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In a podcast with far left comedian Marc Maron, President Obama put forward a typical “first step” toward further infringement of Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Building on the existing, ineffective Brady Bill background check system, Obama posited the following “standards” for denying someone the right to purchase a gun. From . . .

“The question is just, is there a way of accommodating that legitimate set of [hunting and sporting] traditions with some common-sense stuff that prevents a 21-year-old who’s angry about something — or confused about something, or is racist, or is deranged — from going into a gun store, and suddenly he’s packing and can do enormous harm?”

Of course, there’s no objective standard there, only emotional labels that would allow someone to use their political power to deny some people their constitutional rights. This is a favorite tactic of statists of all stripes. They have not interest in the rule of law, only the rule of man.

What I find fascinating about President Obama’s “standards” is that they appear to be pure projection. Other than the age he mentions (21, the legal age of adulthood in all 50 states), all of the reasons he mentions for preventing a person from getting a gun (angry, confused, racist, deranged) could apply directly to President himself.  Let’s see:

“angry about something” – check. When hasn’t the President been angry about something?

“confused about something” – check. This President is confused about nearly everything, at least he seems so from his speeches.

“racist” – check. Wait, a racist President? Consider his “typical white woman” remarks about his own grandmother, his inserting of race into virtually every policy issue, his assuming the side of blacks in almost every prominent incident since he took office, before all the facts had been determined.

“deranged” – TBD. Many have claimed that President Obama is a narcissist, but many others believe that what appears to be a personality disorder may simply be the rational enactment of his deep-seated agenda.

By his own standards, President Obama has shown that he believes that he should never be trusted with owning a gun, because “suddenly he’s packing and can do enormous harm.” But the potential to do harm by owning a gun is minuscule compared the potential for harm given the power of the office of the Presidency.

We’ve seen that harm for the past seven years.  The economy contracted in the first quarter, the national debt has been increased by 70%, race relations are at their lowest point in 40+ years, war is breaking out in eastern Europe and much of the Middle East and Africa are under siege thanks to this President’s policies.

It would be nice to see Mr. Obama apply his own standards to his own conduct, but he never has and he never will. Being the first black President means never having to answer to anyone.

©2015 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

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  1. So literally no would qualify for a gun by those standards.

    Which, of course, is their true goal.

    “Being the first black President means never having to answer to anyone.” Thank you for having the guts to say that. It’s simple, objective truth.

  2. Never mind that whole “hunting and sporting” idea the left has injected into our right to keep and bear arms. Not once in the Constitution is hunting or sport mentioned, but forming a “well regulated militia” explicitly is. Why is that, I wonder? Hmm?

    If the left keeps on, I suspect we may find out. Not looking forward to that day.

    • With the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, some have said that it is a direct conflict with religious freedom. That may be true. But the court has said that no person needs the permission of the government to exercise a freedom. When I heard that, I immediately thought about the freedom, actually mentioned in the Constitution, to keep and bear arms. They have taken away State’s rights to define marriage even though it is clearly the States place to do so. Therefore, it can not be disputed that the States have no rights when it comes to the 2nd Amendment which clearly bans any infringement.

  3. What OTHER rights should people who are angry or confused lose, Mr. Obama? Certainly angry people shouldn’t be able to deny the rights of the military to be quartered in their house. I mean, if they’re angry, having some military oversight would be good!

  4. “confused about something”

    That’s what you get with an amateur who can’t, or won’t, learn from his mistakes because of an authoritative, stubborn nature.

    Obama seems to be trying to emulate the good Reverend Wright, what with his demonizing soapbox sermons and indignant offense at everyone and everything that doesn’t bend to his agenda.

    “deranged”?? Laugh.
    Tones of the good Reverend Farrakhan?

  5. The question is just, is there a way of accommodating that legitimate set of [home improvement and maintenance] traditions with some common-sense stuff that prevents a 21-year-old who’s angry about something — or confused about something, or is racist, or is deranged — from going into a hardware store, and suddenly he’s made a pipe bomb and can do enormous harm?

  6. After seeing what went down with the latest supreme court ruling on states rights in regards to barrycare , I have no confidence we are protected from confiscation by any amendment under our constitution . I think what Americans are witnessing is the first real use of NSA information gathering when it comes to justice Kennedy . There are people in very high places that know everything about everyone , from your local sheriff to congress to our supreme court justices . We need to be ready for anything now . Stick together , love one another , prepare to help those who can’t help themselves , stock up , stay loaded , stay alert , gather your seeds and till the soil , the reset is coming . No more time to turn away from the cliff , we’ve gone over the edge and now we need to be prepared to pick ourselves up and survive if we do survive the impact . Pray for God to show mercy on America for turning our back on him .

