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Thermal target examples from IR.Tools

IR.Tools, a provider of infrared (IR) equipment to the military and law enforcement community since 2006, has introduced a new line of powered targets for use with thermal imaging weapon accessories. Though previously limited to DoD and .gov type buyers, the company is now making its products available to the public at large. Most recently this has been a powered thermal target line.

Tom Boyer, IR.Tools owner and lead designer, says, “We now provide our optics customers a one-stop-shop for all their thermal targets. Passive or Powered, we will service them with a premium thermal target.”

A powered target for thermal scopes and the like.

The powered targets are heated with what is called “Fabroc technology” (q.v.). IR.Tools describes it as “nearly indestructible”. They’re constructed of a rubber-like material that requires no wires and thus obviates any worries of a short-circuit from bullet damage.

The lightweight, heat-efficient targets power up on a 12- or 24-volt battery and remain, avers the manufacturer, for over 500 rounds, maintaining a consistent thermal image and no flaring to disrupt training.


Their description continues,

What makes this thermal shooting target so unique is its durability. Fort Bragg, NC, has been shooting at the same Fabroc™ targets for 9-years.

And IR.Tools aims to provide this stand-out IR target to the military, special forces, law enforcement, hunters, and recreational sportsmen alike.

Not only are these powered thermal targets necessary for training, but they are easy to use. Their longevity means they are cost-effective. Now you can have a safe powered thermal target that lasts during some of the more complex training options, such as shoot, no-shoot scenarios.

a silhouette target for thermal scopes

An unnamed “Range Manager” at Ft. Bragg reportedly said, “The unmatched number of shots [the target] takes while maintaining a clear, realistic image to shoot is incredible.”

You can purchase the powered thermal shooting target, should you be so inclined, for an MSRP that ranges from $60.00 – $90.00 at INV PRO TECH Tools.

Current Draw at 12V = 1.15A
Power Consumption at 12V = 14W
5590 mAh Battery (12V Battery Life) = 13h
Current Draw at 24V = 2.3A
Power Consumption at 24V = 56W
5590 mAh Battery (24V Battery Life) = 3.25h

Fabroc Targets

Fabroc targets

You can connect with IR.Tools on Instagram

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  1. Dear God… Now the civilians have military-grade targets to go with their weapons of war!

    Actually, this could be a good thing. Set up a whole bunch of these in Chicago, for instance, and give all those assault weapons on the streets something harmless to shoot at. “Gun violence epidemic” solved, just like that.

  2. Bruh, you could literally make this exact thing for $20, or you could use an MRE heater, or you could use a white target on a white background sitting in the sun. Honestly this is a stupid product.

    • Respectfully I disagree…

      I have been homebrewing FLIR targets out of USPSA targets and that metal duct tape. It’s passable and lets me get a decent 50yd zero but if I wanted to sit down and shoot and extended session that hog target is a dream scenario.

      I looked at these last week and did not pick up on the fact that it was powered so when I saw the hog target was 65.00 I walked away. Now that I get how it works and the reuse I’m buying one now.

      If your willing to drop 8K on thermal a $65 dollar reuable target is NOTHING!!!

      • Yeah, these are actually pretty cool. If I had the scratch to buy thermal optics, I’d definitely be trying them out. But alas…

    • JiggaJum,

      Whether or not this infrared target is “stupid” (in terms of value) depends on how much your time is worth.

      You said yourself that you need 20 dollars worth of materials to make your own. Thus the price difference is at most around 80 dollars. At that point, you have to ask how long it takes to build your own and whether you would rather pay someone else to do it.

      And you never touched upon durability. Will your target last for well over 500 hits? Because, if you have to make five targets to last as long as one of these, then your cash out of pocket is break-even although you will be out of your time (however many hours) that it took you to make five of your own targets.

    • JiggaJum – It’s not 1986 when were trying to rig up such crap (that didn’t work then).

      Do they have heated TRP markers for a TOW EA?

  3. Hand warmers behind aluminum foil simple small stick on targets works real well for zeroing. Pee in a bottle will work if all else fails. This system looks great and worth while investment for serious thermal shooters

  4. I just use plutonium on my targets. Gives a consistent, persistent glow for the next 10,000 years. Yeah, requires some PPE but hey, only the best.

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