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“Once a person submits their name to the state’s background check system, the office would notify licensed gun dealers that the person is prohibited from legally buying a firearm. Through a process involving a court hearing, a person may have their name removed from the list upon showing they are no longer a danger to themselves.” – Alexa Lardieri, California Bill Would Bar Suicidal Residents From Purchasing Guns [via]

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    • Waste of time for trying to prevent suicides.

      – 1 black trash bag
      – 1 can of computer dust spray
      – duck tape

      Take the bag and put it over your head and push out all the air. immediately put the computer dust spray straw nozzle into the neck of the bag and inflate with computer dust spray. Wrap the inflated bag of computer dust spray around your neck, with your head inside, with duct tape. Breathe in the computer dust spray for approximately 1-2 minutes (it will smell bitter). You will feel sleepy – go ahead and sleep. Congratulations, you are now dead.

      The above is one of nearly infinite methods. Trying to prevent suicides with gun legislation is an epic waste of resources, tax dollars, time, and the people’s patience. But we all know what it really is about here. It’s not about suicides at all. It’s about california accepting that any gun restricting legislation, is good legislation. And they hate guns and gun owners. That or they don’t care and are just another corrupt Leland Yee – a person out to improve their situation as much as possible to the detriment of everyone around them.

      • The people who wrote this bill are from the SF Bay Area…. we jump off of bridges to kill ourselves out here. More so than blow our heads off. There are pleanty of guns to eat but we blame guns for suicides because “guns”….. oh,…. and H&K hates you.

  1. From the linked article :

    “SFGate reports that the bill from Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Oakland, would allow people who fear they are at risk of suicide to anonymously and confidentially submit their names to the state office that conducts background checks for firearm purchases, in order to prevent themselves from purchasing a gun.”

    So, who puts the person’s name on the banned ‘list’?

    The person *themselves*.

    I don’t see a problem with this.

    Good luck getting your name *off* that list in California, but you have only *yourself* to blame for trusting in the all-mighty and righteous ‘state’ to do the right thing.

    Kinda reminds me what Barbara Billingsly told the two ‘brothers’ in ‘Airplane!’ :

    “Jive-ass dude don’t got no brains anyhow! Shiiiiit.”


    • “Hi, I’m Geoff PR and I want to submit my name so I can’t buy firearms any more because I feel suicidal.”

      Since it’s supposed to be both anonymous and confidential, I take that to mean there might well be little to no verification that the person calling is who he/she says zir/zog/etc is (this is California after all), and that finding out post facto who put your name on the list “for” you will probably be near impossible.

      And then you have the problem, as you say, of getting off the list with little to no way of proving you didn’t put yourself on it in the first place.

      I might be wrong, but this would be in line with how protection orders are handled in CA re firearms.

        • Yhe potential for malicious impersonation of people was the first thing I thought of when I read “anonymously and confidentially.”

      • Every non-democrat in the state would be registered for self-protection.
        By local democrat fuhrers.

        Never discuss anything about your possession of firearms with ANY democrat.
        They will eventually rat you out.

      • Well, if it’s anonymous and confidential, let’s sign up all the state legislators, governor, attorney general, etc. You know, for the children.

        • While it would be “wrong” (and probably illegal), it would be Karma (and funny).

          Don’t do it!!!!

        • Since many of them have dedicated, 3rd party security – at our expense – it wouldn’t even register with them.

      • Who pays for that hearing? I bet it woukd take 10 grand for an attorney retainer…..if the first hearing is successful… cost to get your name on the list though!

        • Let’s register every politician who votes for this measure and find out how much it costs them to get unregistered.

    • How the hell can you report YOURSELF anonymously and confidentially?

      “Hello, this is Geoff. I’m having suicidal thoughts and want to make sure I’m prohibited from purchasing firearms.”

      State bureaucrat – “Gee, you sound a lot like Geoff’s ex-wife’s new boyfriend, but, ok!

      • I was wondering about the anonymous part of it more like this:

        Caller: “Hello. I’m having suicidal thoughts and want to make sure I’m prohibited from purchasing firearms.”

        State bureaucrat – “Name, please?”

        Caller: “No names; I’d like to remain anonymous.”

        • Not to worry, they’ll use your caller ID or phone records to figure out who you are and add you confidentially to the list.

  2. We should encourage California to secede. Once they are a sovereign country, we should invade and conquer them, while simultaneously eliminating all the Liberal Terrorists™️ as enemies of America.

    • I already encourage progressives to succeed. Since they’d rather take over the whole of government and make everyone live their dream not many are inclined to succeed.

      • I encourage everyone to succeed.
        However, I also encourage California to secede. 🙂

        Before anyone flames me for being a grammar nazi, please note that Vic replied to a post that had the word spelled correctly.

