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For those of you unfamiliar with the genre, Counter-Strike is a cops and robbers video game. Sorry, cops and terrorists. Which makes it totally OK to shoot the bad guys in the head without much if any provocation. I’m not sure what the Mexican wrestling masks are all about, but I’m happy to see the characters emerge into real life. Still waiting for the War on Drugs No Knock Raid edition.

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    • You must’ve been born in that other universe too. I honestly remember it spelt as berenstain too, but apparently it’s berenstien. There’s a host of other topics related to this if you’re interested, they call it the “Mendela effect.”

      • You’ve got that wrong. It’s always been the Berenstain Bears. If it was the Berenstein Bears we would have been pronouncing it behr-un-styne. Remember, it’s not Frankenstein, it’s Fronkunstien!

        • That article is ridiculous clickbait. The whole Mandela effect BS is just trolls with Photoshop pranking people. Just reading the other drivel that author writes makes my brain hurt. OTOH what did I expect from someone who looks like a clueless teenager with a blog that is pro Hillary.

  1. Robocop and Judge Dredd had it right: the future of police and law enforcement in the US was going to be more militaristic than to “protect and serve.”

    • Doubtful. Have you seen the liberals war on police the larst two years? They’re too afraid to combat open riots even. The advent of social justice warriors and social media continues to nueter the police who, WILL, bend to public pressure, Everytime. If anything, the future of law enforcement in America looks more like that helpless cop in France pleading with his soon to be executioner not to kill him.

  2. “For those of you unfamiliar with the genre, Counter-Strike is a cops and robbers video game. Sorry, cops and terrorists. Which makes it totally OK to shoot the bad guys in the head without much if any provocation.”

    Given that CS has been around in some form for 17 years now you would think someone talking about it could ask someone under the age of 50 what it’s about.

  3. The whole idea of militarized toy police for kids just screams MADE IN CHINA! Gotta indoctrinate ’em while the’re young!

  4. Believe it or not, CS is not really about the whole cop vs. terrorist thing at all (and the point of this article, that CS promotes militarized police, seems WAY off to me). CS is an eSport, where teams compete against each other to complete objectives (team elimination, bomb defusal). The guns are basically window dressing, and could be redone as virtually anything else; the mindset is much more like playing a fast paced team sport like basketball (physically, not so much) than playing a war or combat simulation. For example, common strategies include rushing, where one player sacrifices himself to to take out a few opposing players and even the odds – a good trade in a game, suicidal and stupid in real life.

    As an aside, one of my goals is to have a CS themed handgun collection, because why not? CZ-75 is done, but I like older guns too much to stay focused.

  5. Did you see the size of the ant on that guy???

    What makes me kinda mad at the people who make so many videos is that they aren’t videographers.
    They don’t have the right cameras; they use cameras that won’t focus as close as they need to, they don’t change focus as they should, they don’t have anti-shake built in. It just makes for a bad experience.

  6. This is the way of the future. The three L’s got what they wanted. Libertarians, Liberals and the Left all hate cops.So the police have pulled back. When they turned their backs to the New York mayo, de Blasio. at the funeral for the two murdered policemen that was the beginning. In have no police enforcement in certain neighborhoods in Los Angles, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit.

    I have no problem with violent computers games or its earlier violent cousin and old fashion board game, Dungeons and Dragons. But I would not let my kids play with the bloody graphic games of today. I think many people forget the games we played with cowboy and indian dolls with a the sheriffs posse included. The sheriff posse in an old west movie could be just as corrupted as the police in a video game. America turned out ok from those times.

    I would think the libertarians would have no problem with a Fascist police computer game. After all it is the free market. You wouldn’t put any morality on this would you????

  7. I see Farago simply can not let his anti-cop obsession go….sad and pathetic, Robert, seriously. Get over it already. I’d love for Robert to get to know some real-world cops and get to understand what they are up against on the streets. He may/may not temper his ongoing temper-tantrum against cops.

  8. Kids are not core audience of counterstrike. 30 year old manlets who live in their mothers basement are. Next thing you will be complaining that no one can see more than 30 frames per second.


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