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Speaking to the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Chicago, President Obama wasted no a lot of time reassuring cops that he supports them (to tepid applause) before getting to the meat of the matter: gun control. At 38:00, the Commander-in-Chief tells the Chiefs of Police “we’ve got to make it harder for criminals to cause chaos by getting their hands on deadly firearms.” By locking them up? Nope.  Don’t be silly. Surprisingly, haltingly, (inadvertently?), the President sings the praises of gun ownership . . .

You know exactly why someone all too often should want to own a gun . . . it’s a . . . powerful instrument. It helps you do a dangerous job. It’s something that has to be used with care. Many of you, like millions of law-abiding Americans, are sportsman or hunters or have a firearm in your home for protection, but you also know the fact is that it’s too easy for criminals to get guns and that makes your already dangerous job far more dangerous than it should be.

And then we get a fact that cries out for fact-checking, despite – or because of – the fact that the President says it’s a fact. [41:30]

And the fact is that in states with high gun owners, police officers are three times more likely to be murdered than in states with low gun ownership. So that you know that more guns on the street do not make you or your community safer.

A statement made to another smattering a polite applause. The President then attacks the argument that Chicago’s gun control, sorry “safety” laws don’t work, trotting-out the entirely irrelevant fact that “60 percent of guns recovered in crimes” in Chicago come from out-of-state.

As I said before, it’s easier for a lot of young people in this City and in some of your communities to buy a gun than buy a book. [ED: an idea confirmed by TTAG here.] It is easier in some communities to find a gun than it is to find some fresh vegetables in a supermarket. That’s just a fact.

And that’s why the IACP and the overwhelming majority of the American people, Democrat and Republican, believe we should require national criminal background checks for anybody who wants to purchase a gun.

That’s why the IACP believes we shouldn’t sell military-style assault weapons to civilians. They don’t need ’em. They don’t need ’em to hunt a deer. It’s just a simple proposition. Cops should not be out-armed by the criminals they’re pursuing.

The President goes on to do some police specific bloody shirt waving. He lumps suicides with homicides to compare “400 thousand Americans killed by gun violence” to “fewer than 100 Americans killed by terrorists on American soil.” Excluding 9/11, of course. Bottom line?

Fewer gun safety laws don’t mean more freedom. They mean more danger . . . Please do not believe this notion that somehow I’m out to take everybody’s guns away . . . Nobody’s doing that. We’re talking about common sense measures to make sure criminals don’t get ’em . . . to make sure that we’re protecting ourselves.

Disarmament for self-protection. Yeah, no.

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  1. “we’ve got to make it harder for criminal marxist buffoons to cause chaos by getting their hands on the Whitehouse.”

      • the gun owners are high? wouldn’t that mean less crime committed and more chocolate chip cookies eaten? I am confused.

      • I see what you did there. :^)

        I would prefer they say GUN POSSESSORS. “Owner” implies legal status, to me anyway. Possessor is the guy that’s holding it…for now.

    • “we’ve got to make it harder for criminal marxist buffoons to cause chaos by getting their hands on the Whitehouse.”

      Now that’s the spirit!

  2. Ignoring the fact that most criminals buy stolen guns, or get them from friends and family, and ignoring the fact that rifles account for about 3%-5% of gun homicides, that makes total sense. Please note sarcasm.

  3. Old president Osama, That’s what we call him here in Florida Muslim radical Jihadist is another thing we use Yeah let’s make a deal with Iran that’s just a wonderful idea We’ve only been at war with them for how many years now Back and forth with terrorism over there like it’s nobody’s business This guy is a real piece of work! Can we please have a Republican the next election in November can everybody please make it to the voting booth and place your vote please pretty please! I’m just so tired of hearing about this guy and he is ridiculous Ideas on how to cure a problem that doesn’t even exist. How about we talk about Obamacare now that he took his name off of it Or jobs Jeez I bet a lot of this crime would just evaporate in this country if people can actually earn a decent income to feed and support their family Not all of us are filthy rich like this guy.

