although it might be handy as a backup.

    For every day hammer carry, I prefer a nice leather holster, not Kydex.

    • Reminds me of Bob’s Japanese Knife vs Teddy’s bespoke hammer in Bob’s Burgers.

      For serious “tactical” work I prefer a good old fashioned wood handled claw hammer. But for social purposes, a fiberglass handled ball peen hammer is less prone to snags.

    • “I prefer a solidly made framing hammer for such applications, but a good ball-peen hammer would suffice in a pinch.”
      damn POGUEs. The ball-peen hammer is the ONLY acceptable hammer for the application. The long handle and relatively small surface area of the striking surface provides an ideal amount of PSI to soft tissue. Bottom line, it accomplishes more smash for less weight, allowing the user to swing harder and more often.
      Framing hammer? Get out of here with that weak ass shit.

  26. Another masterpiece by Tipton….. Gag…

    TTAG, just because your reader base isn’t majority female doesn’t mean you need to post everything Sara coughs up.
    Nearly all her pieces tell the tale of someone who’s paranoid that everyone is out to get her.

    Whats tomorrows magic story, how about how she as a woman needs to protect herself from the daily muggings that could happen at any gas station because criminals have easy access to the store…….


  27. I remember in the old days we use to have these things called telephone directories, sometimes called “phone books”. Unless you paid extra to have a private unpublished number, everybody’s name, address, and phone number were distributed to everybody door to door. Privacy wasn’t so important back then, and yet we seemed to have more of it.

  28. Ball peen is the way to go for every day
    You can carry a ball peen hammer in all 50 states and Puerto Rico

    • Did you read Ralph’s post above? Framing hammer? Framing hammer? Are you kidding me? You’ll barely get through 5 or 6 pedo peckers with that thing. Right tool for the job, and the ball-peen is it.

  29. “The reason this is important is not because Vukovich is committed vigilante justice (which, we must say, is wrong, no matter how satisfying).”

    Says you. You may want to read this article before you write such nonsense.

    “Asian residents of south Sacramento say they’ve formed their own armed patrols to respond to a wave of robberies that has terrorized the community, where business owners report a steep drop in customers because people are afraid to go out after dark.”

    The police and justice system do little to these people, why shouldn’t they become vigilantes?

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