Barack Obama prays for the wisdom to reduce Americans' access to guns.
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“We grieve with all the families in Sutherland Springs harmed by this act of hatred, and we’ll stand with the survivors as they recover. May God also grant all of us the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst.” – Barack Obama in Texas church mass shooting leads to calls for prayer — and gun control [via]


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  1. “…reduce the…weaponry…” of my Secret Sevice detail. Ya know, ‘cause guns don’t solve no problems.

    Oh sure, the smartest guy in the room.

  2. Sounds like a couple of locals took concrete steps by opening fire on the killer causing him to flee. Maybe inflicting a mortal wound even. Unfortunately their fire came too late for 26 people, but it would have been worse if not for citizens keeping and bearing arms.

  3. When even church services are not safe this idiot and others like him want to disarm the victims and make them helpless.

    Murder enablers. barry, hillary, 2asux, cisco kid, etc. Why do these people wish to make it easier for the mass killers?

    • Actually it seems that church services are becoming more of a selected target for these deranged lunatics. Which is why I carry in church regardless of church polices. There is no law saying I can’t in my state.

  4. Yes, because chaining the doors shut and burning the church down would’ve only made the deceased regular dead, not super-ultra dead like they are because gunz.

  5. Well you could try ooooooh i dont know…. closing the prison loophole for repeat offenders. That would be a good place to start.
    Getting those with mental illness proper treatment rather than pumping them full of medication and hoping their brains dont fry.
    Also just stfu. Your will be forever known as the most corrupt and racially divisive prsident in history.

    • Actually most of these types of attacks are caused by the drugs the psychs give them. The treatment is the cause of the psychosis. Mental health is the fallacy.

  6. Yeah, I still remember how he characterized people like those folks in the church. “Bitter clingers” ring any bells? But of course now that they’re useful to him…

  7. How about we reduce the amount of BS flowing so freely in our midst? Methane is one of the greenhouse gasses, bad for the climate too…

  8. We can start by disarming the secret service men tasked with protecting his children. And his “wife”.

  9. “reduce the violence and weaponry“

    Yes to the first; Meh to the 2nd. You see the VIOLENCE. Is the problem, not the weaponry.

  10. ….”Getting those with mental illness proper treatment rather than pumping them full of medication and hoping their brains dont fry…”

    How to identify and balance rights is the problem. I am familiar with a few, I call them functional wackos, that are legally sane, but they should not be around guns, explosives, or machinery. They would pass a background check.

    Can’t go around pointing fingers at wackos, but really shouldn’t wait until they snap either..

    What to do if anything?

    Freedom is messy.

  11. Here’s a clue BHO, Providence has already given us the wisdom to defend ourselves and sent numerous inspired persons like Sam Colt, Benjamin Henry, John Browning and Eugene Stoner (to name a very few), to help us better defend ourselves wherever we might be. But, God-hating Marxists like you adamantly deny the wisdom we have already been given and think your ideas are greater than Providence. I pray you learn the error of your egoistic thinking. Texas neither needs, nor likely wants, your sympathy. It is false and self-serving, as is everything else you do and say.

  12. I will agree that we need a change in our gun laws.
    States have laws that prohibit legal carrying firearms on churches, hospitals and school property. You cannot even stop at the post office to mail a letter if you have a firearm in your car.
    It does not stop criminal intent of those wanting to kill us.

  13. That’s some funny shite right-there…Barry Soetoro preying(SIC)to himself 😡😫😡

  14. Might want to start with the kids in Chicago…DC…Baltimore…Detroit…St Louis..New Orleans.
    Teach respect for life…ALL lives…ALL colors…ALL religions…everyone.
    Nah…you can preach/teach all you want. If people don’t want to listen, they won’t.
    Oh…and maybe some decent mental health checks for all.

  15. In light of yesterday’s events, I’d like to have more weaponry in my midst. I’m sure glad a couple of brave citizens did yesterday.

  16. “Be wary of the man who encourages an action in which he himself incurs no risk.” ~ Lucius Seneca

  17. Sooner or later Obama will come out of the closet and declare him self to be a proud Muslim man. This Christian will still bitterly cling to my guns and my religion in times of great sadness.
    Obama will not lead by example and turn away the 30 or more traveling machine guns that protect him for the rest of his life.

  18. Just go away and play some golf on us the tax payers. Half of us want no part of you and don’t care what you have to say or think.

  19. ‘Reduce the weaponry?’

    Pardon me while I got build a freaking assembly line of ghost guns. Hey, the real serious criminals in the world have been doing this for decades. Why shouldn’t the people exercise their rights in building their own arms?

  20. The man continues to just spit out words to hear them splatter.

    All he needs to do is step out of his Chicago abode and demand that local prosecutors,who by definition are last responders, charge, prosecute and incarcerate armed drug dealers for illegal possession of a firearm. Of course when your goal is to disarm and weaken the general population their is no point in following existing laws that keep us strong and safe.