    • You can read more about Osama Bin Obama in the book of Daniel and for kicks , you can find out what’s coming next in Ezekiel , chapters 38-40 .
      …………… and the gun grabbers are coming ‘ fast and furious ‘. One big national crisis from their move .
      Economic meltdown , West coast mega quake , mid west New Madrid 8.9 , East coast terrorist attack , NY nuke , EMPs .
      Better bury a few .

      • Crazy nut case , religious fanatic , Bible believing , prophesy proselytizing , whacko fruitcake , Jesus preaching , prepper freak .

      • They want to take the type of firearms from us that we would MOST NEED when he launches his socialist insurrection. Their EVIL and UNConstitutional plan hasn’t got a damn thing to do with crime.

  4. Interesting. Fewer than 100 Americans killed by terrorists on American soil? So 9/11 was not perpetrated by terrorists?

    • “Dude. Give it up. You lost.”

      Shortly after he came into office, Obama had a meeting with the heavies of the House and Senate, where he outlined what he wanted in legislation.

      He was asked what he wanted to negotiate about, the old give-n-take of bills into law.

      He stated (to the effect of), no. He wanted *his* bill *his* way.

      The money quote was when he told them directly – “I won”.

      That’s when the legislative branch realized they had a President no one in Washington had ever seen before.

      The only way of dealing with that cack-sucker is to (figuratively) kick him right in the teeth.

      It’s the only thing he understands.

  5. I refuse to demonize any POTUS because I feel that’s lazy thinking and lead to jack and shit.

    I will say, I profoundly disagree with you, President Obama, and will do my part to make sure you, or any other politician, infringe on my RTKBA.

      • Here Here !
        Constitution breaker = liar = no respect = no credibility = dickhead .
        He told everyone before he ran that he believed the constitution was flawed and he is only trying to fix it .
        repeat the above line .

    • “I don’t trust anything this fraud says.”

      I do.

      On election night he stated he was going to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.

      He’s keeping his word on that threat.

      • Exactly right .
        I just think most people didn’t believe he could really do it .
        They just voted for the man because he was a black man or because they wanted everyone ( including themselves ) to know that they weren’t prejudice or because they also wanted a total transformation of America into a European Socialist Union of States .
        We are reaping our just . Well , those who voted for the man are .

  6. Dang. I was hoping Chicago’s favorite son would offer a solution to gang violence in that 40 minutes of lies and palaver.

  7. As bad as he is, and impeachment is already LATE, he’s only 1/8th as bad AS ALL THE POS EVIL BLUE HOUSE OF (D)bags that voted for him. That mark is on you permanent.

  8. This is the same guy who was encouraging his sons to riot, loot, and cause chaos after the death of attempted cop killer Mike Brown.

  9. Hey !

    He’s totally honest and truthful at the end of his speech when he says “he” isn’t after everyone’s guns………..He’ll be out of office next year, so that particular job moves over to queen Hillary’s desk.

  10. “We’re talking about common sense measures to make sure criminals don’t get ’em …”
    Um. Doesn’t he know that… Oh never mind. It just shows his level of intelligence. Which is to say he’s not very.
    Regarding the smattering of polite applause. Reminds me of the meeting in Blazing Saddles. ” I didn’t get a harrumph outta that guy”

  11. Again with the “I’m not here to take anyone’s guns away.” The Prez doth protest too much, methinks.

  12. Haven’t bothered to check his claim [cops 3X more likely to be murdered…], because it makes sense. Assuming equal gun ownership / 100,000, California’s 38.8M would have 52 times more guns than North Dakota 739K.

    Interesting that Obama is so desperate to make a point, that he assumes gun owners lack critical thinking skills.

    The ‘60% guns recovered in Chicago crime come from out of state’ is another one. I’m guessing that about 100% of cocaine and pot does too.

  13. “We’ve got to make it harder for criminals to cause chaos by taking the guns away from all the people who aren’t criminals.”

    FIFY, Barry. Now go back to Chicago or Indonesia or somewhere, anywhere, that isn’t here.

