Courtney Griffieth Second Amendment Sanctuary
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Check the map (here) of cities, counties and states that have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries. A new green area seems to go up almost every day.

This is really starting to freak them out. Especially after Viginia’s “assault weapons” ban and magazine confiscation bill went down in flames.

You can almost read the alarm between the lines in this McPaper article on the Kentucky sanctuary movement and the quote from a near-panicked red-shirted mom.

In Kentucky, much like the rest of the country, the resolutions have been a reaction to everything from calls for bans on assault-style weapons to proposed extreme risk protection orders – so-called red flag laws – which provide a legal way to temporarily take firearms from people deemed a credible threat of harming themselves or others.

Gun violence-prevention advocates argue that these resolutions are the byproduct of a campaign of fear and misinformation designed to distract from efforts to find real solutions to America’s gun violence epidemic, which claims thousands of lives every year – including hundreds in Kentucky.

That campaign has found willing partners among Kentucky’s sheriffs and county leaders who see the “gun sanctuary” resolutions as a mandate to willfully ignore any gun-control laws legislators might pass, advocates say.

“They’re really overstepping their role in the constitutional system and undermining the rule of law,” said Kathi Crowe, legislative lead volunteer for gun violence-prevention group Moms Demand Action’s Kentucky chapter. “I think a lot of this is to intimidate parents, survivors and people who want protection from gun violence.”

– Jonathan Bullington in How a college student, a felon and 90K followers turned Kentucky into a gun sanctuary

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  1. Those damn citizens overstepping their role.
    I can almost hear the squeaky wheels of the guillotine coming up the street.

    • It’s too damn heavy to move.

      The sound you hear are the blade grooves being greased…

  2. Not trying to “intimidate” anyone, just reminding the lawmakers about who they work for (hint: It’s not Bloomburg), and what document they swore an oath to protect.

    • RedFlagRising:


      Do you mean Transylvania (once a name for the region now known as Kentucky and Tennessee)?

  3. Hey lady, “They’re really overstepping their role in the constitutional system and undermining the rule of law,” the Constitution is the rule of law. It specifically states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms for the purpose of a free state is necessary!

    • Jeff the Griz is totally correct. Kathi Crowe said, “They’re really overstepping their role in the constitutional system and undermining the rule of law,” What a nerve. What about the oath all elected officials take? Are the politicians REALLY defending the constitution against all enemies especially the domestic enemies? Kathi Crowe and others are accusing the wrong people, instead they should look in a mirror!

  4. “Especially after Viginia’s “assault weapons” ban and magazine confiscation bill went down in flames.”

    Except that it didn’t go down in flames. It was referred to a committee for consideration, and is supposed to be taken up again at the next legislative session. Presumably with the hope that people will have forgotten about it by then.

    • Shot down in flames? Yep, it pretty much did. It will come up again in 2021…the same year the house of delegates run for re-election. All the democrap candidates will pull back from full-on batshit crazy hoping we will forget their treason. Well, that ain’t happening. They will be severely punished.

      • Sigh. Suburban soccer moms who hate icky guns outnumber you. The Soviet Democrats won’t be “punished” at all.

        • Actually they don’t. Liberal suburban soccer moms are a minority. Television has convinced you otherwise.

    • These ideas will never go “down in flames”. They will always recur. The question is to what extent.

      After the Athenian victory at Marathon did the Persians go down in flames? No, they came back for another bite at the apple which contained the much lauded battle of Thermopylae and the far more important battle at Salimis. Athens was destroyed in the second campaign and had to be rebuilt later on. This leads to Plataea and Mycale.

      And then after all that the Greeks spent the next 30 years expelling the Persians from places like Thrace. Then, and only then, the the Persians really turn their eyes elsewhere because Greece just wasn’t worth it. The idea of conquering Greece though, never really died until the Empire did.

      The difference is that Persians could be killed and their leadership would eventually die of natural causes. Realistically the masses of the Persians didn’t really give a shit about Greece. It took a few generations for the leadership to turn from the idea but it did happen. Ideas, however, don’t really die. They live on and, often, are brought back to mainstream thinking, at least for a time.

      There’s one way to reduce the threat of the returning monster, which is to lay out a set of principles to which most people adhere and which make them resistant to terrible ideas. If you want to look at that from a purely military perspective consider embracing peace by preparing for war, part of which is preparing the battlefield so that the enemy has the hardest possible time taking it from you. In many cases, even with that idea living on, they’ll decide acting on it just isn’t worth the cost.