    • After that ruling, gun owners should wake up and stop asking for the Court to take 2nd Ammendment cases because there is no undoing when they rule against you. Just because you read the Constitution one way does not mean the Court reads it the same!

      • “After that ruling, gun owners should wake up and stop asking for the Court to take 2nd Ammendment cases because there is no undoing when they rule against you.”

        Well, won’t be un-done in any of our lifetimes, if ever.

        Yeah, I was pissed at the court not taking the NJ carry case (Drake v. Jerejian?).

        Not any more.

        I will be truly fearful if Peruta is granted cert. with this bench.

      • “Just because you read the Constitution one way does not mean the Court reads it the same!”


      • Don’t worry Andy , the sky can’t fall , you can be disarmed , herded into a boxcar , hauled hundreds of miles away from your home , worked without being fed until you’re skin and bones and then gassed and burned however . If you keep making light of humanities deprivation you could find yourself with several of your friends caged and dunked into a swimming pool until you drown or lose your head in what seems to be countless colorful ways . You could be thrown off a rooftop and if that doesn’t kill there will be some eager children waiting to stone you to death using dare I say that assault weapon created by God otherwise known as a ‘rock’ . Blah , Blah , Blah

      • Wait, isn’t that what Global Climate Disruption Warming Change is all about? According to a few “scientists” and a number of past claims, we should have all been under a foot of boiling seawater ten years ago.

    • There’s always another amateur in the wings waiting for his or her chance at the ‘big time’.

      Too bad though; sometimes they only succeed in revealing themselves to be another marginal, incompetent, unprepared also ran elected on the basis of political correctness, or race.

  7. Fair comments on guns, but leave the non-gun politics out of it. Making false claims like ‘the national debt has tripled’ doesn’t help our case.

    • That one jumped out at me, too. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of the man and his policies, without pulling numbers out of your ass.

  8. Their is a reason that a president must be born here from natural citizens, and not corrupted with non American teaching and beliefs by people who have no concept of America!
    This President Actions prove that he is a Racist, Communist, trying to make this country in the image of his Parents country, a Third world Muslim Country!
    This American Democratic Party, is trying to change the very concept of freedom in this country by their continual law making against the freedom of choice, { Common Core} Nationalization of Education, Health care mess and BLM, Federal Baby Incinerators, NSA , etc.this Government assumes it has the right too treat us like serfs. and we are letting them!
    Bureaucrats changing laws against the Constitution and the so called Justice Department is the new KGB. which is now led by an Avowed Communist!!
    Party is pushing for Civil War so they can become the new elite, and corrupt our country to their own benefit and adversity!

    • Color me shocked, the racist, bigoted hateful a-holes attacking the black man in office for giving a eulogy. Murder 9 blacks in a church and it show how racist republican truly are.

      He talked about a lot of things, of which gun control was one. As well he should have since gun violence is off the chain in this country. Everything he talked about, needed to be talked about.

      So, I do not see why you,or anyone else, has a problem with what he said.

      He did not “push gun control.” He decried the amount of gun violence
      He is not Muslim. you are just a racist bigoted

      He is not evil. you are just hateful.

      He does not hate America. you are just a racist bigoted

      He is not Communist. you are just a racist bigoted

      He is such a disgrace to America, isn’t he? Nope, but your anti- American sentiments are a disgrace.

      • “He does not hate America. you are just a racist bigoted…”

        Questionman, I have no doubt President Obama loves America.

        Unfortunately, his love of America is the same love O.J. Simpson had for Nicole.

        (Credit to Ann Coulter)

  9. I’m no right winger by any means, but how the hell is the statement “from going into a gun store, and suddenly he’s packing and can do enormous harm?” valid when he didn’t go into a gunstore and pick it up. He wasn’t allowed to legally own a gun. From what I’ve read he was a felon who was a druggy. How does any of this “common sense” stuff work? Has the kids father, whom provided the gun to him knowing of his current state, been charged yet?

    • To be clear: The father provided him birthday cash that the shooter used to purchase the firearm from a FFL. The handgun was not directly gifted.

    • What boards said, he passed a background check. The ones they want to make universal, since they did such a good job at stopping this guy from getting a gun.

  10. He’s not the first black president. He’s the first mulatto president. He’s as much white as he is black. Fact.

    • Morgan Freeman, of all people, has pointed this out publicly and prominently more than once, but it’s been mostly ignored.