  14. Will someone please tell Sparklefarts that laws already exist that are supposed to do what he wants, but the federal government does not enforce them? I guess the real problem is the failure of the government to actually admit what the real problem is. And that problem is NOT the average American and their gun. As Democrat/liberal/progressive/socialist/communists (DLPSC) continue to “treat” the symptom, the patient is dying.

  15. There he goes selling more guns. Keep it up Barry.
    I may not need an assault rifle. Heck I cant buy one here in my part of the USofA at least not a new one. Who wants anything made before 1986 anyway??
    But I can and should have a semi automatic AR15 like the other 3-4 million “commonly in use” used ones already out there. Just in case you know, if for no other reason.

  16. “400 thousand Americans killed by gun violence” to “fewer than 100 Americans killed by terrorists on American soil.”

    This stat works for almost every country. More people are murdered than are killed by terrorists. It’s a big giant freaking Duh! It drives me up a wall every time I see it because it is such a crappy metric to measure anything by.

    • If they can count OKC, we can count Waco. Either way, like Planned Parenthood’s exploits, to Soetero (and the millions of satan’s minions evil blue house of (D)bags that are worse because they wanted this sh_t), it’s JUST A DROP IN THE BUCKET.

    • No Former , the closer he gets to private citizen , the smaller his head is getting , we all know everything shrinks but the ears . He is so incredibly handsome I get tingles up my legs when I see him or hear him . I produce multiple sparklefarts just imagining his great coming victory over the gun clinging , Bible clinging degenerates in this terrible colonizing , slave loving , disgraceful , imperialist , gun crazed country . Soon we will be rid of these evil tools of death . The tyranny of freedom will die and we can all finally live safe under the umbrella of government and break the shackles that is GOD and the burden that we call freedom . I only wish we could remove the hindrance of progress we call elections and just recognize how much Obama really does love us and how much more he could do for us if we would only give him more time . He is the only one who cares enough and has enough vision to totally transform us into the social stream of NWO progressive socialism .

  17. “That’s why the IACP believes we shouldn’t sell military-style assault weapons to civilians.”

    Generally speaking, civilians can’t get their hands on actual military-style “assault weapons”. At least not without an extensive background check, a signoff from local law enforcement, and a lot of paperwork to obtain government permission. You lying piece of trash.

    “They don’t need ’em.”

    Please point out to me the Bill of Needs. You wanna-be dictator.

    “They don’t need ’em to hunt a deer.”

    As you well know, the Second Amendment is not about hunting. You bald-faced liar.

    “It’s just a simple proposition.”

    Sure it is. You propose to stomp on our rights. We don’t like it. You can go to hell.

    “Cops should not be out-armed by the criminals they’re pursuing.”

    And they very rarely are, as you well know. Now go back to Washington and shut your lying pie hole, you totalitarian piece of trash.

      • Hey, Right to arm Bears, I bet the Bears down here in Florida wished they were armed last weekend…


    • This is the stuff that really gets you . Lies , mistruths , misquotes , slanted statistics , misrepresented numbers , and complete deception . No news outlet to call him out .
      I’m with you General , we’ll go out fighting .
      God bless .

  18. I greatly respect the office of the president and admire it when the position is filled with an actual statesman.
    That being said until the latter is fulfilled then respectfully Mr. Obama please feel free to leave the position early if you care to, my country doesn’t need your sense of leadership any longer.
    Biden can hold on till a statesman arrives, can’t do much worse.
    And by the way…its not “your” house….it’s ours.

  19. And here I was knowing that immigration problems was the cause of more crime , and now just pass some new law and the bad guys will be good and obey….. NO 2A is not about crime , or hunting… 2A is why we do not have a POLICE STATE and are not SLAVES….Was it not a fact that communist China and Russia KILLED 80 plus million people because they had NO GUNS ! its a fact ..NO 2A was the reason…

  20. Mr President,
    I’ll be the one to judge what I need so long as this country remains a constitutional republic. One thing is certain: I don’t need you.

