EDC M&P9 2.0

Craig A Wildfeuer Jr writesA lot of this stuff is just repeats of some of my other pocket dumps, with the only real change being the firearm. I generally carry a Beretta, but figured I could give the M&P a shot again. I have had more M&Ps than any other firearm, and I never kept them long because the trigger is terrible without some work. Everything else about them is great, from the ergos, reliability and accuracy. After shooting a 2.0, my mind was changed. Will it replace my Berettas as my EDC? Likely not, because they are still an overall better piece in my eyes, but the M&P beats a stock Glock in every way.


  1. Interesting choice on the full size Smith, but seeing as how he normally carries a Beretta (assuming 92), then yea. And I agree on the 2.0 trigger.

  2. I am not a fanboy of any manufacturer, there are many I appreciate including S&W AND Glock for some of their products. Also, I am not claiming the trigger on a stock Glock is great. How does an M&P beat a Glock in “every way”? Reliability? Size and weight? Factory sights? Price? Accessories? Ergonomics? How??? I think it’s just a matter of personal preferences.

  3. Some do, some dont, with us it depends on the mood. You’ve got to ask yourself though,” Is it worth it?”. Okay fine that’s just great, rats in the attic.


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