      Also, please, “mulatto” is generally considered racist or pejorative. I prefer a variation on the term we were given by the media, possibly under White House direction, “African-American identifying Caucasian.”

  11. The harm the president can do has been shown in the past seven years? Try 227, give or take. The general government has been trampling on rights since the start.

    • “Government, like any other organism, refuses to acquiesce in its own extinction. This refusal, of course, involves the resistance to any effort to diminish its powers and prerogatives. There has been no organized effort to keep government down since Jefferson’s day. Ever since then the American people have been bolstering up its powers and giving it more and more jurisdiction over their affairs. They pay for that folly in increased taxes and diminished liberties. No government as such is ever in favor of the freedom of the individual. It invariably seeks to limit that freedom, if not by overt denial, then by seeking constantly to widen its own functions.”
      H. L. Mencken

      • +1 for Mencken.

        It really is frightening how many people utterly fail to understand what government is.

        • I’ve realized lately that government has become another private entity. It serves its own interest over any public interest. The only difference between government and, say, McDonald’s is McDonald’s produces something that is arguably worth while

  12. What a disappointment Obama has become. I took the time to listen through a much of the WTF podcast as I could and sure Obama is a glib manipulator. We could all learn a lot about lying from him /SARC.

    It became clear to me that rather than a honest interview, it was just another opportunity to exploit a channel to pump his political agenda of gun control. He is really good a skirting around many of the real facts and pushing his goals, I am sure there are a lot of naive people out there that still are being tricked by him.

    Oh and it is pretty tiring hearing him saying “Folks” every chance he can get.

    • The term “folks” is demeaning and pejorative. The U.S. Constitution doesn’t say, “We the folks of the United States,” it says properly, “We the people of the United States.” Barry uses the term “folks” all of the time and so does Bill O’Reilly. It’s really annoying! It’s a sign of their arrogance.

  13. Remember back when folks on TTAG said Obama wasn’t going after guns or gun control?

    You cannot trust all of the Democrat POTUS candidates and most of the Republicans. That includes Bernie, who “isn’t too bad on gun rights.” I’m not buying it and I sincerely hope people on TTAG or other Democrat gun owners are either.

    However, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, and Ted Cruz are pretty solid on gun rights. And pretty good on small government as well.

    • Finally, someone else who isn’t getting tingly legged at Sanders. It’s dangerously naive to think Sanders is pro gun. He’s an avowed statist, a man who’s chomping at the bit to use government force to take private property, and people think he’ll be pro gun? He was only moderate on guns in the past because it served him to be so in Vermont.

      In Washington, he’d have no qualms with the furthest reaches of disarmament. Nothing is more dangerous than a passionate, misguided idealist, because once his grand plans prove failures, he’ll lash out at the opposition.

      • He is likely pro gun to the point at which the proletariat rise up and overthrow the Bourgeoisie. Then expect the boot on your neck and the return of some animals being better than others.

        • He’ll be cagey on the subject and measure his words deceptively just like Obama, until he no longer needs to hide his ‘sentiments’.

  14. Gun are for hunting .” period ” . Hunting deer , rabbits , fowl , vermin of all types , especially the kind in three piece suits that want to destroy the greatest nation on earth and the ones that want to order our own countrymen to raise arms against us . I have often heard the argument when we state that the right to ‘keep’ and bare arms is for protection against the strong arm of an out of control federal government , people say , ” I guess you think we should be able to own tanks , RPGs , full automatic .50 calibers with armor piercing ammo and nuclear weapons too ” ? I have to remind them , last time I checked , I do own these weapons , as a tax paying , law obeying , American citizen , I share ownership of the entire arsenal of the United States . I am a co-owner of the largest military on earth and when I need to use it , I request , through a set established order , under the rule of law , a process where by these tools are utilized . Obama and Bush and congress are supposed to follow established protocol and in a organized system , get my permission . We are way past this system now . Congress has been neutered , the supreme court is writing our laws and the president does what ever he wants to do . Good times .

  15. [q] (21, the legal age of adulthood in all 50 states)[/q]

    I thought that was the day you could sign your life away for your own nation of your own free will?

    And I’m pretty sure that’s still 18. Please stop perpetuating this pernicious lie that we’re not adults until we’re 21.

  16. “The question is just, is there a way of accommodating that legitimate set of [hunting and sporting] traditions with some common-sense stuff that prevents a 21-year-old who’s angry about something — or confused about something, or is racist, or is deranged — from going into a gun store, and suddenly he’s packing and can do enormous harm?” im sorry but i dont see anything wrong with this statement. and the whole shall not be infringed thing, try looking up what Jefferson and Madison thought about guns on campuses. OH they are infringing on peoples rights to carry guns on campuses, well then according Robert Farago, then they are anti gun at heart and trying to disarm the populace. see how this 0 or 100 mentality is just ludicrous?

