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James writes:

We started to support our Second Amendment rights while donating to a good cause in the process. $2.00 from each wristband purchase goes toward the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. The other $3.00 pays for shipping, handling, manufacturing, Facebook ads and copyright protection. (To ensure transparency, we tally-up sales on the last day of the month, post screenshots of the total number of wristbands sold that month and donate here.) Why now? We are sick of hearing the media cram gun control BS and the exploitation of “gun violence” down our throats 24/7.  Here’s a way for Second Amendment supporters to take the high road.

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  1. In the picture here at TTAG site, on the main home page, Dan Baum is shown holding a handgun though I can only see a portion of it. Which gun is he holding?

  2. I’d like to get one but without the colored lettering. Make that an option and I’m sold.

  3. I hate to be the party pooper…but this tragedy has already raised MILLIONS of dollars. In fact the SHSSF last month had 10 MILLION in the kitty. Why should they get more? They also have anti-gun people on the board and as advisors like Sen Lieberman. Can I be assured that they will not work/donate to anti 2A causes? That they wont educate the kiddies that guns are bad? Sorry but I will not be donating to these folks. I’ve seen enough “fund raising” for tragedies in the last 10 or 15 years to see that there is now a professional class of victims in America today.

    • Tommy, I see where you are coming from, however, we started this to make a statement. I have yet to see Second Amendment supporters stepping up to the plate and showing the nation that the vast majority of Second Amendment supporters are responsible, ethical people. We are making a statement.

      • I have yet to see Second Amendment supporters stepping up to the plate and showing the nation that the vast majority of Second Amendment supporters are responsible, ethical people.

        Wow. I can’t believe you actually said that dude.

  4. After the Columbine shootings here in CO, the DMV had a contest to come up with a vanity plate. The eventual winner has a columbine on it (that’s a flower, by the way) & says something like “respect life”. People bitched that it could be construed as a “pro-life” statement. blah blah blah.
    Anyways, these plates cost about $10 more than regular plates. The DMV said they would donate the proceeds to something or other, I don’t recall exactly what. What the DMV said very quietly, and in the fine print, was that they would donate the proceeds in excess of some certain amount to that something or other.
    Surprise, they never exceeded that amount. So no donation was actually made. But plenty of people who believe stupid shit like this makes any difference in the world still paid an extra $10 a year.

    Dude, good for you getting people to send you money. yay.
    Nothing personal, but plastic wristbands don’t do fuck all. They’re as useless as posting it on facebook to “raise awareness”.
    As a cancer survivor once said, “if running races could cure cancer, cancer would be cured by now”

    Seriously. How many times have you seen someone with 1 of those things on? Did you ask them, “hey, what’s that stupid rubber thing on your arm for?” Did someone wearing a rubber band change your opinion about anything? Really?

    I’m going to go “raise awareness” of this issue by posting my feelings on facebook. I’m sure the world will change as a result.

    hate to be the Debbie Downer here, but reality check, please.

    • ^^ This.

      These kind of things make the people that say “praying for you and your family” on facebook and other feel good shit feel better about doing nothing at all.

      Want to make a difference? Take that $5, buy some stamps and send out some letters to any and all politicians on both sides of the issue.

  5. I really really doubt that bracelets will make any difference. I mean, isn’t that fad over with anyway? Also – do we really want to be even remotely associated with the LiveStrong bullspit?

    The idea is good but the poorly implemented.

  6. I’ll buy one for support but never wear it….I don’t like people knowing I have guns, starts too much debate I don’t want to deal with

  7. I don’t follow the logic: how does donating a pittance to charity and wearing a rubber band make one “responsible and ethical”?

    (P.S. I have no idea why my replies are being inserted at the end of the comment stream, instead of in reply to the comment I intended. This is a recent behavior – it used to work fine for me.)

  8. The 2 reasons I’m these wristbands.

    1. We’re a society that believe throwing money at a problem solves everything. Yes, what happened was tragic but I open my local newspaper everyday and see tragedy that people in Newtown wouldn’t give 2 craps about.

    2. At $3 for manufacturing, shipping, and handling. Why bother on a $2 donation.

  9. Just went to the site to buy one, had it in my cart. Hate to be a killjoy but I can’t/wont support paypal in any form. Is there another way to pay? Money order?

  10. Just ordered one. It’ll be good to support the 2A AND have a nice way to shut up the anti’s at the same time if they comment about it. “Hey, I’ve donated to Sandy Hook… what have YOU done?”

  11. Ordered one for me and one for my fellow gun packing sister-in-law. May or may not wear it but does start a lot of conversations when I wear my A Girl & A Gun ladies shooting league T-Shirt, the wrist band/T-Shirt will compliment each other. Since live in Texas, a little like preaching to the choir but occasionally a new comer to the state presents a “teachable moment” It’s a free country, do whatever you want.

  12. I ordered a couple, but wondering why you have a link on your facebook page to the united way…

    I believe united way spends way to much donated money on running their organization…..

    There are many other charities you should be aligning yourself with….

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