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Well, the Second Amendment in this country is part of our Constitution, and the president of the United States is bound by our Constitution. So I believe in the Second Amendment. It does provide for Americans the right to bear arms for their protection, for their safety, for hunting, for a wide range of uses. That does not mean that we cannot constrain gun-runners from shipping guns into Mexico. And so we believe that we can shape an enforcement strategy that slows the flow of guns into Mexico, while at the same time preserving our Constitution.

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  1. Yeah, I believe he believes every word he said.

    And I also believe in the Easter Bunny and the healing power of chocolate cake.

  2. Ya gotta admit, POTUS can really dance. Funny how he mentioned the flow of guns and money from north to south, but never mentioned the flow of drugs and illegal aliens from south to north.

    • I noticed that too, Ralph. It’s one of the reasons I’ve become totally disillusioned with the president. That slick talking political bullshit combined with inaction where he promised some. Even more than the failure to stand up to the gun lobby, it’s those never-ending wars that I oppose.

  3. I get the biggest laugh out of listening to politicians. They don’t even try to hide their lying anymore. All of them know that the majority of Americans (we are but a tiny minority here fellow TTAG’ers) will not call them on any of the nonsense they spew.

    Has the president done anything to give the impression he truly supports the private ownership of firearms? Hell, I don’t think he wants us to own cars! If Barry and his henchmen thought they could get away with confiscating privately owned guns , they would do it in a heartbeat.

  4. You know Obama talk out both side his mouth. Becuase action speak more truth than his words action are this. Got justice department that not doing job a Atf that so broke that does seem have clue how do job right. Obama are president do nothing fix or investgate those deparments. He good at one thing blame gun oweners send more arms and money to Mexico. After all must be nice have are goverment send arms to there side so can sell them very people there fighting.

  5. I remember a couple of years back someone asked him, “what about reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban?”
    Didn’t he reply “we can’t get it done right now?”

  6. I won’t disagree that Pres Obama really would wish that he could disarm the citizenry, but what I heard and understood the question to say “could Obama veto an existing law.” That would be an act of a king and not a president. He’s not an idiot. To do such a thing would end his position in office almost immediately. But indirectly and incrementally, constraining citizens rights to bear arms through regulation on regulation has almost the same effect of an outright ban, until and actual ban becomes a mute point.
    Obama merely answered the journalist’s question as if he were asking if he could veto a “bill” concerning gun rights. A president does have the power of veto, over “bills” passed by congress brought to him. He did say he supported the 2nd Amend for a few reasons, but did not explicitly include the main reason for owning firearms, to keep tyrant governments in check. So to put severe gun rights restrictions couched in the name of reducing “gun crimes” in Mexico is a start. Never let a tragedy go to waist.
    Notice he also did not discount our gun rights were to blame for the killings of the Border Patrol and ICE Agents.

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