  5. Kentucky United was started by a felon, who did not like his fellow countrymen being disarmed, too bad his fellow countrymen have no concern for his rights. If the state can deny one group their rights the state will always deny other groups.

  6. It;s a shame this level of activism wasn’t a thing when NJ, CA and NY were imposing their restrictions. BTT the “Safe Act: was rammed through there wasn’t enough resistance to fight it.

    • There was lots of resistance, mass noncompliance. The problem is cuomo didn’t care. He hates gun owners. Even though he himself owns guns.

    • It’s a shame this level of activism wasn’t a thing when NJ, CA and NY were imposing their restrictions.

      Not at all coincidentally, NJ, CA and NY are the three states with the highest percentage of foreign-born residents. Immigration is the most important issue facing us because it will dictate the outcome of every other question, including the viability of the 2nd Amendment.

      Human beings are not interchangeable widgets. If we import millions of voters with political/social views that conflict with those of existing Americans, then we erase America.

      • We have a winner. If the left doesn’t like the will of the people change the people.
        I lived across the river from NJ most of my life and each new clamp down on guns the past 30 years was met with minimal objections. No rally, no protests. People put up.with it. Many left and more are leaving than ever but when the politicians see themselves reelected they double down. NY had huge infringing laws before SAFE and CA started before prop 187 even. The immigrants are replacing the opposition and the left are fine with that, only the tax revenue is missing.

        Immigration is happening in all 50 states and eventually it’s going to be too late with no where to run. It’s the catylst for accelerating the change.

        I’ve always laugh at critics of the US. If we are so bigoted, unfair, evil and intolerant why does the world want to move here?

        • You have one who would love to be a US permanent resident in me who would stand beside you and indeed fight and die beside you if it came down to that. Not that I particularly want to die but you know what I mean. It is just a shame that so many of those who would chose to immigrate to the US have no real understanding of what it is that makes the US as great a place as it is.

        • What you’re saying isn’t lost of the Left.

          One of the unintended consequences of Regan’s amnesty was that it radically, and rapidly, changed California politics in a way that, over time, could swing back if massive imports of new people didn’t continue.

          The Left correctly recognized back in the early 1990’s what would happen if they could apply that same mechanism to the entire country and they’ve worked towards that goal in a two pronged manner. First, they hit on it at the Federal level but they also went after it on the State level with sanctuary policies. This works because they know what realistic Conservatives know: that you’re not going to round up and deport this many people. The logistics of that are essentially impossible.

          That means that the only way to get rid of such people is to enact policies that encourage them to “self deport”, and such policies make life rough for the immigrant (which is why they would self-deport) which provides fertile ground for the Left to make emotional moral appeals to the population to prevent those policies which would result in self-deportation. It’s also something that can be warped into an “anti business sentiment” by those who are dishonest. Which is why you see groups like the Chamber of Commerce essentially advocating to, over time, cut their own throats by supporting Progressive policies on this topic.

    • There were many supporters who flew in from california to support the Virginia lobby Day. A 3000 mile long flight. And not a cheap ($$$) one either. Also many drove from NJ and NY to support as well. Sadly there just aren’t enough gun owners willing to take a public stand in their home state. For whatever reason.

      But Virginia is showing the way for others willing to follow. Virginia is the revolutionary war. It’s the civil war. Virginia historically has always been an “I will not comply” state.

  7. … extreme risk protection orders – so-called red flag laws – which provide a legal way to temporarily take firearms from people deemed a credible threat of harming themselves or others.

    And therein lies the problem: many people believe that Red Flag orders are a “legal” process simply because government defines and administers the process.

    Here is why Red Flag orders most certainly are NOT a legal process:
    (1) First and foremost, the subject of the order has not actually committed a crime!
    (2) The courts presume that the subject of the order is guilty.
    (3) It is utterly impossible for the subject to prove that he/she will not commit a crime in the future because no one knows the future.
    (4) The subject does NOT get an attorney.
    (5) No one represents the interests of the subject at the legal proceeding.
    (6) The subject does NOT get to confront his/her accuser.
    (7) The subject does NOT get a jury of his/her peers.

