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Chicago Politicians ‘Go Fetal’ on Violent Crime

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John Kass at The Chicago Tribune hits a grand slam in his most recent column, ‘Have Chicago politicians gone ‘fetal’?”.  What makes Kass’ piece so notable is that one could substitute just about any major metropolitan urban area for Chicago and Kass’ premise would still hold true. Baltimore, New Orleans, Oakland, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, St. Louis, Detroit…the list goes on. Democrats in those cities consistently blame guns as political cover for their inaction to put bad people with evil in their hearts (and illegally-possessed guns in their hands) behind bars.

Kass writes:

How bad is the bloody violence in Chicago, where more than 700 people have been murdered so far this year and thousands have been shot in the street gang wars?

The gangs keep shooting, the survivors mourn, police morale is down, anti-police sentiment is up and the mayor says some cops have gone fetal.

And the politicians do nothing in the bloody city.


But there is no penalty for Democratic politicians who sit back in the Democratic city and do nothing to compel tougher sentences for gun crimes to keep the most aggressive shooters off the streets.

If anything, it makes people even more dependent on the government for relief. At least it does among those with the big city mentality.

Some say this a gun issue. But that’s a con job. There are many guns in the suburbs, yet suburbanites aren’t slaughtering each other.

That’s for sure. In 2013, Plano, Texas had a murder rate of 0.4/100,000 – or about 1/136th the murder rate of Detroit. Unlike Detroit, just about every home in Plano, Texas has a virtual arsenal of legally owned firearms. But they aren’t killing one another.

This is a street-gangs-with-guns problem, on the South and West sides of Chicago. And calling it anything else is a distraction to give cover to the politicians.

If there is a downside, it is only for the dead and the maimed and their families.

And there is a downside for police, too. Because if something goes wrong, the cop is the headline.

Yet what of the politicians who do nothing? They really have nothing to lose. And they’re doing just fine.

Kass points out that the Chicago Police Superintendent is trying to get legislation passed to enhance the penalties for using guns in violent crimes. Never mind that Illinois has such an enhancement already…it’s seldom used and quickly bargained away during plea negotiations even when it is sought.

[Chicago Police Superintendent] Johnson was at the City Club to continue his push for a state law that would increase sentences for gun crimes. One intriguing feature: If a judge wants to shower the guilty shooter with mercy at sentencing, that judge must put those reasons in writing.

But the Illinois Black Caucus in Springfield didn’t like it. Judges weren’t too crazy about it either. So nothing has been done.

In Chicago, there is no political advantage in Democrats calling out the lawmakers who do nothing.

Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel can’t call out the Legislative Black Caucus. He’s still trying to rehabilitate his political image with black voters after the Laquan McDonald fiasco. Democratic political boss Mike Madigan won’t, because he needs caucus members to keep his majority hold on Illinois and its Legislature.

So the slaughter in Chicago continues.

Indeed it does.

As of today, Chicago’s 2016 body count stands at:

Shot & Killed: 672
Shot & Wounded: 3,486
Total Shot: 4,158
Total Homicides: 749

To put that into perspective, in 2014, a total of 2,377 people were shot and wounded. In 2015, the number was 2,996.

And we’ve got three-plus weeks (and two major holidays – Christmas and New Year’s Eve) to go in the year. And nothing says Merry Christmas like shooting at your neighbors in America’s largest open-air shooting gallery as the city slides toward 800 homicides.

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  1. Chicago Politicians ‘Go Fecal’ on Violent Crime.

    There, fixed it. It’s the (D)’s same old, old, old, old, old, old, old problem.

  2. The politicians don’t care because doing something useful would be politically unpopular. That’s a reflection of the fact that the people of Chicago don’t actually care about this issue at all. They’re totally fine with people shot dead in the streets.

    So, pray tell, if the people who live there don’t care and by extension cause the politicians not only not to care but to actively circumvent common sense solutions then why should I care?

    • “The politicians don’t care because doing something useful would be politically unpopular.”

      Not only that, ALL of those would-be prisoners vote Democrat at elections … which means the Democrats would lose votes … which means Democrats have a HUGE incentive to minimize convictions and prison sentences.

      Yeah, it really is that bad.

      • I’m still not seeing the part where I give a shit about retards shooting other retards in Chicago.

        I mean, it’s bad enough in Chiraq that even if they hit an innocent bystander it’s still tard on tard violence.

    • I’m afraid we can’t do that –

      The United Nations Treaty on the Principals Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies (U.N., 1967), ratified by the United States:

      Article IV: States Parties to the Treaty undertake not to place in orbit around Earth any objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction, install such weapons on Celestial Bodies, or station weapons in Outer Space in any other manner.

      Apparently there is no Second Amendment in the Charter of the United Nations.

      • That treaty does not appear to restrict individuals or corporations, so private enterprise would be the answer!

  3. And Kass is a smug know it all jerk too…but even he can see what’s happening. I sure hope Trump doesn’t kiss the Tiny Dancers azz. More of a supplicant role I hope. Chiraq is NOT fixable.

  4. “Because if something goes wrong, the cop is the headline.”

    Right, it is the media’s fault that the CPD is one of the most corrupt and criminal police departments in the country.

    • Very true–the Chicago PD has a long history of lawlessness and brutality that continues to this day–the Burge torture program, the Anthony Abbate coverup, the Laquan McDonald shooting and cover-up, the harassment and prosecution of Tiawanda Moore, etc. These things would not have occurred if there were any “good cops.” The relationship between the PD and the community is toxic, with predictable consequences. At the same time, the city’s politicians have essentially disarmed all of the law-abiding citizens and left them defenseless. Aside from repealing the gun laws and firing the entire PD and starting over, I don’t know what the answer is.

  5. Haha thanks for the Plano shoutout!

    I LOVE showing local folks that number one with a bullet video, played it quite a few times at work during the election season.

    Until we can have an honest conversation(one without PC) about culture, why certain demographics and certain areas contain more crime and others do not, its just feel good fake news.

  6. Violence is violence. The tools are not the issue. Why is a given person violent is. That violence is concentrated in places where economic opportunity is severely limited may be a clue. If there is a cause (and there must be one) look at inequality of economic and social opportunity. Gilt living rooms are not gonna fix this problem.

  7. They’re looking forward to being able to blame the President again. It’s been a rough 8 years.

  8. Clearly Shitcongo needs to enact even more barriers to legal gun ownership…while not punishing actual criminals.

  9. Blame the DINOs, but when the RINOs are in charge, nothing changes, look at congress, mostly RINOs and still nothing get done. I live in North Carolina, Rinos rule but has anything really changed NO, but they promise change but it never comes

  10. The black community needs a “come to Jesus” moment to realize that Democrats don’t give a shit about them.

    Until that happens – nothing will change.

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