      • What’s weird is that I know how it is spelled. I was reading and commenting way faster than my internal copy editor works since I had to get going to work. I am afraid to look at what else I wrote.

    • They should all emigrate to Guyana and drink Cool-Aid with their cult leader Jerry Brown and his first Lieutenant Javier Bacerra. I’m staying in New California.

        • Darn and here I was hoping for a bit of Fallout lore to come true and get a New California Republic. IN all seriousness though we need to ban the Fat Man. Nobody needs a small yield shoulder fired nuclear weapon.

        • @stereodude either way you’re in the fallout zone buddy. We tried the portable land based nuke slinger at one time I think they called it Daniel Boone… Anyway it was a Jeep mounted cannon that launched a small nuke only problem was it didn’t really launch it far enough for the gun crew to avoid glowing in the dark. Then came Atomic Annie a larger version of Daniel Boone that had the same result.

  3. And what’s to prevent someone from submitting somebody else’s name?
    “Hi, I’m John Doe, and I want to kill myself, can you put me on a list?”

  4. That will be a list you can never get off of.

    1) In general, you can’t prove that something never happens, in this case “suicidal thoughts”.

    2) You especially can’t prove that you’re not thinking something since thoughts are, for now, unmeasurable.

  5. Interesting how a phone call for temporary suicidal ideation will result in a legal battle. Only a politician would think this sounds like an enticing proposition.

    • Nah…. there’s at least one staff writer for U.S.News that can’t seem to find anything wrong with it.

  6. Growing up in California in the 1970’s I heard people wanted to legalize marijuana. They were the same people who are okay with the government putting together a list of names for medical marijuana users. Weed advocates we’re happy to get on a government list as long as they could get legal marijuana. And use it for everything for pain relief from cancer treatment or using marijuana to relieve the pain because their shoes are too tight. Or they use marijuana because they have a hang nail. They’re glad to get on a government list to get their legal “medical” marijuana.

    The pot heads, and their leadership, have always supported creating government lists. Just as the pot heads, and their leadership, have always been anti-second amendment.

    Its interesting just how excited people in California are willing to get on a government list. And their elected leaders are also excited to put people on a government list.

  7. I officially no longer care what happens in California, other than either the big one dropping it into the Pacific or it’s secession from the union (I would approve of either). Another bill floating around the halls of Sacramento will have waiters thrown in jail for handing out straws. No really, they’re that stupid there;

    BTW, Alexa honey, you really should watch the documentary ‘Taken’ before displaying your most obvious God given talents like that while in Europe. They don’t have a Second Amendment over there and the criminals know this.

    • “Another bill floating around the halls of Sacramento will have waiters thrown in jail for handing out straws. No really, they’re that stupid there;…”

      Take it to it’s natural extension – California want to make *anything* it doesn’t like illegal.

      Take that straws thing – it was actually suggested that instead of banning un-requested plastic straws, they could just use bio-degradable paper straws.

      Until it was discovered paper straws cost *six* times as much as plastic straws…

      • At the same time the state keeps tossing around the idea of going full Canada on health care. They obviously aren’t concerned about paying for all the people contracting hepatitis from restaurant glasses. Maybe they think they’ll make that up with all the $1000 fines.

  8. Alexia, I read your puff article twice. Just because I couldn’t really believe that a professional journalist could insert so much vapidity into a few short paragraphs. Don’t know if you’ve read any of the comments here or not but if you have, aren’t you feeling really, really stupid right about now. Hell these guys are just a bunch of ignorant gun toting rednecks.

  9. Little Alexa says, “people who smoke waaaaaay too much dope come up with the best ideas ever!”

  10. I suppose they’ll come take all the knives, ropes, belts, ties, poisons, tall things, heavy things, toxic things, sharp things, electrical things, wet things from the home too?

    NPR did a segment this morning on Seattle cops confiscating guns from individuals with restraining orders as though it were a glorious accomplishment.

    Sometimes I think these clods honestly believe guns are the only way to kill. As if guns are the only hindrance to immortality. Plenty of domestic partners are beaten and strangled to death. 80% of DV incidents involve no weapons at all.

  11. I understand the giggles about anonymously “self-“registering another person. That was mentioned in this USNews piece, but not in the SFGate piece it links to, and bill itself attempts to prohibit anonymous registration. says
    “The department shall ensure that the Internet-based platform does all of the following credibly:
    (1) Verifies the identity of a person who opts to register or requests removal.”

    The bill doesn’t explicitly state whether these newly self-prohibited persons in the California Do Not Sell List will also flow to the state’s Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS), to arrange a friendly visit by helpful DoJ agents to assist them in relieving themselves of any firearms already in their possession.

  12. They’ll get themselves to where the default is you have to prove to the state you aren’t a danger to yourself without any prior provocation or reason.

