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Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum mailbox (courtesy

This in New Jersey.

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  1. The .88 magnum was not enough for walter. So he got busy in his garage and made the first 1.76 revolver. It leaves a smaoking crater where the school used to be.

  2. The attention to detail is very impressive! Sadly, vandalism is going to be a problem for him.

    • Depends on where in New Jersey this is. Up where I live, it’s pretty rural like this. Gun support is overwhelming compared to the anti-gunners in this county. Plus, we never lock our doors at night.

      Reading the article, I see this is from Lopatcong. That’s south west of here, and it is RIGHT on the border with PA. No doubt the area is for gun rights as well. He did say it was egged one night, but I highly doubt that was a political statement as much of a “this is why we can’t have nice things” statement by some bored kids. I expect it’ll get tagged by a paintball gun sometime soon.

      • Don’t you mean Hopatcong? Ive never heard of Lopatcong. As for the gun support its not great but this area of NJ is the best for gun supporters, heck I hear gunfire from a private range by my house right now. …really got to get in there some day..

        • Lake Hopatcong (right next to the town of Netcong) is the source of the Musconetcong River which flows Lake Musconetcong and then through Allamuchy State Park… we like our Native American names around here in my neck of the woods.

        • I shoot pistols on my own property. I call the police ahead of time to let them know what I’m doing in case they get complaints, but everything is perfectly legal. The only reason everyone isn’t carrying all the time around here is because of Trenton and their dumb laws. Looking forward to Scott Bach and Evan Nappen getting the carry permit suit to the Supreme Court next year.

    • Honestly, Looking back on my youth I think the last guy in the neighborhood I would have vandalized would be the guy with the BIG ASS gun in the front yard. I would have had a fear of while teepeeing his house he would have come after us with a shotgun full of rock salt. Kids have great imaginations and guns are a deterrent on many levels whether based in reality or just one mind.

  3. Only legal or moral issue with this awesome mailbox is it’s size. Where I am we are not even allowed to have mailboxes 10 feet from the roadway as they still walk and deliver here but also my parents built a large wooden wildlife structure dedicated to Ducks Unlimited and it stood about 5′ high and 4×4′ wide/deep and the city made them remove it within a week, now it sits in their backyard modified a bit and used for plants.
    Any unique mailbox is also a prime target for mailbox baseball.

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