    • If they did that, they would have one one to vote democrat in the elections. They criminals are caught and released, usually within a few days. They get charges dropped or plea barganed down to a nothing misdemeanor and get a couple months probation. Violate the rules of probation? No problem. Get picked up on a felony charge while on probation? The cycle starts over and they are back on the streets in a few days.
      Welcome to Chiraq…. Why anyone would visit or live in that hellhole is beyond me.

  21. At this point the question is why in the hell is not the U.S. Military sharing its information with the people in the Government that run the Brady Bill. If the weapons bought were bought legally than this is the fault of the U.S. Military for not sharing the fact that the Nut Case was sent to a military jail for a year over severe assault upon his wife which under the Brady Bill would have denied him purchase of any firearm.

    It is necessary to note that Texas denied him a concealed handgun permit so obviously law enforcement knew about his violent past and he therefore must have lied on the 4473 Federal Form. The ATF has made the statement he did legally purchase the guns so obviously they did not have information on him that would have prevented him from purchasing firearms. Even if you lie on a Federal Firearms From you will be caught if there is information in the system on you which since the Military had failed to share they are to blame for what happened. I think the obvious question now is how was it that Texas law enforcement knew about him but the Brady Bill people did not? It is possible he used a fake i.d. but law enforcement has yet to release everything that they know about him and exactly how he was able to purchase the firearms.

    It must be remembered that even if the Brady Bill had prevented him from purchasing firearms he would have gotten them anyway because the U.S. being under the influence and control of Hillbilly Republican Morons is the only country in the world that does not make it mandatory that all second hand gun sales be vetted and that guns purchased be locked up in safes to prevent theft. No civilized nation on earth save the U.S. has such an insane gun policy of being able to purchase firearms by anyone whether he be a criminal or a maniac on the loose and a further policy of letting people leave deadly weapons laying around a house or in a gun store so that anyone can kick in the door and cart off all the deadly weapons he wishes. If it were not for the gravity of the situation the rest of the world would be laughing at a Nation like the U.S. that is run by such screwball Morons.

    Meanwhile we have mass shooting now almost on a weekly basis and even the Republicans will soon reach a point where it will be politically impossible for them to keep on pandering to the NRA. Because we have failed to use such basic safeguards gun owners will pay the ultimate price with draconian gun and ammunition bans. I fear it may eventually get to the point where like at one time in Britain farmers were restricted to the purchase of only one box of .22 rimfire ammo per year and firearms restrictions so severe that the common man’s ability to afford to or jump through the political hoops to purchase firearms will be a thing of the past. Only the extremely wealthy and the Power Elite will have firearms and all because we refused to accept such basic safeguards as complete vetting of all firearms and the mandatory use of safes. And the Republicans refusal to institute National Health Care which would give free help to people with mental health issues. According to the Greed Monger Republicans money is more important than human life. They truly are the lowest form of human life on the planet and most of the Nations problems are the result of their policies of blind greed which results in pollution that is destroying all life on the planet, people dying from lack of health care, people going bankrupt for lack of affordable health care, young people giving up on the idea of an affordable college education, our roads and bridges unsafe to drive on, no money for the widening and improving of our roads, inadequate money for police training which results in a horrific 1,500 cop killings a year as compared to civilized nations which have only a few. This is all the result of our incessant wars of rape ,pillage and conquest that result in us spending the lions share of our taxes on this insanity leaving no money for the social programs all the other industrialized nations of the world have already had for decades and decades. We have created a Nation that has become an unsafe mad house to live in and a joke amongst the rest of the civilized nations of the world. Today you cannot even drive down the freeway without worrying that some nut case will start shooting at you for just cutting him off in traffic. Is it a wonder why 65 per cent of the American Public who do not own guns are demanding that all guns be outlawed? Since we have consistently failed to do anything we deserve what we inevitably are going to get and that is a complete ban on firearms and ammunition which the courts time and time again have ruled is legal (even though it Constitutionally is not) but when did the Courts ever really give a damn what the Constitution says or means.

      • Honestly…. people think that is insulting or something. Id rather be a hillbilly or redneck than some beta male hipster.
        While i sadly live near Chiraq now, hopefully soon the wife and i can get out of this bankrupt hellhole and move back south. Miss the fresh air and good people.

    • Cisco , Don’t you mean the Democrats ? you want to talk infrastructure ?
      Look at any state run by democrats for the last 50 years !
      Move to one and you have no one to blame but your own party.
      What !???

  22. Hussein Marshall-Davis/Soetoro/Soebarkah/Obama? I don’t want to hear that POS’s name unless it’s announcement that he’s met his end either the hands of one of his adopted hometown’s ghetto thugs or succumbed to the ravages of HIV/AIDS coursing through his rail-thin, sore-ridden body..

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