    In case you do not know, we have legal standards in our nation which no one — not even government — has any righteous authority to violate. I listed seven of those standards above, all of which Red Flag orders violate.

    Those seven standards alone establish that Red Flag orders are an abomination that must never be allowed to exist.

    • The “Red Flag” laws are badly written, unevenly enforced and completely unnecessary. Every state has laws allow potentially dangerous people to be confined, observed and evaluated. That process has protections for civil rights.

      Red Flag laws are just like gun free zones. They won’t have the intended effect because Red Flag laws merely take away guns while leaving potentially dangerous people free and able to harm others. Guns are not the only tool available for committing murder.

  8. “They’re really overstepping their role in the constitutional system and undermining the rule of law,” said Kathi Crowe

    Oh, the incredible irony! The Constitution is Law, Law which supersedes lesser laws such as the one being pushed by these lawbreakers. It is actually the Sheriffs who are upholding the law, specifically, the law Ms. Crowe is violating. Yet this lawless ideologue has the nerve to accuse the innocent of what she herself is guilty!

    • EWTHeckman,

      Thank you! I came to express the very same sentiment.

      To be crystal clear, local and state governments are “overstepping their role in the constitutional system and undermining the rule of law,” when they create policies/laws which violate our state and federal Constitutions — which are the Supreme Law of the Land and superior to any “law” which any local, state, or federal government entity enacts.

  9. [Civilian disarmament advocates] argue that [local-level Second Amendment Sanctuary declarations] are the byproduct of a campaign of fear and misinformation …

    No. Localities are declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries because various government entities are violating sacrosanct standards which those government entities have no righteous nor legitimate authority to violate.

    To put this in blunt terms, various government entities have passed laws to victimize/violate certain demographics. And those subject demographics have responded with a formal statement declaring that they will not willingly allow those government entities to victimize/violate them.

    The real problem here is that government entities have passed laws which violate our rights in the alleged process of protecting our rights.

    • “…are the byproduct of a campaign of fear and misinformation…”

      And that’s pretty rich, given the rhetoric demanding moms use.

    • Uncommon_Sense said, “[Civilian disarmament advocates] argue that [local-level Second Amendment Sanctuary declarations] are the byproduct of a campaign of fear and misinformation …”
      And they have the gall to accuse POTG of participating in “a campaign of fear and misinformation”! I don’t think good will and happy days is what motivates the grabbers!

  10. Don’t boast too loudly those from “good states”. It’s coming to YOU too…if any dumbocrat manages to become president there will be armed conflict. Guess who’s got the vast majority of arm’s?!? The “shot heard ’round the world” may repeat…

  11. If an azzhat misuses a firearm no one else is responsible. This knee jerk ban guns crap needs to end. Jackass democrats display gun free zone signs and when a criminal takes advantage of those signs it is the fault of everyone who owns a gun or manufacturers a gun. It’s time to flush democrat gun control stupidity and sue the bozos who give fools a false sense of security with silly signs. The nerve of some people who think they can dictate what adults can have to defend themselves and family, etc. Where will gun control zealots be should you and yours be cornered by a violent criminal? The answer is where gun control zealots always are…NOWHERE.

  12. Imagine the horror: Millions of peaceful gun owners who have never harmed anyone, ignoring gun laws and…continuing to not harm anyone.

    • Even in her Majesty’s colony of New South Wales’ city of Sydney there are over 15 THOUSAND registered firearms in my postal code area, which covers 4 suburbs. And the crime rate is below the national average.

      Could it be not the guns but the fact the owners are the most law abiding group in the country?

    • “I see civil rights activist.”
      This is how we change the narrative. Because it is a battle for civil rights. We have a civil right to Arms. Several hundred years ago you could be attacked by “Land Pirates”. Have your valuables stolen from you. Now it’s called being “Car Jacked”. Its a civil right to Keep And Bear Arms.
      And we need protection from the government as well.

  13. Thanks for doing the story. I had not heard about Kentucky United before. I will be looking into the group ASAP.

  14. Virginia,
    Let’s not forget the Ban was Tabled, not dropped. There is to be a study to see if the benefits out weigh the downside and it will probably come back around next year. A victory? Maybe more like a temporary stay. They have already been chipping away at things. Did they really expect to get everything this year? Or did they play to get a decent start on it? Let’s hope things can be turned back around.
    I was born in the Old Dominion, but for now, I think I will stay in Kentucky.

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