    • Read the Federalist Papers before you disparage historical figures by misrepresenting their beliefs.

      Also, proper punctuation and grammar may help you sound less like a failed product of the leftist school system. Though as far as your ideas go, no one can fix stupid.

  17. No , I don’t need to shoot a deer with a RPG , I don’t need to drive a tank to the mall to feel protected , I don’t need to carve the thanksgiving turkey with a sword , I don’t need to build a silo on my farm and station an ICBM there but I do need a strong military to protect me from rouge nations and I need the biggest and best weapons on earth to make them think twice before acting up and to whip their ass if they do . I do need a nice shooting 30.06 for deer , a comfortable medium caliber , 2.23-308 semi auto tack driver for the coyotes , a good old 10/22 for the varmints and a very reliable AR in all calibers for killing anyone who tries to take the other three . The 2nd amendment is not all about hunting four legs , Barry.

  18. Isn’t he the same guy that remarked how good he was at killing with his drone program? I think he truly is sick in the head. If I had to use a gun in a defensive situation I wouldn’t be boasting I had to kill someone, yet not a tinge of remorse from him killing the women and children as collateral damage. I guess brown lives don’t matter.

    Besides it was his government agencies if the reports are true that failed to keep a known felon from purchasing a gun. If you believe the father and he just gave him the money and he bought the gun on his own.

  19. Be nice. Until it’s time to not be nice? When will you know when not to be nice? I fear more and more it will be obvious.

  20. Interesting injection: “…that legitimate set of [hunting and sporting] traditions…”

    Well, the legitimate traditions at issue are of safety, self-protection & autonomy.

    I’ll entertain a discussion of some policy limiting my ability to protect myself when the policy proposal includes addressing this negative impact – this tort – upon me. Put the bodyguard in my pocket as part of the proposal, and you can talk about removing my right to own a gun.

    Tactically, don’t let them shift the grounds of the conversation for free. Call them on it. The issue is me being able to protect me and mine. Gabby Giffords may make the choice to decline armed protection when she goes in public, knowing she is the target of a likely unstable stalker. I’d like the ability to make a different choice.

  21. The headline is crap as well.

    “Obama Laments the NRA’s Grip on Congress”

    Well, while it would be convenient for President Obama if the opposition to various ill-structured gun grabs were only opposed by the NRA and their “creatures.” In fact, the congress is responding to their constituents, which includes the NRA. Far more people own and use guns than are members of the NRA. And since when is a hobbyist interest group advocating for to be left alone to pursue their hobby anything but representative government.

    I speculate that there’s a series of counter-riffs using “golf” and “golf clubs” for “guns” which thrown this into stark perspective.

    • Anything Obama laments must be a good thing.

      I don’t know why it’s newsworthy that a tyrant and traitor laments the institution that keeps his wanton power lust in check. Any halfway decent American should applaud at that headline.

  22. Very good post. May I add I am much angrier in my 60’s than I ever was in at 21. This Manchurian candidate in the white house is a cruel joke…

  23. This is one of the scariest things Obama has said. He’s basically endorsing removing rights from persons that don’t agree with his ideals and policies. Sounding more and more dictatorial every day. Hmmm, someone’s knocking at my door…..

    • “He’s basically endorsing removing rights from persons that don’t agree with his ideals and policies.”

      To be fair, that’s pretty much the leftist agenda in a nutshell. He’s the rabid dog, the voters are to blame for releasing the leash and letting him go.

    • Boris S. Wort is the “Second Meanest Man in the World”. I think it’s perfectly clear who number one is.

  24. “war is breaking out in eastern Europe and much of the Middle East and Africa are under siege thanks to this President’s policies”…Rush is that you?

  25. Possibly the worst commentary on this site. Very poor work

    Instead of making a defense of the 2nd amendment or to attack the logic, the author projects his own views of the president. Was the author trying to relieve some blame from Mr. Roof?

    just intellectually lazy.

  26. It has always amazed me how black socialists want all guns taken from the citizenry. Then only the white police will have guns. Then the same black socialist will say “white cops murder innocent black man”.
    I guess when black person adopts the socialist white man’s thinking, you become a socialist white man on the inside.

  27. I still support the SOB right to own and bear arms. I guess. Hopefully not with in range of me. If he promises not to speak I might even train him on the evil AR15.

    But SOMEONE take the damn phone and pen away from the useless twit.

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