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Clint Eastwood and his invisible friend (courtesy

“President Barack Obama [not shown] plans to honor victims of gun violence in his State of the Union address next week by leaving a seat empty in the first lady’s viewing box,” reports. At the risk of tripping the swear-sensitive Google algorithm delivering readers to TTAG, you’re shitting me. The President of the United States is “honoring” victims of “gun violence” ahead of the armed servicemen killed or wounded in the fight against the existential threat of Islamic extremism? That’s a disgrace. Obama said he hopes the empty seat . . .

will be a reminder of those who have been killed [mostly by gang bangers and by their own hand] by “gun violence” and a message to Congress to pass laws that degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. [Paraphrasing] “Their absence means something to this country,” he pronounced.

The President’s intellectual absence on the issue of gun rights means something to this country too. It means that we have a Commander-in-Chief who won’t stand up to our enemies, foreign or domestic, and wants to deprive his fellow countrymen of their final layer of defense against same. It means that he’s [another] politician happy to substitute cheap theatrics and machine politics for intestinal fortitude and the rule of law.

Wait. Didn’t the liberals laugh when Clint Eastwood talked to an empty chair at the last GOP national convention? I guess all the President’s men’s memories are as short as their spines are weak. Meanwhile, here’s hoping that the Leader of the Free World doesn’t tear-up when pointing to the empty chair, lest the aforementioned enemies consider us all lachrymose liberals.

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  1. Gun control has become Obama’s version of a Clinton airstrike. BO’s policies are such a failure, he has to wag the dog somehow.

  2. This entire presidency has been an empty seat. He reminds me of a second lieutenant fresh out of officers school, no offense to the guys that get over it 😉 – utterly obnoxious and dripping with unrefined dogma!

    • Butterbars are like new puppies. You gotta teach them and be firm with them. With a lot of work and patience they can be made into dogs that hunt.

      • Yeah, I ran into a supersarge who dealt with the local officers (including me) like that, as 99% were butterbars. Since I was a Captain over 10 years, and had already been through combat in one war at the time, I had a word with him, and we got along fine thereafter.

    • “This entire presidency has been an empty seat.”

      Boy, I am glad I had finished my coffee before I read that. It is *SO* stolen.

  3. That’s the solution. Whenever anybody isn’t getting what they want – it’s time to start crying. That’ll fix it.

    • An empty chair can’t challenge or talk back. Censorship , like over at Ammolands comment section , is the preferred method of thought control.

  4. So … Michelle said she’s had enough of having to listen to him, too, and smile on top of it, and this is how they decide to cover for her?

  5. Just thinking about that empty seat has me tearing up. Oh wait, never mind. It was just gas.

    When I see an empty seat, I don’t do any “reflecting” or “soul searching” about all the unfortunate people who couldn’t occupy that empty seat, because they fell victim to violence of some sort. You know what I do think?

    “Somebody had to go poop.”

  6. What do ya wanna bet he “talks” to the empty chair as well?
    Too bad we can’t get get a couple hundred “Guns and Bullets” magizines to hand out so when the camera pans the audince is reading them…….. Zing!

    • I wonder the same. Republicans should just not attend at all. This spiteful child has shown nothing but contempt for you, this country, and its laws.

      Why do you sit there and let him piss right in your faces AGAIN. Why do you contribute to another photo op and propaganda set piece for the dear leader.

      Just don’t show up. Or better still get up and Fing walk out when he starts his diatribe against the constitution and freedom for Americans.

      If regular republicans could show that they have even a little bit of fortitude they wouldnt be getting beaten into a pulp by trump right now.


      • Even better: Don’t invite him. The SOTU is not a Presidential power, it’s a privilege extended to the President by Congress.

        And yet, every single year the GOP lets Obama get away with this crap.

        • I believe the Constitution mandates that the President give a SOTU address every year. So the Congress must allow him to do it.

        • The president is mandated to do a SOTU address. Nowhere does it say it has to be in congress. In fact, for many years, it was not. It has simply become a show, and congress is the best stage. The Speaker has every right not to extend an invitation.

  7. An empty seat in Michelle’s box. Sound like some is going to be more lucky than the Powerball winner. Imagine being spared an hour and a half of President Zero’s droning and the proximity to Michelle. Take my seat please, I’m sure there’s a rerun of Seinfeld on that I’d much rather watch.

    • No no no! It’s crucial that ginsberg stay on one more year and into
      the next administration.

      She’s the very picture of health and vitality. Don’t you believe a word of it Ruthy Baby, you don’t look one day over 85!

  8. I don’t see a problem. Hell, they can use MY seat, I can sit home and lie to myself, I don’t need him.

  9. Where is the president speaking out about the terrorist assassination attack perpetrated on the Philly police officer who got shot by a man with a STOLEN police service firearm. Was he an NRA member ? Did he even try to get the gun legally? Did he even get a BACKGROUND CHECK? The president is too busy trying to see how he can spin this against the NRA or how his expanded background checks would have prevented this.

  10. If he’s going to leave a chair empty for gun victims. Why won’t he leave an empty chair for car accident victims? Or maybe for abortion victims? Because that’s not his political agenda. No tears for the unborn victims at planned parenthood?

  11. Theatrics. This guy is a master. From the Grecian columns, the seal of the “Office of the President Elect”, to the friggin’ selective and dubious lacrimation, to this…..

  12. And when, precisely, will us peons be lectured again? Don’t reply. I don’t want to know. I already put Barry Sotero’s last SOTU lecture on the “Must Miss List”.

    Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, ‘ol buddy boy. 🙂

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