  21. As a reformed liberal progressive, I hope the grand irony of this message and it’s audience isn’t lost on the TTAG crowd. Chicago is the epitome of gun restriction and out of control gun violence. 50 years of liberal’s “War on (insert Poverty, Drugs, Hunger, Homelessness, etc, etc)” and no end in sight, or evidence of any success. Just a massive fail with trillions of taxpayers money thrown at strawmen. Add to that the moral decline of a great nation, and the attention span of a flea, if it doesn’t include the Kardashians or Jenners to entertain us.
    I am proud to be a gun owner, CHL daily carrier and a patriotic conservative. I believe in personal accountability and God-given freedoms, and that my second amendment rights stand in the way of any government movement toward tyranny.
    As for you Mr. Obama, you want my guns, you and your jack-booted thugs can come for them whenever you grow the nads and shed your mother’s jeans. Molon Labe!

  22. In 1967 Jamaica enacted very strict gun control, nearly a total ban. in 2005, Jamaica was the murder capitol of the world (not counting war zones) with a murder rate of 58 per 100,000.

    But those losers didn’t even come close to the record of Marion Barry’s 1990 Washington DC, with a total gun ban and a murder rate of 81 per 100,000!

    Gun control: because thugs love disarmed victims!

  23. What common sense measures? He brings no proposals to the table for solving the problem. As always there is just a lot of hand wringing and talk of feel good legislation.

    • An anti today revealed his true colors when I stated that I don’t oppose “gun control” because I like guns, I oppose it because (1) so far it’s been shown to not work and (2) it isn’t the approach the Constitution authorizes. He responded that it works in countries where they took all the guns away…..

      If it weren’t for the Tea Party fanatics who want to kill the entire federal budget except the military, the Article I Section 8 authority could be applied to actual address some of the issues (like, subsidize annual safety and tactical awareness training; require safe and secure storage of all guns not in use [note: stuck in the side pocket of my easy chair for easy access in case of home defense qualifies as use]), by including a solid mental health system to filter truly dangerous types (as but one function… duh). But the Democrats won’t compromise when the Tea Party refuses to allow anything at all to be funded (even fixing rotting interstate bridges!).

      • I see your point. But I’d argue that the Tea Party is a response to the bend-over and give-in wing of the Republican Party.

        You mention dilapidated bridges and roads, but that’s the old trap the libs use every time. Remember the billions spent on “shovel-ready jobs” that weren’t so shovel-ready? That money was just spread around amongst the democratic base so that they can continue to pull the same stunt over and over again. This is where the Tea Party steps in and says “enough. We’re not falling for that again.”

        The democrats have been very successful in not caving on anything, and the Tea Party is applying that same tactic. If my senator or congressman agrees to “work” with a democrat, I find that I should reevaluate my opinion of that particular “conservative” official.

        • Excuse me, but the portion that was assigned to shovel-ready jobs really went to them. My county now has two highways that are actually highways rather than crumbling asphalt reminiscent of unfinished logging roads, another highway that has for the first time ever been anchored to bedrock so it will stop creeping into the river canyon, six slow-moving vehicle lanes that were desperately needed, flood gates on dikes that were in danger of collapse, and more.

          Yes, a chunk went to pork — but when the call went out for shovel-ready jobs, that’s what they got: requests already written up for jobs that had long needed doing.

  24. A president so stupid he doesn’t believe his own lies, keeps telling them even when his own constituency doesn’t believe them anymore… He has so seriously beclowned himself at this point… It’s so extreme I almost feel embarrassed for him… Has anyone who ever managed to become president ever screwed up absolutely everything so bad? So many absolutes in my sentences about him, he’s the record holder for screwing up in every category. It’s like he has the cowshit version of the Midas Touch. I couldn’t mess up that bad even if I really put my mind to it… My left nut all by itself would make a better person, man, husband, father, and president. He’s the ultimate failure, and he’s up where everyone can see him… He’s so ridiculous I feel bad even though I hate him…

  25. Violence, including “gun violence”, is a cultural and demographic problem; mass shootings are a mental health problem.

    The murder rate among whites in rural Minnesota today is 0.4 per 100,000 and guns are readily available there.

    Baltimore (and Maryland) has strict gun control, and the homicide rate in Bloodymore is 35 per 100,000 and rising.

