I don’t hold cops to any higher standard than I hold my dry cleaner. Shirts gets starched that shouldn’t have been starched and police kill people by mistake. It’s sad, it sucks, but there it is. As far as the police are concerned, that’s why they invented ambulance chasers—I mean, lawyers. But you may have noticed that I have this strange attraction to something called the truth. I don’t like it when the police screw up and try to make it seem like an “accident.” Better to say nothing at all (i.e. “we’re currently investigating the incident”) than to try and gloss over what any rational person can see is a “bad shoot.” Like this [via policeone.com]: “According to [Phoenix TV station] KPHO.com, the suspect and an officer both rounded the same corner, meeting face to face. Thompson said the two ‘startled each other,’ and that’s when the officer fired his gun accidentally.” Actually, it’s worse than that. The TV anchor actually says “and that’s when investigators say the Sergeant’s gun discharged.” Amazing how a gun can do that all by itself, especially when it’s surprised.


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