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It’s National Gun Violence Awareness Day! The day that Americans who have a metaphorical hard-on for civilian disarmament will wear orange to show the world that politics trumps fashion. (So to speak.) Given Mr. Obama’s lack of enthusiasm for Americans’ gun rights, I reckon the President of The United States will make an orange fashion statement today to support Everytown for Gun Safety’s #WearOrange campaign. Film at 11, as we used to say. I’m OK with this. It’s good to know who considers your civil rights secondary to their misguided idea of safety. Meanwhile, #WearCamo. For the children!

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  1. Makes me angry since there are a large number of people who are required to wear safety orange vests, etc. on their jobs but who do NOT support these lunatics.

    • For once, my local news did something useful for me, albeit unintentional. On morning auto pilot, I grabbed my orange polo because it matches my pants for the day and it was due in my “rotation”. The local hacks ran a blurb on Gang Violence Awareness Surpression Day and how orange was the symbol.

      I changed my shirt to blue.

    • Agreed. I dont always open carry… but when I do its because the idiots are squawking. Mda is having a protest downtown today (the last one attracted 6 people, 1 a very dejected looking husband) and I really wanted to strap on my AR and head down there but of course they hold it at noon while normal Americans with better things to do than promote civilian disarmament are working.

    • Instead of wearing orange, I just ordered some tools and parts to do a build and donated to NRA-ILA.

      • Our two-tiered justice system will ensure that never happens.

        “Hilary go to prison? Poor, deluded peasants. Just be happy we don’t put you in prison (yet) for your presumption.”

  2. Obama should wear orange – an orange jumpsuit with flipflops. In federal prison for violating the Constitution. And Killary too. Prison pen pals.

    • Some of the “Realtree” type camo is more subdued; that’s what I’m wearing as a t-shirt right now. Not Realtree brand, but an inexpensive knock-off. Makes for an interesting shirt; I’ve gotten positive comments about this type before.

  3. I saw all kinds of people wearing orange this morning, then again I happened to be at home depot, so….

    • Haha maybe check out Lowe’s? There’s a cute chick at the Lowe’s near me who will, on occasion, open carry at work. VP9 no less…

  4. Hopefully Hillary will be wearing orange on a long-term basis pretty soon.

    On a side note, background checks are stupid. If you can’t be trusted with a gun, you should be in prison. Also, if you have served your time, you should get your rights back. That’s the way it was until LBJ, and myrder rates were actually lower back then. Imagine that!

  5. Think about this for a second. The regime’s ministry of propaganda will undoubtedly have videos of road workers and construction workers nationwide showing national support for the regime’s treason.

  6. Dang it. My son is wearing orange polo at work today. Oh, well. I’m wearing my 5.11 cargo pants. It balances out.

  7. Home Depot is all about the orange and they proudly welcome open carriers in their stores. If the antis want to jack that tint for the day……whatever. We’re winning on the ground every other day.

  8. That will look really presidential as he addresses the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony today.

  9. Ok-lemme’ put those camo shorts on…on a side note are the gangbangers in Chiraq wearing orange today?

  10. I don’t normally OC, but I think I might make an exception today for the G20/Serpa combo (only retention holster I have).

    And of course, camo shirt and hat 🙂


  11. If this event keeps happening I’ll have to acquire an orange owb holster and show up to a demonstration. See how they take that

  12. Talk about outing oneself, Obozo is going to wear clown clothes. I hope that Mooch will buy him a pair of size 93EEE shoes and a red nose.

  13. I’d be happy to wear Orange in support of Gun Violence Awareness … as long as the organizers are advocating for MANDATORY 10 year prison sentences with no time off/early release for any criminal act that involves a gun. Other than that – kiss my ***

  14. Orange? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that word? For me, it is prison jumpsuits and Condition Orange. What is the first thing that comes to mind she I hear Hillary or Obama? Prison jumpsuits and Condition Orange. 🙂


  16. I did see all of one person wearing orange anything.
    His shoe laces!!!
    Its too bad we don’t have open carry in Floriduh. Id have loved to have had my Nice and shinny Hi-Power for all the world to see today.

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