  26. “We’re talking about common sense measures to make sure criminals don’t get ’em . . . to make sure that we’re protecting ourselves.”

    Guns for us, not for you.

    Because some animals are more equal than others.

  27. Someone should tell him that just because he keeps calling things “common sense”, doesn’t mean that it is actually common sense, or even true for that matter.

    • You know, common sense would tell you that if you are worried about gun crime, you wouldn’t expend your efforts against particular guns that are used in only a tiny fraction of those crimes. Besides which, I expect ARs make great hog-hunting rifles. I do ‘t even particularly like ARs, but this “you don’t need one to hunt deer” crap bothers me no end.

  28. “Please do not believe this notion that somehow I’m out to take everybody’s guns away . . . Nobody’s doing that.”

    Riiiiight, you just want to take away the most popular guns! In as arbitrary and capricious a manner as possible. But y’know. Common sense and all that.

    No one is doing that? Not for lack of want. Or trying, even. :p

  29. It’s not the guns that make the criminal, it’s the criminal that makes the criminal. Obama wants me to give up my constitutional right to keep and bear arms (oh, that’s right he doesn’t want to take my guns away!) so his Chicago’s criminals won’t kill each other with guns they buy out of state in their ongoing gang wars? I don’t think so. I don’t hear Obama talking about solving the drug trade or Chicago’s poverty rate, or fixing the mental health problem. No, too hard, too much money and it doesn’t make headlines the way passing another anti2A gun law does. And Obama wants to let more criminals out of jail so they can go right back to committing more crimes and murder so he can decry too many guns on the street?

  30. The vast majority of guns in Illinois are in the rural central and southern parts of the state (and y’all up in the north, too). The vast majority of crime in Illinois is in Chicago, Springfield, and the St. Louis Metro East area – and is committed by people other than the law-abiding, rural gun owners.

    So, Illinois’ gun-ownership rate has nothing at all to do with Illinois’ crime rates, because the people involved in the two are almost mutually exclusive.

    Illinois has a high crime rate because it has a high number of violent criminals.

  31. Drop a few bucks to the the gun rights org of your choice (NRA, SFA, GOA, etc) every time Hillary and Barry reference gun control.

  32. FDR said if it happens we planned it that way… Obama does just as he told , by the CFR, and bones men to name a few who run Amerika ………the history book calls them the robber BARONS…. YOU ARE CONTOLLED .that is why gun control

  33. Just once I would like to see a group like this prepared to respond during the speech. If a few hundred small signs that said “LIE” were quietly held aloft every time he told a whopper, that would start becoming more of a news story than the speech itself.

  34. Liberals are trying to play the long game. But look at some of the accomplishments of us that truly understand the 2nd amendment. We can play that game too. Much better than the other side that lives on the fringe and are victims only in the whim of trends. Will move the chess pieces back and forth for another round with the next president.

  35. believe we should require national criminal background checks for anybody who wants to purchase a gun

    Can’t this imbecile even keep his own lies straight? We *ALREADY* have national criminal background checks for anybody who wants to purchase a gun. Have had for 20 years now, has accomplished nothing whatsoever.

  36. “Cops should not be out-armed by the criminals they’re pursuing”

    How are the police out-armed by the criminals they’re pursuing when the police are armed with AR style rifles, shotguns, full sized hand guns, Tazers, mace, various batons, MRAPS, police cruisers, kevlar vests, kevlar helmets, K-9 units, bullet proof shields, and other accouterments? They also have access to flash-bang, tear gas. and smoke grenades, and various launchers for said grenades.

    Last time I heard, most criminals are armed with handguns, rifles, shotguns, and/or knives. How much more of a disparity in force does he want between the criminals, civilians, and the police?

  37. “As I said before, it’s easier for a lot of young people in this City and in some of your communities to buy a gun than buy a book. It is easier in some communities to find a gun than it is to find some fresh vegetables in a supermarket. That’s just a fact.”

    Winston Churchill once pointed out that “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

    How appropriate that the “solution” Obama focuses on is never to make books or fresh vegetables MORE available, but always to make guns much less unavailable.

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