    Cause California.

  13. Measures like this are unfortunate on many levels. First of all, clinical depression—the major cause of mental illness—is not necessarily a condition that automatically warrants gun confiscation. Make no mistake, the administrative state, i.e., California, is trying to weaponize mental health care. Once someone is labeled “mentally ill” their guns are gone. Count on it. The net result of this is that people who genuinely need mental care will avoid seeking help. If you’re a shrink in Califa it’s probably time to think of moving your practice to a more gun-friendly location.

  14. There is no one going to do this if they actually are going to off themselves. In this area I’m in, n the last 4 months we’ve had three suicides.population of the town is 3000. One bullet to the head and two hung themselves, and one attempted, ate laundry soap packets In my opinion any attempted suicide should be forced enlistment in the Marines, 6 weeks basic no AIT then dropped into a hot LZ. Their perception s of death mite change

    • Are you sure that was a legit suicide attempt and not some idiot goin out for the tide pod challenge all the kids are doing these days?

      Yes the newest social media challenge is a bunch of idiots trying to eat freakin tide pods. just search youtube or facebook eventually you’ll find it and realize maybe all those warning labels are a bad idea…. Let’s just remove a few and let nature sort this sh!t out for us.

  15. This has nothing to do with suicides. What utter BS from commie kalifornia brain stem hacks. Whats next? banning access to tall buildings, bridges, ropes, auto exhaust, etc etc etc……

  16. When my brother committed suicide he walked off the Golden Gate Bridge.

    While guns are convenient for suicide, and sure, they make up 60% of “gun violence deaths”, they are again just another tool that sick people use and are symptoms of a larger problem, rather than the problem itself.

    I don’t rally behind people who want to put up fences and nets around the Golden Gate Bridge and I don’t want any more gun control.

    I want to help sick people get the support and therapy they need. Unfortunately, that is a more liberal/socialist political position and is going to be rejected by the right, which generally includes most gun owners.

    • CHS, I couldn’t disagree more. Most people on the right, especially gun owners support the mentally ill getting help and support. What they don’t support, is more feel good legislation, legislation designed to exploit the mentally ill for political gain, or the further erosion of our basic human rights and privacy by left wing do gooders who mean well and political hacks who don’t.

    • Sorry buddy I gotta disagree there. We all know sometimes life gets to be too much for any person to handle alone. There’s always a crisis (finances, relationships, families, and all that other stuff) and sometimes it can look like the only way out is death. Sadly a lot of people feel that way and never really snap back out of it, they keep falling and eventually they attempt it to end the pain, to stop the suffering, or for whatever other reasons they can think of. I think everyone should get the help they need without fear of repercussions, without having to be prescribed half a million pills, and without the stigma of being “weak” or “crazy”. Getting treatment shouldn’t equal a loss of any rights it shouldn’t affect the person in any way. This idea that people getting treatment should be banned from buying firearms or keeping the ones they already own only furthers the stigma attached to getting the help you need when you need it. THAT’S what I object to. I also really loathe the fact that most anti depressants come with that lovely side effect of possibly causing suicidal thoughts or actions, loss of sex drive, and extreme drowsiness…. Seriously if you’re going to treat a condition at least have the courtesy to not add any other issues or make existing issues any worse while you’re at it.
      Remember even when the times are at their worst someone still cares about you and will miss you when you’re gone. GET HELP don’t wait you can always get your stuff back but no one can bring you back.

      National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

  17. This list sounds like the quicksand in a Jungle Jim movie. Easy to get into, virtually impossible to escape from, absent a friendly elephant with a long trunk or a chimp with a grape vine.

  18. My first thought was that since the report is anonymous, maybe we should drop a dime on every leftist.

    However, my second thought was that some of the same leftists might actually be suicidal, so we should just STFU and do nothing to interfere.

  19. So… you report yourself by name, so it’s not anonymous.
    The information is shared with “licensed gun dealers”, so it’s not confidential.
    The only thing that can be said about the process is that it is unverified.

  20. Obviously, the list isn’t anonymous, else how would anyone know who to put on the prohibited list?
    Given that the anonymous part is an outright lie, why not actually do some good, and make it mandatory that anyone who opts to be put on this list also be put on a list to get mandatory mental health screening?
    Or isn’t suicide that much of a deal after all?
    Or am I expecting too much from politicians?

  21. allow people who fear they are at risk of suicide to anonymously and confidentially submit their names to the state office that conducts background checks

    How in pluperfect hell does one anonymously submit one’s own name? I suppose for their next trick, California will change all their stop signs to three-sided hexagons?

  22. It’s mostly the coastal section of California that is contaminated. Just west of the San Andreas fault. That includes Hollywood. I am not trying to say anything, BTW.

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